Astrology has its beginning in a remote sense of some great cosmic unity. -Goethe

Email to set up a reading. There is usually a waiting list. A client's physical presence is never necessary for charts or tarot readings. The chart, with a detailed descriptions and interpretations, will be emailed to you (natal charts are often 25-35 pages). I will need your birthdate, time, and location. 
In these powerful times with potent celestial energies, having your birth chart is valuable tool and can offer insights and explanations. Cost: sliding scale for a natal chart: $155- $177. Send a PayPal payment to or via Venmo ( to be placed on the list. Be sure to include your name, email address, and what you're paying for in the notes section.
Composite/relationships charts and transit charts available also.

Contact KK at or through the contact page for Kosmic Koaching, a condensed version of celestial counseling.