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KK Ledford, M.A. 
Astrologer, Celestial Counselor, Herbalist, Writer,
Esoteric Cosmology teacher, alignment asana teacher (certified Anusara yoga)

Welcome. Here you'll find musings and astrological insight, horoscopes, interpretations of the celestial matrika, and esoteric teachings. Wild Moon Wisdom is where astrology, esoteric and occult studies, Tantrik philosophy and women's spirituality, myth and magick coalesce. 

KK's bio:

An astrologer and educator, KK has devoted over two decades of study to esoteric and embodied spiritual practices and the mysteries of consciousness, bringing to her work a Master's degree in Feminist Theology and background in herbalism. For twenty years of teaching, she brought together astrology with yoga asana in an intuitive and unique way. KK has retired from teaching public yoga asana classes at this time. 

KK was the Featured Contributor and Astrologer for Yoganonymous.com for two years, 2015-2017. You can try to find her column in the archives, including weekly horoscopes, a monthly overview by sun sign, and other pieces about holy days and astrological occurrences.*

KK's Wild Moon Wisdom is a lightning bolt of radical awareness and deep teachings. It integrates Astrology, non-dual Tantrik philosophy, the Divine Feminine, and alignment-based yoga (Anusara certified) as Embodied Spirituality. Her classes are chthonic and cosmic.

An accomplished yoga teacher in the truest sense of the words,  KK taught full time in San Francisco for many years (with a brief relocation to Texas for two years)*.  She is a lifelong student and practitioner dedicated to teaching yoga full time for over 20 years, which has given her the skillful ability to inspire passion and transformation in the bodies and hearts of students. In addition to working with clients as an astrologer and celestial counselor, she is an herbalist, officiates weddings, offers home clearings/blessings, and works as an independent researcher.

KK has been featured on the covers of Yoga Journal and Where Magazine, with appearances in Yoga Journal, Common Ground, Elephant Journal, 7x7 Magazine. She is a columnist for Origin Magazine and writes astrology columns for various magazines and blogs.
Featured Contributor and Astrologer for Yoganonymous.com. 2015-2017.

KK offers her gratitude and love to all her teachers and guides, seen and unseen.

* KK was one of the founders of two yoga studios in Texas (Austin- 2013 and San Marcos- 2014) during her 2 years there and co-founded Kapalika Tantra esoteric wisdom school.
* Yoganonymous changed owners, purchased by Wanderlust, so Wild Moon Wisdom astrological writings have returned exclusively to wildmoonwisdom.com.