You can study with KK from wherever you are. More online courses/ classes coming soon, please make sure to sign up for the newsletter for the most up to date information.

Offerings: Please connect via or through the contact page to schedule a session or for more information.

Herbal Apothecary : KK makes herbal medicines  for her clients and is making these available to the public now. Over 15 years of experience with both Western Herbalism and Ayurveda. Tinctures, teas, oils and bitters made in accordance with astrological forces. Please email her for specific requests or to purchase.

Private sessions available in your home. Phone, email, and skype sessions also available. Small group rates can also be arranged.

Privates can include yoga therapy, developing a home practice, meditation, spiritual counseling, astrology, divination, Ayurveda, herbalism. Each is a custom session. KK uses her experience and intuition to assist the client with his or her specific needs, often recommending specific essential oils, flower essences, crystal/gemstone therapy, herbs, and asana in the session.

Tarot readings : You do not have to be present for a tarot reading or other divination- KK has offered distance readings with amazing success for many years to clients all over the world. When KK offers readings at special times of the year, the spots fill up fast.

Ritual, Energy work, Clearing, Blessings : For clearing old patterns or non-beneficial energies, releasing past trauma, creating new intentions. After or during illness or transition, loss, or to prepare for a new beginning. KK has done this work for 18 years.

Ceremonies, Weddings, Handfastings : KK has officiated and performed weddings and unions for several years.
Inquire about other private rituals and ceremonies.

Home Blessings or Energy Clearings : For homes or new businesses. For when you move into a new space, or need to clear old or negative energies from your current space. KK has done this work for 18 years.

*Special*  KK is currently offering a Solstice Wild Moon Wisdom Special for a special rate: $55. Get your sun, moon and rising signs, one or two flower essences recommendations, one or two essential oils recommendations, one or two herbal tincture recommendations, and a gemstone recommendation, all personalized. This vibrational medicine serves to support your current energetic shifts and enhance your existence.  Connect via or through the contact page to get started. Your physical presence is not necessary.

KK is a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. When ordering, go here and use KK's Independent Distributor Number: 275099

To read more about the history of essential oils, click here.

KK is a distributor for the amazing Amethyst Biomat for personal or professional use :                                                     
Please connect via or through the contact page for more information or to order.