— J u p i t e r —

Scorpios Rejoice! Jupiter is coming. 
On Tuesday, October 10, the planet of expansion and luck changes signs, leaving Libra behind and heading into Scorpio (6:20am PDT) until November 8, 2018. Jupiter, the Greater Fortune, is the gentle giant of the zodiac, bestowing gifts and blessings, expanding everything it encounters and bringing joy and optimism in a general way.  

Since September 2016 the good luck planet has been active in Libra, the sign of relating and balance. Many were hopeful that this transit would bring about more global peace and harmony and that didn't happen, but it did show us just how out of alignment we are. This entire year has been one of protests and activism, with Libra Jupiter shining a bright spotlight on the many extreme inequities plaguing our country and the world, and we struggle still to establish balance of some kind in these turbulent times. It's obviously we have work to do. On a more personal level, we all must have done a great deal of relationship work or undergone some sort of relationship evolution during the past year, so it would be good to reflect on that and acknowledge the growth. As Jupiter inhabits the last degree of the sign of the scales, there will be a last attempt at resolution within your relationships or with making decisions.

We can look back to around October 2005 through November 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio, to get a feel for what patterns may reassert themselves during this transit. In general it will be a boon for Scorpios to have this benevolent planet nest in their sign. While here, Jupiter gets a little darker and more mysterious, and our interest in uncovering hidden truths and diving deeper will be strong. There will be a dynamic pulsation to explore between the energies of freedom and entanglement. Jupiter is all about fortune, expansion, optimism, success, excess, higher learning, wisdom, and abundance. Scorpio's archetypal qualities are about mysteries, hidden agendas, privacy, control, intensity, emotions, death, rebirth, and transformation. 

Jupiter expands things. And although we welcome those boons and all that good luck, the excess he creates applies to all things, including our vices — addiction, self-destruction and obsessive behaviors can also increase during this transit if we're not paying attention. There may also be more investigation into and awareness of mental health and addiction during this transit. 
Jupiter in Scorpio can stir up more interest in all things metaphysical and paranormal, and in subjects around death. Sex will also be a topic and experience of amplified interest; in Scorpio Jupiter can bring about such things as sexual revolution, more focus on reproductive rights, discussions about privacy, intimacy and merging, or plunging into emotional depths - your own and within the context of your relationship dynamic.

Work with this new energy and consider it to be a new beginning. Jupiter's relocation is a pretty big deal, so let's savor this bright spot and activate our dusty optimism, even venturing into setting an intention for what we want to open, deepen and expand in our lives in this upcoming year.  

Some possible Jupiter in Scorpio themes: relationships/relationship dynamics, jealous/possessiveness, freedom, sex, merging, intimacy/privacy, joint resources and shared wealth, interest in the occult, psychic phenomena and astral experiences, addictive behaviors, death, the afterlife/reincarnation, taxes/debts, spiritual transformation.

House Jupiter will inhabit for the next year:
Aries - intimacy, sex, transformation
Taurus - partnership, marriage
Gemini - service, health
Cancer - sex, creative pursuits, fertility
Leo - home, family
Virgo - communication, community
Libra - money, possessions
Scorpio - self
Sagittarius - secrets, self-undoing, healing
Capricorn - dreams and goals, friendship, pleasures
Aquarius - career, life path
Pisces - mental pursuits, higher education



Jupiter / Uranus Opposition

If you have felt frazzled, bedraggled, or bedazzled by life the past few days, I may be able to offer an explanation other than the general zombie apocalypse dumpster fire that is unfolding around us...

Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries is usually interesting…. it happens about every fourteen years and this is the third in a series that began in December. Similar themes that showed up then may surface now as these two planets face off. Both Jupiter and Uranus need freedom more than any other planets, and with the tension they create you may feel internal pressures manifest externally, with unexpected, shocking or destabilized events.

And then there's Pluto's station. Today around 12:30 the Lord of the Underworld was roused and turned direct. Of course it will take time for Pluto to gain some momentum and for us to feel the forward movement or relief in the particular area of life that was affected, as he takes quite a long time to get going in either direction. During the five months of Pluto's retrograde cycle, there were undoubtedly lessons learned and dark corners (of the mind) explored. It will take time to digest this initiation. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift to Libra on Friday evening, and this could help give us the energy to talk through some of our feelings and process with our besties and have some communication therapy.

How is everyone doing out there?

… to be continued...




E q u i n o x <=> Libra Season

September 22 marked the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, otherwise celebrated as Mabon. Equinox means "equal night" and this is a time when the Light and Dark are in balance. After this moment of balance, the darkness will begin to wax and reign and we move into the dark half of the year (in the northern hemisphere). This harvest observance marks another turn of the Wheel of the Year- a time to give thanks, to look back on lessons learned, to offer gratitude for our blessings, for the fruits of our labor, for the abundance of the harvest both literally and figuratively.

The Sun's entrance into Libra heralds the Equinox; Sun left orderly and analytical Virgo for balance-seeking, Venus-ruled Libra at 1:02pm CA time on September 22. 
Libra is represented by the scales and longs to find balance and justice in all areas of life. Libra is also concerned with relationships of all kinds and finding ways to be in alignment with love, relating, connecting, and our own desires. Libra is a cardinal air sign, attuned to being easygoing, diplomatic, socially inclined, active and artistic. Some of the traits that cause the most trouble for Libras include narcissism, hidden insecurity, and maddening indecisiveness, while the most beloved traits include skills with relating, diplomacy, style and creativity.

*During Libra season we should pay more attention to our kidneys and adrenals, as well as the low back.
*Some plants/herbs to explore for this season include Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) and Rose. 

Overview of Libra Season

Sept 22  Autumnal Equinox / Sun moves to Libra 1:02pm PDT
Sept 27  Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries
Sept 28  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn
Sept 29  Mercury moves to Libra
Oct 5     Full Moon in Aries 11:40am PDT
Oct 10   Jupiter moves to Scorpio
Oct 14   Venus moves to Libra
Oct 16   Mercury moves to Scorpio
Oct 19   New Moon in Libra 12:12pm PDT
Oct 22   Mars moves to Libra

I have some new tinctures and potions that I've added to the Kosmic Apothecary page; check them out (I am still adding descriptions). There are some lovely and useful additions that will be helpful to nourish and assist you during Libra season and what seems to be the zombie apocalypse. 

Into the Darkness we go. Goddess bless us all.


Mabon:Autumal Equinox.jpg



Virgo Season

Virgo Season 2017
(August 22-Sept 22)

With all of the excitement surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse (28º Leo) on August 21, everything else fell into the background. We’ll be integrating the transmissions we received and digesting the upgrades that were activated during this Eclipse Portal for quite a while. The visual beauty alone of the eclipse, which was visible only across the United States, will have earthlings talking for months to come. And also, the very next day, the Sun left Leo moved into the sign of Virgo, initiating a new solar cycle. This is the time when we leave the long, carefree days of summer behind and get back to work (school).

Here’s an overview of what’s in store this Virgo season, and a little bit about this sign. If you’re a Virgo Sun, happy solar return month!

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and reason. The symbol of this sign is the vestal virgin, a self-sovereign being, a priestess of Vesta, who was goddess of the hearth. Virgo is a sign of self-improvement, hard work, perfectionism, and information, and the keyword for this sign is “analyze.” This sign is driven to accomplish and to gather and organize information, striving for perfection and to make order from the chaos. Virgo is the sign of intelligence and practicality, common sense and precision. Due to the self-imposed pressure toward perfection and constant pursuit of accomplishment, Virgos can suffer from burnout and mental stress. Virgoans are prone to illness caused by nervous stress, anxiety and tension, as the nervous system and the intestines are ruled by Virgo. During this sun cycle it would benefit everyone, especially Virgos, to reevaluate eating habits, recommit to a fitness routine, and work on stress-reducing practices such as creative visualization, savasana, meditation, and to increase self-care strategies.



On Friday, August 25 in the early morning hours, Saturn, the stern celestial Taskmaster, turned direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been retrograde since April and in Sagittarius for two years, moving on to Capricorn in December. Saturn’s themes are time, karma, discipline, life lessons, boundaries… not always considered the most fun or lighthearted themes. Saturn’s not a bad guy, his answer is just almost always, “No” which can feel disheartening on the surface but there is likely a good reason or more to consider. During Saturn’s retrograde, there were likely issues confronting you in the area of your chart where Saturn has been spending time. Sometimes Saturn rx cycles can contribute to making us feel lonely, depressed or unmotivated, but hopefully during the past four months we were able to recognize and pay more attention to these issues, find the root cause, and intervene with appropriate means. The retrograde cycle is also the time to reflect and correct -- we are able to see where our boundaries are weak or non-existent, see where we take on too much or shirk our responsibilities, notice tendencies to say yes when we mean no, and explore our relationship to commitment and discipline. Saturn is not a fan of procrastination, laziness, evading responsibility, recklessness. Since during the retrograde cycle it is not productive to begin new projects or take on new responsibilities but rather to deal with issues and complete work from the past, Saturn’s direct station means that things can begin to move forward.



Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline, self-control, realism and restriction, the father of Time, and is the one to hand out life lessons for our own good. When Saturn comes back to the exact position as when you were born is known as your Saturn Return, a much-feared but entirely useful and necessary milestone that happens around age 29 (and of course again around age 58). It’s such a big deal that astrologically speaking, cosmic adulthood doesn’t occur until age 28-29, whenever Saturn returns. Now that Saturn is direct, the area of your life that has been affected will find some relief if you did some work or made a plan. Implement the insights or conclusions that you can to. There’s no way around the hard work, the life lessons, the pressure, but there can be intelligence and grace in how you integrate Saturn’s influence. Our character is strengthened when Saturn is around. Through the obstacles we overcome, the hardships we endure, the responsibility we shoulder, we learn to persevere, and our courage and stability is fortified. Ultimately, Saturn represents karma, our destiny, but we must be up for the challenge in order to triumph.
*If you are nearing your first or second Saturn return, you may consider signing up for a Saturn Return Kosmic Koaching session with KK.

And to lighten things just a little, on August 25 the planet of abundance, love and beauty, Venus, ingressed to Leo, inviting a more playful and affectionate love nature. Also, drama, lots of drama. And on Thursday, August 31, mental Mercury also moved into Leo. Mercury finally turns direct in the early morning hours of September 5 (28º Leo), so after that station day, your communication and mental clarity should improve or at least stabilize. Under these influences you may feel compelled to put on a party dress or sexy caftan and sip martinis with your love, or go out on the town with besties and make a little magic. With so much going on in these strange days, savor every small victory and sweet little joy wherever you can.




A few highlights of Virgo season:
Aug 22 - Sun enters Virgo
Aug 25 - Saturn stations and turns direct (21º Sagittarius) + Venus moves into Leo
Aug 26 - Sun conjunct Mercury rx in Virgo
Aug 31 - Mercury moves into Leo
Sep 5 - Mars moves into Virgo + Mercury turns direct (28º Leo)
Sep 6 - Full Moon in Pisces
Sep 9 - Mercury moves into Virgo
Sep 19 - Mercury leaves shadow zone + New Moon in Virgo
Sep 22 - Autumnal Equinox ~> Sun enters Libra 



\\ __ Apocalyeclipse__//

Total Solar Eclipse
28º Leo 53’
August 21, 2017

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that has nothing to do with you, this storm is you. Something inside you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up the sky like pulverized bones.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore



Apocalypse (Greek) literally means "an uncovering." A disclosure of knowledge; revelation.



Eclipses are activators. They set things in motion, or initiate things, or reveal, or dissolve/ destroy… often all of the above simultaneously.  

An eclipse could be represented as the image of the Tower tarot card, where there is the promise of inevitable transformation but with no clear indication of exactly what it will be or exactly how it will manifest. An eclipse is like a jolt of electricity, the zap of a lightning bolt, an intense power surge- they can create chaos and instigate change and generally shake people up. What has been in the shadows comes into the light.
It is likely that we could be pushed to the limits, we could feel a resurfacing of the very depths that we keep hidden inside, we could have more of ourselves revealed to us, more truth exposed, more purging of the psyche.

This is the second eclipse in this portal along the Aquarius/Leo axis, and it occurs alongside the second consecutive Leo New Moon. (The Aquarius Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse was at 15º Aquarius on August 7). You may remember that in May of this year the North Node moved into Leo and the South Node to Aquarius. Eclipses belong to particular groups, or families, called Saros cycles, which span the course of 1300 years in the move from one pole to the other. Solar Eclipses repeat approximately every 18 years. This is an oversimplified explanation of a complex astronomical idea, but I include it to provide some context. One way to begin to understand the implications of this eclipse (and others) is to understand which Saros Series it’s part of and the extended context in which it occurs, including historical and personal events that occur along the relevant eighteen year intervals. Tomorrow’s eclipse is part of the series called Saros 145. And there have been major historical events in this country that have happened near eclipses in this series.

The Leo Solar Eclipse is also significant and getting an excessive amount of social media coverage because it is visible only in the US, and that is unusual- a first since the nation was founded. While eclipse effects will be felt no matter where one is located, the effects of the eclipse will be felt most profoundly where it is visible, and major changes will be initiated. That’s why this eclipse has been named “the Great American Eclipse” and why it’s getting so much attention. The other reason for the frenzy is the fact that it hits the same spot in the heavens of the ascendant of Trump, meaning it will occur at the same point (28º Leo) in the heavens as when he was born. There will inevitably be personal implications for him as well as political implications. We (most astrologers) have been watching and waiting these past months anticipating this eclipse and knowing its personal significance to “45” … and that anything could happen. There will be fallout, but it may take a while to play out. The New Moon and Eclipse occur in the sign of Leo, the sign of leadership, ruled by the Sun. There’s also the conjuction with fixed star Regulus which is associated with royalty and rulership; this sets the scene for the rise or the fall of a leader. One thing is certain: things will be set into motion.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, and visible in the path of totality, the Sun’s light will be blocked out entirely by the Moon and the sky will darken. The darkness and shadows that are invoked literally and metaphorically are necessary and must be acknowledged and integrated for the total transformation that longs for manifestation.

Not everyone will be out for this hugely popular event in the US, watching with their much-discussed eclipse glasses, because there are some cultures that believe this to be an inauspicious event, or an intimate event between the sun and the moon (and not for our observation). Vedic astrology has a different perspective on total solar eclipses, as do the Dine’ for example, and some other American Indian tribes. You may choose to observe in a more reverent way if you can tune in genuinely to these powerful energies. Listen to and trust your intuition. It is in the shadows that our eyes adjust and are able to see in the dark. This is a necessary skill for these dark days; we can’t “wishful think” our troubles away, or “light and love” the situation into a higher vibration. When you’re in the dark your orientation shifts so that you move from a deeper place, a soul place, listening with your bones and feeling with your belly.

Eclipses amplify and magnify and activate. To work with these potently charged energies, clarify for yourself what you intend to have activated, what area of your life might need revelation and understanding. Excavate your most hidden and secret shadowy parts, where shame has rooted in and saturated your soul, where avoidance and dissociation have grown vine-like to choke your authenticity.


Set an intention, as you do at all New Moons. Be prepared to have a big shift, but know that it can take up to six months or a year to understand the extent of the changes and where exactly these shifts have taken place. There is always potential for healing to unfold in these times of epic change and turmoil. Death always gives way to rebirth, just as the light cannot exist without darkness; these are Laws of Nature. The process can rip us apart, but we can gather the pieces and create a mosaic with the shards of our broken-heartedness. We have fallen apart, personally, collectively… and the wounds are so deep, the fragility so fully exposed, that no one can deny the brokenness any longer, nor exclaim our okayness, our “oneness” or our “rise-above-it-ness.” We must feel our traumas and wounds, totally, entirely, honestly, intensely. We can turn pain into beauty, churn these difficulties into nectar - it’s alchemy after all. And although there’s no tidy plan or easy path forward, we have the capacity to bear the burden of the alchemist if we choose. There is deep work to do. Let this eclipse portal be a gateway into your own intensity, to have the truth revealed to you, so that you can be uncompromising in the way you live life, so that you can magnetize those forces  that bring blessings, so you can rest in the wholeness of your brokenness, shadows embraced, and know that you will rise.

Blessed be.




8/8 Lion's Gate

::  8/8/17 = 8/8/8  Lion's Gate (or Lionsgate) Portal is open and active ::

Yesterday's partial lunar Aquarius Eclipse (and Full Moon) opened an Eclipse Portal and also announced today's opening of the Lion's Gate Portal, which happens on 8/8. This portal connects dimensions, the physical and spiritual realms.

The Sun is in the sign and constellation of Leo (the lion). Sirius (the Dog Star), the brightest star, is activated and moves closer to earth, and they align with the Galactic Center. There is potential for humankind to align with these energies and sense or imagine the earth being bathed in celestial spiritual light from both the Sun and Sirius (often called our "spiritual sun"). This surge brings an opportunity for tremendous shifts, up leveling and activation; we can experience a cosmic DNA activation, an upgrade or up leveling of epic proportions. Cosmic Codes of evolution may be revealed and absorbed or activated, beamed and transmitted to us on earth during this time. Sensitives especially may feel this and experience physical symptoms. Some may feel a dynamic stirring or burst of energy, an expansion of the solar plexus region and heart space, while others may feel a buzzing in the head, headaches, or exhaustion and need to sleep more. We can think of this as a "galactivation" that can awaken dormant seeds of karma, gifts and awareness that have yet to manifest in this lifetime, or a system's upgrade for our DNA, or a reminder of our intimate connection with the heavens and Cosmic Consciousness. 

The number 8 is considered to be a number of power, spirituality, infinity, cosmic realms. The Lion's Gate corresponds to the Strength card in the tarot.

From now until 8/14 we can tune in more to these cosmic energies and align as much as we can, upgrading our frequency or vibration, fine tuning our intuition and instincts, clearing old karmas from our DNA and inviting an upgrade for our highest/deepest selves. This is such a strange and surreal time to be alive on the planet. There are no rules or regulations for what to feel or how to navigate these days, as it changes day by day and is unique for each being. For this week especially try to spend time with bare feet and hands in the soil and sea or rivers, and let your second sight (inner vision) awaken to see the unseen. You may feel like you're in a cosmic cocoon awaiting rebirth, so don't rush the process. Take as much time as possible away from screens and social media and instead turn inward. Enjoy some solitude and experience the magick and evolution emerging within you. 

Embody the archetype of the regal and royal lion or lioness of quiet power, watching and waiting, listening and learning, and holding courageous space for the cosmic heart beating still… 
Light a fire in your cauldron and reclaim any power you've given away, offering gratitude and remembering there are more dimensions in the cosmos and in your consciousness than we can successfully imagine.

Blessed be.



\ \ E c l i p s e P o r t a l / /

We're entering the Eclipse Portal once again this year. In February we had our first Lunar Eclipse of the year at 22º Leo, then a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. On Monday, August 7 on Lunar+Solar Lammas, the Aquarius Full Moon will be exact at 11:11am (CA time). The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11:22am, 15º Aquarius. We'll experience the visible and potent Solar Eclipse on August 21 at 28º Leo.

All Eclipses are activators and accelerators, bringing about sudden changes, complete dissolution and exciting initiations. These upcoming astral blasts may be connected to events that happened 18/19 years ago. In my public teachings and writings over the years I've advised students and clients to make it a "no whine zone" during the Eclipse Portal, and this is because energetically this is such a charged and fertile space that we seed with our words and thoughts. Be as considerate and clear-minded as you can be navigating these next weeks, which will take focus. Generally speaking, an Eclipse is like a whirlwind of seemingly chaotic energy swirling through your life, doing (what looks like) damage but also rearranging things to work and flow better. Things can get turned upside down. It's like an energetic electrical power surge, where all the power shuts off, then resets everything as it's turned back on. So your considerations can be around what you're ready to release in a big way, maybe something you haven't felt strong enough to let go of on your own until now, and what your genuine invocation is.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by the planet of change and originality, Uranus (modern ruler). Aquarius is the Water Bearer dispensing wisdom, the mad scientist, the outlaw misfit, the logician, the humanitarian, the rebel genius, the hermit mystic. Part of the inherent paradox of Aquarius is that it's the sign of idealism and humanitarianism, but is often emotionally detached in interpersonal relationships, it is the sign of friendship but also the contented outcast, the scientist and the artist, the progressive yet extreme and fixed in opinion. We will need to find a way to make an impactful offering to the collective, to humankind, through means of our unique expression of our radical individuality.

Possible themes for the Aquarius Eclipse include: truth-telling, friendship/aloneness, belonging/being an outcast, justice/political extremism, leadership/radicalism, sincerity/shock value, loyalty/detachment, independence/collaboration, communication, questioning everything, analysis, unconventionality, invention, hopes and dreams, disruption, originality, avant-guard, wisdom. 

Keep in mind that Mercury (in Virgo) stations on Saturday, August 12 in the evening, and will be retrograde until September 5. So this week, as you work within the explosive and electrifying energies, try to also tie up any loose ends with technology and communication before station day. Mercury's backward motion is an opportunity to slow down in every way, from your mental activity to your literal activity (including walking, asana, driving…). The past will likely show up in one form or another, so be prepared. And if something important does resurface, it's because it needs another look, or a bit more attention. After acknowledgment it may finally be able to be released, so that there can be closure. 

If you're interested in more insight or how to work with this intensity, for a short time I'm offering an Eclipse Portal Guide to assist you. Send me an email letting me know you'd like it. ($17)
I also have Retrograde Relief nervine tonic, Mugwort & Rose Dream Potion, and body/anointing oils ready to ship out this week. See the Kosmic Apothecary page.




For two and a half years, consistently week after week, I've written weekly horoscopes through some of the most dreadful days I've ever experienced, and gratefully, some of the most sublime. Having a writing deadline and keeping the kind of focus and intuition to do horoscopes the way I do them became a practice, part of my daily life, a tether or anchor through the storms and chaos of life shifting dramatically. For two years I wrote for Yoganonymous, as their Contributing Astrological Columnist, writing weekly horoscopes, monthly overviews, yearly overviews and additional seasonal pieces. I truly enjoyed having my column, and hearing from so many readers that my horoscopes were always eerily on point. ;) After Yoganonymous was bought by Wanderlust and dissolved, I moved my horoscopes back here, to the blog (where they were before). (I am appreciative to Dan and Yoganonymous for offering me this position right around my fortieth birthday- I loved the job). Writing my weekly horoscopes week after week for these two and a half years became an initiatory process, a deeply personal practice, which invoked a mythos… I think of Ariadne's story, the red thread, transformation, choice and destiny, and ultimately triumph. I am immensely appreciative of this process and the fruits that it came to bear. But each evolution brings an up-leveling, and new mysteries are brewing in the cauldron.

The format will change a little;  I will take a break from writing public weekly horoscopes for now. I'll write an overview for the month. And soon I'll offer the magickal weekly horoscopes by subscription (I'll make an announcement when that is ready for you to sign up for). I will offer a few online courses to give more specific and elaborate details for the dynamic astrology we find ourselves in regularly. And of course I always have a wait list for natal charts and tarot readings, so get in touch if you'd like to add yourself to the list. 

Thank you for your readership and ongoing support. It is a joy to be your celestial interpreter and to offer insights and suggestions to you for navigating the astrological weather.




July 17-23 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, July 17 - Sunday, July 23  

This is the week that fire signs have been waiting for: the week that the sun moves into Leo. And not only that, but Mars moves into Leo until September and we have a Leo New Moon this week too. We can wave goodbye to Cancer season for another year when the Sun enters boastful Leo on Saturday morning. The sensitive vibes of Cancer, which are necessary for us to actually feel our feelings and deal with them, can make us moody after four weeks so when sun-ruled Leo enters the scene, some emotional heaviness lifts and the mood lightens up in general. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the Sun is happy here.

Mars, the planet of action and power, leaves Cancer and shifts to Leo on Thursday morning, changing the way we communicate, infusing our words and thoughts with more drama and confidence. Sunday morning is the New Moon in Leo, a time to seed fresh intentions and visions. We have a rare treat of having two back to back Leo New Moons this Leo season, with the second one bringing a powerful total Solar Eclipse.

Some of the additional aspects providing context this week include Venus squaring Neptune, Mars squaring Uranus, Mars trine Chiron, Venus trine Jupiter, Sun/Moon conjunction, and Moon/Mars conjunction. Squares imply conflict or challenge, trines are harmonious and favorable, and conjunctions are most powerful and intensifying.

The astrology of August heats up, and these shifts into Leo land will get everyone warmed up for the summer. I recommend for all signs to try to get their shit together as much as possible now before the Eclipse cycle hits, palo santo smudges and black tourmaline gridding, and sunflowers all around.


Aries & Aries Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, making the next four weeks for you all about creative and sexual expression. The Sun will settle into your sexy fifth house and your energy will be passionate, making it a good time for artistic pursuits and romance. It’s also the house that rules children, joy and chance, and you may feel inclined for more play or it could be more about fertility/pregnancy. This is called the natural house for the Sun.

Around the time of the New Moon in Leo, clarify intentions of what you want to invoke around  love, romance or your art, in whatever form that takes.

When Mars makes a move to Leo, the sex and seduction increases; Mars is sex drive, and this part of your chart houses sex, passion and love affairs.


Taurus & Taurus Rising
The new solar cycle begins on Saturday morning with the Sun’s move into Leo, turning your attention to home and family matters for the next four weeks. As the Sun settles into your domestic sector, the energy will center on your household, home improvement or renovations, women and children in your life, and all domestic affairs. You’ll be happy to nest and rest at home, to host close friends and family at your space, or to indulge in much-needed self-care.

On Sunday morning we have a Leo New Moon in this same house, so set intentions for this lunar cycle lasting about six months, around bringing you closer to your dreams about home and family, and what it means to you to feel “at home” in the world.

Mars, the planet of power, moves to Leo on Thursday morning and remains until early September; this could bring more passion and give you the drive to complete home projects,  or it could bring some misunderstanding or arguments into your homelife, either with roommates or family members.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
On Saturday morning the Sun moves into Leo, beginning the new solar cycle. For the next four weeks your energy will be directed into ideas, self-expression, and community efforts. You may need to travel for work or as part of your studies, and you also may want to reconnect with extended family. Your sign is the natural ruler of this house; you’ll feel in your element for this cycle.

Sunday’s Leo New Moon is in this same part of your chart. In the time around the new moon, consider what new energy you’d like to bring in to support communicating your ideas and truth, for your studies or for mending relationships with some of your family members. Pay attentions to important conversations taking place on the New Moon.

The planet of drive, Mars, enters Leo on Thursday and brings a burst of bright energy to all of your communications. Be aware that Mars can be aggressive or insensitive here. In general, all things you do related to technology, logic, studies or communicating will be empowered; it is a good time to take some action on ideas.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
The Sun leaves your sign on Saturday and moves into bold Leo, which means your energy is shifting gears a bit. For this solar cycle your attention turns to money matters and opportunities to get grounded. This emphasis on your second house is exaggerated by having Mars move to Leo and also a Leo New Moon.

Mars makes a move on Thursday, and together with the Sun can bring new financial prospects your way, give you the drive and ambition to pursue a new position or outlet for your career, and boost your earning power and income. The Mars energy could also bring a disagreement over money or an expense you weren’t prepared for, but for the most part this dynamic arrangement will be positive and profitable if you work with the energy.

The New Moon arrives early Sunday morning and you can consider how you’d like to improve your finances or increase material success, as well for stability all around and seeing your self-worth.

Leo & Leo Rising
This is your week, Leo, and the beginning of your birthday month. Happy solar return!

We leave Cancer season on Saturday morning, and you can climb out of the heavy twelfth house energy to celebrate the Sun coming home to your sign. The next four weeks are all about you and with Mars moving to Leo as well as two consecutive New Moons in your sign this season, you’ll be on fire! Choose to use your powers for good.

Mars shifts to Leo on Thursday and remains until September, boosting your confidence and self-esteem (since you’re all so shy and quiet) and increasing your magnetism even more. Mars energizes but can also aggravate with all that impulsive and willful energy, so channel it wisely (into sex appeal and ambition).

The first of two New Moons (special) in your sign happens Sunday morning. The next one will bring with it a Solar Eclipse which will catalyze a rebirth or transformation of some kind. In the days after the New Moon, as the Moon waxes, consider what personal prayers or prized but hidden hopes you have that you want to invoke; this can help you prepare for the New Moon and Eclipse coming in August.

Virgo & Virgo Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, which means that the next four weeks are for you to take time for yourself in deep reflection. This is just a rite of passage the month before your birthday month, a time for you to clear karma and get rest and heal some wounds before your yearly new beginning.

On Sunday we have a New Moon in Leo, and another one next month which is pretty special. The second Leo New Moon accompanies a Solar Eclipse which will bring a transformation or rebirth. For this one, clarify what karmic debts or self-defeating behaviors you’re ready to purge and get ready for the upcoming Eclipse to send a power surge through your life.

Mars makes a move to Leo on Thursday and remains until September. In this sensitive part of your chart that rules endings, self-imposed limitations, hidden agendas and sorrows, Mars can contribute to extreme right brain activity and an overactive subconscious. There could be a confrontation and you may say goodbye to a painful relationship. Tune in to your psychic sense.

Libra & Libra Rising
The next solar cycle begins on Saturday, when the Sun leaves Cancer for Leo, moving into your house of friends and alliances. For the next four weeks you’ll feel like socializing and re-connecting with people, and these connections can lead you to new opportunities.

Mars, the planet of will, moves to this same part of your chart on Thursday and continues to boost your confidence and charisma in social settings. You’ll feel an increase in ambition and will go after your goals; through either technology or teamwork your organization will succeed and your interests and objectives made clear.

We have the first of two consecutive New Moons in Leo on Sunday morning. In the first couple of days after the New Moon is exact, contemplate how you want to move forward into a new cycle and set intentions. The next Leo New Moon brings an Eclipse with it, which is certain to shake things up in some way, either severing a tie or igniting a new collaboration.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
On Saturday we start a new solar cycle, with the Sun moving into Leo, your tenth house of long term plans. The next four weeks will be beneficial for making moves to solidify material success in some way, and for success in matters outside of home and family, including your image and career.

Powerhouse Mars also moves to Leo and only contributes to boosting your ambition and career aspirations. This is prime time to pitch your ideas, get the raise you deserve or branch out on your own. Through your hard work, your fruitful efforts and raw talent, you’ll accomplish much during this time.

The first of TWO New Moons in Leo occur early Sunday morning- this one can be good practice for setting clear and lucid intentions that are both meaningful and ambitious, because the second New Moon coming up brings with it a significant Solar Eclipse which will surely bring big changes or evolution.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
On Saturday we begin a new solar cycle, when the Sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo; the next four weeks will give you an opportunity for success in philosophical or scientific thought and work or with travels. Expansion and growth are available to you during this cycle, and this is the time if you’ve been considering higher education or traveling abroad. Your sign is the natural ruler of the ninth house where all the action will be taking place so it should all feel familiar.

The planet of action, Mars, also moves to Leo and this part of your chart, which could make you more inclined to take big risks and speaking bluntly and honestly. You’ll be more drawn to adventure, and not so much to specific plans that may feel constrictive.

We’ll experience the first of two Leo New Moons this weekend, and the second one brings a powerful punch with a Solar Eclipse. For this New Moon, consider what energy you want to move forward with and what changes you want to make. Think globally for these moons...

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, meaning the next four weeks will be about your connections in intimate relationships. The Sun will settle into your house of intimacy and privacy, emphasizing money or debt that belongs to your partner, joint resources and spiritual transformation. This is the house that rules death/rebirth experiences, intensity, psychic powers and astral experiences... which aren’t part your usual day to day occurrences or thoughts.

Around the time of the New Moon in Leo on Sunday, clarify intentions of what you want to invoke around sex and intimacy, regeneration, and financial investments. A serious financial opportunity could show up now, or your relationship with a lover could intensify and deepen. We’ll have another Leo New Moon (unusual) in a month that also brings an Eclipse, so a transformative shift could be on the way.

When Mars moves to Leo on Thursday, jealousy and possessiveness could arise and rock the boat, so try to stay focused. Mars is sex drive and ambition, and this part of your chart is about sex and intimacy, as well as other people’s money or debt, so there can be more passion and more stress and tension during this transit.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
The Sun moves into fire sign Leo on Saturday, emphasizing your seventh house of partnership and marriage for the next four weeks. This part of your chart is all about serious partnerships, creating harmony, and negotiating. This is where you balance your strong sense of individuality with working with another and making an offering.

Mars, the planet of action, also moves to Leo this week and can intensify things in general. Passions and tempers can rise, and you may feel more feisty and impulsive during this time.

We have a New Moon in Leo on Sunday morning, initiating a new lunar cycle that lasts for the next six months; around the new moon time, consider intentions to set that will impact your relationship, or your business partnerships, and what you want with regard to marriage/ partnering. Couples may decide to move in together or get married, or there might be a new collaboration with a creative partner. There will be a special second Leo New Moon in a month that brings an Eclipse! And eclipses always bring big changes, surprises and evolutionary upgrades, so clarify your vision for what you want to invoke and call into being, especially as it relates to harmonious partnership.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
The Sun leaves Cancer for Leo on Saturday, emphasizing your analytical sixth house; for the next solar cycle you’re encouraged to get things back in order, bringing organization to your home, your mind and your health. De-clutter and reorganize, release thoughts that cause emotional upsets, get all doctor visits taken care of, and get back into your fitness or workout routine. Realize that some stress you’re carrying and not dealing with could contribute to illness or feeling fatigued.

Mars, the planet of will, also moves into Leo this week (until September) and will give you a boost of courage, confidence and willpower in your health-focused endeavors. This could be what you need to kick a bad habit or to get motivated.

On Sunday morning we have the first of two Leo New Moons, so spend some time around the New Moon and set intentions around being of service to the world, your own well being, and being in a space of clarity. The next New Moon brings with it an Eclipse, which will certainly bring some revelations and necessary changes. Eclipses are known for zapping us awake where we’ve been resisting or unaware.







July 10-16 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, July 10 - Sunday, July 16

After several weeks of a constant barrage of astrological fireworks (and a long day of literal ones), we get a little time to catch our breath and deal with whatever was shaken loose. This week is on the quieter side although we’re still under the influence of certain aspects that aren’t comfortable. The Sun/Pluto opposition is a pretty volatile energy that we begin the week with. We’ll need to reflect and work with these energies and the others that were stirred up last week and the week before and integrate the experiences that are arising. There’s no reason to rush it, but we should try to deal with what we need to in a reasonable timeframe. Avoidance won’t really pay off in the end.
The energy will be deep, dark, and moody.
We will feel everything deeply- there is no surface level interaction with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. We will confront our depths, our shadows, what we've kept hidden away. We may see power struggles and control issues, uncover secrets, run into projections, fears, unconscious motivations, obsessions.
Themes: shadows, forces, the unconscious, power, death and rebirth, deception and truth.
Don't turn away from your own darkness or shadows. Allow this energy to catalyze a potent shift and transformation. Focus on what you want transformed. Let the energy bring clearing, healing, and a rebirth.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Black tourmaline, sage
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Black tourmaline, lavender
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Black tourmaline, chamomile
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Black tourmaline, lemon balm

Aries & Aries Rising
This week begins where last week left off. The Sun/Pluto opposition could bring up some conflicts for you around balancing home life and career. With the Cancer Sun in your domestic region and the Lord of the Underworld in your tenth house of work and recognition, you may be pulled in different directions with both areas requiring your attention. You may be forced to make a hard decision about going back to work or changing your career, or maybe about a decision not expanding your family right now.
The moon will wane all week and we’ll have a half moon in Aries on Sunday. You can align with this energy by considering what habits or situations you can release, and consciously letting go of whatever you’ve been holding onto that isn’t healthy for you.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
This week begins with that Sun/Pluto opposition that we started feeling last week, bringing some potential tension between what you’re saying and what you’re really feeling and thinking about. The Cancer sun inhabits your house of self-expression and Pluto in Capricorn has nested in your ninth house of mental pursuits and honesty. These are the circumstances that incite power struggles and aggressive disagreements, so pay attention if you sense things are getting out of hand. It will likely work out better for you to avoid these situations, and instead of losing your temper, excuse yourself and cool down.
We have a half moon in Aries on Sunday, so this waning moon energy can assist you with releasing whatever you feel is holding you back or tying you down.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
The week starts with our annual Sun/Pluto opposition that we got a taste of last week. You may feel some tension with your financial decisions or stability arise, or realize that your financial situation is different from what you thought it was. The Cancer sun in your house of career and money colliding with shadowy Pluto in your area of assets, shared wealth and mergers may mean that you run into issues around joint resources or money that belongs to your partner, or you find you have to deal with your debt or money you owe to others. Avoiding the issue won’t help and can lead to more trouble, as will freaking out, so confront the situation directly and work to build security and stability. You can come up with a new plan if your put your brain power into it.
During the waning moon time this week, try to release patterns of worry or recurring habits that don’t serve you in the long run.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
To start the week we have the sun (in your sign) forming a tense opposition to intense Pluto, bringing this conflict into your serious partnerships. We started feeling this tension with Pluto’s opposition to Mars (also in your sign) last weekend. It’s possible that arguments and power struggles enter your closest relationship(s), making life feel less than harmonious. Unchecked ego trips, power struggles and outright violent outbursts are possible. Negotiations, contractual agreements, and even people’s word not be what they seem, so proceed with caution. Try to avoid fights on social media as well as in person, as things can get out of hand quickly. This isn’t only coming from other people, but it could manifest as coming from you to other people, Crab.
Let the waning moon energy help you dissolve and release whatever you want to clear out from your head, heart and energy field.

Leo & Leo Rising
As we start the week, we’re under the influence of a potentially contentious opposition between the Cancer Sun and Pluto, after already having some conflict with the recent Mars/Pluto opposition and a Sun/Jupiter square. The Cancer Sun in your house that rules sorrows and the subconscious bumping up against powerhouse Pluto in your wellness/analysis house could mean stress-related health issues or addictive or obsessive habits and coping mechanisms getting out of hand. Your may feel an urge to self-destruct, or find that a minor disagreement turns personal and nasty quickly. Just be aware of power plays coming from yourself as well as from others.The moon is waning down after the Capricorn Full Moon, and you can take this time to release some of the old energy or pain you’ve been carrying. The Sun will soon shift into your sign, lifting your mood and boosting your energy and outlook.

Virgo & Virgo Rising
This week begins with the Sun’s opposition to Pluto that we started to feel over the weekend, bringing some potential conflict with people you work with or friends, or with a lover. The sensitive Cancer Sun in your area of alliances collides with power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn, in your house of creativity and sex. Minor disagreements could turn to vengeful aggression pretty quickly, with inflated egos and underhanded power plays from one or both sides. Try to avoid it before it gets started, and know that you don’t need to try to fix things under this influence. You could feel more jealous now when it comes to romance or fame, or possibly see the shadow side of some relationships.
The Moon is waning all week so you can consciously release any energy or thoughts that you’re ready to part with.

Libra & Libra Rising
To start the week we have the Sun forming a tense opposition to power-hungry Pluto, bringing some conflict between your career and work life and your family and home life. We started feeling this tension with Pluto’s opposition to Mars in Cancer over the weekend. Pluto is in your house of home and family, women and children. And the Cancer Sun is in your career/professionalism house. There could be some intensity around motherhood or starting a family, or about your career and work life, ambition, success, or father figures. This tension can make people aggressive and manipulative, so be cautious about getting into arguments with your family about your aspirations or career plans, or with your employer about your family plans.
The waning moon this week can help you let go of whatever you’ve been grasping that is no longer in alignment with what you believe.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
This week starts with the sensitive Cancer Sun opposing shadowy Pluto in Capricorn, making trouble in your communications and considerations. The Sun is in your house of travel and studies, while your ruling planet Pluto is in your self-expression house. It’s easy under these influences for tempers to flare and for misunderstandings to ignite into violent outbursts, so proceed with caution. There may be power struggles or manipulations that you’re involved with, so try to avoid these situations, and at least don’t instigate them. Focus on the travels, adventures, or the explorations into profound subject matter that make this Cancer season valuable to you and your evolution.
With the moon waning down from fullness this week, try to align with that energy by releasing constraints, resentments, jealousy, self-loathing or other mental constructs that, by holding on to them and keeping them hidden, create drama and pain in your life.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
We begin the week with some of the irritating energy we felt last week. The moody Cancer Sun opposes dark and dramatic Pluto in Capricorn, bringing some conflict into your finances, inheritance, or joint assets that you share with either a romantic or business partner. Minor disagreements can turn to destructive aggression quickly, and tempers flare over money and power. Power plays, underhanded or manipulative dealings, or hidden agendas may surface in negotiations now, so be extra cautious.
The moon is waning all week, so you can tune into that energy of release and consciously let go of some of the habits, compulsions or patterns that contribute to stress or pain in your life. The New Moon will arrive again next weekend and you’ll have a fresh start.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
This week begins where last week left off, and we’re feeling squeezed under the Sun/Pluto opposition. The sensitive Cancer Sun in your relationship sector versus the Underworld planet Pluto in your sign may mean that you find yourself in a standoff with someone, and minor irritations could turn into aggressive outbursts. Pluto’s shadowy influence could make you more suspicious, so watch out for that tendency, and try not to project your stuff onto the other person or manipulate the situation in a shady way, even if it feels justified. Your temper may get ignited when dealing with a chaotic situation in one of your relationships and your patience for other people’s issues will be low.
The Full Moon was in your sign and first house over the weekend, so the moon is waning this week; tune into this lunar energy and release any negative coping mechanisms or thought patterns that aren’t working or uplifting to you any longer.  

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
We start the week under the influence of the intense energies we felt last week. The sensitive Cancer Sun makes an annual opposition to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn, your house of sorrows and rest. This could show up in the general mood, but more specifically you may have zero patience or tolerance for dealing with other people’s issues. Minor misunderstandings could turn easily to hostile outbursts under this influence. With Pluto in this part of your chart, be aware of hidden agendas or manipulative behaviors of others, and even your own resentments and old self-destructive patterns showing up.
After the Full Capricorn Moon over the weekend, the moon wanes all this week, so channel this lunar energy. Look honestly at negative patterns and old pain, see what you’ve learned and integrated, and consciously sift through and let go of as much non-beneficial stuff as you can. Align with the unseen forces on your side and welcome healing in all its forms.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
The tense astrological influences of last week spill over into this week, and we begin the week feeling the Sun/Pluto opposition. The sensitive Cancer Sun in your sex and love house clashes with powerful Pluto in Capricorn in your eleventh house of friendship, stirring up hostilities and bad tempers. Everyone may seem to be operating from their shadow side right now, with ego trips, power plays and hidden agendas - even you, Pisces. So be aware of any manipulation and watch out for tempers turning aggressive from minor irritations. With Pluto in your house of group dynamics and alliances, there could be trouble in your friend group this week; try to stay diplomatic.
The Moon wanes all week, so align with the lunar energies and release whatever petrification you’ve gathered in your heart as you access and name it or as it comes up.




July 3-July 9 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, July 3 - Sunday, July 9  

This week both Venus and Mercury are on the move, changing signs on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The love planet moves into flirty, flighty Gemini and the planet of communication and the mind enters boastful Leo. Venus in Taurus has been lovely, as it usually is, and now with the move to Gemini the way we relate and love may shift; we may engage with our loved ones more from our heads, making an intellectual connection rather than feeling heavy emotions. While in Gemini, Venus is super flirty and lighthearted and we may find ourselves being more careless with spending money. With Mercury’s move our communications will be more confident and our leadership qualities can come through. We’ll be more direct but could also be more boastful or arrogant. Expressions in the arts, in theatre and music will be successful now.

We’ll experience a Mercury/Chiron trine, a Sun/Neptune trine, a Sun/Pluto opposition to name a few. And on Saturday night we’ll have a Full Moon in Capricorn, bringing closure to the lunar cycle that began six months ago during Capricorn season.

July 4 is America’s solar return (yes, the US is a Cancer… I’ve discussed this a bit in my astro talks over many years if you’ve studied with me in person). I’m certainly not a political astrologer and do not want to be- my specialty is in a different area- but there are some aspects that are hard to ignore. And as much as I don’t want to get into it, and have avoided it actively, some things just jump out and force me to mention them briefly (there are plenty of astrologers who focus on political astrology and are good at it, so I defer to them to write about these things). This is an intense, infuriating, sick and sad time for the US… which is having its nodal return this year (Leo N Node).

I can’t quite seem to put it all into a cohesive thought or clear perspective to say anything meaningful as a teacher/writer/interpreter yet… it’s still churning and cooking. It is a challenge to find balance between being awake and aware but also needing solitude and seclusion away from social media and all the terrible things, between seeing the reality and being outraged and also seeing potential underneath the upheaval and holding onto hope. Sometimes I simply cannot take any more in, but feel guilty looking away, as if soul self-care and social consciousness in our current political situation are at such extreme ends of the spectrum that they can’t be reconciled. Right now I can only recommend monitoring and being responsible for your own psychology, and rather than looking out comparing how everyone else is responding or handling things, to get genuinely rooted into yourself, check in, and be honest about what you can and cannot do each day.

Happy birthday, America.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Pincha mayurasana
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Supta virasana
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Trikonasana
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Parsvakonasana

Aries & Aries Rising

This week’s astrology picks right up where we left off last week, and we have plenty going on. On Tuesday the love planet moves to Gemini for a bit, which is your communication area. That means all the things related to relationships or finances will be where your mind is and what you’re eager to discuss, and it would be a good time to reach out to family you want to connect with, or invest in travels or studies that are meaningful to you.

The next day Mercury moves to Leo, bringing your thoughts to love and romance, sex and seduction, art and creativity. This could be a great time for an art exhibit or to talk about love or having children or what your passions are. You may even write some lovely poetry or create an art piece for your beloved.

Finally, we have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday night, illuminating your tenth house of success and career goals. Whatever seeds you planted in December at the Capricorn new moon are growing and manifesting now. You could get some important news, receive some big recognition, even get a raise or promotion. The usual lunacy will accompany this full moon like all others, but for you there should be a luminous silver lining to it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Tuesday Venus, planet of relating and finances, moves into Gemini and your money house; this means business boons and career boosts and even an increase to your income are all possibilities. Venus rules money, abundance, gifts and this part of your chart is about money and security and self-worth. Plan, invest, save, and create new lucrative sources of income for yourself.

Mercury also shifts signs this week, moving to Leo on Wednesday evening. The planet of communication and mental activity will relocate to your house of home and domesticity. Your thoughts, plans and discussions will revolve around family, homelife, security, women and children… you could be talking to your partner about expanding your family, remodeling or relocating, or maybe you’ll reach out to a mother figure or mentor for advice.

A full moon on Saturday in Capricorn lights up your house of travel, studies and mental pursuits. This full moon energy could bring news or revelations, blunt talk and honesty, or maybe travel opportunities. Think about the intentions you set back during Capricorn season for clues.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into your sign on Tuesday, bringing a new infusion of good vibes, loving energy and expressive romance to your life. There could also be a financial windfall in the works since Venus rules finances, abundance, worth, and gifts.

On Wednesday evening Mercury shifts into Leo. The communication planet, your ruler, moving into your communication house may just make your month. This aspect puts you in your wheelhouse, Gemini and you should take advantage of it; self-expression of every kind will be strong, sharing your ideas, connecting with family, studying, realizations, building community will all be enhanced and supported. If there are any projects or presentations to do, trips to take, or connections to make, now is your time.

Then on Saturday night we’ll have a full moon in Capricorn, bringing the usual lunacy and revelations. The themes of this moon for you, due to placement, include shared wealth, merging with another, sex, and even astral experiences. Think sex, death and rebirth territory.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Tuesday we’ll have love and beauty planet Venus move into airy Gemini. During her stay in this part of your chart you may want to take some alone time, process old heartache and get closure on those parts of your life, or look inside of yourself for healing and compassion.

With discernment rather than moodiness, let go of habits of self-undoing behavior, see hidden agendas you and others may have, forgive, and clear some karma.

Mercury moves on Wednesday, shifting from your sign into Leo. Your financial stability or career could get a boost, or you could at least open a dialog about improving finances, starting a new career, or making more money doing what you enjoy. Your mind should shift to money matters during this time so you can move toward your goals.

This weekend we have a Capricorn full moon bringing luminous energy to your relationships, partnerships or marriage. Full moons are high energy, and they can often bring news or information. Landing in this part of your chart means you could get some illumination about your connections, serious partnerships or even contractual agreements.

Leo & Leo Rising

This Wednesday Mercury, the mental planet, moves into your sign and first house. This is the most personal area and is all about your self-hood. Your thoughts, memories and conversations will be close to your heart and all about you, your hopes and desires and favorites. This shouldn’t be a problem for you, Leo. ;) You may even decide it’s time for a makeover, new haircut or new look (your appearance is part of this house).

Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday and brings new energy and affection into your friendships and to the relationships you have with those you work with and the groups you’re a part of. You could even feel a love connection blossom with a friend. Your long term dreams will be infused with more beauty and your vision for your life can expand here.

On Saturday we have a Capricorn full moon in your area of service and health. Full moons bring high energy and even news or realizations; you could get health-related news or information about your pet or someone you work with. Any health related intentions you set six months ago (during Capricorn season) should be manifesting or becoming clear now.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This week both Venus and Mercury change signs. Venus moves to Gemini on Tuesday, shifting energy to your professional world, your community standing and your success. Venus rules over love and relationships as well as money matters, so this can be a beneficial time to grow your material success. You may have advice coming in from a father figure or male mentor that will be helpful.

On Wednesday your ruling planet Mercury moves to Leo, your house of self-imposed limitations and karma. You may need more solitude and seclusion now, rest, and healing. Release self-defeating behavior and focus on getting closure in order to heal. Your thoughts may veer into more mystical, hidden and spiritual themes.

We have a full moon in Capricorn coming up on Saturday, illuminating the part of your chart that rules passion, creativity, love and romance, sex and fertility. Often full moons bring completion or endings to cycles and heightened emotions. Think about what was initiated six months ago during Capricorn season- this may be the end of that cycle. You could get news about a love affair or artistic endeavor around full moon time.

Libra & Libra Rising

On Tuesday, your ruling planet Venus moves into Gemini, your house of travel and philosophy. You may fall in love with a foreigner, philosopher, scientist or artist, or get married abroad. The arts, studies, long journeys, and self-discovery will be what you’re drawn to now.

Mercury, the mental planet, shifts signs as well, nesting in Leo and your house of selfless service and well being; this is a good context for analysis and organization, health related pursuits and being helpful in the world by offering your gifts. Connect with the people you work with and try to make a plan for your health care during this time.

Then on Saturday we have a Capricorn full moon bringing the usual heightened emotional state and completion of the lunar cycle. This moon shines on your house of family and home, the natural house of the moon, and the full moon themes will be based on this area. You may receive news or reach the end of a cycle related to parents, children, home improvement plans, a relocation, or other domestic affairs. Self-care and roots/ancestors are also potential themes that may arise.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Venus, the planet of finances, love and beauty, makes her way into Gemini on Tuesday, and enlivens your sex and intimacy sector. You could partner with someone in love or business now, merging physically and emotionally or financially, receive a gift or inheritance, or come into money or resources through a partner. This is one of the more mystical and intense houses in your chart.

The next day Mercury changes signs, moving into Leo and your career sector. This would be a good opportunity to make some long term plans about your profession, to express your talents and improve your expertise, and essentially to grow your material success.

This weekend we have a full moon in Capricorn. Full moons bring out strong emotions and sometimes craziness, and in your communication sector, you could be bold verbally or in your correspondence, or maybe you’ll get some important news about your family or  travels. The intentions you set six months ago during Capricorn season are manifesting now.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This week both Venus and Mercury change signs, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The planet of love and money shifts to Gemini and your relationship area. This could mean that you’ll be more sensitive to creating harmony in your serious partnerships, both business and personal, and you could enjoy some social and financial pleasures. Contracts and negotiations should be successful during this time.

The planet of communication, Mercury, shifts to Leo, your house of travel and deep studies. This makes it a good time for you to pursue educational and travel opportunities and to dive into mental pursuits. You may be more honest and blunt in your communications and take more risks now in general.

We have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday illuminating your money house. As with all full moons, there will be heightened emotions and the end of a cycle - the intentions set six months ago at the Capricorn new moon are now manifested. You could get some important news about financial prospects or your career or possessions. Let the fullness of this luminary remind you of your self-worth and value.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This weekend, on Saturday, we have a full moon in your sign, the completion of the lunar cycle that began during your birthday month at your new moon. Think back to those intentions you set and seeds you sowed during your season and see how they’ve manifested or are growing. Remember your inherent perfection and acknowledge the fullness of your life and what you’re grateful for.

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into Gemini on Tuesday, your health house. You may invest money in fitness or health now, or maybe something in the wellness field provides income for you. Get rid of what causes worry, which can lead to illness, and re-organize your work and living spaces for optimum energetic flow. You’ll be drawn to beautifying and adorning now.

The mental planet Mercury shifts to Leo on Wednesday, to your third house (natural house) of communication. The communication planet is at home in the communication part of your chart, giving you success in self-expression, with writing, speaking, and technology, and increasing your bright ideas and clear perceptivity.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Tuesday evening Venus, the planet of love and worth, enters airy Gemini and brings new energy to your house of sex and love. Romance, sex and seduction, creative pursuits and passions, even fame and fertility are encouraged and enlivened here. With the love planet nesting in your house of heart you should have plenty of beautiful experiences to encounter during this transit.

The planet of the mind, Mercury, also changes signs, moving to Leo; your thoughts and musings, conversations and connections will be about serious partnerships. This is your area of relationships and marriage, but business partnerships, negotiations and contractual agreements will also be supported now.

We have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday night shining on your mystical twelfth house. Full moons generally incite lunacy and heightened emotional responses, but they also signify completion of a cycle, and this part of your chart is about completion and closure. You may get news of a hidden agenda, heal a wound from your past, and you’ll certainly have strong psychic powers. Try to rest deeply and commune with la luna, reflecting and healing.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Venus, planet of love and beauty, changes signs and moves to Gemini on Tuesday. She’ll reside in your house of home, bringing focus to self-care and your relationships with your partner, parents, children, etc. You could invest in home improvements now, real estate, or beautification, expand your family somehow. Adoration of and appreciation for your closest intimates and recognizing what you value most are themes for you.

The communication planet Mercury moves to Leo and your house of wellness; start organizing your space, get your health back on track by getting doctor appointments out of the way, buy a new gym membership, etc.

We have a full moon this week in Capricorn, which illuminates your alliances, friendships, memberships, and long term goals and objectives. The intentions you set six months ago during Capricorn season are unfolding now. You could get news or have revelations, benefit from some good fortune or re-align with your life’s vision under this moon’s influence.




June 26-July 2

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, June 26- Sunday, July 2  

We’ve just had the shift from communicative Gemini to sensitive Cancer sun cycle, and the new moon in Cancer initiated a new moon cycle for us to manifest and activate new intentions. This week is quieter than last week when it comes to major movements, but there are some interesting aspects in play. We’re certainly still under the influence of so much Cancer energy and the sensitivity, moodiness and empathy that brings. The main shift this week will be Chiron, the wounded and healed healer, turning retrograde on Friday night in Pisces. Chiron will be retrograde until December. When a planet (or planetoid) stations (the day it turns direct or retrograde), it can be disorienting or discombobulating, as though that planet’s energies are all exposed, erratic and wild… these days are pivotal and often set in motion some changes. If this year marks your 50th birthday, you’re having your Chiron return (sometimes it happens at 49 or 51). It’s a notable milestone, and just like your Saturn return at age 29ish, the more self-awareness and sensitivity you have going in, the more ease and capacity you’ll have while moving through this rite of passage. I like Chiron’s complexity as an archetype and value the insight he brings. This transit does unearth our oldest and deepest wounds, as Chiron represents in our chart where we feel fundamentally wounded, but there are intelligent and productive ways to work with it.

The moon is waxing and moves through Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio this week. And there will be a Mars/Pluto opposition that I’m paying attention to, a Mercury/Pluto opposition, and Mercury will trine Neptune and square Jupiter.

*If you’re having your Chiron return this year, I’m offering a Chiron Return Special ($44) to assist you during this transformative milestone. Email with the subject "Chiron rx" in the subject line to sign up. 

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- White angelica essential oil
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Supta virasana, tourmaline
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Rose quartz
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Lucid dreaming or dreamwork

Aries & Aries Rising

Chiron, the wounded and healed healer, turns retrograde in Pisces on Friday night. Station days are pivotal and with Chiron in your house of sorrows and self-undoing, it is likely that a transformation is initiated or set in motion on Friday. During this transit let the broken parts of yourself be exposed, let the hidden agendas be revealed so that you can retrieve your lost parts of your soul. Indulge in self-care in the form of energetic and mental wellness and physical pampering. Both Neptune and Chiron will be retrograde in Pisces, creating a perfect storm of potential spiritual transformation and personal evolution.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Friday night the wounded healer Chiron stations and turns retrograde in Pisces. During this transit, which will last until December, you could have some healing work to do in your friendships or in a group you belong to. You could be triggered and have an old wound resurface, or have some old relationship ghosts return to haunt you now. Embrace this opportunity for growth and transformation, pay attention to where you feel pulled to do this work… This transit could also affect your long-term dreams, your objectives, or intellectual pleasures. Neptune just recently turned retrograde in this same sign so there’s a chance to heal hurts and non-beneficial thinking and relating.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

This week the wounded and healed healer, Chiron, stations and turns retrograde in Pisces. This transit will activate your house of career and achievement. From now until December Chiron will likely stir up some old wounds related to father figures, men, money and material success, your reputation. There could be something about your self image, your ability to accept responsibility, what you accomplish out in the world that comes up now that needs to be addressed. Neptune, the planet of dreams, recently turned retrograde in Pisces, so there is potential for spiritual transformation over these next months. Pay extra attention to any illnesses that occur during this transit.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Friday the wounded and healed healer Chiron stations and turns retrograde in Pisces. This transit lasts until December and occurs in your house of mental exploration. During this time, although you may feel vulnerable and hesitant, be open to the discomfort and welcome this opportunity to have a spiritual transformation. Sometimes Chiron transits can bring illness or a health crisis, so listen to your mind and body and take extra care of yourself now. This is a time to look honestly at your old wounds and how they play out in daily life when not addressed. Neptune recently turned retrograde in this same area, so there’s already dynamic energy unfolding around themes of travel, study, higher education, philosophy, discovery and freedom.

Leo & Leo Rising

Chiron, the wounded and healed healer of the zodiac, stations and turns retrograde on Friday. This transit lasts until December and is in your house of merging. Chiron transits can sometimes bring a health issue, so make sure to take care of yourself, and if there is an illness that comes up, pay attention to it. It’s possible that a surgery might be needed during this period. During these next months Chiron’s retrograde will encourage your own review of how old wounds are still affecting you and renew a commitment to pay attention to these primary hurts and deal with them in a straightforward way. There could be some wounds around sex and intimacy that show up, or fears about death or the afterlife.

Neptune, the dreamy planet, is also in this part of your chart and turned retrograde a week ago. Listen to your intuition and trust it.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This Friday Chiron stations and turns retrograde. Chiron is the wounded and healed healer, showing us where our fundamental hurts live inside us, and while retrograde, there’s a chance to be broken open in a deeper way so that true healing can occur. This retrograde cycle, which lasts until December, will be in your relationship sector and could stir up an old memory of a painful experience that gets activated and animated in your current circumstances. The themes of these old wounds could be around marriage or divorce (maybe of parents), contracts, open enemies, or serious partnerships in either personal or business realms. Take care of yourself, your health and emotional well being during this transit.

Neptune is also recently retrograde in this same area, so there’s potential for deep work and spiritual transformation in the next months.

Libra & Libra Rising

On Friday of this week Chiron turns retrograde in Pisces, your house of wellness. Chiron is the healer of the zodiac, using his wounds to inspire his work of healing others. Now until December may be a time for you to explore the apparent woundings you’re experiencing, determine which are old hurts triggered by current circumstances, and begin the work to restore wholeness in certain areas. Chiron transits can sometimes bring a health crisis or physical symptoms, so pay attention to your body and take extra care of yourself. Eliminate people and situations that drain your vitality and cause mental stress.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, also just recently turned retrograde in Pisces, so there’s a lot of energy in this part of your chart. Think of this as inner housekeeping and tending to a sort of soul retrieval for the disconnected parts of yourself.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Neptune, the spiritual planet, recently turned retrograde in Pisces, your house of art and the heart. You’re getting accustomed to the dream work or spiritual work you’re doing with this transit and this week, on Friday, this part of your chart gets more attention. Chiron, the healer of the zodiac, turns retrograde in Pisces until December. During this retrograde cycle you could feel broken open in a new way, with an opportunity to mend in a harmonious way, through a sort of soul retrieval to reanimate the lost parts of yourself. Or you may find that what feels like a fresh wound is actually an activated old wound. Take care of your health during this time, and your mental wellness too. This part of your chart is all about creativity, artistic and sexual expression, love and romance, amusement and joy, even fertility; look deeply at where you feel restricted in art, sex, joy and or fun.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This Friday Chiron, the wounded and healed healer, turns retrograde in Pisces, your domestic domain. During this transit, that lasts until December, you may feel triggered in the present which activates an old wounding you’re still carrying. You may become aware of just how many old hurts are still haunting you and causing conflict in the present. Chiron’s retrograde cycle could also bring an illness or health issue, so pay attention for that and take care of yourself. Any old stuff about mothers or children, family, roots and ancestors, or home that arises can be addressed and worked with consciously now, so that a clearing and healing is possible.

Recently Neptune just turned retrograde in Pisces and this same part of your chart, so there will be a lot of energy if spiritual transformation or evolution there for you to work with.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

On Friday Chiron stations and turns retrograde in Pisces, your communication sector. Chiron is the healer of the zodiac, called the wounded and healed healer, and during this cycle which lasts until December, you’ll have the opportunity for healing and inner work. You could feel like you’re having a wounding experience and upon closer investigation see that the experience is a trigger that has unearthed a buried wound from the past. This transit could also stir up an illness or health issue, so make sure to take good care of yourself and your health now. Neptune, the planet of dreams, is also retrograde in this part of your chart, so the potential for a minor dark night of the soul or illness followed by reintegration and spiritual transformation are there. Old pain related to self-expression or your family ties or community could surface for you to deal with head on, Cap.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

This Friday, Chiron, the wounded and healed healer, turns retrograde in Pisces. This area of your chart deals with money and worth, finances and possessions, stability and your career security. You may find that during this retrograde cycle, which lasts until December, you encounter health issues or an illness that needs to be addressed. Take care of yourself and guard against mental and emotional stress. You may also find yourself in a situation that triggers or activates buried pain from an old wound, likely about money or self-worth. Embrace the discomfort and explore this old stuff so that there can be a reintegration, calling back the disconnected parts of your soul.

Neptune, the dreamy planet, is also retrograde in this exact part of your chart so your inner work and contemplations have already begun. This exploration can lead to another evolution of senses, deeper understanding of yourself and psyche and ultimately, healing.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your ruling planet Neptune turned retrograde in your sign recently, sensitizing your senses to a higher spiritual energy. Your already empathic and psychic nature could be feeling overwhelmed with householder life now, and either confused about your purpose or gaining deeper insights into your spiritual purpose in life.

Chiron, the wounded and healed healer, stations and turns retrograde on Friday night-- this also happens in Pisces and your first house, bringing even more spiritual, transformative and evolutionary vibes up close and personal. This retrograde cycle lasts until December, and in these next months you could experience an illness or health issue, so take extra care of yourself. You may notice that when you feel hurt now you can trace this trigger back to a much older wounding that was never fully resolved, or perhaps denied and repressed completely. Now is the time to unearth some of these old wounds and process and heal these disconnected places in your body, soul or psyche.





Summer Solstice Shift

Monday, June 19 brings Midsummer Eve, an evening of flickering candles and divination, mugwort and deep dreams.

Tuesday, June 20 is Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) or Litha - the pinnacle and purna (fullness) of the Light, the triumphant day of the Sun, the longest day and shortest night of the year. Astrologically, Solstice is initiated when the sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer, which is exact at 9:24pm PDT on Tuesday night. Solstice is a day of radiance and boundless light, a time to celebrate abundance and offer gratitude.

The great and shining Sun reaches its perfection and fullness, and in a moment’s time we head into the dark half of the year. It will still be summer for quite some time, but we know that the light wanes and the darkness builds. This is the wheel of the year, turning once again…

Our lives, when aligned with nature’s way, pulse in this same way.

We are in familiar territory; life is constantly shifting and changing, bringing beauty and challenges, and there’s always more. That is the promise of life: the promise that there will always be more, more of everything. When I am asked what is happening astrologically, I say, “Everything. All the time.” And it’s true.

This is happening in your lives as well, the unfolding and releasing, invoking and establishing. There is a constant pulsing of life flowing, waxing and waning, expanding and contracting. The Great Creatrix blinking us into into being, disappearing us, and bringing us back again. Birth, death, rebirth. We have an intimate understanding of this experience living life as householders on a path, navigating the exquisite and terrifying, holding the midline of ourselves and our sadhana (true spiritual practice).

Many are going through big changes at this time, some unexpected, and the enormity of the destabilization and confusion can be overwhelming. This is a time of immense amplification and acceleration. Some of you may feel like you’ve been startled by sudden change, your shell cracked open, your paradigm shifting. Remember to hold the midline and trust, even in the uncontrollable changes that seem to be devouring you. Shakti, the creative potency of the Universe is reorganizing you, and your life.

This can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but through our practices we are becoming more skilled at allowing every circumstance of life to take us into the molten radiance of our hearts. That is yoga. It takes time and in the midst of it it isn’t pretty, it doesn’t feel good, and sometimes there is nothing to do but let the feelings and energies wash over you as though standing under a powerful waterfall.

Feel everything.

Try to stay rooted, in your belly and bones, with your heart open in radical vulnerability, and hold on. Love yourself fiercely and allow your compassion to turn inward as a new practice. Make art with your tears and frustrations, dig your fingers and toes into the black earth to ground, and remember that you belong. Light a fire in your heart. More will unfold- there’s more to the story.

On this Solstice, make a date with the Sun, bask in the warmth and relish the sunshine. The fullness of the light breaks into the beginning of the dark in its ancient way. At sunset say goodbye to the Sun disappearing into the sea, to be reborn in the sky on Winter Solstice.

Late Tuesday evening, light a candle and renew your commitments and offer your blessings. Bow to the golden radiance that burns brightly inside your own shining heart.

xo, KK
*I updated this piece. Originally on the website and then published in 2015 on, where it got 3.7k likes in a couple of days. It is just as relevant now. 



June 19-25 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, June 19 - Sunday, June 25

This week is Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) or Litha, another turn in the Wheel of the Year. This represents the triumphant day of the Sun, the longest day and shortest night of the year. Astrologically, Solstice is initiated when the sun moves into 0º Cancer, which will occur at 9:24pm PDT on Tuesday. So on Tuesday we’ll also enter Cancer solar cycle, and right away on Friday we’ll have our Cancer new moon, the starting point and new beginning for Cancer suns. The moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and bestows upon the Crab an ability to connect emotionally and a deep sensitivity. This sign rules the breasts and belly. On Wednesday in the early morning hours Mercury, the mental planet, moves into the sign of Cancer also. We’ll be swimming in a sea of feelings for a while. So if your sun or ascendant are in Cancer, this will be your week! And if you’re everyone else… enjoy Solstice. :)
xo, KK

When reading your horoscopes for insight and inspiration, take what is valuable to you and leave the rest. Horoscopes are written for a general audience. Read your sun sign first, and if you know your rising sign, read that next. This could give you a more expansive view of how these aspects may be felt for your personally. For specifics, deeper insight and understanding about how this astrology affects you personally, sign up for a natal chart or transit report, or a Kosmic Koaching session. Please note there is always a wait list that you’ll need to be added to. Email for more info. And to receive special emails that elaborate on various astrological events, go to the “Contact” page to subscribe to make a monthly donation.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Flourite
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Aventurine
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Moonstone
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Silver and Moonstone

Aries & Aries Rising
We celebrate Summer Solstice this week, when the sun moves into the sign of Cancer which happens Tuesday night. This new Cancer sun cycle of four weeks is in your house of home and family. And the new moon on Friday night is also in Cancer, which means you can set intentions now that will grow for the next six months that revolve around your homelife. Themes for this Crab season include domestic affairs, relocating or redecorating, women and mother-figures, children, foundations, self-care and home.

The planet of communication, Mercury, also moves to Cancer on Wednesday, keeping the focus of your thoughts and conversations on family matters. This would be an ideal time to discuss expanding your family, real estate, your parents, to spend time with and get insight from female mentors or mother-figures in life, or to just invest more time and energy into your family members and homelife. All of this water makes you uncomfortable for the most part, but it could be beneficial to soften just a little and look for ways to create a cozy and stable home.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
This week we celebrate Summer Solstice, when the sun moves into Cancer on Tuesday night. For the next four weeks, your attention will be focused on communication, travel and family ties. On Friday there’s a new moon in Cancer, a time for you to set new intentions which will grow for the next six months, with themes of ideas and technology, community and family, travel and self-expression.

The communication planet Mercury moves into Cancer and this part of your chart on Wednesday, joining the party. This is an optimal placement in your chart for inspired and clear speech and logic and for doing such things as applying for artist residencies or writing jobs, learning a new manual skill or studying a new subject.

As an earth sign all of this water energy could make you feel heavier than usual, or maybe cloud your perceptions slightly, so stay focused on your goals and use this energy to your advantage.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
It’s Summer Solstice this week, happening on Tuesday night when the sun enters the sign of Cancer. This initiates a new solar cycle, so for the next four weeks your energy will shift to second house themes: money, career, possessions, stability, and self-worth. This will be a great month to focus on your financial success and making any plans or moves that will further your career. We have a new moon in Cancer on Friday, so the intentions that you set will be about abundance and wealth and worth. These intentions will grow until the full Cancer moon six months from now.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, joins the sun in Cancer on Wednesday moving into this same part of your chart. Your thoughts and conversations will center on finances. This is a great time for planning new sources of income and increasing your earning power.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
This is a good week for you, with a lot of action in your first house. The sun moves into your sign on Tuesday evening making it your solar return month. This also initiates Summer Solstice, when the sun reaches 0º Cancer. This is the longest day of the year and a personally significant day for you to contemplate how far you’ve come and what you’re grateful for.

Also this week you’ll have Mercury joining your sign and first house. Mercury is the planet of communication and thinking, so your considerations will be clear, communication direct and self-expression strong.

Your new moon of the year comes quickly, happening this week on Friday night. This Cancer new moon is special for you, a time to set intentions for how you want to live. These seeds planted will grow until the full moon in your sign six months from now. Tune in to your intuition and align yourself with yourself with this seasonal and energetic shift; speak out like a spell your heart’s desires for this new year.

Leo & Leo Rising
This week we celebrate Solstice, the longest day of the year, triumph of the sun, your ruler. The sun enters the sign of Cancer on Tuesday night and initiates Cancer sun cycle; for the next month you’ll feel compelled to get rest and do some healing. Since it’s the month before your solar return, the sun spends time in your house of endings and closure and you get to release self-defeating behaviors and clear old karma. This is a necessary time for you, so that you can look honestly at your life and clear out what’s holding your back and sabotaging your joy.

Mercury, the communication planet, also moves to Cancer this week, further emphasizing the need to let go of disappointments and think about ways to enact compassion and self-acceptance. Hidden agendas and secrets could come to light now, which only assists your transformation.

There’s a significant new moon in Cancer on Friday night in this same part of your chart; set some intentions to let go of sorrows and self-defeating tendencies and to invoke your dreams.

Virgo & Virgo Rising
This week is Summer Solstice, when the sun moves into Cancer. This new sun cycle in your house of friends and wishes begins on Tuesday evening. For the next four weeks your energy will be focused on alliances, intellectual pleasures, the groups you belong to, and your goals and objectives in life.

Mercury, the mental planet, joins the sun in Cancer and your eleventh house. This will be a more social time period for you, and you’ll be able to deepen friendships and make new acquaintances. Think about and talk about things like what you value in friendship, what you enjoy about other people, your idealism and your long term goals.

Also, on Friday evening we have a Cancer new moon initiating a new lunar cycle. Set intentions for this new beginning, clarify your vision and remember your dreams.

Libra & Libra Rising
This week the sun moves into the sign of Cancer, making it Summer Solstice. The sun enters the sensitive sign and your career sector on Tuesday evening. For the next month your attention will turn to work, your achievements, and material success. This part of your chart also connects you to fathers and father figures, and all aspects of your profession.

On Wednesday, Mercury, the planet of the mind, joins the sun in Cancer and your tenth house. This is a great time to verbally express your long term goals, ask for a raise or promotion, or have a brainstorming session with an expert in your field or male mentor or father figure.

Additionally, there’s a new moon in Cancer on Friday night, further emphasizing work and achievement; set intentions for this new lunar cycle all about success, ambition and achievement in the work you do in the world.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
We celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year this week: Summer Solstice is on Tuesday. This also means that the sun is shifting into Cancer, your house of studies and travel. For the next four weeks, you’ll be drawn to explore new educational pathways, higher education, foreign travel, religion and philosophy and self-discovery.

Then on Wednesday, the mental planet Mercury also moves to Cancer and this part of your chart. Your mental energy and conversations will be all about these ninth house themes. Mental pursuits, blunt talk and honesty will come to you with great ease.

And finally, we have a new moon in Cancer on Friday night. This new lunar cycle will wax for the next six months until the full Cancer moon, so set intentions now for travel plans, freedom, and new explorations.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
We celebrate the solar festival of Solstice this week, when the sun moves into the sign of Cancer on Tuesday evening. For the next month, your attention will be focused on themes of intimacy and privacy, shared resources, and astral experiences. You may decide to move in with a lover or join forces with a business partner now, or there may be an inheritance.

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into Cancer on Wednesday and into this same realm. This implies that your thoughts and conversations will center on these same themes.

You may need to discuss sex or shared wealth or your spiritual experiences.

In addition, we have a new moon in Cancer on Friday night, beginning a new lunar cycle. Set intentions for the new moon keeping with these same themes. You can invoke deeper intimacy with a partner or to have more psychic sensitivity to spiritual experiences for example.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
This week we celebrate Summer Solstice and the sun moving into Cancer on Tuesday. This shifts your energy to relationships, partnerships and marriage for the next month. This part of your chart is all about the mate your choose in life, the people you go into business with, the partnerships you make.

Mercury, the planet of the mind, joins the sun in Cancer on Wednesday and moves more mental energy and focus to your partnership house. This would be a good time to make negotiations, enter into a contractual agreement, or make things official with your love.

There’s also a new moon this week in Cancer, on Friday night. Set your new moon intentions for the next lunar cycle all about relationships and harmony within your serious partnerships.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
We’ve arrived at Solstice, and this week on Tuesday the sun moves into Cancer, your house of health. For the next four weeks of this cycle your attention will turn to health and spiritual hygiene. Get rid of anything that causes so much stress it makes you sick. And get re-organized at home and in the office. Make your health a priority now.

Mercury, the mental planet, also moves into Cancer this week and puts more of your mental energy and focus on your well being. This would be a good time to get doctors visits and check ups done.

The new moon on Friday evening is also in sensitive Cancer. Set your new moon intentions for this new cycle that deal with wellness, clarity, how you are in service in the world, and your pets.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
This week we celebrate Summer Solstice, when the sun moves into the sign of Cancer. For the next four weeks of this sun cycle your attention will be on art and romance. You may fall in love or make a commitment now, or explore your creative passions in a new way…

The planet of the mind, Mercury, also moves to Cancer this week, on Wednesday early morning. Your mental energy, thoughts, visions, and your conversations will be more focused on love, sex and art.

And then on Friday night we have a new moon in Cancer in this same part of your chart. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle about love and romance, fertility and children, pleasure, and creative expression. The mental seeds that you plant now will grow for the next six months and bloom at the Cancer full moon.





June 12-18 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, June 12 - Sunday, June 18  

This week we’re still adjusting to the dynamic astrology of last week and the weekend before that. Jupiter is getting used to direct motion and we are ready and waiting for the magic-maker’s positivity and expansion in our lives. At this point, we’ll take anything we can get, and Jupiter is a powerhouse planet of good vibes. This week another outer planet causes a stir; Neptune turns retrograde until November 22. Neptune is retrograde about half of the year, so it’s not a new experience but maybe one that you’re just becoming aware of. There’s plenty to say about this but in general during this time the empaths are more empathic, the dreamers are dreamier, and our delusional and addictive tendencies can surface and be more pronounced, so we should be aware. After last week’s movement, Venus is happy to be at home in Taurus and Mercury is best suited for Gemini, so many of the aggravations that surfaced over the past weeks, especially in romantic partnerships or with loved ones, will ease up now. And it’s almost time for Solstice!?!
xo, KK

Some notable aspects:
Tuesday- Mercury/Jupiter trine, Mercury/Neptune square
Thursday- Sun/Saturn opposition
Friday- Neptune rx in Pisces
Sunday- Moon/Jupiter opposition, Mercury/Saturn opposition

I am recommending black tourmaline for all signs this week in particular, and for the rest of Neptune’s retrograde cycle as protection from psychic attack and to ward off unwanted energies. It will also help you to ground. In addition, I’m recommending working with Gardenia and Lily flowers (*some lilies are poisonous to cats so please take precautions) which are both lunar plants associated with the water element. Gardenias can be placed on your altar or you can use the dried petals sprinkled around a room to increase ease and peacefulness. Lilies can be planted in your garden to protect against “the evil eye” and to keep unwanted people away.  

*When reading your horoscopes for insight and inspiration, take what is valuable to you and leave the rest. Horoscopes are written for a general audience. Read your sun sign first, and if you know your rising sign, read that next. This could give you a more expansive view of how these aspects may be felt for your personally. For specifics, deeper insight and understanding about how this astrology affects you personally, sign up for a natal chart or transit report, or a Kosmic Koaching session. Email for more info.

Aries & Aries Rising
The main news for this week is Neptune’s station. The dreamy planet will turn retrograde in Pisces on Friday. This retrograde cycle lasts until November, so you’ll have plenty of time to get used to it, but the station day could feel heavy or intense in some way. Neptune’s in your house of sorrows and rest. Neptune rules Pisces and is at home there, and in this part of your chart the spiritual planet influences you to be more sensitive, creative, and helpful toward others. And during this sleep cycle, you’ll be more attuned to the hidden, the illusive, but could also feel more paranoid or irritated. Try to avoid drugs, particularly stimulants, self-defeating behaviors, and being around psychic vampires during this retrograde. Tune in to your intuition and trust your vision.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde on Friday. This happens in your friendship house, the area all about teamwork, organizations you participate in, alliances, technology and objectives. While Neptune is retrograde, you’ll be more intuitive and receptive, and could feel heavy or moody during this cycle. Consider your ideals, your vision for your life and specific goals you have, and work to remedy any issues you find so that when Neptune turns direct again things don’t get worse. Steer clear of addictive behaviors and habits during this retrograde and stay away from people who drain your energy. Be wary of any psychic attractions and getting caught up in what you think may be a destined relationship.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
This week the planet of spirituality turns retrograde in Pisces; this happens on Friday morning in Pisces, your house of career and achievement. Neptune will turn retrograde and its energies will be more withdrawn. You’ll be more receptive and have an insightful perspective on things, with increased intuition and sensitivity. It’s important to take action and remedy any issues that you uncover so that when Neptune turns direct again things don’t worsen. While the planet of dreams and delusions is retrograde, try to avoid using drugs and falling into addictive behaviors or unhealthy coping mechanisms. Try to tune into your intuitive sense, but if you feel paranoid, you may be picking up on too much psychic debris. Keep your boundaries secure.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
This week’s main news is about Neptune, the planet of illusion and imagination, turning retrograde on Friday. Neptune is in Pisces, a sign he rules, and in your house of mental exploration. Neptune will function differently while retrograde in his sea cave, and you will feel more open psychically, more receptive and sensitive. You may have deep insights and see things differently during this time; take steps to heal or bring balance to any issues you see in your life now, or the issues can worsen when Neptune turns direct. You’ll be able to pick up the illusive and have a clearer perspective during the retrograde cycle, but guard against psychic overload, which Neptune brings. And steer clear of substance abuse and addictive behaviors now, as well as what seem to be “destined” love affairs or negative attractions.

Leo & Leo Rising
Neptune, ruler of dreams, turns retrograde on Friday morning in the sign of Pisces. Neptune actually rules Pisces and is at home there, but the retrograde cycle means that this energy will manifest differently. Neptune’s in your eighth house of sex, death and rebirth, which deals with themes of intimacy, merging, sharing wealth, sexual union and spiritual transformation. During the retrograde cycle, your insight and receptivity will increase as well as your psychic sensitivity. Try to avoid being around addictive personalities and protect yourself against psychic attack. This is also a time where you’re susceptible to negative attractions or to be swept up in a delusional story to escape reality.  

Virgo & Virgo Rising
On Friday of this week, Neptune turns retrograde in your house of partnership. Neptune is the planet of dreams and delusions, and during the retrograde cycle, which lasts through November, the energies of this planet will manifest differently. During this cycle you may feel more receptive and psychically sensitive, especially around energy vampires, so keep your boundaries strong. Heightened openness and sensitivity can be a double-edged sword if you’re not prepared for it or working with it consciously. Avoid using addictive substances and engaging in addictive behaviors now, and guard against psychic attack and energy overload. Problems that you pick up on should be addressed and dealt with to ensure that the issues don’t worsen when Neptune turns direct. Trust your intuition and expanded perspective and stick close to those you trust deeply.

Libra & Libra Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde until November; Neptune is in Pisces and your house of analysis and well being. While the dreamy planet is retrograde, your perceptions can expand and your sensitivities may increase. This heightened receptivity can be powerful but also overwhelming depending on how you use it. If you feel paranoid or energetically overwhelmed, you may have psychic overload and will need to ground and refocus. Steer clear of psychic attractions and jumping into a relationship suddenly now because you feel it’s “destiny” or karma… and avoid using drugs and engaging in addictive patterns (such as co-dependency), as that can get out of control quickly. Try to do earthy practices that ground you regularly and listen closely to your inner voice and where it leads you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
This week’s important news is about Neptune, the planet of spirituality, dreams and delusions. Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces on Friday in your house of creativity and sex and remain retrograde until November. During this cycle, your intuition and receptivity will increase, as will your ability to see far more in any given situation compared to when Neptune is direct. Rely on your inner vision and voice. Protect yourself against psychic attack and negative attractions, where you feel compelled or seduced by a feeling of “destiny” with someone you don’t truly know, especially with this planet in your house of seduction and romance. Guard against feeling paranoid, which may indicate a psychic overload or an energy vampire in your midst. Your perceptions and instinctual knowing will be strong now, so pay attention to any problems you perceive and address them or they could worsen when Neptune turns direct. Avoid turning to addictive substances and addictive patterns, as this planet rules addiction and delusion, and instead embrace creative and artistic outlets. Your own intuitive compass is your guide.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde on Friday in Pisces, your house of home and family. The way this planet manifests and displays its energy will shift during this cycle. You may find that your receptivity and psychic sensitivity increases, and you could even get a little bit of psychic overload depending on who you’re around. Try to avoid addictive substances and patterns now, as Neptune rules drugs, chemicals, anesthetics, delusions and addiction. Instead focus on the heightened perception it brings and make sure to work on the issues that are illuminated now, so that they don’t worsen when Neptune turns direct. Use your elevated sensitivity to increase closeness with important people in life and to tune into your inner vision and voice now and follow those.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde in Pisces, your house of communication. Neptune’s influence will be experienced differently while retrograde until November. This energy is usually experienced as more psychic than physical or material, which is your preferred interaction. During the retrograde cycle you may feel more receptive and able to pick up subtle things that were occluded while this planet was direct; make sure to address these issues you pick up on, as they could worsen when Neptune returns to direct motion. Your sensitivity and empathy will increase, and avoid interacting with energy drainers and negative attractions. Avoid stimulants and other addictive substances now, as Neptune rules chemicals and drugs, addiction and delusion. Instead tune into your heightened perspective and insight, listening to your inner intuitive voice and vision.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
The big news for this week is Neptune’s station, turning retrograde in Pisces on Friday in your money house. Neptune’s realm is spirituality and religion, dreams and delusions, institutions and prisons, mystery and secrets, and while retrograde its energies will manifest differently. During this cycle your empathic and psychic skills will increase, as will your receptivity and sensitivity. Avoid interacting with anyone who drains your energy or causes your energy-body to cringe, and resist seductive negative attractions and encounters that feel like “destiny.” Since Neptune rules addiction, escapism and criminal activity, it’s best to avoid drugs and addictive behaviors now as the effects will be amplified. Instead, get into the wake of this imaginative, otherworldly, psychic and spiritual vibe and use your powers for evolution and magical work.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
Your ruling planet Neptune is stationing and will turn retrograde on Friday in your sign. Neptune is at home in your sign and you’re at home with the Neptunian influence of mysticism, mystery and illusion. During the retrograde cycle, which lasts until November, you’ll find there’s a subtle shift in the tone of this planet’s influence. You could feel more romantic and vulnerable now, or perhaps if you’ve allowed yourself to be deluded in love or business, that facade will be removed and you’ll have to face reality. Pisces can have a natural tendency toward escapism and self-deception when under stress due to Neptune’s influence, whether that’s escaping through spiritualism, drugs or other mind-altering substances, or addictive behaviors. During the retrograde you may be more prone toward this escapism, or perhaps the false realities will be removed now if you’ve traveled far from the truth. Whatever arises, deal with it directly and let it be a step toward evolution. Keep your intuition clear and focus on your soul’s growth and heart healing.





June 5-11 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, June 5 - Sunday, June 11  

Some aspects and transits to note this week:
Monday- Moon opposes Venus, trines Mars
Tuesday- Venus ingresses into Taurus, Mercury ingresses into Gemini (both into home signs)
Friday- Full moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra direct
Saturday- Moon opposes Mars, trines Venus

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Caledonite
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Topaz
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Lapis
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Jasper


Aries & Aries Rising

This week Venus, the planet of love and money, moves to Taurus and into your money house. Look for opportunities for at work that aries that could advance your career or increase your income. You could find love, or just value, on the job or with an expert in your field, or receive recognition from a male mentor of yours.

On the same day Mercury changes signs, moving to Gemini, your communication house. Expect your communication in general to get a boost and have some power, and also a surge of big ideas, strong self-expression and improved memory and study skills.

On Friday we have a full moon in Sagittarius shining on your mental pursuits or education goals. Any courses or studies you began six months ago are coming to an end, or the ideas that came from the philosophical or higher mind subjects you were studying are paying off. Other themes include freedom, religion, travel, honesty.

Also on Friday Jupiter turns direct in Libra. With the expansive planet inhabiting the relationship sign in your relationship house turning direct, all of that work you did while Jupiter was retrograde will likely pay off. You may have ended an unhealthy pairing or halted negotiations or contract signing, and now the information you need is here, the opportunity you’ve waited or good luck you’ve hoped for has arrived.  

Taurus & Taurus Rising

The love planet, your ruler Venus, moves to your sign on Tuesday and will bring your romance, beauty and money games up a few notches. Venus rules money matters, worth, love, relationships, the arts… and your sign is THE sign of love, money, and artistic creativity. This transit should bring boons for you.

Mercury moves to Gemini on the same day, bringing the conversation to money from another angle. With the communication planet in your money sector, your thoughts and discussions will likely center on career, income and finances. This is obviously a great time to have talks about money issues or discuss additional lucrative income sources, and to think about your financial prospects.

Friday brings a full moon in Sagittarius, lighting up your house of health; full moons bring completion and information, so if you’ve been waiting for test results or have implemented a fitness routine, you’ll likely get results or news now and this will be the end of a particular cycle. Reflect on the work you’ve done this lunar cycle and feel good about the improvements you made.

Jupiter, the good luck planet, turns direct in your house of service and health. You should feel some positivity return to your fitness goals and healthy eating habits, and some energy return to your body so you can get motivated to work out and take care of yourself.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Venus moves into Taurus, a sign she rules, on Tuesday. This puts the planet of love and abundance into your house of sorrow and healing, which could mean you’ll need to retreat some in order to clear some old love karma or disappointments. Release any self-sabotaging habits you’re aware you have with relation to romance or finances.

Mercury, your ruling planet moves to your sign on Tuesday and boosts your brainpower, grants you clear and articulate communication and inspires intelligence and technological success. This would be a perfect time to get your best ideas across and communicate your wishes and dreams.

On Friday the full moon in Sagittarius shines on your relationships, bringing either completion of a cycle or news about a serious partnership, negotiations, or an agreement. The intentions that you set six months ago at the Sagittarius new moon have now unfolded. Reflect on the relationships in your life and what you’re grateful for.

The planet of abundance, Jupiter, finally turns direct this week, bringing some passion back to your lovelife. You may feel a burst of creativity or surge of romance.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Tuesday both Venus and Mercury change signs. The love planet moves to Taurus and the communication planet moves to Gemini. With Venus in your friendship house you may find forming alliances and friendships easier, and your relationships within the groups you’re part of that deal with family, work or other associations should improve.

Mercury’s move to your house of sorrows and closure means you’ll be thinking about the ways you self-sabotage or how self-limiting behavior or thinking creates trouble and stress in your life. You can clear old karma and repetitive thought loops of negativity now, get some rest, and hopefully heal a little through your contemplations.

We have a full moon in Sagittarius this week in your house of health, so the fitness routines or healthy eating you’ve been doing for the past six months should be paying off now. Reflect on your inherent perfection and continue to organize and de-stress your life.

The good luck planet turns direct on Friday after being retrograde since February. Jupiter will bring expansion and abundance to your homelife again, touching on themes of family, women and children, real estate ventures, and self-care.

Leo & Leo Rising

Venus, the planet of finances and relationships, moves to Taurus this week, to your tenth house. Your material success should increase and you could get a promotion or raise. If you’re looking for love, you may start looking at work during this transit, or let a coworker or colleague set you up.

The communication planet also changes signs, moving into Gemini, which means your friendships and alliances will get some attention. You’ll find your tribe and socialize more during this transit.

We have a full moon in Sagittarius on Friday morning shining on your romantic fifth house. Full moons bring emotions, closure, the end of a cycle or news, and the themes for you could include creativity, the arts, love, fertility, and pleasure.

Jupiter finally turns direct this week in Libra. Any communications that have felt stalled or stuck since February when the good luck planet turned retrograde should improve now. This part of your chart is about self-expression, travel and family, ideas and technology, so Jupiter’s influence will now be to enhance and expand these areas.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Venus and Mercury both change signs this week, on Tuesday. The love planet moves to Taurus and your house of travel and education, and the communication planet moves to Gemini, your career house. With Venus in this part of your chart you may find or deepen love while traveling or studying, and investing in things related to philosophy, risk taking and freedom are enhanced.
Mercury will bring increased verbal skills and bright ideas for your career advancement while in this part of your chart, and your ambition and success should increase. Try to meet with a trusted mentor or father figure during this transit for advice.

There is a Sagittarius full moon on Friday morning in your house of home. Full moons increase lunacy and represent the end of a cycle. You may get news or have a revelation about your family or a real estate deal that you’ve been waiting on or you could feel a sense of wholeness with regard to your homelife.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, turns direct in Libra, your money house; Jupiter has been retrograde here since February, causing you to feel a financial roadblock. You should sense an increase in stability in your career and finances now, as well as an improvement in your sense of self-worth.

Libra & Libra Rising

Your ruling planet moves into Taurus, the other sign that Venus rules. This means that the planet of love will be in your intense house of intimacy and sex, and while Venus is here your connection with your partner can deepen or you could come into money through your partner, inheritance, or shared resources with a business partner.

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves to Gemini and your travel and education sector, so this would be the best time to take an adventurous trip, study philosophy or other profound subjects, or go back to school.

There’s a full moon in Sagittarius on Friday shining on your communication house. As with all full moons there could be an increase in lunacy, news, or some kind of end to a cycle. Themes for you could be around technology, day to day travel, relationships with your family, or self-expression.

And also on Friday Jupiter turns direct in your sign. From September 2016 until October of this year the planet of good luck is in your sign and first house. And now that Jupiter is direct, the opportunities and expansion will return and you can enjoy focusing on growing your most special dreams.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The planet of love and money, Venus, moves to Taurus and your relationship house on Tuesday, bringing a burst of romance to your relationship house. Rejoice! I know you’ve been feeling annoyed with everyone lately, but this will help.

Mercury, the mental planet, moves to Gemini, your house of privacy and intimacy, so that could mean considerations and conversations that revolve around sex, merging with another person- either moving in with a lover or getting a business partner, or the afterlife and spiritual evolution.

We have a full moon in Sagittarius on Friday, illuminating your money house; full moons often represent closure or the completion of a cycle, and the seeds you planted six months ago are now blooming. Reflect on your financial situation and make sure that you’re investing in self-love and self-worth.

Jupiter, the planet of boons, turns direct in Libra on Friday. The good luck planet is in your house of closure and rest and this transit has been a time for you to release self-destructive behaviors, clear away deeply ingrained negative self-talk and habits, and you’ve had to explore the balance between retreat for self-care and escapism.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Venus, planet of finance and romance, moves into comfy Taurus on Tuesday and to your health house. Invest time, money and energy into getting your health on track and your life organized. If you’re looking for love, you could run into it in a fitness or cooking class now.

The communication planet Mercury also changes signs on Tuesday, moving to your seventh house. Your relationships will be on your mind and in your communications.

We have a full moon on Friday in your sign and first house. This full moon brings full circle the intentions you set during your birthday month new moon, so you should see the fruits of your wishes.

The planet of expansion and your ruler, Jupiter, turns direct in Libra on Friday in your friendship sector. Any alliances or relationships with people or groups that have stalled or taken a break could now be reinvigorated. This house also rules intellectual pleasures, and your goals and objectives, so expect a wave in inspiration to hit you in these areas.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The planet of love and money, Venus, moves into earthy Taurus this week, bringing energy to your sexy fifth house. Your love life will certainly feel this shift, with an increase in romance, sex and seduction. This is also your area for creativity and artistic endeavors, and since Venus also rules beauty and artistic expression, these pursuits will be especially supported now.

Mercury, the mental planet, also changes signs moving into Gemini and your house of health; thoughts and conversations will focus on getting healthy, getting organized, relationships with people you work with, analysis and service.

We have a full moon in Sagittarius this week in your house of rest and closure, and the intentions you set six months ago at the Sagittarius new moon will be coming into being now. Full moons represent the end of a cycle and bring a sense of completion.

On Friday the planet of expansion, Jupiter, turns direct in Libra, your career house. Jupiter has been retrograde in this part of your chart since February, and now that the good luck planet is turning direct, your ambition, career achievement and material success will return. Re-establish your long term plans after Jupiter gains momentum.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into Taurus on Tuesday and to your domestic fourth house. This energy could manifest as you redecorating or remodeling your home, or your connections with family deepening, or your relationship with a mother figure or female role model will be of significant importance now… This is also the part of your chart all about self-care and what you value most in the world.

The mental planet Mercury also changes signs and moves to Gemini, your house of creative and sexual expression. Your mind and conversations will be about love and romance and making art during this transit.

Friday brings a full moon in Sagittarius, which is your house of alliances. Full moons bring completion and endings, so there could be some alliance or a friendships that come to a necessary close now, and tightening up your boundaries gives you even more freedom. This is also the house of your goals and dreams, so some of the intentions you set six months ago are blooming now in your life.

Jupiter, the good vibes planet, turns direct on Friday in your ninth. If education or travel plans were put on hold when Jupiter turned retrograde (back in February), now that energy will flow again. This is the house of a few things close to your heart like freedom, blunt talk, risk taking, religion, honesty, discovery and philosophy. So you should get that feeling of being back on track soon, Aquarius.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The muse of love and money, Venus, moves to one of her homes Taurus on Tuesday, to your communication sector. Anything related to your ideas, technology, community, self-expression or family ties should bring good feelings or a financial boost. Take a trip to visit siblings now if you can.

Mercury, the communication planet, also changes signs and moves home to Gemini, your house of home. Your mind will be on your family and childhood memories, real estate or remodeling your home, or maybe roots and your maternal line.

On Friday we have a full moon in Sagittarius shining on your career. This full moon, like the others, will increase emotions and big feelings and can bring about a completion of a cycle. The intentions you set six months ago at the Sagittarius new moon have likely manifested now, so you could see your achievements recognized and your material success increase.

Also on Friday, Jupiter finally turns direct in Libra. The good luck planet has been retrograde since February in your intense house of intimacy, so this shift should bring clarity and understanding. The themes of this part of your chart include your shared wealth or joint resources, merging with another person either intimately or in a business partnership, surgery, sex, and spiritual transformation.

Emily Balivet

Emily Balivet



May 29-June 4 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, May 29- Sunday, June 4  

Somehow we’ve made it through May and will welcome June on Thursday. The moon will be waxing all week, as we’ve just had our new moon in Gemini last Thursday and we’ll have a full moon in Sagittarius next week. Put energy into the ideas or intentions you created for the new moon. Here are some aspects of note for this week:
Monday - Moon enters Leo
Tuesday - Moon trine Venus
Wednesday - Mercury trine Pluto … Moon enters Virgo
Thursday - Venus trine Saturn … Half Moon waxing
Friday - Mars square Chiron … Moon enters Libra
Saturday -  Venus conjunct Uranus
Sunday - Mars enters Cancer


Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Grapefruit essential oil
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Palo Santo essential oil
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Peace and Calming blend essential oil
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Bergamot essential oil

Aries & Aries Rising

Mars, the action planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday morning and to your house of home. And Mars is your ruling planet, so you’ll feel how uncomfortable this planet of will power feels in watery Cancer. Under this influence you could feel more emotional about your family, more protective of them, and there will certainly be an important interaction with a mother-figure or female mentor. This energy could encourage more self-care and home improvement projects. Other themes include your roots, ancestors, children, real estate, or preparations for later years of life.

Next week’s full moon could be big for your mental pursuits or travel ideas. If you’ve considered going back to school or signing up for a new philosophical course, this will be a good week to plan for it.

Keep channeling powerful communication skills and bright ideas during this Gemini season, and if you haven’t yet, reach out to family members you haven’t connected with lately.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

The planet of will power, Mars, moves into Cancer on Sunday to your third house. Mars brings energy and action, and often aggression to all situations. With this placement, you may have more force or drive, or an aggressive tone, in your communications. Anything related to technology, community or ideas will be supported and empowered. Your communications will be direct and there could be some anger expressed, otherwise this should be a helpful alignment for you.

The moon waxes this week until the full moon next Friday. Your house of intimacy and merging will be the highlight of the full moon energy.

This week continue to be focused on your career and money matters.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mars, the planet of action, enters Cancer on Sunday, to your house of money and possessions. The energy of Mars is direct, active, forceful, energetic and aggressive. This should be a boost to your financial situation, either increasing your earning power or empowering a new source of income, or activating your sense of self-worth. Think about your career and all money matters getting a new surge of energy so stay open to new opportunities coming your way.

We have a full moon coming next week that will illuminate your relationship sector; the energy is already building with the waxing moon.

Your solar return season is well underway and your new moon last week initiated a brand new cycle that will continue to grow for the next six months.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of will power moves into your sign on Sunday. Mars is the fiery planetary ruler of Aries and is not super comfortable in your very sensitive sign. Channel this extremely focused and direct energy into your vision and goals. You communication and self-expression in general will be strong and effective. Any major decisions about your style, your appearance, your preferences self-hood will be empowered.

The moon is waxing this week until next week’s Sagittarius full moon shining on your house of well being. Try to get more organized this week, and take care of any health-related appointments.

With Gemini season being your time to retreat, continue to indulge in rest and relaxation, letting go of old stuff and having a healing.


Leo & Leo Rising

Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of surrender. Mars is all about action and directness so isn’t super comfortable in the watery sign of Cancer. In this part of your chart, Mars’ directness could help you see clearly where self-destructive habits or self-imposed limitations have created problems in life, or empower you to cut ties where appropriate.

The moon waxes all week and we have a Sagittarius full moon next week in your house of creativity and love.

This Gemini season for you is all about friendships, alliances, and goal setting, so keep reaching out to the people that matter to you, use your charm and connections to propel you into the next level of your brilliant plan, and polish up your idealism and objectives.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of friends and teamwork. This planet of action brings power, confidence, energy and often aggression to the table, so in your eleventh house that can manifest as leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-assuredness when speaking to people or in the groups you’re part of. This house also rules hopes, dreams, goals and objectives; you should feel a boost of strong energy, some optimism and also will power to your plans and wishes.

The moon waxes all week and we’ll have a full moon next week in Sagittarius which will illuminate your family and homelife, bringing to fruition or completion a cycle that you started six months ago.

The Gemini season for you emphasizes your career, success, expertise and attainment, so continue with your plans and hard work. This will be a productive cycle for you, and you love it.


Libra & Libra Rising

The fiery planet Mars enters sensitive Cancer this Sunday, moving to your career sector. Mars energy is strong, confident, aggressive, direct and gets things done, so in this part of your chart you should have an advantage at work. This would be a good time to ask for a raise or promotion, make a presentation, open a new business, or grow your material success and professional reputation. Father figures and male mentors are also part of this house, so you may want to listen if your dad decides to give you unsolicited advice about your career choices. Anything you do that will further your career or increase your expertise will be favored now.

Gemini season for you emphasizes your mental pursuits, anything related to higher education or philosophy, religion, and even risk taking. Continue with your travel plans, your studies, and your pursuit of freedom that this Gemini sun encourages of you.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Mars enters Cancer on Sunday this week, moving into your ninth house of mental exploration. The energy that Mars brings as the fiery red planet is power. Mars is direct, feisty, clear, aggressive, confident, and so in this part of your chart, your studies as well as your travels will be empowered. Your communication will be more honest, blunt and truthful, with a little aggro vibe thrown in to your directness and clarity. You may take more risks now or decide to go on an adventure or expedition. All higher education or deep studies you pursue will be supported now.

This Gemini cycle for you is in your intense house of death and rebirth, so could be bringing up issues around intimacy and privacy, sex and merging, and maybe inheritance or surgery. Keep doing the deep work you’re doing and strengthen your psychic powers for this cycle.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mars moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of sex and death. Mars is the planet of power, action, energy, directness, aggression, sex drive and confidence so in this part of your chart, he brings that energy to spiritual transformation and evolution, sex and intimacy, and merging with another person, including joining resources or sharing a business. This would be a good time to join forces with a business partner or to merge finances with your intimate partner. It is also likely going to bring a potency and focus to sex and your sex drive and will heat up your powers of seduction.

Next week we have a full moon in your sign and first house- this moon brings the end of the cycle that began during your birthday month, and the intentions that you set at that new moon will show fruit now. Reflect on lessons learned and how much you’ve grown since then.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The feisty planet Mars changes signs this week, moving to Cancer on Sunday, which is your house of relationships. The qualities of Mars include confidence, action and power, aggression and sex drive, directness and clarity; these qualities will increase with relation to your partnerships, marriage, relationships of all kinds. Any legal matters or contracts you’re involved with will also receive a boost of energy. Your sex drive may feel like it has increased and your bossiness within the context of relationship may increase, so keep an eye on that, Capricorn. Channel this boosted energy into love, romance, sex and connection with your partner, and self-confidence and power with all the other relationships and any legal affairs you’re engaged with.

Next week’s full moon lands in your house of endings and brings to a close a lunar cycle that began six months ago. So whatever intentions you planted then are blooming now. Themes for this full moon for you could include healing, closure, rest, compassion, and you may encounter karma, hidden agendas could come to light, or you could have a new revelation about the meaning of life.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The planet of action, Mars, shifts into sensitive Cancer on Sunday and into your house of wellness. Mars brings power and aggression and in this part of your chart you should feel a boost of energy with anything related to your health, healing, well being. Your mind should feel clear and you’ll be able to express yourself directly and clearly especially to people you work with or with your doctors, etc. If you haven’t been, start working out again, eating well, clearing out any mental stress that creates emotional distress.

Next week we have a full moon in Sagittarius, your friendship house, bringing a sense of completion or closure to certain relationships or alliances or groups you’ve belonged to. Your idealism as well as your goals should have a resurgence and you’ll be able to see the work you’ve done in this area since the Sagittarius new moon six months earlier.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

This Sunday the planet of action, Mars, enters fellow water sign Cancer. This shifts the fiery planet into your house of creativity and passion, which could mean a potent and fertile time for you. Mars themes include directness, aggression, passion, sex drive, energy and in this part of your chart he directs all this energy to your heart, your art, love, sex, pleasure, creativity, and romance. This house also rules fertility and pregnancy, so keep that in mind, Pisces. Otherwise, this should bring a boon and boost to your love life and all your artistic endeavors. This could be really fantastic so stay open and let the summertime fun begin.

There’s a full moon building up, happening next week in your work sector, which will likely bring news, revelations, closure or the completion of a cycle that started six months ago. This is your house of career, achievement and material success.



May 22-28 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, May 22 - Sunday, May 28

We’ve reached the end of Mercury’s shadow period, and you can begin to speak freely and move at your normal pace once again. The moon will traverse Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this week, with a new moon in Gemini at 12:44pm PDT on Thursday. For Gemini suns, this is your personal new moon of the year; while the sun is in your sign and and you’re able to consider what is most important in your life, set intentions at this moon to grow your biggest wishes and heartfelt desires. When the full moon in Gemini arrives you will be able to see what you’ve created. We will all set new moon intentions that we’ll cultivate for the next six months, but with both the sun and moon in Gemini our Gemini friends will have an infusion of strength and magic to theirs.
Enjoy your week.  Xo, KK
PS Please remember that my work and writing are funded entirely by my readers and astrology/herbal practice. If you're a regular reader or client, or if you simply look forward to and enjoy reading my work, please consider making a minimal monthly contribution as a subscriber.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Dhanuasana
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Supta virasana
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Gomukhasana
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Trikonasana

Aries & Aries Rising

The new moon in Gemini on Thursday lands in your technology and ideas sector; set intentions around self-expression and communication, your family ties, trips and travels. Manifest some new ideas and energy.

Although the exact hit was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. This affects your ninth and first houses, so there could be profound revelations that change everything and you’ll have the tools and organization to ground them in reality. Stay open to dreams, connections and opportunities this week.



Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini shining in your money sector. Like with all new moons, the energy is that of initiation and new beginnings, so set intentions for your financial success and security, your career, and your earning potential. This is also the house that rules self-worth which is a necessary component as you move forward with your hopes and dreams.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. You may feel potent changes unfolding around legacies, spiritual transformations, closure and healing. Old karma may be cleared to reveal a newfound sense of self-understanding.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

This Monday we have a new moon in your sign for your solar return month. This is your moon; each sign only has one new moon in their sign and it is while the sun is also there. Take time to ritualize your intention setting this month to increase potency and focus on your personal goals and deepest desires.

Last week’s Saturn/Uranus trine was exact, but we will feel the energies for the rest of the month. Your relationships and friendships will likely undergo an upgrade. Don’t resist the changes but rather open to the unexpected; things are reorganizing in a better way.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini, your intense house of endings and understanding. This is a strange feeling since new moons usher in a new beginning, but with it in this part of your chart, your energy will be mostly drawn to the dark moon just before the new cycle. Allow yourself to purge and release old residue and karma in order to move into a new era. Then your new intentions will arise from a new sense of self-empowerment.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. You may feel potent changes unfolding or new insights with your health or in your career. The harmonizing of these two opposite powerhouses can make a lasting impression on your life.


Leo & Leo Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini, your house of alliances and idealism. Take time to set intentions for this next lunar cycle that will grow for the next six months. This part of your chart rules memberships, intellectual pleasures, friendships, and your goal and objectives. This is also a good time to reach out to your connections; you never know who will have an important bit of information or advice that could bring a boon.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we’ll feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. The merging of two opposite signs with paradoxical energies can bring some disorientation at first, but an evolutionary alignment eventually. You’ll feel the themes of love, sexuality, creative expression, deep studies, risk taking and freedom come together in some way.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

On Monday we have a Gemini new moon in your career house, so take time to set your new moon intentions and manifest some money magic! The intentions set now will develop and grow for the next six months until the Gemini full moon; focus on long term plans, your aspirations and ambition, being successful in your career cultivating material success for the long run. This part of your chart is also about experts and expertise in your field, fathers and important male mentors in your life, so there could be some sage advice coming your way from a father figure.

The Saturn/Uranus trine that hit last week is still in play, and we’ll feel the energies for the rest of the month. For you the old school discipline planet is in your domestic house and the innovative planet is in your house of death and rebirth; you’re bound to have some changes and upgrades in your intimate connections and your finances. Be open to love, to a new business partner, to real estate deals or buying a home. And don’t forget to take some time to enjoy your life, Virgo.


Libra & Libra Rising

Monday’s new moon in Gemini shines on your house of honesty and freedom; set intentions that will grow for this new lunar cycle that assist your mental pursuits, higher education or deep studies, and long distance travels. Maybe you’ll be traveling for work or school, or to learn a new language. And truth-telling and blunt-talk are both favored with this moon, which is challenging for you usually; you’d much rather not ruffle feathers or have anyone mad at you. But use this new moon to make a new beginning with honesty, for yourself and others.

Although the exact hit was last week, you still may be feeling the energy of the trine between Saturn and Uranus. The planet of structure and stability is in your house of communication and technology and the rebellious planet of change is in your relationship sector. These two paradoxical forces could revolutionize your relationships, so keep paying attention to where the energy is moving.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

We have a new moon in airy Gemini on Monday, illuminating your powerful eighth house of death and rebirth. This could be a big new beginning for you, Scorpio. Mark the occasion by setting intentions that are your true desires about sex and intimacy, assets and sharing resources with another. Something will likely be initiated on Monday is this area and will manifest over the next six months (until the Gemini full moon), so be as clear as possible. You may decide to take a leap of love and move in with your partner, or to get hitched, or to get pregnant! Possibly a new business opportunity will arise with a new financial partner that will boost your current business. Even though you need more privacy and solitude during Gemini season, stay open to what’s coming to you.

The Saturn/Uranus trine that was exact last week is still influencing us and will all month. For you Saturn is in your money house and Uranus is in your health house; allow for a radical reframing of your past habits and patterns (that clearly do not work anymore) and get reinspired to get your health and mental state on track.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Monday brings a new moon in airy Gemini and initiates a new lunar cycle. The intentions you set on Monday will take root and grow for the next six months. The themes of your new moon will be relationships. Both your business relationships as well as personal connections could undergo a shift; if you’ve been fighting with your partner or having creative differences with a financial partner, this could be a good time to smooth things over. If not already involved in one of these relationships, you could find yourself in love (or be introduced to the perfect financial partner) on Monday.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, formed an exact trine with Uranus, the planet of sudden change, last week but the energies of these two polar opposites harmonizing will be felt for the rest of the month. With Saturn in your first house and Uranus in your fifth, there may be something to do with artistic talents, fame, creative expression, love and sex that could become an important and lucrative project. Focus on the personal, what you’re passionate about, and follow that thread.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

We have a new moon in Gemini coming up on Monday, in your house of health and service. As with all new moons, set intentions that will grow for the next six months, and for you, use themes related to your health, mental well being, the work you do in the world, organization and purification. With your natural focus and dedication, committing to your health and fitness won’t be hard, so expect to get started on Monday with a new motivation.

Last week was an exact trine between your ruler Saturn and the rebel planet Uranus in Aries, and activates your houses of healing and of home. The impact will be felt all month long. It is likely that you’re undergoing some personal changes and shifts, with finances, career, family and roots or foundations; although it may appear chaotic on the surface, the rearranging is necessary. It will make sense once things get more settled.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini in your seductive fifth house of art and sex; set intentions as you always do on new moons, but with the focus on invoking your deepest desires about love and romance, fame and joy, creativity and even fertility. Artistic endeavors and creative pursuits as well as entertainment and all matters of the heart are favored. This will be a big day of magic and manifesting, Aquarius. Dust off your emotions and get ready to feel. ;)

The powerful trine between your ruler Uranus and Saturn was exact last week but we’ll feel the energies all month long. Uranus is the outlaw of the zodiac, much like you, and is in your communication sector and Saturn, the task master, is in your friendship and connections house. There’s sure to be some big, unexpected news coming your way, and one if not a few of your radical, seemingly eccentric ideas (or inventions) has the potential to manifest into the relative realm! Saturn helps you get the work done, and you’re already awesome at the revolutionary insights, so merged together should provide a promising outcome.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

We have a Gemini new moon on Monday landing in your domestic sector. Set intentions as you always do for the new moon, with the themes of family, real estate, land ownership, foundations, and self-care for this particular moon. For you, this is the beginning of a new lunar cycle that could put family ties in the direct spotlight, especially with important women mentors and mothers or mother-figures in your life. It is also likely that you could relocate to a new destination, buy or sell a home or make some home improvements.

Last week we had a powerful exact trine between structured Saturn in your career house, and radical Uranus in your financial house. We’re still under the influence and will be for the rest of the month. The implications of this aspect for your life could be transformational. We had one exact trine in December and will have another coming up in November, so between now and then expect some monumental shifts. Continue to listen to your instincts and intuition throughout.






May 15-21 Horoscopes

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, 15 - Sunday, May 21
Taurus season is coming to a close and on Saturday afternoon the sun enters Gemini (1:31pm PDT) and we’ll begin a new solar cycle. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, the Messenger, and duality is the main trait. Gemini’s symbol is the Twins and rules the lungs, shoulders, hands and arms. Gemini tends to be more mental than emotional, adapts easily, and can have a nervous temperament. Adaptability and communicativeness are trademark Gemini qualities that we can all practice and employ during this sun cycle.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, moves to Taurus on Monday evening, bringing a bit of groundedness to our minds and conversations for this week. And near the end of the week we have the second exact Saturn/Uranus trine that should be interesting and even potentially awesome for all involved. Saturn, as any Archer will tell you, is in Sagittarius (no picnic) and Uranus of course is in Aries. The expression of Saturn is one of sternness, restriction and structure while Uranus is the radical planet of change; this is the “old guard” meeting the rebellious and using the best energies and applications of both worlds to create (r)evolution.

The shift out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is a bumpy ride… ground down and rise up.

Enjoy your week. xo, KK


Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Jasmine essential oil

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Rose essential oil

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Valor blend essential oil

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Grounding blend essential oil




Aries & Aries Rising



On Monday, Mercury moves to Taurus and your second house of possessions. You’ll be able to see good financial opportunities and could earn money now by writing or teaching, and may add a few more sources of income. You may spend more money now on education and travel, or on gadgets. Try not to be careless with spending and guard against theft.

The sun shifts to Gemini from Taurus on Saturday night (10:37pm PDT) and rearranges your focus to shift as well, now to communication and self-expression. For the next four weeks of this solar cycle, this social air sign will be encouraging you to socialize more, communicate your ideas and express yourself. You may get a teaching or writing project or have great ideas now, and your creativity will be strong.

We have a Saturn/Uranus trine happening this week, with the planet of restriction in your house of mental pursuits and the planet of change in your first house, you will likely have a few revolutionary ideas that can be grounded into reality and made manifest.


Taurus & Taurus Rising


Mercury moves to your sign on Monday! This will be a boon to your communicativeness and self-expression, Taurus. With the planet of technology and communication in your first house, verbal and written expression as well as technological and mechanical transmissions will be strong.

The sun leaves your sign and moves into Gemini on Saturday afternoon, which shifts your priorities and proclivities; for the next four weeks your attention will be on finances. This will be your time to create financial stability, increase your income, and improve your self-worth.

The Saturn/Uranus trine this week could bring some unpredictable energies, amplifying the themes of sex, intimacy, boundaries and endings, karma and completion. Expect heightened emotions and passion, and a little volatility.


Gemini & Gemini Rising


Your ruling planet Mercury shifts to earthy Taurus on Monday evening, moving to your house of self-undoing, giving you an opportunity to reflect on what you say and think and how hidden agendas manifest or self-defeating habits create stress and disappointments.

The sun leaves Taurus and moves to your sign on Saturday. Happy solar return, Gemini. For the next four weeks you get the spotlight and in addition to celebrating your birthday month, you will be able to put yourself and your goals and plans into action. Your personal new moon comes up next week, when you’ll be able to set intentions for your life, personal goals, and heartfelt wishes that will manifest over the next six months.

One of your birthstones is agate, which brings eloquence in communication and also provides protection. Try to reflect on how you can diminish some of the traits that cause you trouble, such as gossipping and superficiality, and use your gifts of self-expression and versatility to connect to your world.


Cancer & Cancer Rising


Mercury, the communication planet, moves to Taurus on Monday into your house of friends and hopes. This will be a great time to reach out to your connections and dearest confidants, join a new club or organization, and to set new goals and objectives for life in general.

The new solar cycle begins on Saturday with the sun in Gemini, your house of rest. This is your reclusive and quiet month in preparation for your solar return coming up next. Use this opportunity to reflect on where self-imposed limitations and self-defeating behaviors create stress and suffering in your life,  focus on getting some closure with regard to old habits or wounds, and give yourself some pampering and self-care.

This week also brings us a unique Saturn/Uranus trine that activates your house of health and house of career; Saturn brings stability and Uranus brings the unexpected, so await the paradox of these qualities in these two areas of your life.


Leo & Leo Rising


Mercury moves to Taurus on Monday, to your house of achievement and success. With the planet of communication and money in your career house, there are sure to be some boons and blessings coming your way. Think material success, recognition for your work, increased ambition and accomplishment, and even long term plans coming together.

Also this week we encounter the second of three Saturn/Uranus trines in a bundle (one was in December and the next will be in November). This affects your houses of sex/art and mental exploration; any number of scenarios could arise, working with themes of creativity and passion, love and fertility, studies and travel, truth telling and risk taking…

The new solar cycle begins this weekend with the sun entering Gemini, your eleventh house of friends and connections. For these next few weeks, you get to be the social butterfly that you love to be, and will make new friends, join new organizations, form new alliances, and even get clearer on your life goals.


Virgo & Virgo Rising


Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters earthy Taurus on Monday, to your ninth house of mental pursuits. This would be a good time for higher education and deep studies, long distance travel, expressing philosophical ideas and self-discovery.

The sun moves into Gemini this weekend, shifting your focus for the next four weeks to your career and achievement. Themes for this month could include experts, material success, making long term plans, and achievement in your work.

Also this week we have a potent Saturn/Uranus trine that for you will impact homelife and sex life. Saturn’s all about boundaries and discipline, while Uranus is the radical planet of the unexpected; this may sound tense but will likely be an important shift. There could be money coming your way unexpectedly, or a soul connection with someone, or maybe you’ll decide to cohabitate with your partner in a non-conventional way.


Libra & Libra Rising


The communication planet Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday, into your sexy house of intimacy. Your mind will be on such things as sex, death, spiritual transformation, as well as shared resources and wealth, taxes and debt. This is a good time to discuss merging with another person, intimately or financially, psychic powers, even surgery.

The sun enters Gemini on Saturday, moving to your area of travel and discovery. For the next month you can focus on mental pursuits; you may plan a trip to a foreign land or decide to return to school. This is your house of honesty and risk taking as well as literary efforts and philosophical studies.

We also have a Saturn/Uranus trine happening this week. With the strict planet of restrictions in your communication house and the planet of change in your relationship house making this harmonious connection, there will likely be a relationship breakthrough or break up. Your sign is known for being indecisive in your love life, but this aspect will clarify things quickly.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Taurus and your relationship sector on Monday; you’ll be able to bridge gaps of understanding through communication in your partnerships. This is also an opportune time for signing contracts or legal unions.

The sun moves to Gemini on Saturday, shifting your focus for the next four weeks to your intimate connections and joining forces with another (either romantically or in business).

We will experience a potent Saturn/Uranus trine on Thursday night (or Friday morning, depending on timezone) that will likely bring a big change. Saturn is all business (the old fashioned way) and Uranus is a rebel and brings an unconventional edge, so with these two connecting your income and your health, expect some big changes. Get organized for more productivity and abundance to flow, purge relationships and habits that cause stress and anguish, and invest in yourself and your well being.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising


The mental planet Mercury shifts into Taurus on Monday, to your house of wellness. You’ll feel good about getting organized and putting some energy into your health and paying attention to what creates worry and stress in your life which also creates illness.

Saturn forms a trine with Uranus this week, with the discipline planet in your sign and the planet of freedom in your house of creativity and love. There could be some strong evolution unfolding with this aspect, and any artistic or creative talents you express could garner you fame and recognition or attention. Whatever it is you are passionate about will be boosted now, and matters of the heart - love, seduction, romance - could go through an upgrade.

The sun leaves Taurus for Gemini this weekend, shifting focus for the next four weeks to your relationships. This part of your chart is about business partnerships as well as romantic partners, creating harmony with another person, and also includes legal affairs and contracts.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday, to your house of sex and art, providing an energetic boost to your creative expression and artistic pursuits. You could fall in love or deepen a love connection during this time, and pregnancy is also included in this area of your chart.

Saturn, the planetary disciplinarian, forms a trine with Uranus, the planet of change this week, the second of three direct hits in this grouping. Saturn is your ruling planet and is in your intense house of karma and closure, and Uranus is in your domestic house of home, so with these two polar opposite forces harmonizing there could be a potential revelation or breakthrough that is personal and profound. Since you’re ruled by Saturn and have a natural sense of structure and order, this intimate aspect with Uranus, known as the rebel of the zodiac, could be disorienting at first but cathartic or evolutionary eventually.

The sun moves to Gemini over the weekend, shifting the focus to your health and well being. You’ll get reinspired about a health kick, clean eating, structured meal planning and workout routines, as well as reorganizing everything in an updated way to support any new lifestyle changes. This house also rules pets and your relationships with the people you work with.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


Mercury the messenger moves to Taurus on Monday and into your fourth house of home. You’ll likely be thinking about your childhood, what constitutes home for you, and your ancestors in your own Aquarian way. There may be a message or information coming in from a mother figure or female role model.

Your rebellious ruling planet Uranus forms a trine with strict Saturn this week, the second of three exact hits of these two powerhouses in this particular bundle. There’ll be another one in November. And Saturn was considered your traditional ruler so these connections will impact you profoundly. With Uranus in your communication house and Saturn in your friendship house, and with these two being pretty polar opposites, you’ll get to employ your general expertise and enjoyment of all things paradoxical. This won’t phase you at all, Aq. Just do what you do best which is hold the paradox and merge the best of both old and new; honor tradition respectfully and be enlivened by innovation.

The new solar cycle begins on Saturday when the sun enters fellow air sign Gemini, your sexy fifth house; get ready for some sultry seductive fun. These four weeks will be perfect for passion and romance, expressing yourself creatively, enjoying pleasure and making art. This is also the house that rules fertility and pregnancy, so keep that in mind. ;)


Pisces & Pisces Rising


The messenger planet Mercury moves into earthy Taurus on Monday, to your house of technology. Mercury rules these things: travel, communication, technology… and in the house that rules these same things, you’re certain to have success and strength in these areas now. The Saturn/Uranus trine is the big news of the week; two powerful planets, at far ends of the spectrum, harmonize and bring into balance seemingly disparate ideas. The planet of discipline is in your career house and the planet of unexpected change is in your money house. This could be a potentially life changing transformation to hit your career and your finances, with the balance of the hard work you’ve put in (Saturn) and the innovative ideas you come up with (Uranus), so take a chance and trust your instincts under these influences. On Saturday the sun enters Gemini and your domestic sector, causing you to feel much more home-bound for the next four weeks. Make your nest even more homey and cozy, beautify your surroundings, work in your garden, spend time with those closest to you. This month can recharge your batteries and renew your spirit.





Mothers Day. When this day comes around it isn't all flowers and brunch and happy photos posted on social media for everyone…. 
for those who struggle to make it through this day, to be bombarded, like it or not, with the hallmark card-ification of this day…

for the motherless children….

for those that have a strained or nonexistent or volatile or painful relationship with a mother…
for those with mothers with mental illness, or addiction, those with scarred maternal line threads that stretch back through ages... 
for those whose mothers have left the earth plane and the mothers who have lost a child and those women who long to be mothers but have not been able to have children… and those mothers struggling to feel maternal, struggling with postpartum, feeling guilty for not feeling how they are "supposed to" ...
for those women who do not want children and are constantly questioned about why not and made to feel that they are less of a woman because of this choice…
for the moms that have to be mother and father, and the dads who are father and mother...

I see you, I feel you, I cry with you, I honor you.

Blessed be the children of the Great Mother of All.
Cybele, Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, Hathor Hera, Rhea, Demeter, Maia, Tellus, Ceres, Gaia,
Kali Ma…
Jai Jai Maa

for the motherless children...