Everything in Nature pulses with Consciousness. Supreme Consciousness pervades all that we can see and that which is unseen. There is a constant pulsation of contraction and expansion happening in the universe, and within ourselves; we are part of the dynamic and pulsating throb of Universal energy. It is a radical idea to believe that we are saturated in Consciousness, that our essential nature is freedom and fullness, but that is a fundamental truth. Life is an ecstatic play of chaos and order, and Divine Intelligence permeates all that exists.

The Absolute is absolutely full, and yet has a will to express, a divine urge to create; this is an expression of unbounded freedom. Understanding this, we can begin to live in our own fullness, and still feel the throb to move toward what is most valuable and life-affirming to us, to clarify and create a fulfilled expression of the deep purpose we cannot ignore during this lifetime.

It is a karmic blessing to be embodied in physical form on the planet at this time. Things are shifting, dissolving, releasing and it is a powerful time. Life is precious, and we are blessed that we are able to savor the sensual delights of embodiment. Worship your life as a gift from the Great Consciousness, from Maha Shakti. Worship at the altar of your own great heart. Life is about awakening and living fully, drinking in the nectar of our hearts. May we be more like Nature, like the trees, like the rich soil, lily pads and lichens, clouds and rays of sunshine; all of Nature knows its inherent perfection. May we recognize ours.

We must clarify our highest vision for ourselves and our lives, align with the Divine and with Nature, and invoke and declare that vision in all that we do and how we live. We are meant to live fully, to delight in this embodied experience, and by aligning our individual will with the Absolute Consciousness, we begin to refine and manifest purposefully the most beautiful articulation imaginable as our very own lives.

Blessed be.