Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, January 30 - Sunday, February 5

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster, initiated on the Aquarius New Moon on Friday, January 27. You can read my post about the Rooster on the blog.

We move into February on Wednesday, and Aquarius season is fully underway. As the Wheel of the Year turns again, we arrive at Imbolc (Candlemas), a mid-winter holy day. It begins at sunset on Wednesday and is a time for divination, visions and hope. In aligning with Mother Nature we bring ourselves into alignment and at this time of the year, when the ground is still frozen or wet and the wind blows cold, we are encouraged to draw close to the hearth of our hearts. Take time to honor your feelings of vulnerability, acknowledge your fears and the fragility of life, feel your humanity, and be with the mystery. The light is waxing and will return, bringing us all back to life from winter’s sleep. We have much work to do. For now, dream deeply.

Blessed be.



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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Valor essential oil

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Rose essential oil

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Bergamot essential oil

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Jasmine essential oil



Aries & Aries Rising



On Friday we have a waxing half moon in Taurus. Venus, the planet of love and money, moves to Aries, your sign and first house. You should experience a burst of energy in your love life and your financial state. The actions you take and decisions you make will have potency and ambition, and if you focus on self-love now it will be powerful.

Jupiter, benevolent planet of blessings, turns retrograde in Libra late Sunday night, affecting your seventh house of partnerships. The retrograde is an optical illusion, but archetypally the retrograde cycle affects how we experience the energy of that planet. For the next four months you may do some soul searching regarding a relationship or your partner, contemplate how to grow your success and abundance, or reevaluate your philosophical beliefs.

Take time to reflect, to acknowledge where you are and reconsider the path if necessary. You don’t have to make changes now, just dream big and make plans.


Taurus & Taurus Rising


This Friday we have a waxing half moon in your sign. Venus, the planet of finances and romance, moves to Aries, your house of rest and release. With this aspect you may feel extremely sensitive or emotional, and feel better when alone rather than with someone for now. You may have a burst of creativity or fall into a secret love affair.

Jupiter, benevolent planet of blessings, turns retrograde in Libra late Sunday night, affecting your house of health. As the planet of blessings, Jupiter brings abundance and excess, good luck and possibilities. Reevaluate your health, fitness and eating habits, and mental clarity to find room for improvement. You could feel more tired and need more rest during this period of time.

Make space in your life for self-care, focusing on harmonizing practices like meditation, spending time in sunshine, and getting deep rest.


Gemini & Gemini Rising


Venus, the planet of love and money moves to feisty Aries on Friday, into your house of friendship. This part of your chart is all about alliances and collaboration, technology and community. You could feel sparks fly with a friend or deepen a friendship, or you’ll join forces with like minds to create something significant.

The beneficent planet Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra late Sunday night, affecting your house of creativity and sex. Jupiter bestows blessings and creates an abundance, but while retrograde it will feel like seeds are being created and planted, plans made, but it may not be visible growth externally until Jupiter is direct. This is a good time to review your life and consider what you’re ready and willing to receive when it comes to your sexual nature, fertility, romance, art and creativity, pleasure and passion.

Relationships may be the focal point of this week. Take time to contemplate where in your love and creative life you want to grow.


Cancer & Cancer Rising


Venus, planet of beauty and money enters fire sign Aries on Friday, to your house of achievement. Venus deals with romance and love, pleasure, beauty, abundance and money. In this part of your chart you could feel Venus as financial growth or material success increasing, you may fall in love with someone you work closely with, you could feel abundant in life, with your career on the rise, or it could be something about your father or a father figure or mentor.

The planet of boons, Jupiter, turns retrograde in Libra on Sunday night, affecting your fourth house of home. Jupiter’s expression is through abundance, good luck, expansion and excess, but while retrograde those strides are felt more internally, or like things are still in the planning stages getting perfected. It would be an ideal time to reevaluate your home and family life, consider family expansion, relocation, home improvement projects, or real estate purchases. Wait to make the actual changes when Jupiter turns direct if you can, but use this time to make a plan.

This week, consider your work and homelife and invoke any changes or improvements you’d like to make this year.


Leo & Leo Rising


Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, moves to fellow fire sign Aries on Friday, to your house of mental exploration. You could be able to increase your income somehow, perhaps through a publishing or literary effort, or you could find love while studying abroad. Follow your heart into the arts, education, deep studies, philosophy and travel right how.

The good luck planet Jupiter turns retrograde this week in Libra. This shift happens in your house of communication, the part of your chart all about self-expression, your family ties, travel, writing and logic. Jupiter expands whatever it touches but during a retrograde cycle the growth is more internal. You could think about making some major changes in education or studies now, or receive good news, but it may not be tangible or manifest fully until Jupiter turns direct in June.

Use this week to think deeply about what you want, what you want to share and express, and what you want to learn moving forward.


Virgo & Virgo Rising


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves to Aries on Friday. This brings a shift to your love life and your eighth house. This part of your chart is all about sex and intimacy, privacy and merging, and Venus rules over all things dealing with abundance, money, adornment, romance and the heart. You could deepen your connection and bond with a significant other now, move in with or marry your partner, join forces and resources with a business partner, even receive an inheritance. There’s a lot of potent energy to tap into here so keep your mind sharp and heart open.

The planet of blessings, Jupiter, turns retrograde in Libra this weekend in your house of money and possessions. Jupiter’s work is to expand and amplify everything he touches and is known to bring good luck where he goes. While retrograde however his energy functions differently, making it feel more like inner work and growth. Make an action plan for increasing your income, starting a new business, creating financial stability or growing your career, but you will likely not feel the big boost come through until Jupiter turns direct in a few months.

This week listen intently to your inner voice, to your emotions and intuition, and let your heart lead you.


Libra & Libra Rising


The planet of love and money moves to Aries on Friday, to your house of relationships. Venus, your ruler, rules relationships and could bring some positive vibes your way now. This part of your chart is about marriage and merging, often with a mate, but it is also about merging in business partnerships, legal affairs and politics. Whatever unfolds, keep good company.

This weekend the planet of expansion, Jupiter, turns retrograde in your sign. The gentle giant has been in your sign blessing your life for a while and now the retrograde cycle may make things feel a bit halted or slow. Jupiter’s expression turns inward during a retrograde cycle. For now, use this time to revision, make plans, align your actions with your desires. And when Jupiter turns direct you’ll feel all of your intentions and manifestations begin to materialize again.

Let your focus be on creating harmony and connection, first within yourself and then in your relationships.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, moves to fire sign Aries on Friday, to your house of health and alignment. This part of your chart is all about wellness, fitness, mental health, decluttering, purification, and general organization of body, mind and spirit. And pets. So with Venus here you may of course find love or deepen a connection pursuing a mutual interest or while working out. It could also mean that it’s time for a makeover, through a day at the salon, a new fitness class or workout routine, or through a commitment to meditation… Put things in order.

The planet of expansion, Jupiter, turns retrograde this weekend in Libra, your house of endings. Jupiter’s realm is positivity, abundance, excess, and expansion. While in the retrograde for the next few months, his energy and expression will be felt internally rather than externally. During the retrograde, Jupiter’s influence will assist you in getting deep and much needed rest and in recognizing where self-defeating patterns assert themselves to create suffering in your life. You’ll use this insight when this good luck planet turns direct again.

This week reflect on where you can make improvements in order to be in alignment with your desires.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising


The planet of beauty and pleasure, Venus, shifts into Aries on Friday and your house of creative and sexual expression. Venus rules sex, love, romance and money. This part of your chart is about sex, passion, pleasure and fame. While Venus is here, find your artistic talents that can become new income sources, fall in love, make art. Make note that this is also a placement pregnancy is a strong possibility.

Jupiter, the good luck planet, turns retrograde in Libra on Sunday, you house of friendship, collaboration, and your long term vision. Jupiter expands things, brings blessings and abundance. While retrograde this expansion will be felt inside rather than experienced externally or literally. Make plans and cultivate your dreams now.

This week let your heart lead, and work on the art of self-love.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


The planet of love and money moves into Aries on Friday, to your house of home. Venus rules affairs of the heart, all relationships, finances, pleasure, beauty. This part of your chart is all about women, children, family, fertility, and domestic affairs. While here Venus could bring pregnancy news or a relocation or home improvement project of beautification. An important woman or mother figure could play a prominent role.

On Sunday, Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra, your house of career. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, brings good luck and optimism but while retrograde Jupiter’s expression is felt inside, more personally, rather than externally. Use this time to consider where you want growth and begin working, even in your progress feels slow in the next few months. It will pay off.

This week, let Venus and Jupiter bring love and optimism back into your life.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


The planet of beauty, Venus, moves into Aries this week, to your third house of expression. Venus rules love, romance, creativity, pleasure and abundance. While here, let technology and community come together to assist your ideas. You may reconnect with siblings or other extended family now. Write and read beautiful and important words, communicate from your heart, tell everyone you love that you love them.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings, turns retrograde on Sunday in your house of mental exploration. Jupiter brings expansion or excess, good luck and positivity in general, but while retrograde the energies are experienced internally. The growth and expansion will occur inside, and progress may feel slow, but when Jupiter turns direct it will be felt in life.

This week enjoy your birthday month and continue to pamper yourself, steep in self-adoration, and use your magickal powers for the upliftment of all the souls here.


Pisces & Pisces Rising


Venus, planet of pleasure and abundance, moves to feisty Aries this week, into your money house. This is great news for you, Pisces. Your income may grow now or you could receive a financial gift. You could find love at work or come up with a bright idea to increase your earning power. Consider your self-worth as well, as welcome more abundance into life.

The good luck planet Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday Libra, your eighth house of merging. Jupiter brings positivity and expansion, but while retrograde his work and your growth is more internal; you may feel things get stagnant or like momentum has been lost, but all the good energy will return when Jupiter turns direct. This part of your chart is all about sex, death and rebirth, joining together with another either sexually, intimately, or financially. This is also where alchemy and spiritual transformation take place.

This week, boost your self-love and self-confidence and welcome the blessings coming to you in all forms.