We entered Virgo season on the evening of August 22. The event was was kicked off that weekend with a Grand Earth Trine, with the Virgo Sun trine Uranus and Saturn, and a dreamy Pisces Full Moon. And then on August 27 Mars, which was retrograde for two months, turned direct (28º Capricorn). The shadow period for Mars will run through October 8; I am certain there's much to unpack for everyone from this retrograde, which was one of so, so many. The planet of power and passion moves into logical and fixed Aquarius on September 10. 

Mercury's shadow period ended on September 2, which was also the beginning of the pre-shadow for Venus. Just one week later, Venus enters Scorpio (September 9), and on October 5 turns retrograde at 10º Scorpio until November 15. The planet of beauty and love gets intense and more sexual in the sign of Scorpio, making love and romance seem totally all-consuming. Possessiveness, vindictiveness, immersive seduction, complications, and sexual rebirth are all on the rise during this time. September 9 also brings a Virgo New Moon and new lunar cycle, and we move forward into this month worn and wiser after this summers's eclipse portal. 

On September 5, Mercury joined the Sun in Virgo, bringing some order to the chaos of our minds and organization to our thoughts. After the communication planet's stay in Leo for an extra long time (due to retrograde), we could use some analysis and practicality to dry out from the melodrama and hypersensitivity. Saturn, retrograde since April, finally turned direct on September 6 (2º Cap).  Saturn's lessons brought up during this retrograde cycle can now begin to be explored and any changes, upgrades, and improvements implemented. 

And as always, there's more to come...

Blessed Be.


(Possible) Virgo Season Themes by Sign— read Sun & Rising

Aries  wellbeing, clarity, co-workers

Taurus  romance, creativity, fertility

Gemini  family, parents/children, roots

Cancer  ideas, community, communication

Leo  money, career, stability

Virgo  self-hood, self-interest, self-image

Libra  closure, self-defeat, healing

Scorpio  goals, friendship, vision

Sagittarius  life path, authority, failure/success

Capricorn  mental pursuits, law/religion, discovery

Aquarius  sex, intimacy, spiritual transformation

Pisces  partnership, negotiations, relationships