Virgo Season 2017
(August 22-Sept 22)

With all of the excitement surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse (28º Leo) on August 21, everything else fell into the background. We’ll be integrating the transmissions we received and digesting the upgrades that were activated during this Eclipse Portal for quite a while. The visual beauty alone of the eclipse, which was visible only across the United States, will have earthlings talking for months to come. And also, the very next day, the Sun left Leo moved into the sign of Virgo, initiating a new solar cycle. This is the time when we leave the long, carefree days of summer behind and get back to work (school).

Here’s an overview of what’s in store this Virgo season, and a little bit about this sign. If you’re a Virgo Sun, happy solar return month!

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and reason. The symbol of this sign is the vestal virgin, a self-sovereign being, a priestess of Vesta, who was goddess of the hearth. Virgo is a sign of self-improvement, hard work, perfectionism, and information, and the keyword for this sign is “analyze.” This sign is driven to accomplish and to gather and organize information, striving for perfection and to make order from the chaos. Virgo is the sign of intelligence and practicality, common sense and precision. Due to the self-imposed pressure toward perfection and constant pursuit of accomplishment, Virgos can suffer from burnout and mental stress. Virgoans are prone to illness caused by nervous stress, anxiety and tension, as the nervous system and the intestines are ruled by Virgo. During this sun cycle it would benefit everyone, especially Virgos, to reevaluate eating habits, recommit to a fitness routine, and work on stress-reducing practices such as creative visualization, savasana, meditation, and to increase self-care strategies.



On Friday, August 25 in the early morning hours, Saturn, the stern celestial Taskmaster, turned direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been retrograde since April and in Sagittarius for two years, moving on to Capricorn in December. Saturn’s themes are time, karma, discipline, life lessons, boundaries… not always considered the most fun or lighthearted themes. Saturn’s not a bad guy, his answer is just almost always, “No” which can feel disheartening on the surface but there is likely a good reason or more to consider. During Saturn’s retrograde, there were likely issues confronting you in the area of your chart where Saturn has been spending time. Sometimes Saturn rx cycles can contribute to making us feel lonely, depressed or unmotivated, but hopefully during the past four months we were able to recognize and pay more attention to these issues, find the root cause, and intervene with appropriate means. The retrograde cycle is also the time to reflect and correct -- we are able to see where our boundaries are weak or non-existent, see where we take on too much or shirk our responsibilities, notice tendencies to say yes when we mean no, and explore our relationship to commitment and discipline. Saturn is not a fan of procrastination, laziness, evading responsibility, recklessness. Since during the retrograde cycle it is not productive to begin new projects or take on new responsibilities but rather to deal with issues and complete work from the past, Saturn’s direct station means that things can begin to move forward.



Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline, self-control, realism and restriction, the father of Time, and is the one to hand out life lessons for our own good. When Saturn comes back to the exact position as when you were born is known as your Saturn Return, a much-feared but entirely useful and necessary milestone that happens around age 29 (and of course again around age 58). It’s such a big deal that astrologically speaking, cosmic adulthood doesn’t occur until age 28-29, whenever Saturn returns. Now that Saturn is direct, the area of your life that has been affected will find some relief if you did some work or made a plan. Implement the insights or conclusions that you can to. There’s no way around the hard work, the life lessons, the pressure, but there can be intelligence and grace in how you integrate Saturn’s influence. Our character is strengthened when Saturn is around. Through the obstacles we overcome, the hardships we endure, the responsibility we shoulder, we learn to persevere, and our courage and stability is fortified. Ultimately, Saturn represents karma, our destiny, but we must be up for the challenge in order to triumph.
*If you are nearing your first or second Saturn return, you may consider signing up for a Saturn Return Kosmic Koaching session with KK.

And to lighten things just a little, on August 25 the planet of abundance, love and beauty, Venus, ingressed to Leo, inviting a more playful and affectionate love nature. Also, drama, lots of drama. And on Thursday, August 31, mental Mercury also moved into Leo. Mercury finally turns direct in the early morning hours of September 5 (28º Leo), so after that station day, your communication and mental clarity should improve or at least stabilize. Under these influences you may feel compelled to put on a party dress or sexy caftan and sip martinis with your love, or go out on the town with besties and make a little magic. With so much going on in these strange days, savor every small victory and sweet little joy wherever you can.




A few highlights of Virgo season:
Aug 22 - Sun enters Virgo
Aug 25 - Saturn stations and turns direct (21º Sagittarius) + Venus moves into Leo
Aug 26 - Sun conjunct Mercury rx in Virgo
Aug 31 - Mercury moves into Leo
Sep 5 - Mars moves into Virgo + Mercury turns direct (28º Leo)
Sep 6 - Full Moon in Pisces
Sep 9 - Mercury moves into Virgo
Sep 19 - Mercury leaves shadow zone + New Moon in Virgo
Sep 22 - Autumnal Equinox ~> Sun enters Libra