Monday (December 20) is the darkest day of the year, Solstice Eve, when we prepare for the Darkness to birth the Light. Even as the moon waxes, the darkness deepens.  On the eve of the Winter Solstice we light candles that will burn through the darkest, longest night. We contemplate the journey we have taken this year, feel gratitude for where we are now, while creating a heartfelt wish for moving forward into a new cycle. A few minutes after midnight (PST) we welcome the full moon in Gemini and a powerful total lunar eclipse, and then we experience the birth of the Solstice sun in the sky. On Tuesday afternoon we celebrate Solstice (sun standing still) as the sun shifts from Sagittarius into Capricorn. This is the first time in a long time, over 400 years, that the Solstice has coincided with a full moon lunar eclipse; the potency of both these events will be intensified dramatically.

With Mercury retrograde and the deep darkness enveloping us, we have slowed down, turned inward, increased sensitivity, and deepened communion and quiet listening to our deepest self. With the turn of the Wheel of the Year again, we appreciate that periods of activity and dynamism must be balanced with periods of rest and repose. This is Nature's way.

The lunar eclipse creates a quickening, intensifying and amplifying what we are holding in our consciousness. Eclipses are extraordinary activators and magnifiers, like super shakti lightning bolts; they can activate and initiate profound shifts in your life even if these shifts feel disorienting or uncomfortable. They also magnetize your thoughts and prayers, so continue to spend time in quiet contemplation to clarify your most genuine auspicious vision and what you will have exploded into manifestation at this time. Just like during this summer's eclipse window, now is a time that will activate and magnetize your dreams. This cycle will build on the last one, and we will feel the effects for months.

Dream your life's vision into being. Honor the auspicious communion between the Gemini full moon lunar eclipse and the Solstice. We are held and nurtured and cooked and healed in the darkness, the womb of the Great Mother, and from this Darkness the Light is born. Celebrate with the stars and sky that the Sun is born.

Blessed be ~*

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