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Uranus —> Taurus : A Seven Year Reign

On March 6, the planet Uranus finally left Aries for this lifetime and entered Taurus to stay for the next seven years. The last cycle of Uranus in Taurus was from 1934-1942. Uranus was in Taurus briefly last year to test things out but then retrograded back into Aries until now. The Aries cycle ends and as the new Taurus Uranus cycle gets underway, we may notice some significant shifts unfolding around us. Uranus always brings changes. As the maverick planet moves to a new sign, it also occupies another area in your chart and will bring a whole new set of circumstances to engage with (work to do). This is the planet of rebellion, liberation, disturbance, the erratic and eccentric.

When we reach 40-42 years old we experience a Uranus opposition (where the planet makes an opposition to our natal Uranus), marking and ending and beginning … which is part of a more complex journey that lands sometime between age 37 and 45, with not only Uranus but also Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn involved. This mid-life point is labeled the "mid-life crisis" because of the dramatic disruption and existential despair that can be felt at this time. And it is also the most significant and intense milestone in life that ultimately frees us and can lead to the discovery our most authentic self.

Uranus, the oddly tilting planet, is four times the size of Earth and it takes eighty four years to complete a journey around the Sun. It is a modern planet discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. It’s the planet of the future, and also of electricity, revolution, upheavals, science. There’s a deep-seated and powerful force, a hidden purpose associated with Uranus. And the planet associated with electricity, lightning, and seismic activity has moved into fixed earthy Taurus; there will certainly be important implications for our planet in these Taurus Uranus years. The earth-focused realm of Taurus is stable, fertile, and also includes resources, wealth, the body, the physical, beauty, art, what we value. Ruling over the unorthodox, Uranus helps to liberate us, shake things up, stir up a rebellion. Uranus brings innovation and revelation, and will share its powers of awakening in all of the Taurus areas. This next seven year cycle will bring a new vibe or focus, new work to do, and new context for life to be enacted.

On March 5 the communication muse Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces until the 28th. Mercury is air, quick and clear, and not the most comfortable in watery, occluded Neptune-ruled Pisces... While retrograde, the planet of intelligence will spend almost the entire month conjunct Neptune in Pisces, creating a dreamy and ethereal but also possibly overly indulgent (or self-medicating-y) landscape for us. Mercury retrograde cycles are perfect opportunities to slow the pace, remember, review, realign. Take a social media fast or reduction if possible, at least during Mercury's retrograde time - it also serves to limit the opportunities for misunderstandings, misreads, and mis-transmissions etc. The retrograde of the intelligence planet just as the new Taurus Uranus cycle starts could give us some down time to witness the new energies beginning to burgeon.

Uranus in Taurus will activate a different part of your chart now:

Aries rising - 2nd house Money, possessions, income, career, stability, finances, worth.

Taurus rising - 1st house Self, selfhood, appearance, self-interest, desires, style, temperament.

Gemini rising - 12th house Secrets, karma, closure, sorrows, rest, compassion, self-undoing.

Cancer rising - 11th house Friends, alliances, hopes and dreams, associations/groups, goals/objectives, cooperation , technology.

Leo rising - 10th house Career, success/achievement, material success, life path, parents, ambition, expressing your talents.

Virgo rising - 9th house Mental pursuits, higher education, travel, religion and philosophy, study, faith, discovery.

Libra rising - 8th house Death and rebirth, sex, surgery, shared resources, inherited wealth, taxes and debt, intimacy.

Scorpio rising - 7th house Serious partnerships, contractual agreements, marriage/life mates, adversaries, harmony, negotiations, shared goals.

Sag rising - 6th house Service, health and fitness, well being, pets, organization/clarity, co-workers, purification.

Capricorn rising - 5th house Sex, romance, art, passion, fame, fertility, children.

Aquarius rising - 4th house Home, parents, ancestors/roots/heritage, land, foundations, domestic affairs, what you keep hidden away/your emotional safe space.

Pisces rising - 3rd house Communication, technology, self-expression, family ties, daily travel, early education or study habits, community.

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Wishing you ease and grace, steadiness and triumph for this Mercury retrograde cycle, and the entrance into Taurus Uranus era.

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Embroidering the Earth’s Mantle Remedios Varo

Embroidering the Earth’s Mantle
Remedios Varo



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes ~January 23-29, 2017

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, January 23 - Sunday, January 29





We are getting accustomed to the Aquarius solar cycle this week, for those not used to the energies of rebellion and cosmic insight. This Friday brings us to the auspicious reset button and new year for Aquarius, when the new moon lands in the same sign as the sun. It is a time for renewal and new intentions, especially for Aquarius suns. This new moon also signifies lunar new year, when we enter the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. You can feel this Fire Rooster as an invitation to rise firebird-like from the ashes of your disappointments or betrayals, and this year you can get away with more self-confidence and cockiness which will be necessary to combat the apathy and ignorance that prevail.

Also on Friday the planet of action, Mars, moves to Aries, which is home to Mars; this is the planet that rules will power, courage, aggression and sex drive. Wherever Mars is, expect a boost of energy there.


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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Azurite

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Caledonite

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Supta virasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Obsidian



Aries & Aries Rising

This week the moon wanes down to darkness and then on Friday afternoon we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your eleventh house when considering setting your new moon intentions, and themes of friendship, collaboration and hopes for the future. With both the sun and the new moon in this social part of your chart, you may want to host a new moon party this weekend. Take time to set intentions for the next six months of your life and what you want to bring forward as far as your wishes and dreams for the future.

Your ruling planet Mars moves into your sign and first house also on Friday this week. Your personal power and confidence will be extra strong now.

This is a good week to spend time with people you care about and trust, and set the tone for your friendships and relationships this year.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

This week the moon wanes down until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your house of career; when you set your intentions for the new moon, consider what you need for material success, recognition, or attainment at work. New moons always signify a new six month cycle beginning, and with it in your tenth house this time, this is a good time to make any career makeovers or upgrades you want.

Mars, the fiery planet moves to Aries on Friday, to your house of endings. Explore any repressed feelings you have, the self-defeating tendencies you have, and deal with any secret enemies that you become aware of.  You may need some deep rest or experience a sort of spiritual transformation rather than feeling the excess of energy that usually comes with Mars.

This week, refine your vision for this year and release any self-imposed limitations.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

We have a waning moon this week until Friday, when there’s a new moon in Aquarius, your house of mental exploration. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle about travel, mental pursuits and higher education. What you focus on now will grow over the next six months, coming to fruition at the Aquarius full moon.

Mars, the planet of action, moves to Aries on Friday, to your house of friends. Anything related to your hopes and dreams, intellectual pleasures, friendships, alliances and groups will receive a blast of energy. Passions and also aggression can be high when collaborating, so try to keep a level head.

This week let your heart rather than your head lead the way when making important decisions.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

This week we have a waning moon until Friday and then there’s a new moon in air sign Aquarius, your house of intimacy and privacy. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle; themes will be things like shared wealth and merging with others, sex, and spiritual transformations. These intentions will evolve and grow for the next six months until the full moon in Aquarius. You can write them down to check in with how they are unfolding.

Mars, the planet of action is moving to Aries on Friday, paying a visit to your tenth house of public standing; you can experience a powerful resurgence of your career aspirations and ambitions. You’ll have strength and power behind your long term plans and building your material success, so use this energy to your advantage.

This week let romance and pleasure be your main pursuits.


Leo & Leo Rising

This week we have a waning moon until Friday and then we have a new moon in Aquarius, in your seventh house of relationships. You can set intentions for the new lunar cycle considering themes of partnerships, marriage, stability and harmony. Any manifesting you need to do to invoke a partner, or a productive business relationship or marriage will be powerful now.

Mars, the planet of of action is moving to fellow fire sign Aries on Friday, visiting your house of higher education and mental pursuits. Expect a burst of energy behind your educational pursuits, travel plans, philosophy or religious studies. Mars brings a forcefulness, and in this part of your chart you could be more prone to risk taking and blunt talk.

This week let your heart lead and invest in your relationships.



Virgo & Virgo Rising

We have a waning moon all week until Friday’s new moon in Aquarius. This illuminates your sixth house of health; set intentions for the next six months. Think about how you can best use your organizational skills and your gifts. And make a new plan for health, fitness and mental well being.

Mars, the planet of action, moves to Aries on Friday, to your intense house of death and rebirth. This power planet brings energy and strength wherever he goes, so with this placement in this part of your chart, prepare for your sex life to get a boost. Your sex drive will increase dramatically, and your romance will get steamy. Your pursuits with joining resources, with merging with a lover or a business partner, will be supported now.

For this week, spend time exploring your sexual nature and embrace spiritual transformation as it unfolds.


Libra & Libra Rising

This week the moon wanes down to darkness and then on Friday afternoon we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Set intentions and watch them come to fruition over the next six months. Your themes and focus will revolve around sex, artistic expression, pleasure, romance, love, and even fertility. If having a child is something you want, now will be a great time to make that happen.

The planet of will power moves home to Aries on Friday and enlivens your seventh house of relationships of all kinds. Mars is all about passion and action, and in this part of your chart you can expect your sex drive to increase, your passion as well as anger to increase, and your relationships to get spicy.

For this week, let your joy be the focus, so move toward whatever makes you happy and brings you joy.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

We have a waning moon all week until Friday, when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your house of home. On this day, set intentions for your life that will grow for the next six month lunar cycle. The themes that will pull at your heart include home and family, fertility, children, mothers, and place. If you have been considering a relocation or growing your family, this would be a good time to manifest and make decisions.

The planet of power, Mars, shifts to Aries on Friday, enlivening your health and wellbeing. This part of your chart deals with your health, habits, mental wellness, physical fitness, but also organization and analysis, even pets. With Mars here, there will be bold energy and passion behind everything.

For this week, nest and rest, with the people who mean the most to you.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This week we have a waning moon all week until Friday when there’s a new moon in Aquarius, your third house of communication. Set intentions to grow over the next six months for you life. The main themes or areas of focus will be community, technology, communication, self-expression, travel, and your family. Consider what you’ll want to create and what you need in these areas.

Also on Friday Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Aquarius. This shift brings a burst of energy to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Mars energy is bright, bold, aggressive and passionate, so expect your artistic talents to get a boost and also your sex drive and love life. This would be a great time to have an art show or start a romance. It could also be a time for pregnancy.

For this week, focus on self-expression through art, pleasure, sex, and connection.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your financial house. As with all new moons, take time to set intentions for this new cycle that will grow over the next six months. Focus your intention setting on things like your career, income, financial security, and self-worth.

Mars, the planet of action, moves home to Aries on Friday and will bring a boost to your fourth house of home. Mars brings energy and power wherever he lands, and in your domestic sector you may expect either passion or feisty emotions to erupt at home. Any home improvements or relocations will have energy behind them.

This week, consider what makes you feel at home and what in your life you keep most protected.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The moon wanes all week until Friday when there’s a new moon in your sign and first house. This is your new year initiated, with the sun and the new moon in your sign, which only happens once a year. You get a cosmic reset button so to speak, so use this magical day to set special intentions for your life; set intentions that will grow and evolve for the next six months of this lunar cycle, until the full moon in your sign. Consider your deepest desires and most heartfelt longings, what gives you energy and joy, and what occludes it. Happy solar return, Water Bearer.

Mars, the action planet, shifts home to Aries on Friday to bring attention to your house of communication. When Mars arrives to this part of your chart, expect passion, energy and power in your self-expression, with extra energy in your family interactions and even travel plans.

This week you should focus entirely on yourself, you needs, wishes and desires and invoke all the magic and joy you can for your life.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius and your house of rest and reflection. The sun is also in Aquarius and this part of your chart, your twelfth house. Set intentions for your solar cycle coming up next, let go of any self-diminishing patterns, and get deep rest.

Mars, the planet of action moves home to Aries on Friday. Since Mars is power and dynamism, he will bring energy to your second house of wealth. It might be a good time to invest, focus on your finances, or increase your income. You should also work to increase your self-worth and self-confidence at this time.

For this week, let yourself relax, unravel pent up emotions and clear away the psychic debris that accumulates in your field.



Venus Goes into the Underworld

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, beauty, value and self-worth, money, attraction, also jealousy and possessiveness, seduction, flirtation, self-love, affection, pleasure, how we adorn and beautify ourselves and our surroundings. Venus as archetype is the goddess of love, and as such rules over what and how we love, what we value, how we want to be loved, and what we find beautiful.


Venus turns retrograde every eighteen months.The personal planets (including Mercury, Mars and Venus) have shorter retrogrades compared to the outer planets, which spend much of their time in retrograde cycles. When a planet is retrograde it means that from earth’s viewpoint the planet is seemingly moving backward. During a retrograde cycle the archetypal energy of the planet is exaggerated on the station days (when the planet is turning retrograde or direct) and then it is turned inward deeply and experienced inside rather than expressed outwardly. Retrogrades are times for review and reevaluation, not a time to take direct action or make big decisions but rather a time of contemplation, inquiry and self-reflection.


Venus will be retrograde from July 25 - September 6, beginning in the sign of Virgo but with most of the cycle in the sign of Leo. Leo acts as the child of the zodiac, being the most impetuous, playful, and childlike, and is a self-focused sign (along with Aries). Leo also represents the heart. Venus is the planet that relates to all things heart-related. Leo is a boisterous and dramatic sign, and while retrograde Venus is shy and introspective, but the emphasis of the cycle will be on heart matters.

Self-love is the biggest and most important theme, to be explored honestly and re-ignited if necessary. As we all know, self-love is the only place to begin if we want true, healthy, extraordinary love in this life. As a “me” sign, Leo can often turn self-love into self-obsession (no one loves Leo more than Leo as they say) but when done mindfully, Leo can teach this concept of directing love and appreciation to oneself in a healthy, non-narcissistic way. This takes practice for most.


For this cycle we will be compelled to do some deep digging into our desires, needs, and wants. Everything related to love and money will be up for review during this time. During these next weeks we are called to look deeply at what we value in relationships and life. Are our desires and our actions in alignment? We will think about how much we value people, relationships, things and situations in life and if it is worth it or not. How do we want to be treated in relationship? What are our most heart-felt desires?


It isn’t recommended to make luxury purchases during this time, or to begin a new relationship. Most couples working with an astrologer will not plan a wedding during a Venus retrograde cycle. Since retrogrades encourage review, past loves and exes will often return during this time; this could be for closure and healing, for a reminder of why you are no longer together, or for a reconciliation depending on the circumstances. It may be time to reconnect. Use discernment and turn inside to your inner wisdom to help guide you here.


The last Venus retrograde cycle was December 21, 2013 - January 31, 2014. And the longer Venus cycle takes us back to eight years ago. If you can remember back to significant issues during those times you will have an idea of the themes or energy of the current cycle.


This is a time to reevaluate our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes around self-worth, love and relationships, money, looking deeply into our hearts and shadows, reactions and patterns regarding these issues. It can be an important time of self-reflection birthing new insights and even healing around core wounds and issues if done with intention.


In esoteric and shamanic terms, during this cycle Venus descends into the Underworld and will transition from Evening Star to Morning Star, undergoing a profound transformation. We too will make this journey at some point in life if we have not already. We will be stripped, laid bare, all established personality and persona dissolved as we leave behind everything we are and everything we know and enter the mystery, enduring metaphorical death, and eventually emerging changed forever.


Make a self-love altar, complete with rose quartz, rhodonite, and red wine, and sit at it daily to reassert your heart’s desire and intention to yourself. Feel your connection to the cosmos and the earth. You belong. Your heart can begin to unfold, whether it feels strong or broken. Let self-honoring seep into your bones and belly then rise into your heart.

May this cycle be a blessing of authentic self-revelation and the beginning of a genuine sense of falling in love with your Self.

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