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Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses July 2019 : Reparenting & Repatterning

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: Reparenting & Repatterning :

July 1    Mars → Leo

July 2    Total Solar Eclipse 10º Cancer (9:55am pdt) 

               New Moon in Cancer (12:16pm pdt)

July 3    Venus → Cancer 

July 7    Mercury Rx 8º Leo (until July 31, D at 23º Cancer)

July 8    Chiron Rx Aries 

July 16  Partial Lunar Eclipse 24º Capricorn (11:55am pdt)

              Full Moon in Capricorn (2:38pm) 

July 19  Mercury → Cancer 


We’re about to enter July’s astrology, and it’s important to pay attention because this will be a month of tender feelings and potential major reconfigurations. The eclipses are coming, with Mercury turning retrograde in between them. The first eclipse of the month occurs on July 2 with a Total Solar Eclipse at 9:55am (California time) at 10º Cancer. This water sign is the traditional archetype of the Great Mother and nurturer, representing the act of mothering, the home, children, roots, familial bonds, emotional security, and protecting what matters most. The sensitive Crab’s primary experience is feeling - it feels everything. So this eclipse will highlight home and family in some way and will likely stir up some big feelings around these ideas. Cardinal signs will be one of the groups affected strongly (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries), but everyone will experience the effects of the eclipse. Where you’ll feel it depends on your individual chart. You can look at 10º Cancer in your natal chart to get an idea of where the eclipse will initiate shifts in your life or sign up for an Eclipse Report (details below).

A Solar Eclipse means it will also be a New Moon (in Cancer, 12:16pm). We have eclipses every six months, when the new or full moon aligns with the ecliptic and the nodes. The North Node activation opens a kind of portal, and events that occur often feel fated and life rearranged. Although it will be much easier to fall into comfortable patterns of behavior when the shifts hit, it will serve us to instead forge a new way or make a different, less predictable choice. And remember that eclipses are cyclical, so you can also reflect back to 2000-2001 to revisit major themes or changes occurring then to get a hint about what this eclipse cycle will bring for you. With the Cancer Sun eclipsed by the Cancer Moon, our lunar unconscious becomes primary and our emotions will be heightened, but our physical energy may be quite low. Cancer rules the belly, breasts, and the womb, governs nutrition and digestion; we could have more stomach aches or ailments during this eclipse. Pregnancy may be a result of this eclipse cycle for some. We are encouraged to adopt the Crab’s preferred expression, the language of emotions, when navigating their space. Their arena is all about emotional bonds, home and where we feel most at home and secure, and family and nurturing. These are general vibes that this eclipse will bring up for us. Like all signs, Cancer has its balanced and luminous expression and its shadowy side… which we should all be aware of. We must watch for spreading ourselves thin, giving to the point of exhaustion and mothering others at the expense of our own well being and sanity. 

The gift that the sign of Cancer brings to these cosmic proceedings is one of potential emotional healing. We have an opportunity to heal old wounds and repattern our thinking and behavior to reflect our growth, our authority. We can default into karmic patterns, staying stuck, or lean into the uncomfortable and make a new path. 

The cosmic power grid gets a zap, a power surge.

Reparenting and repatterning is a major theme for this eclipse cycle along the Cancer/Capricorn axis and that’s the work we’re being called to explore. With the Cancer/Capricorn axis being activated, there will be an emphasis on home/career, private/public, inner work/work in the world, mother/father dynamics. We can observe and work with our unloved or unparented parts, doing inner child work (integrated Cancer), taking responsibility for ourselves in conscious adulthood and embodying our sovereignty as powerfully as we can (integrated Capricorn). This Cancer/Capricorn dynamic can also be explored and understood as the Unmothered Mother/the Patriarchy (“shadow side”)… and the Divine Feminine/Sacred Masculine (in the more conscious expression). The celestial events are felt personally but we can see a clear exhibition of it socially/globally as well, with female reproductive health and body sovereignty being debated and decided (by the Patriarchy and its minions), and in the separation of families and horrors of immigrant children dying at the border in the country that should be the beacon of leadership. 

Eclipses are electric, bringing swift changes, elimination and closure, new beginnings, sometimes upheaval, revelations, and always transformation. They can bring epic evolution as well as life events with energy that feels destined. Sometimes events are set in motion during the eclipse and it can take six months to see what exactly was rearranged or reconfigured. Take time to tune in deeply to your intuition and clarify what matters most to you, what your emotional needs are and how to self-soothe, and be open to a new way.

The second eclipse will be on July 16 at 24º Capricorn, along with a Full Moon. And 2020 is six months away.

Email to sign up for an Eclipse Report for a deeper look at where the eclipses land for you and support in how to work with them, including what to look out for and personal suggestions ($44 full report, $13 for summary for July 2 eclipse only). Tarot readings and other astrological services available as always.



PS. Check out the work of Dr. Nicole LePera, the holistic psychologist, on Instagram and at for information on reparenting and more.  

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Cancer / Capricorn … Full Moon & more

Moon-ruled Cancer season began on Summer Solstice, June 21, and during this sun cycle we have more access to our feelings and ability to value those feelings. Cancer rules the breasts and belly, rib cage, body fluids… and like the Crab, temperamental Cancer turns inward, retreating inside its shell and putting up defenses if threatened or to hide sensitivity. This sign is associated with the mother, with nourishment and nurturing, home and security. This Cancer season could bring up thoughts and feelings around family and home, or some nostalgia and sentimentality, as well as sensitivity and the well known tears that are inevitably stirred up in each of us while the sun inhabits this sign.

In Cancer season we all cry freely, we express our heartache and anguish, we tend to our hearts. 

Neptune, the planet of mystery, illusion, and self-sacrifice, turned retrograde (in Pisces) on June 18 (until November 24). It is Neptune that brings us fantasy, deep dreams, imagination, as well as delusion, deception, and victimization. During Neptune's station, and throughout the retrograde, you may feel brain fog or confusion. This cycle could lead us to see through the illusions and get deeper insight, but we should guard against numbing out and hiding from the truth or reality. 

A week after Neptune, Mars turned retrograde (in Aquarius). This happens about every two years. If you recently felt your brain fog morph into a sense of hitting a brick wall, that's pretty in alignment with the current energy. While retrograde, Mars expresses energy differently and it is typical to feel fatigued, exhausted, drained energetically, a bit aimless and less direct, less passionate and lower sex drive. Those who are Mars-ruled may feel less aggressive or able to express frustration more calmly, with a newly found sense of passivity, while everyone else will seem a little more impulsive, impatient, and quick to anger. 

This sets the stage for Wednesday June 27, when Cancer Sun opposes Saturn and the Full Moon in Capricorn. This full moon (9:53pm PDT) will have a serious tone. Saturn symbolizes time, the father, parents, authority, government, patriarchy, ancestors. It presides over hard work, discipline, responsibility, karma, and fate. Saturn will bring up a lesson for your consideration or will call attention in a particular way on this full moon. Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites on the zodiac and we'll feel this polarity. The expression of Cancer is nurturing, receptive and emotional, while Capricorn is stern, reserved and disciplined. 

There may not be a celebratory feel to this Full Moon, but there will be opportunities. Make space for remembrance, let yourself rest deeply, feel good about your hard work and efforts while acknowledging your mistakes, get quiet, call on your ancestors, feel your feelings.

Tend to your heart. 


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U r a n u s I n g r e s s

There are several astrological events unfolding this week that demand attention - several planets are shifting. And the significance of what’s happening in the cosmos is entwined with what’s occurring in the collective, in the world, and I find it to be so weighty with importance that I cannot sort and implement my thoughts into words to type to elaborate on these matters… I can only do what each of us can do, which is to do what we can. So forgive my absence of late and be patient with these brief posts, and celebrate the silent (r)evolution that is ongoing in each of us as we navigate the beauty, pain, and absurdity of life.

On Tuesday we have our annual Taurus new moon in the early morning and hours later we have radical Uranus leaving Aries to enter fixed sign Taurus, which is understood to be (potentially) the most significant cosmic event of the year. The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is the renegade, revolutionizer, and rable rouser of the heavens, the planet of originality and change. Uranus shifts every seven or eight years and in 2011 moved from Pisces to Aries to stay, creating a new era of life. There are undoubtedly major life lessons, battle scars, unexpected or unpredictable circumstances that define these past seven years for each of us, and there are corresponding events in the world. Now Uranus is moving into Venus-ruled Taurus for this next new era which will bring its own challenges and gifts.

Late on Tuesday, Mars leaves Capricorn and enter Aquarius (9:55pm CA time) and makes an exact square to Uranus (Wednesday 12:04am CA time). Volatility and pushing the limits could cause clashes, disruptions, and conflict that feel righteous or liberating to those involved.


On Friday Mercury trines retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which could bring focus and attention to mental work. Venus moves into water sign Cancer on Saturday morning, and a few hours later forms a sextile with very busy Uranus in Taurus, which could manifest for us as having a new idea about a relationship or finances. Also, Mars forms a sextile with Chiron in Aries late Saturday evening and on Sunday Venus squares Chiron. The Mars/Venus quincunx (150º apart) could bring our attention to concealed pain or old wounds related to either the feminine or the masculine, and opportunities for healing and acceptance. Finally, Taurus season ends as the Sun enters air sign Gemini on Sunday evening (7:15pm CA time), bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.

Back to Uranus. The ingress of the eccentric and unusual planet has caused and will continue to cause a stir. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, in the realm of Goddess Pele, can be seen as an earthly expression of the electric planet leaving fiery Aries. There are too many examples to list of the manifestations of these planetary movements reflected in world events. Uranus will bring revelations to a new realm, the land of Taurus, which is Venusian in feel, dealing with love and beauty, art and elegance, finances and material possessions. Taurus is purposeful and persevering, sensible and sensitive. This next Uranus cycle will bring opportunities for explorations of and unexpected changes in what beauty means, what worth is, what we value, and so much more. Alternative currency and redefining beauty will be two possible areas of investigation and revelation. Sentimentality and sensitivity will be qualities brought out of hiding from when Uranus was in Pisces, underground during the Aries reign. There will be much to savor and digest in the next seven years. Let’s toast to having some hauntingly ecstatic experiences. Cheers.







— J u p i t e r —

Scorpios Rejoice! Jupiter is coming. 
On Tuesday, October 10, the planet of expansion and luck changes signs, leaving Libra behind and heading into Scorpio (6:20am PDT) until November 8, 2018. Jupiter, the Greater Fortune, is the gentle giant of the zodiac, bestowing gifts and blessings, expanding everything it encounters and bringing joy and optimism in a general way.  

Since September 2016 the good luck planet has been active in Libra, the sign of relating and balance. Many were hopeful that this transit would bring about more global peace and harmony and that didn't happen, but it did show us just how out of alignment we are. This entire year has been one of protests and activism, with Libra Jupiter shining a bright spotlight on the many extreme inequities plaguing our country and the world, and we struggle still to establish balance of some kind in these turbulent times. It's obviously we have work to do. On a more personal level, we all must have done a great deal of relationship work or undergone some sort of relationship evolution during the past year, so it would be good to reflect on that and acknowledge the growth. As Jupiter inhabits the last degree of the sign of the scales, there will be a last attempt at resolution within your relationships or with making decisions.

We can look back to around October 2005 through November 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio, to get a feel for what patterns may reassert themselves during this transit. In general it will be a boon for Scorpios to have this benevolent planet nest in their sign. While here, Jupiter gets a little darker and more mysterious, and our interest in uncovering hidden truths and diving deeper will be strong. There will be a dynamic pulsation to explore between the energies of freedom and entanglement. Jupiter is all about fortune, expansion, optimism, success, excess, higher learning, wisdom, and abundance. Scorpio's archetypal qualities are about mysteries, hidden agendas, privacy, control, intensity, emotions, death, rebirth, and transformation. 

Jupiter expands things. And although we welcome those boons and all that good luck, the excess he creates applies to all things, including our vices — addiction, self-destruction and obsessive behaviors can also increase during this transit if we're not paying attention. There may also be more investigation into and awareness of mental health and addiction during this transit. 
Jupiter in Scorpio can stir up more interest in all things metaphysical and paranormal, and in subjects around death. Sex will also be a topic and experience of amplified interest; in Scorpio Jupiter can bring about such things as sexual revolution, more focus on reproductive rights, discussions about privacy, intimacy and merging, or plunging into emotional depths - your own and within the context of your relationship dynamic.

Work with this new energy and consider it to be a new beginning. Jupiter's relocation is a pretty big deal, so let's savor this bright spot and activate our dusty optimism, even venturing into setting an intention for what we want to open, deepen and expand in our lives in this upcoming year.  

Some possible Jupiter in Scorpio themes: relationships/relationship dynamics, jealous/possessiveness, freedom, sex, merging, intimacy/privacy, joint resources and shared wealth, interest in the occult, psychic phenomena and astral experiences, addictive behaviors, death, the afterlife/reincarnation, taxes/debts, spiritual transformation.

House Jupiter will inhabit for the next year:
Aries - intimacy, sex, transformation
Taurus - partnership, marriage
Gemini - service, health
Cancer - sex, creative pursuits, fertility
Leo - home, family
Virgo - communication, community
Libra - money, possessions
Scorpio - self
Sagittarius - secrets, self-undoing, healing
Capricorn - dreams and goals, friendship, pleasures
Aquarius - career, life path
Pisces - mental pursuits, higher education



Jupiter / Uranus Opposition

If you have felt frazzled, bedraggled, or bedazzled by life the past few days, I may be able to offer an explanation other than the general zombie apocalypse dumpster fire that is unfolding around us...

Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries is usually interesting…. it happens about every fourteen years and this is the third in a series that began in December. Similar themes that showed up then may surface now as these two planets face off. Both Jupiter and Uranus need freedom more than any other planets, and with the tension they create you may feel internal pressures manifest externally, with unexpected, shocking or destabilized events.

And then there's Pluto's station. Today around 12:30 the Lord of the Underworld was roused and turned direct. Of course it will take time for Pluto to gain some momentum and for us to feel the forward movement or relief in the particular area of life that was affected, as he takes quite a long time to get going in either direction. During the five months of Pluto's retrograde cycle, there were undoubtedly lessons learned and dark corners (of the mind) explored. It will take time to digest this initiation. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift to Libra on Friday evening, and this could help give us the energy to talk through some of our feelings and process with our besties and have some communication therapy.

How is everyone doing out there?

… to be continued...




\\ __ Apocalyeclipse__//

Total Solar Eclipse
28º Leo 53’
August 21, 2017

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that has nothing to do with you, this storm is you. Something inside you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up the sky like pulverized bones.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore



Apocalypse (Greek) literally means "an uncovering." A disclosure of knowledge; revelation.



Eclipses are activators. They set things in motion, or initiate things, or reveal, or dissolve/ destroy… often all of the above simultaneously.  

An eclipse could be represented as the image of the Tower tarot card, where there is the promise of inevitable transformation but with no clear indication of exactly what it will be or exactly how it will manifest. An eclipse is like a jolt of electricity, the zap of a lightning bolt, an intense power surge- they can create chaos and instigate change and generally shake people up. What has been in the shadows comes into the light.
It is likely that we could be pushed to the limits, we could feel a resurfacing of the very depths that we keep hidden inside, we could have more of ourselves revealed to us, more truth exposed, more purging of the psyche.

This is the second eclipse in this portal along the Aquarius/Leo axis, and it occurs alongside the second consecutive Leo New Moon. (The Aquarius Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse was at 15º Aquarius on August 7). You may remember that in May of this year the North Node moved into Leo and the South Node to Aquarius. Eclipses belong to particular groups, or families, called Saros cycles, which span the course of 1300 years in the move from one pole to the other. Solar Eclipses repeat approximately every 18 years. This is an oversimplified explanation of a complex astronomical idea, but I include it to provide some context. One way to begin to understand the implications of this eclipse (and others) is to understand which Saros Series it’s part of and the extended context in which it occurs, including historical and personal events that occur along the relevant eighteen year intervals. Tomorrow’s eclipse is part of the series called Saros 145. And there have been major historical events in this country that have happened near eclipses in this series.

The Leo Solar Eclipse is also significant and getting an excessive amount of social media coverage because it is visible only in the US, and that is unusual- a first since the nation was founded. While eclipse effects will be felt no matter where one is located, the effects of the eclipse will be felt most profoundly where it is visible, and major changes will be initiated. That’s why this eclipse has been named “the Great American Eclipse” and why it’s getting so much attention. The other reason for the frenzy is the fact that it hits the same spot in the heavens of the ascendant of Trump, meaning it will occur at the same point (28º Leo) in the heavens as when he was born. There will inevitably be personal implications for him as well as political implications. We (most astrologers) have been watching and waiting these past months anticipating this eclipse and knowing its personal significance to “45” … and that anything could happen. There will be fallout, but it may take a while to play out. The New Moon and Eclipse occur in the sign of Leo, the sign of leadership, ruled by the Sun. There’s also the conjuction with fixed star Regulus which is associated with royalty and rulership; this sets the scene for the rise or the fall of a leader. One thing is certain: things will be set into motion.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, and visible in the path of totality, the Sun’s light will be blocked out entirely by the Moon and the sky will darken. The darkness and shadows that are invoked literally and metaphorically are necessary and must be acknowledged and integrated for the total transformation that longs for manifestation.

Not everyone will be out for this hugely popular event in the US, watching with their much-discussed eclipse glasses, because there are some cultures that believe this to be an inauspicious event, or an intimate event between the sun and the moon (and not for our observation). Vedic astrology has a different perspective on total solar eclipses, as do the Dine’ for example, and some other American Indian tribes. You may choose to observe in a more reverent way if you can tune in genuinely to these powerful energies. Listen to and trust your intuition. It is in the shadows that our eyes adjust and are able to see in the dark. This is a necessary skill for these dark days; we can’t “wishful think” our troubles away, or “light and love” the situation into a higher vibration. When you’re in the dark your orientation shifts so that you move from a deeper place, a soul place, listening with your bones and feeling with your belly.

Eclipses amplify and magnify and activate. To work with these potently charged energies, clarify for yourself what you intend to have activated, what area of your life might need revelation and understanding. Excavate your most hidden and secret shadowy parts, where shame has rooted in and saturated your soul, where avoidance and dissociation have grown vine-like to choke your authenticity.


Set an intention, as you do at all New Moons. Be prepared to have a big shift, but know that it can take up to six months or a year to understand the extent of the changes and where exactly these shifts have taken place. There is always potential for healing to unfold in these times of epic change and turmoil. Death always gives way to rebirth, just as the light cannot exist without darkness; these are Laws of Nature. The process can rip us apart, but we can gather the pieces and create a mosaic with the shards of our broken-heartedness. We have fallen apart, personally, collectively… and the wounds are so deep, the fragility so fully exposed, that no one can deny the brokenness any longer, nor exclaim our okayness, our “oneness” or our “rise-above-it-ness.” We must feel our traumas and wounds, totally, entirely, honestly, intensely. We can turn pain into beauty, churn these difficulties into nectar - it’s alchemy after all. And although there’s no tidy plan or easy path forward, we have the capacity to bear the burden of the alchemist if we choose. There is deep work to do. Let this eclipse portal be a gateway into your own intensity, to have the truth revealed to you, so that you can be uncompromising in the way you live life, so that you can magnetize those forces  that bring blessings, so you can rest in the wholeness of your brokenness, shadows embraced, and know that you will rise.

Blessed be.




\ \ E c l i p s e P o r t a l / /

We're entering the Eclipse Portal once again this year. In February we had our first Lunar Eclipse of the year at 22º Leo, then a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. On Monday, August 7 on Lunar+Solar Lammas, the Aquarius Full Moon will be exact at 11:11am (CA time). The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11:22am, 15º Aquarius. We'll experience the visible and potent Solar Eclipse on August 21 at 28º Leo.

All Eclipses are activators and accelerators, bringing about sudden changes, complete dissolution and exciting initiations. These upcoming astral blasts may be connected to events that happened 18/19 years ago. In my public teachings and writings over the years I've advised students and clients to make it a "no whine zone" during the Eclipse Portal, and this is because energetically this is such a charged and fertile space that we seed with our words and thoughts. Be as considerate and clear-minded as you can be navigating these next weeks, which will take focus. Generally speaking, an Eclipse is like a whirlwind of seemingly chaotic energy swirling through your life, doing (what looks like) damage but also rearranging things to work and flow better. Things can get turned upside down. It's like an energetic electrical power surge, where all the power shuts off, then resets everything as it's turned back on. So your considerations can be around what you're ready to release in a big way, maybe something you haven't felt strong enough to let go of on your own until now, and what your genuine invocation is.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by the planet of change and originality, Uranus (modern ruler). Aquarius is the Water Bearer dispensing wisdom, the mad scientist, the outlaw misfit, the logician, the humanitarian, the rebel genius, the hermit mystic. Part of the inherent paradox of Aquarius is that it's the sign of idealism and humanitarianism, but is often emotionally detached in interpersonal relationships, it is the sign of friendship but also the contented outcast, the scientist and the artist, the progressive yet extreme and fixed in opinion. We will need to find a way to make an impactful offering to the collective, to humankind, through means of our unique expression of our radical individuality.

Possible themes for the Aquarius Eclipse include: truth-telling, friendship/aloneness, belonging/being an outcast, justice/political extremism, leadership/radicalism, sincerity/shock value, loyalty/detachment, independence/collaboration, communication, questioning everything, analysis, unconventionality, invention, hopes and dreams, disruption, originality, avant-guard, wisdom. 

Keep in mind that Mercury (in Virgo) stations on Saturday, August 12 in the evening, and will be retrograde until September 5. So this week, as you work within the explosive and electrifying energies, try to also tie up any loose ends with technology and communication before station day. Mercury's backward motion is an opportunity to slow down in every way, from your mental activity to your literal activity (including walking, asana, driving…). The past will likely show up in one form or another, so be prepared. And if something important does resurface, it's because it needs another look, or a bit more attention. After acknowledgment it may finally be able to be released, so that there can be closure. 

If you're interested in more insight or how to work with this intensity, for a short time I'm offering an Eclipse Portal Guide to assist you. Send me an email letting me know you'd like it. ($17)
I also have Retrograde Relief nervine tonic, Mugwort & Rose Dream Potion, and body/anointing oils ready to ship out this week. See the Kosmic Apothecary page.



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes ~ Feb 6-12



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, February 6 - Sunday, February 12


Jupiter has just turned retrograde in Libra (23º) on Sunday until June 9. His work of expansion and openings will be felt internally during this cycle, a good time to plant seeds and perfect plans. On Tuesday, Mercury joins the sun in Aquarius, modifying our communications and conversations. Mercury in Aquarius has a detached, unemotional tone, more informational and our thinking more logical if capable. The big news of the week is the Full Moon in Leo and penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Luna is more dramatic when in the sign of Leo, and on top of the usual lunacy we have the electrifying vibes of an eclipse. Eclipses are like cosmic power surges; they shake things up, wake us up, initiate sudden changes and activate us in some way. Those of you who’ve read my work and participated in courses over the years know that eclipses come in twos, and we’ll have another eclipse, a Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Pisces on February 26. You’ll also remember that the time span between the eclipses I call the “no whine zone” because the Cosmic Consciousness is fertile and being seeded with your thoughts, desires, longings and intentions, so during this time you should form your thoughts into affirmations and prayers, songs to the Divine about what you’re grateful for, what you heart is calling for. Eclipses often spiral in 9 and 18 year increments, connecting that time and those events to this one. For this upcoming eclipse, hold a clear and steady vision of what you want and offer gratitude for the fullness in your life.


Enjoy your week. And happy new year!




For more personalized insight and attention, email KK to sign up for a Kosmic Koaching session, a chart or tarot reading (



Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Hanumanasana

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Black tourmaline

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Supta virasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Grounding essential oil



Aries & Aries Rising

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves to Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendship and collaboration. This shift increases your logical brain power and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This would be a great time to reach out to like minds, to dream of solutions with your heart tribe, even just to have your besties over for a slumber party and late night contemplative wisdom think tank.

On Friday we have a Leo full moon and lunar eclipse, activating some powerful magick. This moon lands in your fifth house of sex and art.  Full moons bring enough lunacy, but coupled with Leo it can get a bit dramatic. And add to that an eclipse, otherwise known as a changemaker, things could get interesting at best and volatile at worst.

This week is for organizing your thoughts and powers to have an action plan of moving forward into this year.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

The planet that rules all communication, Mercury, moves to Aquarius and your house of career. The way you express yourself and the thoughts you have will be influenced by Aquarian traits of logic, directness, and even aloofness or coolness. If you have any investigative work to do, or a presentation or talk to give, this is a good time for it.

We have a Leo full moon on Friday, plus a lunar eclipse, initiating something big. Full moons always bring lunacy and fruition, or the end of a cycle, and with an eclipse in the mix you can be certain there will be big changes or unexpected news. Be sure to focus on what you want to have in life rather that what you don’t have.

This week is for clearing your thoughts of negativity and hopelessness and invoking positive change where you need it.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mercury, muse of the mind, moves to fellow air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of mental exploration. The influence of Mercury governs what we think and talk about and in this part of your chart your mental pursuits, higher education pursuits and travel plans will be supported. This would be the best time to enroll in deep studies, go back to school, take a course or a long journey to a land far away.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse initiating changes. Full moons always bring lunacy and the completion of a lunar cycle, and with the eclipse energies added in there will be unexpected news coming in. Things can shift rapidly in an Eclipse Portal so stay alert to new information coming to you in all ways.

This week you can let your mind find solace in plans and intentions that motivate you to move toward your dreams.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of communications, Mercury, moves to air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, into your house of sex, death and rebirth. Mercury’s work is cognition, communication, self-expression. While in this part of your chart you can expect that your connection with your significant other or business partner will deepen, or you’ll join financial forces with someone, sharing wealth, and that’ll be profitable. In general, you should experience greater intimacy and possibly could have a spiritual realization of some sort.

We have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse on Friday. Full moons bring lunacy and eclipses are change makers, so we can expect that this will be a potent day. This happens in your house of wealth; there could be changes to your financial state, your career, or just in your thinking about money. Remember that eclipse energy magnetizes and magnifies.

This week prepare for any news or changes that might come your way by getting truly grounded and centered and rested.


Leo & Leo Rising

Mercury, muse of communication, moves to polar opposite sign Aquarius on Tuesday and into your house of relating. While in this area, Mercury could increase your connections and verbal harmony with those you’re in relationship with. You could enter into a business partnership now, sign a contract, get a marriage license, profess your love to someone, or commit to a lover. That should keep you busy.

If that wasn’t enough to occupy your time this week, we have full moon in your sign on Friday WITH a lunar eclipse! Full moons always bring lunacy, and in your sign they’re always more dramatic, and with an eclipse you should expect the unexpected. An eclipse in your first house of self has the potential to be powerful, but there will likely be unexpected news or a sudden change, possibly connected to events of nine or eighteen years ago.

This week lean into your capacity to inspire people with your words, and prepare for the waves of change that are coming.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

The planet of communication and mental activity, Mercury, shifts over to Aquarius on Tuesday into your house of health. Mercury’s realm is all about connections, thoughts, conversations, the past... And in this part of your chart you could feel empowered to make some changes to your health or fitness routines, to focus on your well being in general. Get your thoughts organized and your life plans and routines will follow.

There’s a potent activation brewing on Friday with a full Leo moon plus lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of closure. Full moons are full of lunacy, emotion, potency, and with an eclipse added, there will be surreal changes or upheavals or unexpected changes that may feel uncomfortable but will benefit your upliftment in the long run. Say prayers, set intentions, get rest (deep rest), and indulge in spring cleaning, both inside and out.

This week is for getting your thoughts and plans in order, putting your health first, and making sure your self-care game is on point.


Libra & Libra Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of communication, moves to airy Aquarius on Tuesday, to your fifth house of sex and art. While Mercury is here, allow your muse to return. Indulge your sexual and artistic natures, fall in love, be creative. This could be a prolific time for you, artistically and creatively but also in the arts of seduction and romance. This is also the house of fertility…

On Friday we have a potent full moon in Leo plus a lunar eclipse zapping your house of friendship. Full moons are full of lunacy, drama and energy, and coupled with an activating eclipse, expect some upheaval or big shifts. Bonds created or broken, connections made and severed, will take your attention. Gather your tribe.

This week, let yourself savor artistic endeavors, the sensual delights, and make art.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The planet of communication and expression, Mercury, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of home and family. With the gift of sharp cognition and eloquent speaking on your side, this could be a good time to bring up a home improvement project or relocation, or maybe family expansion. Tell the people closest to you that you love them.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo in your tenth house of career. Full moons always bring lunacy and heightened emotions, and coupled with an eclipse there’s even more volatility. You can expect some unexpected changes at work or in your chosen community, there could be an increase to your material abundance, or maybe a project or vision you’ve been working on has come into being. This is also the house of experts, technology, alliances, father figures and ambition.

This week let your attention turn to creating home, as well as manifesting your career dreams.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius, your third house of communication. Mercury’s realm is all about communication, thoughts, conversation, memory… and in the communication area of your chart all of your written and spoken words will carry more power and your self-expression will be clear.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse. This brings the action to your house of travel and education. All full moons are high energy events, bringing lunacy and drama, and in Leo that energy is exaggerated. With an eclipse in the mix there will likely be unexpected changes and big news about education, mental pursuits, travel, or freedom.

This week, clarify your thoughts and vision for the spring, focusing on where you want to grow.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Mercury moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your financial house. Mercury rules communication, thinking and technology and this part of your chart is about money, career and investments. This would be a good time to submit a proposal or start a business.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday plus a lunar eclipse, illuminating your house of intimacy. Full moons always bring lunacy, completion or change, and with an added eclipse, there will be unexpected changes or big news to shake things up. This part of your chart is all about sex, death and rebirth, privacy and intimacy, sharing wealth, and occult knowledge. Eclipses are activators, so something important has the potential to be initiated now.

This week, make smart financial decisions that will impact your success, watch for money coming your way, and prepare for a transformation or upgrade.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Tuesday the planet of the mind, Mercury, moves to your sign and first house on Tuesday. You’ll be even more inquisitive and inventive, seeking out intellectual challenges. You could also be more restless and over think more than usual. Your brain power gets a boost; use this energy for reinventing, recreating and revolution.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse hitting your house of relationships. Full moons incite lunacy always, and with an eclipse they become more dramatic, often bringing big news or unexpected events or changes. This eclipse is also somehow connected to events from nine or eighteen years ago, dealing with partnership, relationships, or contracts of some kind.

This week enjoy your mental prowess and prepare for the eclipse activation by organizing your thoughts and focusing on your invocations.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of the mind, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of endings. All cognition, thoughts, memories and conversations are ruled by Mercury. This part of your chart is about processing sorrows and self-defeating patterns, getting rest and closure.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse in your sixth house of well being. All full moons bring about the end of a cycle and are infused with lunacy, but with the added juice of the eclipse, there could be new discoveries, unexpected news, or shocking events. This eclipse is connected to events that occurred nine or eighteen years ago, and could deal with your physical or mental health, your relationships with the people you work with, purification or organization, or even pets.

For this week, listen deeply to your intuition and watch for initiations or activations around the eclipse.



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes ~January 23-29, 2017

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, January 23 - Sunday, January 29





We are getting accustomed to the Aquarius solar cycle this week, for those not used to the energies of rebellion and cosmic insight. This Friday brings us to the auspicious reset button and new year for Aquarius, when the new moon lands in the same sign as the sun. It is a time for renewal and new intentions, especially for Aquarius suns. This new moon also signifies lunar new year, when we enter the Year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. You can feel this Fire Rooster as an invitation to rise firebird-like from the ashes of your disappointments or betrayals, and this year you can get away with more self-confidence and cockiness which will be necessary to combat the apathy and ignorance that prevail.

Also on Friday the planet of action, Mars, moves to Aries, which is home to Mars; this is the planet that rules will power, courage, aggression and sex drive. Wherever Mars is, expect a boost of energy there.


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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Azurite

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Caledonite

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Supta virasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Obsidian



Aries & Aries Rising

This week the moon wanes down to darkness and then on Friday afternoon we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your eleventh house when considering setting your new moon intentions, and themes of friendship, collaboration and hopes for the future. With both the sun and the new moon in this social part of your chart, you may want to host a new moon party this weekend. Take time to set intentions for the next six months of your life and what you want to bring forward as far as your wishes and dreams for the future.

Your ruling planet Mars moves into your sign and first house also on Friday this week. Your personal power and confidence will be extra strong now.

This is a good week to spend time with people you care about and trust, and set the tone for your friendships and relationships this year.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

This week the moon wanes down until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your house of career; when you set your intentions for the new moon, consider what you need for material success, recognition, or attainment at work. New moons always signify a new six month cycle beginning, and with it in your tenth house this time, this is a good time to make any career makeovers or upgrades you want.

Mars, the fiery planet moves to Aries on Friday, to your house of endings. Explore any repressed feelings you have, the self-defeating tendencies you have, and deal with any secret enemies that you become aware of.  You may need some deep rest or experience a sort of spiritual transformation rather than feeling the excess of energy that usually comes with Mars.

This week, refine your vision for this year and release any self-imposed limitations.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

We have a waning moon this week until Friday, when there’s a new moon in Aquarius, your house of mental exploration. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle about travel, mental pursuits and higher education. What you focus on now will grow over the next six months, coming to fruition at the Aquarius full moon.

Mars, the planet of action, moves to Aries on Friday, to your house of friends. Anything related to your hopes and dreams, intellectual pleasures, friendships, alliances and groups will receive a blast of energy. Passions and also aggression can be high when collaborating, so try to keep a level head.

This week let your heart rather than your head lead the way when making important decisions.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

This week we have a waning moon until Friday and then there’s a new moon in air sign Aquarius, your house of intimacy and privacy. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle; themes will be things like shared wealth and merging with others, sex, and spiritual transformations. These intentions will evolve and grow for the next six months until the full moon in Aquarius. You can write them down to check in with how they are unfolding.

Mars, the planet of action is moving to Aries on Friday, paying a visit to your tenth house of public standing; you can experience a powerful resurgence of your career aspirations and ambitions. You’ll have strength and power behind your long term plans and building your material success, so use this energy to your advantage.

This week let romance and pleasure be your main pursuits.


Leo & Leo Rising

This week we have a waning moon until Friday and then we have a new moon in Aquarius, in your seventh house of relationships. You can set intentions for the new lunar cycle considering themes of partnerships, marriage, stability and harmony. Any manifesting you need to do to invoke a partner, or a productive business relationship or marriage will be powerful now.

Mars, the planet of of action is moving to fellow fire sign Aries on Friday, visiting your house of higher education and mental pursuits. Expect a burst of energy behind your educational pursuits, travel plans, philosophy or religious studies. Mars brings a forcefulness, and in this part of your chart you could be more prone to risk taking and blunt talk.

This week let your heart lead and invest in your relationships.



Virgo & Virgo Rising

We have a waning moon all week until Friday’s new moon in Aquarius. This illuminates your sixth house of health; set intentions for the next six months. Think about how you can best use your organizational skills and your gifts. And make a new plan for health, fitness and mental well being.

Mars, the planet of action, moves to Aries on Friday, to your intense house of death and rebirth. This power planet brings energy and strength wherever he goes, so with this placement in this part of your chart, prepare for your sex life to get a boost. Your sex drive will increase dramatically, and your romance will get steamy. Your pursuits with joining resources, with merging with a lover or a business partner, will be supported now.

For this week, spend time exploring your sexual nature and embrace spiritual transformation as it unfolds.


Libra & Libra Rising

This week the moon wanes down to darkness and then on Friday afternoon we have a new moon in Aquarius. This brings your focus to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Set intentions and watch them come to fruition over the next six months. Your themes and focus will revolve around sex, artistic expression, pleasure, romance, love, and even fertility. If having a child is something you want, now will be a great time to make that happen.

The planet of will power moves home to Aries on Friday and enlivens your seventh house of relationships of all kinds. Mars is all about passion and action, and in this part of your chart you can expect your sex drive to increase, your passion as well as anger to increase, and your relationships to get spicy.

For this week, let your joy be the focus, so move toward whatever makes you happy and brings you joy.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

We have a waning moon all week until Friday, when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your house of home. On this day, set intentions for your life that will grow for the next six month lunar cycle. The themes that will pull at your heart include home and family, fertility, children, mothers, and place. If you have been considering a relocation or growing your family, this would be a good time to manifest and make decisions.

The planet of power, Mars, shifts to Aries on Friday, enlivening your health and wellbeing. This part of your chart deals with your health, habits, mental wellness, physical fitness, but also organization and analysis, even pets. With Mars here, there will be bold energy and passion behind everything.

For this week, nest and rest, with the people who mean the most to you.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This week we have a waning moon all week until Friday when there’s a new moon in Aquarius, your third house of communication. Set intentions to grow over the next six months for you life. The main themes or areas of focus will be community, technology, communication, self-expression, travel, and your family. Consider what you’ll want to create and what you need in these areas.

Also on Friday Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Aquarius. This shift brings a burst of energy to your house of creativity and sexual expression. Mars energy is bright, bold, aggressive and passionate, so expect your artistic talents to get a boost and also your sex drive and love life. This would be a great time to have an art show or start a romance. It could also be a time for pregnancy.

For this week, focus on self-expression through art, pleasure, sex, and connection.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius, your financial house. As with all new moons, take time to set intentions for this new cycle that will grow over the next six months. Focus your intention setting on things like your career, income, financial security, and self-worth.

Mars, the planet of action, moves home to Aries on Friday and will bring a boost to your fourth house of home. Mars brings energy and power wherever he lands, and in your domestic sector you may expect either passion or feisty emotions to erupt at home. Any home improvements or relocations will have energy behind them.

This week, consider what makes you feel at home and what in your life you keep most protected.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The moon wanes all week until Friday when there’s a new moon in your sign and first house. This is your new year initiated, with the sun and the new moon in your sign, which only happens once a year. You get a cosmic reset button so to speak, so use this magical day to set special intentions for your life; set intentions that will grow and evolve for the next six months of this lunar cycle, until the full moon in your sign. Consider your deepest desires and most heartfelt longings, what gives you energy and joy, and what occludes it. Happy solar return, Water Bearer.

Mars, the action planet, shifts home to Aries on Friday to bring attention to your house of communication. When Mars arrives to this part of your chart, expect passion, energy and power in your self-expression, with extra energy in your family interactions and even travel plans.

This week you should focus entirely on yourself, you needs, wishes and desires and invoke all the magic and joy you can for your life.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

This week the moon wanes until Friday when we have a new moon in Aquarius and your house of rest and reflection. The sun is also in Aquarius and this part of your chart, your twelfth house. Set intentions for your solar cycle coming up next, let go of any self-diminishing patterns, and get deep rest.

Mars, the planet of action moves home to Aries on Friday. Since Mars is power and dynamism, he will bring energy to your second house of wealth. It might be a good time to invest, focus on your finances, or increase your income. You should also work to increase your self-worth and self-confidence at this time.

For this week, let yourself relax, unravel pent up emotions and clear away the psychic debris that accumulates in your field.