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Full Moon Leo Lunar Eclipse + Sun —> Aquarius

We’ve reached the conclusion of Capricorn season. And just in time. What boundaries, lessons, structures were initiated during the sea goat’s reign, and what hard work did you put in that paid off?
The Sun enters Aquarius on Sunday with quite an accompanying bang.

This year will invite us into a deeper relationship with discipline and freedom. We will build on the Capricorn lessons learned and continue to feel Saturn’s influence strongly throughout the year. We began the year with a solar eclipse, 15º Capricorn (on January 5), and this weekend delivers the counterpart to that, with a lunar eclipse in Leo (0º) opposite the Aquarius Sun. Sunday’s full moon brings us to the final eclipse in this Leo/Aquarius cluster, with the last eclipse along the Leo/Aquarius axis having happened last August 11 at 18º Leo. Reflect on the past two years of growth and evolution, lessons and hardships.
Eclipses light up a sign and its polar opposite sign in groupings, which happen over about a two year period, and reoccur approximately every nine years. This axis was highlighted in 2008-2009, and thinking back to major changes or life event from that time can hint at possible general themes for the current Leo/Aquarius eclipse set. The house that the eclipse falls into reveals more insights into the areas you can expect a shift in. If your lunar nodes are Leo/Aquarius, or if you’re a fixed sun sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), this collection of eclipses has likely cleared and cultivated some karmic changes in life. This lunar eclipse is visible in its entirety to North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

An eclipse acts as activator, setting things in motion, but the energies and transformation will unfold over the next six months to year after the actual eclipse. It may not be clear at the time the eclipse hits what exactly will clear or manifest.

We have several eclipses each year, at new or full moons that occur near the nodal axis. The nodes are destiny points, and eclipses tend to initiate or dissolve things, bringing about big change, a new frequency, an ending and beginning. We can usually feel heightened emotions and intensified energy in the time between two eclipses, and many people feel more irritable or sensitive. The best thing to do is stay tethered to your soul’s knowing. And also to pay attention. There are other planets participating in this cosmic eclipse intensification, with the Moon, Mars and Saturn squaring off, plus Uranus, and additionally Venus and Jupiter. Mars and Saturn could fortify your drive to take decisive action on something you’ve been avoiding dealing with. A consideration with Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction is that you may feel more blessed in general, or more optimistic in romance. Revelations and resolutions often accompany an eclipse. If you can wrap yourself in empathy and compassion, steep in self-love, your heart will follow its path, and new levels of opening may begin.
Under the influence of an eclipse cycle, plenty of potential for up-leveling is available.

In your chart, look for 0º Leo and Aquarius, as well as any planets aligned there (like the sun, Venus, Moon…), to determine the potential area of life where change may occur. This will be a more powerful than usual full Moon at 0º Leo, the reset number, the degree of the fertile void. Feel empowered by this cosmic momentum to assist you in clearing what’s no longer useful and in alignment and to invoke your most treasured dream. Leo Full Moon themes generally deal with heart, pleasure, creativity, romance, drama, generosity, self-confidence. Leo reminds the importance of play, self-worth, and genuine joy.

This eclipse may be experienced as a catalyst for evolution, a change agent to shake you out of complacency, the tower card in tarot, an initiation, or an inner revolution.

If you are able, take a social media fast. Unplug. Spend some quality quiet time in contemplation, if not for the day then at least for a period of time. It’s a good time to reset. Listen closely. Hold your awareness on your deep dreams, and what you’re calling in.

Lean into the mystery.

The possibilities are endless….

Happy Aquarius season.

Eclipses luminarium (Cyprian Leowitz, 1554).jpg



April 10-16 Horoscopes ::Retrograde April::

Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, April 10 - Sunday, April 16

Retrograde April


We begin the week with a full moon in Libra on Monday night (11:08pm PDT). The usual lunacy will abound, and there could be some interesting experiences with Pluto squaring this full moon. Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of relating, but Venus is retrograde of course and possibly pushing you to your relationship limits. There could be a breakthrough with this moon if you’re able to integrate the relationship work you’ve been doing. Venus turns direct finally on Saturday in Pisces and and most love and financial issues should begin to be smoothed out next week.

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all still retrograde, and taking Venus’ place will be Pluto next Thursday, so we have four planets retrograde for the entirety of the month. The pace of life may feel slower, or maybe you feel as though you’re moving slow motion through life. The past as a general theme is prominent during this time. Our efforts are best spent on more reflective or contemplative endeavors and we may benefit from more solitude and self-care now than usual.

Enjoy your week.

xo, KK

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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- tourmaline

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- tourmaline, tourmaline, tourmaline

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  keep mouth shut, tourmaline

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- tourmaline



Aries & Aries Rising

We are coming close to the end of your reign, Aries, and soon it’ll be Taurus season. This week and part of next will still belong to you so use this power wisely. We have a full moon in Libra on Monday night that squares Pluto. This moon illuminates your relationship house, bringing a revelation, completion, ending or activation. Pluto’s involvement implies a power struggle of some kind. This moon could bring a resolution to an issue or clarity about commitment.

Venus turns direct on Saturday, and any relationship or money wounds you’ve been clearing or self-defeating patterns you’ve released can be put behind you now. You can emerge from the retrograde cycle now with a deeper insight and a plan.

The sun shifts to Taurus next week and your attention will turn toward money matters. There are now only three planets retrograde… until next week when Pluto stations.

Try to have some fun this week - go see comedy or watch an old movie that you love.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Only a week and a few days left of Aries season and then the sun moves to your sign and  your solar return month gets kicked off! Next Wednesday afternoon Taurus season begins.

This week we have a Libra full moon on Monday night squaring Pluto. The moon will shine on your health house, and with the interaction with Pluto there could be a power struggle with someone you work with or you may receive some health news or results you’ve been waiting on. Your health and well being, pets, co-workers, organization or analysis could be possible full moon themes for you this time. If you’ve been dragging your feet about your health, consider this moon a kickstart to make your wellness a priority.

Venus, your ruling planet, turns direct over the weekend in your eleventh house of alliances. There have likely been some misunderstandings amongst your fellow group members or in your circle of friends. Hopefully the retrograde shed some insight on old wounds or hurt feelings and enabled you to grow or understand in some way. Hang in there- your birthday month is coming soon.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

We’re near the end of Aries season and preparing to move into Taurus. This week we have a full moon in Libra on Monday night, which illuminates your house of sex and creativity. The moon connects with Pluto, so there could be a bit of a power struggle involving a lover or creative partner. Full moons often bring big emotions, news, or a completion of some sort, and the themes of this part of your chart include pleasure and joy, fame, love and romance, seduction, art and creativity, even fertility. You could have a revelation about your relationship under this influence.

The planet of love and money, Venus, turns direct this weekend in your career sector. There were likely a few misunderstandings or feuds with co-workers or with a male boss. You could have experienced some money issues or problems with your income or material success. As Venus gains momentum and begins to feel like herself again the work you did during the retrograde cycle will be helpful for you moving forward.

With four planets retrograde for the entirety of April, including your ruler Mercury, this isn’t the best month for extreme socializing or obsessive mental and verbal attempts; just try to feel more and discuss less.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Aries season is winding down as we get ready to approach Taurus season next week. This Monday night we have a Libra full moon shining on your domestic house. Full moons are full of emotion and energy and bring news, insight or completion. You could get info or news about a mother figure or mentor or a mother-type has an answer or insight for you. You could honor the full moon by making a spa day and nesting at home. Since the moon forms a square with the Lord of the Underworld Pluto, you may run into a power play or control issues with a family member or mother figure.

Venus, the love and money planet, turns direct over the weekend in Pisces, you house of exploration. I hope this retrograde cycle brought you deep insights. Of course your travel plans and interpersonal interactions may have been strained that whole time, but energy will begin to move forward as Venus gains momentum and focus.


Leo & Leo Rising

On Monday night we have a Venus-ruled full moon in Libra illuminating your family connections and communications. Full moons bring heightened emotions, a sense of fullness or completion, endings or revelations. You could get news or information that you’ve needed or maybe a course that you’re taking ends now. This full moon makes a tense connection with  Pluto, so you could run into a power play or control issues. The themes to watch for could include communication, family ties, self-expression, travel, education, technology or community.

Venus turns direct in Pisces over the weekend. This was probably a rough one for you, Leo, since much of the retrograde was in your house of intimacy and legacies, with people or wounds from your past showing up. I hope you at least gained insight and understanding from the challenges you worked through. Things should begin to feel better as Venus gains momentum.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

We are in the final days of the Aries sun cycle and next week Taurus season begins; enjoy the focus on your eighth house themes of sex and love and art. This week we have a full moon in Libra on Monday lighting up your money house. The moon squares Pluto, bringing power struggles and control issues into the mix. You could get some important news or information, experience an ending of some kind, or receive a revelation. There will be the usual lunacy and heightened emotions that accompany all full moons, plus insight or news about an investment or your income, and control issues. Keep your discernment and patience through it all.

Venus, love planet, will turn direct finally this weekend in your relationship house. I assume you’ve had your share of run-ins, difficulties and arguments with people, including your spouse or partner, friend, or a business associate. As the love and money planet gains momentum and feels more like herself any misunderstandings should be able to be smoothed. If any people or exes from your past came back during this cycle, make sure you’ve been clear and gotten closure if that was necessary.


Libra & Libra Rising

The Aries sun cycle will soon come to an end and we’ll welcome Taurus sun next week. This week the focus is on the full moon in your sign on Monday night. This will be your personal full moon of the year, Libra, so make the most of the momentum. Watch out for control issues to arise, both in yourself and in others, or a power play of some kind, since the moon squares intense Pluto. You could receive important news or have a revelation or insight, or something will come to completion- a project, a situation, an era. Let this moon illuminate your heart’s desires and your clear vision.

On Saturday Venus turns direct finally in your house of service and health. If you’ve had some misunderstandings with coworkers or body image issues arise during this time, things can be remedied now. As Venus emerges from her underworld stay you can commit to beautifying your space, make your health and healing process a priority, and focus on your well being in all areas. If you have put off any beauty or adornment procedures during the retrograde, you’re in the clear now to color your hair, get a spa treatment or the special new tattoo you’ve been waiting to get...


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Taurus season begins next week and your focus will shift to relationships for the next solar cycle. This week’s focus will be on the full moon and Venus stationing.

We have a full moon in Libra on Monday night in your house of endings and self-undoing… so yeah that doesn’t sound like fun, but you can make the most of it because your old wounds, past betrayals and need for vengeance can be processed and released. This is the perfect time to put your past behind you and let go and move forward. You may experience a cycle coming to an end, or have karma to clear or hidden agendas to uncover, or sorrows that are lifted for this moon. There is a Pluto/moon square that could bring power struggles or control issues into the mix.

On Saturday Venus finally turns direct in Pisces, your sexy fifth house of heart and art. It’s likely that this retrograde cycle brought up old feelings, memories, nostalgia and past lovers or partners. As the love planet gains momentum you should feel a surge of romantic feelings, experience creative outbursts, begin or deepen a relationship, or get some recognition and praise for your artistic endeavors. This is also the house of fertility and pregnancy so keep that in mind.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

We’re almost through Aries season, and the sun will move into Taurus next week. This week’s focus is on the Libra full moon and Venus stationing.

On Monday the full moon is in Libra, your eleventh house of friends and dreams. This moon forms an intense alignment with Pluto, planet of death and rebirth, so there could be some power struggles, undermining or control issues that you encounter with a friend or in a group or association you’re part of. This house rules memberships, alliances, groups, idealism, goals and objectives and good luck. The full moon could bring a revelation, some big news, an ending or closure.

Venus turns direct on Saturday, so you should feel some relief to your home and family life if there has been conflict there. This area is all about home, domestic issues, women and children, roots and femininity, family, real estate, and security. That’s a lot of ground to cover, so you should emerge from this retrograde cycle with plenty of insight. Now you can get started on your remodeling, redecorating, beautifying or adorning. Permission to buy new bedding or dishes or art or plants or crystals…. ;)


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Aries season ends soon, when the sun enters Taurus next week and your energy will turn to themes of sex and love and art. This week we have a full moon in Libra on Monday night illuminating your career sector. The moon squares Pluto, so there could be some drama in the form of a power play or control issues at work. Full moon vibes bring about extreme emotions, news and information, and an ending or completion. An important project or presentation for work could be due now, you could reach a decision about your professional life, or maybe you feel the fullness of your ambition and success in a new way.

Over the weekend Venus turns direct in Pisces, your communication house. The love and money planet retrograde here surely caused some misunderstandings with your relatives or mishaps with travels for work or school. As Venus gains momentum you should feel more connected to your relatives or community, more inspired in your ideas, more self-expressive.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

We will soon shift from Aries season to Taurus season, but for now your communication and self-expressive sector is still lit up. We have the only full moon in Libra of the year on Monday evening, shining on your house of expansion and education. Pluto squares this moon, bringing in a power struggle or revealing obscured information (Pluto’s in your house of sorrows and secrets). Themes associated with the ninth house include long distance travel, freedom and risk taking, religion and philosophy, higher education and mental pursuits; there could be revelations or a sense of completion in one or several of these areas.

Venus turns direct on Saturday. During the retrograde cycle, Venus could have caused some tension in your romantic relationships or your finances.... The planet of love will gain momentum and begin to help you create more abundance, more money, more security and more harmony. Make sure self-love and self-worth are abundant in your life as well, Aquarius.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Aries season soon comes to an end and we will welcome the earthy Taurus sun cycle next week. This week our attention is on the only Libra full moon of the year and the love planet moving forward.

Monday’s full moon is in your intense house of transformation. Themes for this part of your chart include sex, death, rebirth, intimacy, shared wealth and inheritance. And with an intense square to Pluto thrown in, there could be a power struggle or hidden information surfacing. You could have a revelation or get important news, see a project reach completion, make a decision about joining resources with someone…

Venus turns direct in your first house on Saturday. Venus rules over money matters, love and beauty, so while retrograde you probably wanted to get a makeover or throw out your entire closet and buy all new clothes. You had to deal with the effects of your overspending or lost a source of income. Spring cleaning and donating everything you no longer wanted would have been perfect therapy. As Venus gets comfortable being direct, you should feel your self-confidence and sense of self-sovereignty return. Get ready to make some bold moves in love and money, Pisces, just not until after #retrogradeApril is over.



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes ~ Feb 6-12



Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, February 6 - Sunday, February 12


Jupiter has just turned retrograde in Libra (23º) on Sunday until June 9. His work of expansion and openings will be felt internally during this cycle, a good time to plant seeds and perfect plans. On Tuesday, Mercury joins the sun in Aquarius, modifying our communications and conversations. Mercury in Aquarius has a detached, unemotional tone, more informational and our thinking more logical if capable. The big news of the week is the Full Moon in Leo and penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Luna is more dramatic when in the sign of Leo, and on top of the usual lunacy we have the electrifying vibes of an eclipse. Eclipses are like cosmic power surges; they shake things up, wake us up, initiate sudden changes and activate us in some way. Those of you who’ve read my work and participated in courses over the years know that eclipses come in twos, and we’ll have another eclipse, a Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Pisces on February 26. You’ll also remember that the time span between the eclipses I call the “no whine zone” because the Cosmic Consciousness is fertile and being seeded with your thoughts, desires, longings and intentions, so during this time you should form your thoughts into affirmations and prayers, songs to the Divine about what you’re grateful for, what you heart is calling for. Eclipses often spiral in 9 and 18 year increments, connecting that time and those events to this one. For this upcoming eclipse, hold a clear and steady vision of what you want and offer gratitude for the fullness in your life.


Enjoy your week. And happy new year!




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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Hanumanasana

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Black tourmaline

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Supta virasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Grounding essential oil



Aries & Aries Rising

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves to Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendship and collaboration. This shift increases your logical brain power and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This would be a great time to reach out to like minds, to dream of solutions with your heart tribe, even just to have your besties over for a slumber party and late night contemplative wisdom think tank.

On Friday we have a Leo full moon and lunar eclipse, activating some powerful magick. This moon lands in your fifth house of sex and art.  Full moons bring enough lunacy, but coupled with Leo it can get a bit dramatic. And add to that an eclipse, otherwise known as a changemaker, things could get interesting at best and volatile at worst.

This week is for organizing your thoughts and powers to have an action plan of moving forward into this year.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

The planet that rules all communication, Mercury, moves to Aquarius and your house of career. The way you express yourself and the thoughts you have will be influenced by Aquarian traits of logic, directness, and even aloofness or coolness. If you have any investigative work to do, or a presentation or talk to give, this is a good time for it.

We have a Leo full moon on Friday, plus a lunar eclipse, initiating something big. Full moons always bring lunacy and fruition, or the end of a cycle, and with an eclipse in the mix you can be certain there will be big changes or unexpected news. Be sure to focus on what you want to have in life rather that what you don’t have.

This week is for clearing your thoughts of negativity and hopelessness and invoking positive change where you need it.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mercury, muse of the mind, moves to fellow air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of mental exploration. The influence of Mercury governs what we think and talk about and in this part of your chart your mental pursuits, higher education pursuits and travel plans will be supported. This would be the best time to enroll in deep studies, go back to school, take a course or a long journey to a land far away.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse initiating changes. Full moons always bring lunacy and the completion of a lunar cycle, and with the eclipse energies added in there will be unexpected news coming in. Things can shift rapidly in an Eclipse Portal so stay alert to new information coming to you in all ways.

This week you can let your mind find solace in plans and intentions that motivate you to move toward your dreams.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of communications, Mercury, moves to air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, into your house of sex, death and rebirth. Mercury’s work is cognition, communication, self-expression. While in this part of your chart you can expect that your connection with your significant other or business partner will deepen, or you’ll join financial forces with someone, sharing wealth, and that’ll be profitable. In general, you should experience greater intimacy and possibly could have a spiritual realization of some sort.

We have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse on Friday. Full moons bring lunacy and eclipses are change makers, so we can expect that this will be a potent day. This happens in your house of wealth; there could be changes to your financial state, your career, or just in your thinking about money. Remember that eclipse energy magnetizes and magnifies.

This week prepare for any news or changes that might come your way by getting truly grounded and centered and rested.


Leo & Leo Rising

Mercury, muse of communication, moves to polar opposite sign Aquarius on Tuesday and into your house of relating. While in this area, Mercury could increase your connections and verbal harmony with those you’re in relationship with. You could enter into a business partnership now, sign a contract, get a marriage license, profess your love to someone, or commit to a lover. That should keep you busy.

If that wasn’t enough to occupy your time this week, we have full moon in your sign on Friday WITH a lunar eclipse! Full moons always bring lunacy, and in your sign they’re always more dramatic, and with an eclipse you should expect the unexpected. An eclipse in your first house of self has the potential to be powerful, but there will likely be unexpected news or a sudden change, possibly connected to events of nine or eighteen years ago.

This week lean into your capacity to inspire people with your words, and prepare for the waves of change that are coming.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

The planet of communication and mental activity, Mercury, shifts over to Aquarius on Tuesday into your house of health. Mercury’s realm is all about connections, thoughts, conversations, the past... And in this part of your chart you could feel empowered to make some changes to your health or fitness routines, to focus on your well being in general. Get your thoughts organized and your life plans and routines will follow.

There’s a potent activation brewing on Friday with a full Leo moon plus lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of closure. Full moons are full of lunacy, emotion, potency, and with an eclipse added, there will be surreal changes or upheavals or unexpected changes that may feel uncomfortable but will benefit your upliftment in the long run. Say prayers, set intentions, get rest (deep rest), and indulge in spring cleaning, both inside and out.

This week is for getting your thoughts and plans in order, putting your health first, and making sure your self-care game is on point.


Libra & Libra Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of communication, moves to airy Aquarius on Tuesday, to your fifth house of sex and art. While Mercury is here, allow your muse to return. Indulge your sexual and artistic natures, fall in love, be creative. This could be a prolific time for you, artistically and creatively but also in the arts of seduction and romance. This is also the house of fertility…

On Friday we have a potent full moon in Leo plus a lunar eclipse zapping your house of friendship. Full moons are full of lunacy, drama and energy, and coupled with an activating eclipse, expect some upheaval or big shifts. Bonds created or broken, connections made and severed, will take your attention. Gather your tribe.

This week, let yourself savor artistic endeavors, the sensual delights, and make art.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The planet of communication and expression, Mercury, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of home and family. With the gift of sharp cognition and eloquent speaking on your side, this could be a good time to bring up a home improvement project or relocation, or maybe family expansion. Tell the people closest to you that you love them.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo in your tenth house of career. Full moons always bring lunacy and heightened emotions, and coupled with an eclipse there’s even more volatility. You can expect some unexpected changes at work or in your chosen community, there could be an increase to your material abundance, or maybe a project or vision you’ve been working on has come into being. This is also the house of experts, technology, alliances, father figures and ambition.

This week let your attention turn to creating home, as well as manifesting your career dreams.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius, your third house of communication. Mercury’s realm is all about communication, thoughts, conversation, memory… and in the communication area of your chart all of your written and spoken words will carry more power and your self-expression will be clear.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse. This brings the action to your house of travel and education. All full moons are high energy events, bringing lunacy and drama, and in Leo that energy is exaggerated. With an eclipse in the mix there will likely be unexpected changes and big news about education, mental pursuits, travel, or freedom.

This week, clarify your thoughts and vision for the spring, focusing on where you want to grow.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Mercury moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your financial house. Mercury rules communication, thinking and technology and this part of your chart is about money, career and investments. This would be a good time to submit a proposal or start a business.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday plus a lunar eclipse, illuminating your house of intimacy. Full moons always bring lunacy, completion or change, and with an added eclipse, there will be unexpected changes or big news to shake things up. This part of your chart is all about sex, death and rebirth, privacy and intimacy, sharing wealth, and occult knowledge. Eclipses are activators, so something important has the potential to be initiated now.

This week, make smart financial decisions that will impact your success, watch for money coming your way, and prepare for a transformation or upgrade.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Tuesday the planet of the mind, Mercury, moves to your sign and first house on Tuesday. You’ll be even more inquisitive and inventive, seeking out intellectual challenges. You could also be more restless and over think more than usual. Your brain power gets a boost; use this energy for reinventing, recreating and revolution.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse hitting your house of relationships. Full moons incite lunacy always, and with an eclipse they become more dramatic, often bringing big news or unexpected events or changes. This eclipse is also somehow connected to events from nine or eighteen years ago, dealing with partnership, relationships, or contracts of some kind.

This week enjoy your mental prowess and prepare for the eclipse activation by organizing your thoughts and focusing on your invocations.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of the mind, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of endings. All cognition, thoughts, memories and conversations are ruled by Mercury. This part of your chart is about processing sorrows and self-defeating patterns, getting rest and closure.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse in your sixth house of well being. All full moons bring about the end of a cycle and are infused with lunacy, but with the added juice of the eclipse, there could be new discoveries, unexpected news, or shocking events. This eclipse is connected to events that occurred nine or eighteen years ago, and could deal with your physical or mental health, your relationships with the people you work with, purification or organization, or even pets.

For this week, listen deeply to your intuition and watch for initiations or activations around the eclipse.



Aquarius Full Moon + Guru Purnima + Lammas

In the early morning hours on Friday, July 31 at 3:43am PDT, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. This is the second full moon of the month, and also corresponds with two new moons in Aquarius that happened earlier this year.
It can be a powerful weekend to clear and release what has been hindering your growth or squelching your freedom, and to assert your desires and your own wild nature, realigning with your inner will and knowledge. Individuality and original authenticity are emphasized.


Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by the planet Uranus (modern ruler), the planet of change and unpredictability, the unconventional and disruption. It rules electricity and modern science as well as inventions. This sign is symbolized by the Water Bearer, pouring out the waters of wisdom and knowledge for humanity. When the moon is in Aquarius, a sign of rational thinking, logic, and humanitarianism, altruistic qualities are enhanced as well as intuition and imagination, sensitivity and heightened perception. Aquarius moon encourages more idealism, creativity, tolerance, a visionary outlook, but can also bring some unpredictability and aloofness, as well as a fixed opinion. This is the sign of the future, knowledge, clairvoyance, the unusual.


The Aquarius full moon is the second full moon of July. And even more importantly, it corresponds to two New Moons in Aquarius at the beginning of this year. So there will be some sense of completion or ending of a cycle that began during the new moons of the first of the year. The same day as the full moon, Venus, planet of love and worth, moves into Leo. And it is considered to be Lunar Lammas, the astrological Lammas, a time of gathering together. In addition, on this same day it is Guru Purnima, or the full moon of the guru, a time set aside to honor and celebrate our gurus, Teachers and teachers, the teachings and lineage we are aligned with, and the Adi Guru (supreme guru) and Guru Tattva (guru principle in the universe).


Celtic and Northern European Pagans celebrate Lammastide from sunset on August 1 until sunrise on August 2. This is a time to pause and remember the seeds sown, literally and figuratively. We savor the last long days of summer before reaping the fruits of our labor, the harvest. It is a time to reflect and offer gratitude, with themes around health, hearth and home. Lugh, the Sun god, is honored and the first grains are harvested and baked into a loaf of bread, seen as the bread of life. The grains symbolize the cycles of death and rebirth and those gods that die and are resurrected.


Throw into the fire your regrets and those things you are releasing from your heart or life. Contemplate what you want to harvest as summer begins to come to a close. Honor the mysteries and magic of this day. Have a feast to celebrate.



Capricorn Full Moon ~ You are Whole


Capricorn Full Moon ~ You are Whole

July begins with a Full Moon in Capricorn (Wednesday at 7:19pm PDT).

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotions, what we treasure in our hearts, intuition, instinctive knowing and behavior, the unconscious, our depths, our animalistic side, our innermost selves.

The Sun in Cancer opposes this Full Moon in Capricorn. These two signs are polar opposites; typically Cancer represents the archetype of the Mother in astrology and Capricorn, the archetype of the Father. While watery Cancer represents home and family life, earthy Capricorn is the sign of public image and reputation out in the world. With Cancer we connect with our emotions and with Capricorn the focus is on purpose and duty. We can explore this polarity and find a balance between taking care of ourselves, our loved ones, valuing domesticity and asserting ourselves in the public sphere, interacting with purpose, enacting our duty and dharma in life. We can contemplate how we feel nurtured and at home inside ourselves and how we offer our unique gifts out into the world.

With the Cancer/Capricorn axis, this Moon emphasizes the theme of home. Home is that familiar place where we are safe and feel comfortable, where we can feel nurtured and relaxed, and most importantly, where we can be ourselves unapologetically and be accepted. Hopefully. If that is not your current reality you may certainly feel a heaviness in your heart or that longing to belong on this full moon, but you can work with the lunar energies. Hold a vision in your mind’s eye of what you would like to see manifest with regard to feeling secure and nested in a home that’s right for you, with people who love and appreciate you. And turn inside to the hearth of your heart. Remember that you belong.

Capricorn’s influence brings a stabilizing effect to the changing moon. There is a sense of seriousness, responsibility and determination associated with Capricorn. Capricorn moon can bring more rigidity, pessimism and materialism, but also more discipline, patience and commitment. There is a quality of authority and self-reliance with the moon in this sign. This aspect of the Full Moon emphasizes the theme of purpose. Purpose, duty, and dharma, what we are meant to do, what our work is, will be examined and reflected upon. We will be reminded to be steadfast, that we are self-sovereign, and that we are capable of handling the tasks at hand.

We also have Venus, which rules love, beauty and money conjunct Jupiter, which expands everything and provides opportunities. This aspect can bring some sweetness and positivity.

Then there’s Mars. Mars is connected to this Full Moon, which could show us where we are being overly forceful and where we could be more assertive in certain areas of life and how we go about ensuring that we feel safe and nurtured. It could also arouse passive aggressive tendencies in ourselves and others. Under this influence, people can be inclined to project, to put blame onto another, to shame, to be deceiving, to bottle up feelings until they explode. And if there are buried anger, resentments, or pain built up inside unchecked, it is possible that the harsh, dominating, violent war-like qualities of Mars can emerge.

For this Full Moon, let your emotions be felt fully; let tears flow or howls be unleashed or elation bubble up from deep inside. This is lunacy, the art of being possessed by the moon... unbridled, instinctual expression. Do not suppress your feelings and expressions for fear they are unladylike or unmanly or not pretty. Don’t be pretty. Be real. Be radically vulnerable and infinitely strong. Make a commitment to embrace unreasonable authenticity, even if it makes you unpopular or coaxes you to stand alone. There is a tribe of deep-feeling souls, spread out in far flung places. There are those that see you for Who You Are and what you offer, appreciate your oddness or boldness, await your next contribution. Believe in your instincts and embrace your intuition. This moon reminds you that you are already whole.


KK  ~ Wild Moon Wisdom Astrology




Guru Purnima

Blessed Guru Purnima!  The July full moon is the full moon of the Guru. It is a very special time to honor our teachers and gurus, and a time when we receive powerful blessings from those teachers not on the physical plane. We appreciate and honor deeply the complex and beautiful interactions between teacher and student.

We honor the guru-principle. Guru means "heavy" or "weighty". Another definition is remover of ignorance. The guru is the weighty one, saturated with wisdom, permeated with Grace.

The moon will be in Capricorn, which invites us into the realm of the wisdom of the ancestors and ancient ones. The Kosmic Kula has been exploring and expanding on the concepts of purna for a year or more, and it will be an exceptional adventure to deepen our experiences of purna during this most auspicious full moon.

I invite you to let your home become heavy with the scent of incense and the sounds of prayers and chanting. Clarify intentions in candlelight and offer respect in your own way to the Great Ones. Contemplate purna as it feels today, and reflect on who and what you are heartbreakingly grateful for. 

The primordial yogi, the great yoga adept and teacher Lord Shiva, is celebrated wholeheartedly as the Adi Guru. Om Namah Shivaya! We honor the Great Mother. Sri Maa Namaha!                                                  

May our hearts become sanctified and saturated with the nectar of the bliss of the Divine. May we become full like the moon with the soma of honey-like awareness. 

May we practice pada puja; pranams and offerings at the lotus-feet of the Beloved.

May we remember we are whole and holy!

Shivo'ham! Purno'ham!




Sunshine is awesome and sweet

Happy Midsummer! We have reached another turn of the wheel of the year; Solstice occurs (in the Northern hemisphere) this week when the sun enters the 0 degree of Cancer. This is the longest day of the year, when the sun reaches its peak, its purna (fullness). After Solstice, the days will slowly begin to shorten once again as we head toward  the dark time of the year. Solstice is a time of sun and celebration of life, fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers, bright fires, and feeling grateful for what fills your life. Let your yoga be bright and blissful. Make a feast for the eve before, and then on Solstice morning awaken before dawn so that you can greet the Solstice sun as it rises. Make offerings and prayers.

Venus moves into Cancer and the full moon will be in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Mercury goes direct on Thursday morning, but plan for its shadow period for about a week before things start to get back on track.

At this full moon and solstice, meditate on your own purna (fullness). Contemplate what you are grateful for, what you are filled with, how all that you need already lives inside you. Feel your heart as a moon, full of bliss and overflowing. Let luminescent moonbeams of gratitude and bliss stream from your heart in an offering back to the universe.