On Thursday we have a full moon in Scorpio and a partial lunar eclipse. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, known as the Lord of the Underworld, ruling over death and deathlike transformations. And rebirth. There are powerful forces and energies swirling  around us right now. Full moons are already powerful, and Scorpio full moons are generally more intense (and uncomfortable) than most. Add to that an eclipse; eclipses are activators, they set things in motion, or dissolve things, or initiate things. An eclipse is like a zap of electricity or a power surge- they can create chaos and instigate change and generally shake people up. With the Scorpio influence, its likely that we could be pushed to the limits, we could feel a resurfacing of the very depths that we keep hidden inside, we could have more of ourselves revealed to us, more truth exposed, more of what has been kept away, more purging of the psyche.

Eclipses amplify and magnify and activate. To work with these potent, charged energies, clarify for yourself what you intend to have activated, what area of your life you might need revelation and understanding. Set an intention. Be prepared to have a big shift, but know that it takes up to six months for the eclipse to cycle out, so the aspect of life that was shifted may not be revealed until then.

There can always be healing that takes place in these times of epic change and turmoil. Death always gives way to rebirth. The process can rip us apart, but we can gather the pieces and create a mosaic with the shards of our brokenness. We can turn pain into beauty, churn difficulties into nectar. But first we must feel them, totally, entirely, intensely. This is Pluto's gift.

Let this eclipse portal be a gateway into your own intensity, to have the truth revealed to you, so that you can be uncompromising in the way you live life, so that you can magnetize those forces  that bring blessings, so you can rest in the wholeness of your brokenness and know that you will  rise. Kali is devouring us with love.

Jai Sri Maa Kali ~*~

Blessed be.