Tonight is Imbolc Eve, a night of magic and divination. Tomorrow, on February 2, multiple events coalesce into a magical day of celebration and new beginnings. Imbolc (or Candlemas) is a sacred cross-quarter day in the Wheel of the Year, an important and powerful time between Yule and Spring Equinox. We are held in the belly of winter, but signs of Spring begin to emerge. At this time of year I honor Brighid (Brigit, Bride), the Celtic goddess of hearth and home, of healing, occult knowledge and divination, smithcraft, sacred wells, the keeper of the flames. Originally it was Brighid's snake that emerged for weather divination (not a groundhog). On this eve, I will hang a special cloth, called Brighid's mantle, from my window so that Brighid will bless it as she travels through the night. February 2 is also the new moon in Aquarius (at 6:31 pm PST). All new moons signify new beginnings, rebirth and renewal, and in the sign of Aquarius this new moon will emphasis Aquarius qualities (like originality, eccentricity, unconventionality, progressive thinking,  strong opinions, humanitarianism). I love when the sun is in Aquarius, my own sun sign, which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of radical change, rebellion, unconventionality; energies of originality and free-thinking which are natural for Aquarius now infuse and influence life more fully for all. This is a time to think outside of the box to create radical and dramatic shifts in the global consciousness, and in our own lives.

Lastly, tomorrow marks the end of the Tiger year and the beginning of the Year of the Hare. This will be a metal Rabbit year, meaning that the Rabbit year is infused with the element of metal. It will be a calmer year that the intensity of the Tiger, a year of quality over quantity, refinement, sensitivity and attentiveness. Rabbit is stylish and artistic, calm and expressive. (Come to class to hear my my theme for the year, and to hear my special metal Rabbit mix!) May you rock this metal Rabbit year.

May Brighid's mantle cover, protect, and bless you this year.

Blessed be ~

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