Wednesday 9/18/19: SATURN turns DIRECT (13º 55’ Capricorn) at 1:47am PDT.

The planetary Teacher of Reality has been retrograde since April 29 (rx at 20º 31’ Capricorn) and this retrograde cycle has felt particularly perilous because of the South Node conjunction, plus Saturn is extra Saturn-y while in its home sign of Capricorn. Saturn’s retrograde dealt with themes of self-sovereignty, responsibility, and general integrity. With Saturn and the South Node linked together closely, we have been called into deeper deliberations about karmic contracts, unhealed generational trauma, unhealthy patterns that haunt and hinder us, and where we are stuck. It has been important to see where we lack the boundaries necessary for a strong foundation (in our sense of self as well as structurally in life) and where we lack maturity. We may have been confronted by the ways in which our conditioning and reactions inhibit our progress and maybe how our lack of boundaries or overuse of armor first began. During the retrograde we were invited to investigate and re-define our boundaries, commitments, and responsibilities. With Saturn direct we will hopefully integrate the insight and clarity we discovered about these issues and can now iimplement the lessons and allow for growth. It is possible to appreciate the oftentimes uncomfortable, hard-earned lessons Saturn brings us when we realize that nothing would ever get done without this planet’s influence. Saturn’s energy fortifies and solidifies, it grounds and empowers. It coallesces the will and inner reserves of faith within even the most reluctant recepient. Saturn’s shadow period will last about another three months, until December 26. And this all leads up to the much anticipated Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22º 46’ Capricorn on January 12, 2020, a major event. 

For now, pay attention to the areas that have felt blocked for the past five months of Saturn’s retrograde period, the projects or works that have been stalled, and any changes that arise. You may feel things start to shift soon. Saturn places the obstacles in the way but also supplies the means to overcome them and make things happen. Apply what you’ve learned. This Saturn freqency will be expressed politically and socially as well as intimately in your personal life. Some have had a rougher and more intense time with this retrograde than others, so if you’re feeling bruised and humbled, or disassembled and back to an inner origin point, remember that within the confines of Saturn’s stern stare and uncompromising discipline, immense freedom is granted.
Equinox arrives soon.

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