Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, July 17 - Sunday, July 23  

This is the week that fire signs have been waiting for: the week that the sun moves into Leo. And not only that, but Mars moves into Leo until September and we have a Leo New Moon this week too. We can wave goodbye to Cancer season for another year when the Sun enters boastful Leo on Saturday morning. The sensitive vibes of Cancer, which are necessary for us to actually feel our feelings and deal with them, can make us moody after four weeks so when sun-ruled Leo enters the scene, some emotional heaviness lifts and the mood lightens up in general. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so the Sun is happy here.

Mars, the planet of action and power, leaves Cancer and shifts to Leo on Thursday morning, changing the way we communicate, infusing our words and thoughts with more drama and confidence. Sunday morning is the New Moon in Leo, a time to seed fresh intentions and visions. We have a rare treat of having two back to back Leo New Moons this Leo season, with the second one bringing a powerful total Solar Eclipse.

Some of the additional aspects providing context this week include Venus squaring Neptune, Mars squaring Uranus, Mars trine Chiron, Venus trine Jupiter, Sun/Moon conjunction, and Moon/Mars conjunction. Squares imply conflict or challenge, trines are harmonious and favorable, and conjunctions are most powerful and intensifying.

The astrology of August heats up, and these shifts into Leo land will get everyone warmed up for the summer. I recommend for all signs to try to get their shit together as much as possible now before the Eclipse cycle hits, palo santo smudges and black tourmaline gridding, and sunflowers all around.


Aries & Aries Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, making the next four weeks for you all about creative and sexual expression. The Sun will settle into your sexy fifth house and your energy will be passionate, making it a good time for artistic pursuits and romance. It’s also the house that rules children, joy and chance, and you may feel inclined for more play or it could be more about fertility/pregnancy. This is called the natural house for the Sun.

Around the time of the New Moon in Leo, clarify intentions of what you want to invoke around  love, romance or your art, in whatever form that takes.

When Mars makes a move to Leo, the sex and seduction increases; Mars is sex drive, and this part of your chart houses sex, passion and love affairs.


Taurus & Taurus Rising
The new solar cycle begins on Saturday morning with the Sun’s move into Leo, turning your attention to home and family matters for the next four weeks. As the Sun settles into your domestic sector, the energy will center on your household, home improvement or renovations, women and children in your life, and all domestic affairs. You’ll be happy to nest and rest at home, to host close friends and family at your space, or to indulge in much-needed self-care.

On Sunday morning we have a Leo New Moon in this same house, so set intentions for this lunar cycle lasting about six months, around bringing you closer to your dreams about home and family, and what it means to you to feel “at home” in the world.

Mars, the planet of power, moves to Leo on Thursday morning and remains until early September; this could bring more passion and give you the drive to complete home projects,  or it could bring some misunderstanding or arguments into your homelife, either with roommates or family members.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
On Saturday morning the Sun moves into Leo, beginning the new solar cycle. For the next four weeks your energy will be directed into ideas, self-expression, and community efforts. You may need to travel for work or as part of your studies, and you also may want to reconnect with extended family. Your sign is the natural ruler of this house; you’ll feel in your element for this cycle.

Sunday’s Leo New Moon is in this same part of your chart. In the time around the new moon, consider what new energy you’d like to bring in to support communicating your ideas and truth, for your studies or for mending relationships with some of your family members. Pay attentions to important conversations taking place on the New Moon.

The planet of drive, Mars, enters Leo on Thursday and brings a burst of bright energy to all of your communications. Be aware that Mars can be aggressive or insensitive here. In general, all things you do related to technology, logic, studies or communicating will be empowered; it is a good time to take some action on ideas.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
The Sun leaves your sign on Saturday and moves into bold Leo, which means your energy is shifting gears a bit. For this solar cycle your attention turns to money matters and opportunities to get grounded. This emphasis on your second house is exaggerated by having Mars move to Leo and also a Leo New Moon.

Mars makes a move on Thursday, and together with the Sun can bring new financial prospects your way, give you the drive and ambition to pursue a new position or outlet for your career, and boost your earning power and income. The Mars energy could also bring a disagreement over money or an expense you weren’t prepared for, but for the most part this dynamic arrangement will be positive and profitable if you work with the energy.

The New Moon arrives early Sunday morning and you can consider how you’d like to improve your finances or increase material success, as well for stability all around and seeing your self-worth.

Leo & Leo Rising
This is your week, Leo, and the beginning of your birthday month. Happy solar return!

We leave Cancer season on Saturday morning, and you can climb out of the heavy twelfth house energy to celebrate the Sun coming home to your sign. The next four weeks are all about you and with Mars moving to Leo as well as two consecutive New Moons in your sign this season, you’ll be on fire! Choose to use your powers for good.

Mars shifts to Leo on Thursday and remains until September, boosting your confidence and self-esteem (since you’re all so shy and quiet) and increasing your magnetism even more. Mars energizes but can also aggravate with all that impulsive and willful energy, so channel it wisely (into sex appeal and ambition).

The first of two New Moons (special) in your sign happens Sunday morning. The next one will bring with it a Solar Eclipse which will catalyze a rebirth or transformation of some kind. In the days after the New Moon, as the Moon waxes, consider what personal prayers or prized but hidden hopes you have that you want to invoke; this can help you prepare for the New Moon and Eclipse coming in August.

Virgo & Virgo Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, which means that the next four weeks are for you to take time for yourself in deep reflection. This is just a rite of passage the month before your birthday month, a time for you to clear karma and get rest and heal some wounds before your yearly new beginning.

On Sunday we have a New Moon in Leo, and another one next month which is pretty special. The second Leo New Moon accompanies a Solar Eclipse which will bring a transformation or rebirth. For this one, clarify what karmic debts or self-defeating behaviors you’re ready to purge and get ready for the upcoming Eclipse to send a power surge through your life.

Mars makes a move to Leo on Thursday and remains until September. In this sensitive part of your chart that rules endings, self-imposed limitations, hidden agendas and sorrows, Mars can contribute to extreme right brain activity and an overactive subconscious. There could be a confrontation and you may say goodbye to a painful relationship. Tune in to your psychic sense.

Libra & Libra Rising
The next solar cycle begins on Saturday, when the Sun leaves Cancer for Leo, moving into your house of friends and alliances. For the next four weeks you’ll feel like socializing and re-connecting with people, and these connections can lead you to new opportunities.

Mars, the planet of will, moves to this same part of your chart on Thursday and continues to boost your confidence and charisma in social settings. You’ll feel an increase in ambition and will go after your goals; through either technology or teamwork your organization will succeed and your interests and objectives made clear.

We have the first of two consecutive New Moons in Leo on Sunday morning. In the first couple of days after the New Moon is exact, contemplate how you want to move forward into a new cycle and set intentions. The next Leo New Moon brings an Eclipse with it, which is certain to shake things up in some way, either severing a tie or igniting a new collaboration.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
On Saturday we start a new solar cycle, with the Sun moving into Leo, your tenth house of long term plans. The next four weeks will be beneficial for making moves to solidify material success in some way, and for success in matters outside of home and family, including your image and career.

Powerhouse Mars also moves to Leo and only contributes to boosting your ambition and career aspirations. This is prime time to pitch your ideas, get the raise you deserve or branch out on your own. Through your hard work, your fruitful efforts and raw talent, you’ll accomplish much during this time.

The first of TWO New Moons in Leo occur early Sunday morning- this one can be good practice for setting clear and lucid intentions that are both meaningful and ambitious, because the second New Moon coming up brings with it a significant Solar Eclipse which will surely bring big changes or evolution.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
On Saturday we begin a new solar cycle, when the Sun leaves Cancer and enters Leo; the next four weeks will give you an opportunity for success in philosophical or scientific thought and work or with travels. Expansion and growth are available to you during this cycle, and this is the time if you’ve been considering higher education or traveling abroad. Your sign is the natural ruler of the ninth house where all the action will be taking place so it should all feel familiar.

The planet of action, Mars, also moves to Leo and this part of your chart, which could make you more inclined to take big risks and speaking bluntly and honestly. You’ll be more drawn to adventure, and not so much to specific plans that may feel constrictive.

We’ll experience the first of two Leo New Moons this weekend, and the second one brings a powerful punch with a Solar Eclipse. For this New Moon, consider what energy you want to move forward with and what changes you want to make. Think globally for these moons...

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
The new solar cycle begins with the Sun’s entrance into Leo, meaning the next four weeks will be about your connections in intimate relationships. The Sun will settle into your house of intimacy and privacy, emphasizing money or debt that belongs to your partner, joint resources and spiritual transformation. This is the house that rules death/rebirth experiences, intensity, psychic powers and astral experiences... which aren’t part your usual day to day occurrences or thoughts.

Around the time of the New Moon in Leo on Sunday, clarify intentions of what you want to invoke around sex and intimacy, regeneration, and financial investments. A serious financial opportunity could show up now, or your relationship with a lover could intensify and deepen. We’ll have another Leo New Moon (unusual) in a month that also brings an Eclipse, so a transformative shift could be on the way.

When Mars moves to Leo on Thursday, jealousy and possessiveness could arise and rock the boat, so try to stay focused. Mars is sex drive and ambition, and this part of your chart is about sex and intimacy, as well as other people’s money or debt, so there can be more passion and more stress and tension during this transit.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
The Sun moves into fire sign Leo on Saturday, emphasizing your seventh house of partnership and marriage for the next four weeks. This part of your chart is all about serious partnerships, creating harmony, and negotiating. This is where you balance your strong sense of individuality with working with another and making an offering.

Mars, the planet of action, also moves to Leo this week and can intensify things in general. Passions and tempers can rise, and you may feel more feisty and impulsive during this time.

We have a New Moon in Leo on Sunday morning, initiating a new lunar cycle that lasts for the next six months; around the new moon time, consider intentions to set that will impact your relationship, or your business partnerships, and what you want with regard to marriage/ partnering. Couples may decide to move in together or get married, or there might be a new collaboration with a creative partner. There will be a special second Leo New Moon in a month that brings an Eclipse! And eclipses always bring big changes, surprises and evolutionary upgrades, so clarify your vision for what you want to invoke and call into being, especially as it relates to harmonious partnership.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
The Sun leaves Cancer for Leo on Saturday, emphasizing your analytical sixth house; for the next solar cycle you’re encouraged to get things back in order, bringing organization to your home, your mind and your health. De-clutter and reorganize, release thoughts that cause emotional upsets, get all doctor visits taken care of, and get back into your fitness or workout routine. Realize that some stress you’re carrying and not dealing with could contribute to illness or feeling fatigued.

Mars, the planet of will, also moves into Leo this week (until September) and will give you a boost of courage, confidence and willpower in your health-focused endeavors. This could be what you need to kick a bad habit or to get motivated.

On Sunday morning we have the first of two Leo New Moons, so spend some time around the New Moon and set intentions around being of service to the world, your own well being, and being in a space of clarity. The next New Moon brings with it an Eclipse, which will certainly bring some revelations and necessary changes. Eclipses are known for zapping us awake where we’ve been resisting or unaware.