Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, May 22 - Sunday, May 28

We’ve reached the end of Mercury’s shadow period, and you can begin to speak freely and move at your normal pace once again. The moon will traverse Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this week, with a new moon in Gemini at 12:44pm PDT on Thursday. For Gemini suns, this is your personal new moon of the year; while the sun is in your sign and and you’re able to consider what is most important in your life, set intentions at this moon to grow your biggest wishes and heartfelt desires. When the full moon in Gemini arrives you will be able to see what you’ve created. We will all set new moon intentions that we’ll cultivate for the next six months, but with both the sun and moon in Gemini our Gemini friends will have an infusion of strength and magic to theirs.
Enjoy your week.  Xo, KK
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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Dhanuasana
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Supta virasana
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Gomukhasana
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Trikonasana

Aries & Aries Rising

The new moon in Gemini on Thursday lands in your technology and ideas sector; set intentions around self-expression and communication, your family ties, trips and travels. Manifest some new ideas and energy.

Although the exact hit was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. This affects your ninth and first houses, so there could be profound revelations that change everything and you’ll have the tools and organization to ground them in reality. Stay open to dreams, connections and opportunities this week.



Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini shining in your money sector. Like with all new moons, the energy is that of initiation and new beginnings, so set intentions for your financial success and security, your career, and your earning potential. This is also the house that rules self-worth which is a necessary component as you move forward with your hopes and dreams.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. You may feel potent changes unfolding around legacies, spiritual transformations, closure and healing. Old karma may be cleared to reveal a newfound sense of self-understanding.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

This Monday we have a new moon in your sign for your solar return month. This is your moon; each sign only has one new moon in their sign and it is while the sun is also there. Take time to ritualize your intention setting this month to increase potency and focus on your personal goals and deepest desires.

Last week’s Saturn/Uranus trine was exact, but we will feel the energies for the rest of the month. Your relationships and friendships will likely undergo an upgrade. Don’t resist the changes but rather open to the unexpected; things are reorganizing in a better way.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini, your intense house of endings and understanding. This is a strange feeling since new moons usher in a new beginning, but with it in this part of your chart, your energy will be mostly drawn to the dark moon just before the new cycle. Allow yourself to purge and release old residue and karma in order to move into a new era. Then your new intentions will arise from a new sense of self-empowerment.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we will feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. You may feel potent changes unfolding or new insights with your health or in your career. The harmonizing of these two opposite powerhouses can make a lasting impression on your life.


Leo & Leo Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini, your house of alliances and idealism. Take time to set intentions for this next lunar cycle that will grow for the next six months. This part of your chart rules memberships, intellectual pleasures, friendships, and your goal and objectives. This is also a good time to reach out to your connections; you never know who will have an important bit of information or advice that could bring a boon.

Although the exact aspect was last week, we’ll feel the trine between Saturn and Uranus for the rest of the month. The merging of two opposite signs with paradoxical energies can bring some disorientation at first, but an evolutionary alignment eventually. You’ll feel the themes of love, sexuality, creative expression, deep studies, risk taking and freedom come together in some way.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

On Monday we have a Gemini new moon in your career house, so take time to set your new moon intentions and manifest some money magic! The intentions set now will develop and grow for the next six months until the Gemini full moon; focus on long term plans, your aspirations and ambition, being successful in your career cultivating material success for the long run. This part of your chart is also about experts and expertise in your field, fathers and important male mentors in your life, so there could be some sage advice coming your way from a father figure.

The Saturn/Uranus trine that hit last week is still in play, and we’ll feel the energies for the rest of the month. For you the old school discipline planet is in your domestic house and the innovative planet is in your house of death and rebirth; you’re bound to have some changes and upgrades in your intimate connections and your finances. Be open to love, to a new business partner, to real estate deals or buying a home. And don’t forget to take some time to enjoy your life, Virgo.


Libra & Libra Rising

Monday’s new moon in Gemini shines on your house of honesty and freedom; set intentions that will grow for this new lunar cycle that assist your mental pursuits, higher education or deep studies, and long distance travels. Maybe you’ll be traveling for work or school, or to learn a new language. And truth-telling and blunt-talk are both favored with this moon, which is challenging for you usually; you’d much rather not ruffle feathers or have anyone mad at you. But use this new moon to make a new beginning with honesty, for yourself and others.

Although the exact hit was last week, you still may be feeling the energy of the trine between Saturn and Uranus. The planet of structure and stability is in your house of communication and technology and the rebellious planet of change is in your relationship sector. These two paradoxical forces could revolutionize your relationships, so keep paying attention to where the energy is moving.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

We have a new moon in airy Gemini on Monday, illuminating your powerful eighth house of death and rebirth. This could be a big new beginning for you, Scorpio. Mark the occasion by setting intentions that are your true desires about sex and intimacy, assets and sharing resources with another. Something will likely be initiated on Monday is this area and will manifest over the next six months (until the Gemini full moon), so be as clear as possible. You may decide to take a leap of love and move in with your partner, or to get hitched, or to get pregnant! Possibly a new business opportunity will arise with a new financial partner that will boost your current business. Even though you need more privacy and solitude during Gemini season, stay open to what’s coming to you.

The Saturn/Uranus trine that was exact last week is still influencing us and will all month. For you Saturn is in your money house and Uranus is in your health house; allow for a radical reframing of your past habits and patterns (that clearly do not work anymore) and get reinspired to get your health and mental state on track.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Monday brings a new moon in airy Gemini and initiates a new lunar cycle. The intentions you set on Monday will take root and grow for the next six months. The themes of your new moon will be relationships. Both your business relationships as well as personal connections could undergo a shift; if you’ve been fighting with your partner or having creative differences with a financial partner, this could be a good time to smooth things over. If not already involved in one of these relationships, you could find yourself in love (or be introduced to the perfect financial partner) on Monday.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, formed an exact trine with Uranus, the planet of sudden change, last week but the energies of these two polar opposites harmonizing will be felt for the rest of the month. With Saturn in your first house and Uranus in your fifth, there may be something to do with artistic talents, fame, creative expression, love and sex that could become an important and lucrative project. Focus on the personal, what you’re passionate about, and follow that thread.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

We have a new moon in Gemini coming up on Monday, in your house of health and service. As with all new moons, set intentions that will grow for the next six months, and for you, use themes related to your health, mental well being, the work you do in the world, organization and purification. With your natural focus and dedication, committing to your health and fitness won’t be hard, so expect to get started on Monday with a new motivation.

Last week was an exact trine between your ruler Saturn and the rebel planet Uranus in Aries, and activates your houses of healing and of home. The impact will be felt all month long. It is likely that you’re undergoing some personal changes and shifts, with finances, career, family and roots or foundations; although it may appear chaotic on the surface, the rearranging is necessary. It will make sense once things get more settled.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Monday we have a new moon in Gemini in your seductive fifth house of art and sex; set intentions as you always do on new moons, but with the focus on invoking your deepest desires about love and romance, fame and joy, creativity and even fertility. Artistic endeavors and creative pursuits as well as entertainment and all matters of the heart are favored. This will be a big day of magic and manifesting, Aquarius. Dust off your emotions and get ready to feel. ;)

The powerful trine between your ruler Uranus and Saturn was exact last week but we’ll feel the energies all month long. Uranus is the outlaw of the zodiac, much like you, and is in your communication sector and Saturn, the task master, is in your friendship and connections house. There’s sure to be some big, unexpected news coming your way, and one if not a few of your radical, seemingly eccentric ideas (or inventions) has the potential to manifest into the relative realm! Saturn helps you get the work done, and you’re already awesome at the revolutionary insights, so merged together should provide a promising outcome.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

We have a Gemini new moon on Monday landing in your domestic sector. Set intentions as you always do for the new moon, with the themes of family, real estate, land ownership, foundations, and self-care for this particular moon. For you, this is the beginning of a new lunar cycle that could put family ties in the direct spotlight, especially with important women mentors and mothers or mother-figures in your life. It is also likely that you could relocate to a new destination, buy or sell a home or make some home improvements.

Last week we had a powerful exact trine between structured Saturn in your career house, and radical Uranus in your financial house. We’re still under the influence and will be for the rest of the month. The implications of this aspect for your life could be transformational. We had one exact trine in December and will have another coming up in November, so between now and then expect some monumental shifts. Continue to listen to your instincts and intuition throughout.