March 20 at 4:21 pm PST, the sun moves into fiery Aries initiating an astrological new year and Vernal Equinox (in the Northern hemisphere). Equinox ("equal night") is a time of year when day and night are equal and light and dark are balanced; the sun rises and sets due east and west and crosses the Celestial Equator. This is the perfect time to honor and invoke balance as a practice in life. We can reflect on the ways we spend our time and energy and whether they are in alignment with what we truly value. We can then renew our commitment to make changes when needed, to seek the midline of life when we feel uncertain or uninspired. Balancing effort and ease is a valuable practice to remember.

Spring cleaning, inside and out, is a great way to express the energy of renewal and new beginnings. Clear out the clutter and stagnation, regrets and resentments, to make space for new growth and abundance. When cleaning your home, it is customary to scrub clockwise to infuse the space with good energy for growth, and add positive thoughts or mantras. Set up a spring altar, with rabbits and colored eggs, daffodils and wildflowers, chocolate bunnies, candles, a cauldron and seeds...

Today is Ostara, named for the Goddess Ostara, or Eostre, the Goddess of the Red Dawn, the Spring Goddess, whose sacred attendant is the magical hare. It is a time to bless spring seeds and place them in your heart and into the ground. Signs of spring announce that the Light will now begin to reign. The sky pours rain to soak the earth, to resurrect nature from the frozen sleep of winter. The Cosmic Egg of Nature hatches and life emerges enthusiastically from within.

The hare, long associated with the moon, is the embodiment of fertility and an ancient symbol of magic, sacred to Ostara as well as the Faerie Queen. The egg is the primordial symbol of birth and beginnings. The Aries sun calls us to feel a renewed energy, new inner fire and spark, an awakening of dormant creativity or slumbering passion.  May we break out of our shells with ignited inspiration and exclaim with lives lived artfully that we align with a radical and wild Nature.

Blessed be ~*~

P.S. My theme for this year of the Metal Rabbit: May we hop into the Honey of our Hearts and mix an Elixir of Bliss!™

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