October's astrology continues to be impressive in its immensity. The Year of the Wooden Horse (aka Year of the Unicorn) has moved with speed and intensity and we are now in the Dark time of the year, in the auspicious month of October.On Saturday Mercury (in Scorpio), planetary muse of communication and cognition, stations retrograde (12:02pm CST), essentially retreating into his Underworld for a few weeks. Venus (ruled by Libra) has moved happily into Libra. On Wednesday October 8 we have a powerful Full Moon in Aries with a powerful eclipse. The next eclipse is on October 23. And the month concludes with Hallowmas, Celtic New Year.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio invites us to contemplate and collect our thoughts, and we begin investigating, questioning and probing into the nature of things. We are drawn to what is hidden. Mercury retrograde cycles are not the best times to discuss deep and thoughtful plans of action but rather to revisit and reassess what is most valuable to us, recommit to what matters, and realign with our original vision. Allow your process to be internal rather than expressing verbally. Go deep inside and let yourself remember where you receive your knowledge, your information, your wisdom. If you are dispensing information you received from a teacher, do you give accolades? Do you acknowledge from where you receive these initiations and these wisdom teachings?

Venus is at home in Libra. This is the ideal place for relationship work to unfold. We will feel compelled to attend to all of our relationships, especially the most important and intimate ones. This time encourages creative endeavors with your partner, getting creative together and enjoying luxuries and love. There are people in your life, certain relationships, that should be released, those that are not serving you, and there are old patterns to relinquish. Powerful work can be done around Libra themes and relationships. Conscious relationships are the most challenging Work you can engage in. This is the time to hone in on that deep work.

On October 8 we will have a Full Moon in Aries (15˚) at 5:51am CST with a total Lunar Eclipse at 5:56am CST. Then we'll have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (0˚) on October 23 at 4:46pm CST. The Libra Sun opposes the Aries Moon, which also trines Mars and Jupiter. Eclipses are activators, initiators, change makers. They dissolve and create, transform, originate, eliminate. May this Eclipse Cycle engage us to the core, eliminating from our lives all the detractors, the naysayers, those that would celebrate our failures, those that are averse to hearing the truth. May it initiate profound shifts and commence deep healing on a personal level. These are powerful times. The masses devour and embody mediocrity. There are very few beings that want to go deep. Let go, dive in. Surface level is where most reside. Be intense and beautiful, profound and intelligent. Lightning bolts of illumination can active a magnificent shift.

Wolf howling at Full Moon
Wolf howling at Full Moon

Blessed Be ~ KK