For two and a half years, consistently week after week, I've written weekly horoscopes through some of the most dreadful days I've ever experienced, and gratefully, some of the most sublime. Having a writing deadline and keeping the kind of focus and intuition to do horoscopes the way I do them became a practice, part of my daily life, a tether or anchor through the storms and chaos of life shifting dramatically. For two years I wrote for Yoganonymous, as their Contributing Astrological Columnist, writing weekly horoscopes, monthly overviews, yearly overviews and additional seasonal pieces. I truly enjoyed having my column, and hearing from so many readers that my horoscopes were always eerily on point. ;) After Yoganonymous was bought by Wanderlust and dissolved, I moved my horoscopes back here, to the blog (where they were before). (I am appreciative to Dan and Yoganonymous for offering me this position right around my fortieth birthday- I loved the job). Writing my weekly horoscopes week after week for these two and a half years became an initiatory process, a deeply personal practice, which invoked a mythos… I think of Ariadne's story, the red thread, transformation, choice and destiny, and ultimately triumph. I am immensely appreciative of this process and the fruits that it came to bear. But each evolution brings an up-leveling, and new mysteries are brewing in the cauldron.

The format will change a little;  I will take a break from writing public weekly horoscopes for now. I'll write an overview for the month. And soon I'll offer the magickal weekly horoscopes by subscription (I'll make an announcement when that is ready for you to sign up for). I will offer a few online courses to give more specific and elaborate details for the dynamic astrology we find ourselves in regularly. And of course I always have a wait list for natal charts and tarot readings, so get in touch if you'd like to add yourself to the list. 

Thank you for your readership and ongoing support. It is a joy to be your celestial interpreter and to offer insights and suggestions to you for navigating the astrological weather.