We have our first New Moon of 2018 on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:17pm PST; this will be the "new beginning" moon of the year for Capricorn suns and will feel like a perfect time to consider goals and set intentions for everyone. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and rules the bones, joints, knees and skin, and there may be a tendency toward melancholia or discontent. Resilient Capricorn prefers strategy over force and excels through discipline and determination. This New Moon connects with Venus and Mars, bringing opportunities and encouraging ambition in romance and money- this may manifest in overcoming obstacles or initiating a new start. The Moon is considered to be in "detriment" while in Capricorn, but that doesn't mean it is damaged — we may experience the lunar energies or sensitivities of the Cap Moon feeling less strong in favor of a more logical or analytical approach, and that can be helpful or necessary at times. It can sometimes help to look at what is stirring your emotional waves with a more detached perspective.

We currently have a stellium in Capricorn; there will be six heavenly bodies in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon, which makes the astrology super Saturn-heavy. Remember that Saturn's realms are time, karma, fate, and life lessons… and Capricorn bestows the circumstances by which these experiences unfold. With so many planets in Capricorn, we can be sure that Capricornian qualities or vibes will be more accessible to us and tapping into them will be our best hope for success now. There will be boons that arrive after the appropriate amounts of commitment and stability are created and the hard work is done. We may encounter obstacles and limitations, restrictions, tough lessons, but we have a chance to alter our realities, assert our leadership or self-sovereignty, and achieve our goals. You can think of Capricorn as the steadfast and sure-footed mountain goat, climbing confidently over treacherous terrain that most creatures cannot do with such grace. Traversing these times, it may feel more intense to have so many planets here… but the more you can work on getting your shit together and can channel the Capricorn magick, you'll appreciate this growth spurt you're going through.
This combination of practicality and ambition, the ability to persevere through obstacles and triumph with dignity, could be the most beneficial blessing in disguise lesson that we need, and that's what determined Capricorn can teach on this New Moon. 

Sit in solitude, commit to your practices. Then do the work. 
New Moon blessings for a new cycle. xo

*See the previous post about Capricorn season to see what house or area of life this Capricorn concentration lands in for you.

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