Happy Moonday. The waxing half moon has just moved out of Leo and into Virgo, and I just returned from Denver where I was with my amazing teachers, so the shakti sizzles within me still. The Kula participants today were eager to hear all about my experiences at the Certified Anusara teacher's gathering, and I shared the sri with them happily...  just passing it on.  Our collective Kula theme for this moon cycle has come back to exploring contraction and expansion ...a theme we love, and you can never get enough of it. The magnetism and explosion of our radiant consciousness drawing in and beaming out over and over so that we embody twinkling, throbbing stars is a radical thing to contemplate and explore.

I love the idea of sphurana which means gleaming, glittering, radiance. Its the twinkle in our eyes, the beauty in our hearts. We literally are pulsed by a grand throbbing, and when we tune in to it and look for it, it makes the whole relative world come alive before our eyes in a new way. The life-affirming philosophy of Anusara sets our hearts ablaze with celebration.

How long has it been since you have used the adjectives sparkling, glittering, glistening, luminescent, twinkling ... to describe yourself? Its about time now.