Wednesday, January 21, 2015 We are now in Aquarius Sun cycle which means we are close to the end of our Wooden Horse year. Capricorn Sun cycle brings pragmatism and hard work to January, while the Aquarius cycle brings out our unconventional and unique expressions. If recently you have been experiencing the confusion of misunderstandings, forgetfulness, anxiety, weird technological glitches, misplacing things, being in a hurry when it seems like nothing is moving, or radical mental activity, it's because you've felt the impending Mercury station day.

Today trickster Mercury, planetary muse of communication and cognition, stations and turns retrograde at 9:54am CST. Mercury (along with the Sun, Moon, and Venus) is in genius, rebellious Aquarius. Yesterday the Sun and the Moon shifted out of serious Capricorn and we had a powerful New Moon in Aquarius. Mercury retrograde occurs usually three times a year for about three weeks. The terminology "Mercury retrograde"  has become more common with the general public and non-astrologers over the past couple of years due to social media, but there is also misinformation and novice opinions that are passed around every Mercury rx cycle. As always, my advice to my readers and clients is to slow down and pay attention, but don't freak out! If you are aware of the modifications necessary during this time, it can be a good opportunity to do a different kind of work.

Mercury is the planet of the mind, intelligence, communication, perception. It governs technology, travel, movement, reason, memory, mental activities, how we assimilate information, the nervous system. When Mercury is retrograde it is like he goes into a sleep cycle, or the Underworld, and all of these Mercurian aspects will be slowed, halted, and problematic. Mercury will be in Aquarius during the entire retrograde cycle, which makes this period especially imbued with Aquarian energies. Aquarius is original, progressive, unconventional, intellectual, detached, idealistic, and humanitarian. This is the sign of the inventor, the eccentric, the visionary, ruled by Uranus the planet of the unconventional and unexpected. Uranus rules electricity, science, inventions. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and is complex with paradox. Aquarians enjoy people's company and also being loners, are outgoing but also detached, are scientific-minded and logic and also artistically creative, avant grade and open-minded but obstinate with fixed opinions.

During this cycle we have the chance to work with these energies in a different way. The practical basics are the same no matter what sign Mercury is in while retrograde: this is not the time to begin new projects, sign contracts, make big purchases, buy technology, or get into a rush. Slow down. Make sure to back up all of your work, proofread before sending emails and texts, try to avoid difficult personal conversations. Tie up loose ends. Finish projects that you started but didn't complete. The past often comes back during a retrograde cycle… which includes people and issues from the past. It is important to use this time to review, reassess, revision, renew, and realign. The Aquarian influence will bring to this cycle an ability to dissect and dive deeply into the inner workings and dynamics of certain issues.  There will likely be issues with electricity and technology. With Aquarius being a truth-teller, knowledge-seeker, and freedom defender, we can get to the core of our own deepest truths, drink deeply from our innate wisdom, and investigate what blocks our freedom or expansion. Aquarius is quirky and brilliant. We can view things like a mad scientist, with logic, unconventionality and a sense of detachment. We can channel our inner genius, or revolutionary, or visionary. Let this cycle be a powerful introspective journey into your consciousness, a time of inner listening, a communion with your original Self.

Blessed be ~*~