Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, May 29- Sunday, June 4  

Somehow we’ve made it through May and will welcome June on Thursday. The moon will be waxing all week, as we’ve just had our new moon in Gemini last Thursday and we’ll have a full moon in Sagittarius next week. Put energy into the ideas or intentions you created for the new moon. Here are some aspects of note for this week:
Monday - Moon enters Leo
Tuesday - Moon trine Venus
Wednesday - Mercury trine Pluto … Moon enters Virgo
Thursday - Venus trine Saturn … Half Moon waxing
Friday - Mars square Chiron … Moon enters Libra
Saturday -  Venus conjunct Uranus
Sunday - Mars enters Cancer


Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Grapefruit essential oil
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Palo Santo essential oil
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Peace and Calming blend essential oil
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Bergamot essential oil

Aries & Aries Rising

Mars, the action planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday morning and to your house of home. And Mars is your ruling planet, so you’ll feel how uncomfortable this planet of will power feels in watery Cancer. Under this influence you could feel more emotional about your family, more protective of them, and there will certainly be an important interaction with a mother-figure or female mentor. This energy could encourage more self-care and home improvement projects. Other themes include your roots, ancestors, children, real estate, or preparations for later years of life.

Next week’s full moon could be big for your mental pursuits or travel ideas. If you’ve considered going back to school or signing up for a new philosophical course, this will be a good week to plan for it.

Keep channeling powerful communication skills and bright ideas during this Gemini season, and if you haven’t yet, reach out to family members you haven’t connected with lately.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

The planet of will power, Mars, moves into Cancer on Sunday to your third house. Mars brings energy and action, and often aggression to all situations. With this placement, you may have more force or drive, or an aggressive tone, in your communications. Anything related to technology, community or ideas will be supported and empowered. Your communications will be direct and there could be some anger expressed, otherwise this should be a helpful alignment for you.

The moon waxes this week until the full moon next Friday. Your house of intimacy and merging will be the highlight of the full moon energy.

This week continue to be focused on your career and money matters.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mars, the planet of action, enters Cancer on Sunday, to your house of money and possessions. The energy of Mars is direct, active, forceful, energetic and aggressive. This should be a boost to your financial situation, either increasing your earning power or empowering a new source of income, or activating your sense of self-worth. Think about your career and all money matters getting a new surge of energy so stay open to new opportunities coming your way.

We have a full moon coming next week that will illuminate your relationship sector; the energy is already building with the waxing moon.

Your solar return season is well underway and your new moon last week initiated a brand new cycle that will continue to grow for the next six months.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of will power moves into your sign on Sunday. Mars is the fiery planetary ruler of Aries and is not super comfortable in your very sensitive sign. Channel this extremely focused and direct energy into your vision and goals. You communication and self-expression in general will be strong and effective. Any major decisions about your style, your appearance, your preferences self-hood will be empowered.

The moon is waxing this week until next week’s Sagittarius full moon shining on your house of well being. Try to get more organized this week, and take care of any health-related appointments.

With Gemini season being your time to retreat, continue to indulge in rest and relaxation, letting go of old stuff and having a healing.


Leo & Leo Rising

Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of surrender. Mars is all about action and directness so isn’t super comfortable in the watery sign of Cancer. In this part of your chart, Mars’ directness could help you see clearly where self-destructive habits or self-imposed limitations have created problems in life, or empower you to cut ties where appropriate.

The moon waxes all week and we have a Sagittarius full moon next week in your house of creativity and love.

This Gemini season for you is all about friendships, alliances, and goal setting, so keep reaching out to the people that matter to you, use your charm and connections to propel you into the next level of your brilliant plan, and polish up your idealism and objectives.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Mars, the fiery planet, moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of friends and teamwork. This planet of action brings power, confidence, energy and often aggression to the table, so in your eleventh house that can manifest as leadership qualities, self-confidence and self-assuredness when speaking to people or in the groups you’re part of. This house also rules hopes, dreams, goals and objectives; you should feel a boost of strong energy, some optimism and also will power to your plans and wishes.

The moon waxes all week and we’ll have a full moon next week in Sagittarius which will illuminate your family and homelife, bringing to fruition or completion a cycle that you started six months ago.

The Gemini season for you emphasizes your career, success, expertise and attainment, so continue with your plans and hard work. This will be a productive cycle for you, and you love it.


Libra & Libra Rising

The fiery planet Mars enters sensitive Cancer this Sunday, moving to your career sector. Mars energy is strong, confident, aggressive, direct and gets things done, so in this part of your chart you should have an advantage at work. This would be a good time to ask for a raise or promotion, make a presentation, open a new business, or grow your material success and professional reputation. Father figures and male mentors are also part of this house, so you may want to listen if your dad decides to give you unsolicited advice about your career choices. Anything you do that will further your career or increase your expertise will be favored now.

Gemini season for you emphasizes your mental pursuits, anything related to higher education or philosophy, religion, and even risk taking. Continue with your travel plans, your studies, and your pursuit of freedom that this Gemini sun encourages of you.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Mars enters Cancer on Sunday this week, moving into your ninth house of mental exploration. The energy that Mars brings as the fiery red planet is power. Mars is direct, feisty, clear, aggressive, confident, and so in this part of your chart, your studies as well as your travels will be empowered. Your communication will be more honest, blunt and truthful, with a little aggro vibe thrown in to your directness and clarity. You may take more risks now or decide to go on an adventure or expedition. All higher education or deep studies you pursue will be supported now.

This Gemini cycle for you is in your intense house of death and rebirth, so could be bringing up issues around intimacy and privacy, sex and merging, and maybe inheritance or surgery. Keep doing the deep work you’re doing and strengthen your psychic powers for this cycle.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Mars moves to Cancer on Sunday, to your house of sex and death. Mars is the planet of power, action, energy, directness, aggression, sex drive and confidence so in this part of your chart, he brings that energy to spiritual transformation and evolution, sex and intimacy, and merging with another person, including joining resources or sharing a business. This would be a good time to join forces with a business partner or to merge finances with your intimate partner. It is also likely going to bring a potency and focus to sex and your sex drive and will heat up your powers of seduction.

Next week we have a full moon in your sign and first house- this moon brings the end of the cycle that began during your birthday month, and the intentions that you set at that new moon will show fruit now. Reflect on lessons learned and how much you’ve grown since then.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

The feisty planet Mars changes signs this week, moving to Cancer on Sunday, which is your house of relationships. The qualities of Mars include confidence, action and power, aggression and sex drive, directness and clarity; these qualities will increase with relation to your partnerships, marriage, relationships of all kinds. Any legal matters or contracts you’re involved with will also receive a boost of energy. Your sex drive may feel like it has increased and your bossiness within the context of relationship may increase, so keep an eye on that, Capricorn. Channel this boosted energy into love, romance, sex and connection with your partner, and self-confidence and power with all the other relationships and any legal affairs you’re engaged with.

Next week’s full moon lands in your house of endings and brings to a close a lunar cycle that began six months ago. So whatever intentions you planted then are blooming now. Themes for this full moon for you could include healing, closure, rest, compassion, and you may encounter karma, hidden agendas could come to light, or you could have a new revelation about the meaning of life.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The planet of action, Mars, shifts into sensitive Cancer on Sunday and into your house of wellness. Mars brings power and aggression and in this part of your chart you should feel a boost of energy with anything related to your health, healing, well being. Your mind should feel clear and you’ll be able to express yourself directly and clearly especially to people you work with or with your doctors, etc. If you haven’t been, start working out again, eating well, clearing out any mental stress that creates emotional distress.

Next week we have a full moon in Sagittarius, your friendship house, bringing a sense of completion or closure to certain relationships or alliances or groups you’ve belonged to. Your idealism as well as your goals should have a resurgence and you’ll be able to see the work you’ve done in this area since the Sagittarius new moon six months earlier.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

This Sunday the planet of action, Mars, enters fellow water sign Cancer. This shifts the fiery planet into your house of creativity and passion, which could mean a potent and fertile time for you. Mars themes include directness, aggression, passion, sex drive, energy and in this part of your chart he directs all this energy to your heart, your art, love, sex, pleasure, creativity, and romance. This house also rules fertility and pregnancy, so keep that in mind, Pisces. Otherwise, this should bring a boon and boost to your love life and all your artistic endeavors. This could be really fantastic so stay open and let the summertime fun begin.

There’s a full moon building up, happening next week in your work sector, which will likely bring news, revelations, closure or the completion of a cycle that started six months ago. This is your house of career, achievement and material success.