Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, 15 - Sunday, May 21
Taurus season is coming to a close and on Saturday afternoon the sun enters Gemini (1:31pm PDT) and we’ll begin a new solar cycle. Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, the Messenger, and duality is the main trait. Gemini’s symbol is the Twins and rules the lungs, shoulders, hands and arms. Gemini tends to be more mental than emotional, adapts easily, and can have a nervous temperament. Adaptability and communicativeness are trademark Gemini qualities that we can all practice and employ during this sun cycle.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, moves to Taurus on Monday evening, bringing a bit of groundedness to our minds and conversations for this week. And near the end of the week we have the second exact Saturn/Uranus trine that should be interesting and even potentially awesome for all involved. Saturn, as any Archer will tell you, is in Sagittarius (no picnic) and Uranus of course is in Aries. The expression of Saturn is one of sternness, restriction and structure while Uranus is the radical planet of change; this is the “old guard” meeting the rebellious and using the best energies and applications of both worlds to create (r)evolution.

The shift out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius is a bumpy ride… ground down and rise up.

Enjoy your week. xo, KK


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Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Rose essential oil

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Valor blend essential oil

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Grounding blend essential oil




Aries & Aries Rising



On Monday, Mercury moves to Taurus and your second house of possessions. You’ll be able to see good financial opportunities and could earn money now by writing or teaching, and may add a few more sources of income. You may spend more money now on education and travel, or on gadgets. Try not to be careless with spending and guard against theft.

The sun shifts to Gemini from Taurus on Saturday night (10:37pm PDT) and rearranges your focus to shift as well, now to communication and self-expression. For the next four weeks of this solar cycle, this social air sign will be encouraging you to socialize more, communicate your ideas and express yourself. You may get a teaching or writing project or have great ideas now, and your creativity will be strong.

We have a Saturn/Uranus trine happening this week, with the planet of restriction in your house of mental pursuits and the planet of change in your first house, you will likely have a few revolutionary ideas that can be grounded into reality and made manifest.


Taurus & Taurus Rising


Mercury moves to your sign on Monday! This will be a boon to your communicativeness and self-expression, Taurus. With the planet of technology and communication in your first house, verbal and written expression as well as technological and mechanical transmissions will be strong.

The sun leaves your sign and moves into Gemini on Saturday afternoon, which shifts your priorities and proclivities; for the next four weeks your attention will be on finances. This will be your time to create financial stability, increase your income, and improve your self-worth.

The Saturn/Uranus trine this week could bring some unpredictable energies, amplifying the themes of sex, intimacy, boundaries and endings, karma and completion. Expect heightened emotions and passion, and a little volatility.


Gemini & Gemini Rising


Your ruling planet Mercury shifts to earthy Taurus on Monday evening, moving to your house of self-undoing, giving you an opportunity to reflect on what you say and think and how hidden agendas manifest or self-defeating habits create stress and disappointments.

The sun leaves Taurus and moves to your sign on Saturday. Happy solar return, Gemini. For the next four weeks you get the spotlight and in addition to celebrating your birthday month, you will be able to put yourself and your goals and plans into action. Your personal new moon comes up next week, when you’ll be able to set intentions for your life, personal goals, and heartfelt wishes that will manifest over the next six months.

One of your birthstones is agate, which brings eloquence in communication and also provides protection. Try to reflect on how you can diminish some of the traits that cause you trouble, such as gossipping and superficiality, and use your gifts of self-expression and versatility to connect to your world.


Cancer & Cancer Rising


Mercury, the communication planet, moves to Taurus on Monday into your house of friends and hopes. This will be a great time to reach out to your connections and dearest confidants, join a new club or organization, and to set new goals and objectives for life in general.

The new solar cycle begins on Saturday with the sun in Gemini, your house of rest. This is your reclusive and quiet month in preparation for your solar return coming up next. Use this opportunity to reflect on where self-imposed limitations and self-defeating behaviors create stress and suffering in your life,  focus on getting some closure with regard to old habits or wounds, and give yourself some pampering and self-care.

This week also brings us a unique Saturn/Uranus trine that activates your house of health and house of career; Saturn brings stability and Uranus brings the unexpected, so await the paradox of these qualities in these two areas of your life.


Leo & Leo Rising


Mercury moves to Taurus on Monday, to your house of achievement and success. With the planet of communication and money in your career house, there are sure to be some boons and blessings coming your way. Think material success, recognition for your work, increased ambition and accomplishment, and even long term plans coming together.

Also this week we encounter the second of three Saturn/Uranus trines in a bundle (one was in December and the next will be in November). This affects your houses of sex/art and mental exploration; any number of scenarios could arise, working with themes of creativity and passion, love and fertility, studies and travel, truth telling and risk taking…

The new solar cycle begins this weekend with the sun entering Gemini, your eleventh house of friends and connections. For these next few weeks, you get to be the social butterfly that you love to be, and will make new friends, join new organizations, form new alliances, and even get clearer on your life goals.


Virgo & Virgo Rising


Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters earthy Taurus on Monday, to your ninth house of mental pursuits. This would be a good time for higher education and deep studies, long distance travel, expressing philosophical ideas and self-discovery.

The sun moves into Gemini this weekend, shifting your focus for the next four weeks to your career and achievement. Themes for this month could include experts, material success, making long term plans, and achievement in your work.

Also this week we have a potent Saturn/Uranus trine that for you will impact homelife and sex life. Saturn’s all about boundaries and discipline, while Uranus is the radical planet of the unexpected; this may sound tense but will likely be an important shift. There could be money coming your way unexpectedly, or a soul connection with someone, or maybe you’ll decide to cohabitate with your partner in a non-conventional way.


Libra & Libra Rising


The communication planet Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday, into your sexy house of intimacy. Your mind will be on such things as sex, death, spiritual transformation, as well as shared resources and wealth, taxes and debt. This is a good time to discuss merging with another person, intimately or financially, psychic powers, even surgery.

The sun enters Gemini on Saturday, moving to your area of travel and discovery. For the next month you can focus on mental pursuits; you may plan a trip to a foreign land or decide to return to school. This is your house of honesty and risk taking as well as literary efforts and philosophical studies.

We also have a Saturn/Uranus trine happening this week. With the strict planet of restrictions in your communication house and the planet of change in your relationship house making this harmonious connection, there will likely be a relationship breakthrough or break up. Your sign is known for being indecisive in your love life, but this aspect will clarify things quickly.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Taurus and your relationship sector on Monday; you’ll be able to bridge gaps of understanding through communication in your partnerships. This is also an opportune time for signing contracts or legal unions.

The sun moves to Gemini on Saturday, shifting your focus for the next four weeks to your intimate connections and joining forces with another (either romantically or in business).

We will experience a potent Saturn/Uranus trine on Thursday night (or Friday morning, depending on timezone) that will likely bring a big change. Saturn is all business (the old fashioned way) and Uranus is a rebel and brings an unconventional edge, so with these two connecting your income and your health, expect some big changes. Get organized for more productivity and abundance to flow, purge relationships and habits that cause stress and anguish, and invest in yourself and your well being.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising


The mental planet Mercury shifts into Taurus on Monday, to your house of wellness. You’ll feel good about getting organized and putting some energy into your health and paying attention to what creates worry and stress in your life which also creates illness.

Saturn forms a trine with Uranus this week, with the discipline planet in your sign and the planet of freedom in your house of creativity and love. There could be some strong evolution unfolding with this aspect, and any artistic or creative talents you express could garner you fame and recognition or attention. Whatever it is you are passionate about will be boosted now, and matters of the heart - love, seduction, romance - could go through an upgrade.

The sun leaves Taurus for Gemini this weekend, shifting focus for the next four weeks to your relationships. This part of your chart is about business partnerships as well as romantic partners, creating harmony with another person, and also includes legal affairs and contracts.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


Mercury moves into Taurus on Monday, to your house of sex and art, providing an energetic boost to your creative expression and artistic pursuits. You could fall in love or deepen a love connection during this time, and pregnancy is also included in this area of your chart.

Saturn, the planetary disciplinarian, forms a trine with Uranus, the planet of change this week, the second of three direct hits in this grouping. Saturn is your ruling planet and is in your intense house of karma and closure, and Uranus is in your domestic house of home, so with these two polar opposite forces harmonizing there could be a potential revelation or breakthrough that is personal and profound. Since you’re ruled by Saturn and have a natural sense of structure and order, this intimate aspect with Uranus, known as the rebel of the zodiac, could be disorienting at first but cathartic or evolutionary eventually.

The sun moves to Gemini over the weekend, shifting the focus to your health and well being. You’ll get reinspired about a health kick, clean eating, structured meal planning and workout routines, as well as reorganizing everything in an updated way to support any new lifestyle changes. This house also rules pets and your relationships with the people you work with.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


Mercury the messenger moves to Taurus on Monday and into your fourth house of home. You’ll likely be thinking about your childhood, what constitutes home for you, and your ancestors in your own Aquarian way. There may be a message or information coming in from a mother figure or female role model.

Your rebellious ruling planet Uranus forms a trine with strict Saturn this week, the second of three exact hits of these two powerhouses in this particular bundle. There’ll be another one in November. And Saturn was considered your traditional ruler so these connections will impact you profoundly. With Uranus in your communication house and Saturn in your friendship house, and with these two being pretty polar opposites, you’ll get to employ your general expertise and enjoyment of all things paradoxical. This won’t phase you at all, Aq. Just do what you do best which is hold the paradox and merge the best of both old and new; honor tradition respectfully and be enlivened by innovation.

The new solar cycle begins on Saturday when the sun enters fellow air sign Gemini, your sexy fifth house; get ready for some sultry seductive fun. These four weeks will be perfect for passion and romance, expressing yourself creatively, enjoying pleasure and making art. This is also the house that rules fertility and pregnancy, so keep that in mind. ;)


Pisces & Pisces Rising


The messenger planet Mercury moves into earthy Taurus on Monday, to your house of technology. Mercury rules these things: travel, communication, technology… and in the house that rules these same things, you’re certain to have success and strength in these areas now. The Saturn/Uranus trine is the big news of the week; two powerful planets, at far ends of the spectrum, harmonize and bring into balance seemingly disparate ideas. The planet of discipline is in your career house and the planet of unexpected change is in your money house. This could be a potentially life changing transformation to hit your career and your finances, with the balance of the hard work you’ve put in (Saturn) and the innovative ideas you come up with (Uranus), so take a chance and trust your instincts under these influences. On Saturday the sun enters Gemini and your domestic sector, causing you to feel much more home-bound for the next four weeks. Make your nest even more homey and cozy, beautify your surroundings, work in your garden, spend time with those closest to you. This month can recharge your batteries and renew your spirit.