February 2 is Imbolc (Candlemas), a cross-quarter holy day that initiates the very first stirrings of Springtime. Celtic/Pagan holy days begin at sunset on the eve before, so the observances begin on February 1 at sundown. There are subtle signs in nature that remind us that winter is waning and the sun's light continues to grow. The word oimelc translates as "ewe's milk" and refers to ewes ready to give birth to little lambs just as the earth swells with new life. This is a fire festival, presided over by Brighid (Brigit) the Great Celtic Goddess of Sacred Wells and Keeper of the Flames. She also governs occult wisdom and divination, healing, smithcraft, hearth and home.  Magic and divination are prominent this time of year. It is a fertile time for high magick and deep dreaming. For years on Imbolc Eve I have hung a special cloth, called Brighid's Mantle, from my window overnight so that as Brighid passes through the night it will be blessed by Her.

Also, in February we celebrate Lupercalia, which honors Faunus (Pan) and a festival to honor Juno; these celebrations involved fertility and purification and rebirth. February comes from the word februare, "to purify" or februa, "purifications, expiatory rites." Clearing out psychic debris and hardened resentments and disappointments, melting old petrifications, and generally letting go of self-imposed limitations will be assisted in the month of February, as we shift from winter toward spring. This is a an auspicious time for a renewal in your soul and to tune into your own psychic senses and non-rational ways of knowing. 

Light and tend the fires of your heart. Feel the red embers burning in the cauldron purify and clear confusion and stagnation and ignite new passions. Feel your golden dreams stirring in the darkness, burgeoning and ready to burst into being. 

May Brighid's mantle cover, protect, and bless you this year. Blessed be.