Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, June 12 - Sunday, June 18  

This week we’re still adjusting to the dynamic astrology of last week and the weekend before that. Jupiter is getting used to direct motion and we are ready and waiting for the magic-maker’s positivity and expansion in our lives. At this point, we’ll take anything we can get, and Jupiter is a powerhouse planet of good vibes. This week another outer planet causes a stir; Neptune turns retrograde until November 22. Neptune is retrograde about half of the year, so it’s not a new experience but maybe one that you’re just becoming aware of. There’s plenty to say about this but in general during this time the empaths are more empathic, the dreamers are dreamier, and our delusional and addictive tendencies can surface and be more pronounced, so we should be aware. After last week’s movement, Venus is happy to be at home in Taurus and Mercury is best suited for Gemini, so many of the aggravations that surfaced over the past weeks, especially in romantic partnerships or with loved ones, will ease up now. And it’s almost time for Solstice!?!
xo, KK

Some notable aspects:
Tuesday- Mercury/Jupiter trine, Mercury/Neptune square
Thursday- Sun/Saturn opposition
Friday- Neptune rx in Pisces
Sunday- Moon/Jupiter opposition, Mercury/Saturn opposition

I am recommending black tourmaline for all signs this week in particular, and for the rest of Neptune’s retrograde cycle as protection from psychic attack and to ward off unwanted energies. It will also help you to ground. In addition, I’m recommending working with Gardenia and Lily flowers (*some lilies are poisonous to cats so please take precautions) which are both lunar plants associated with the water element. Gardenias can be placed on your altar or you can use the dried petals sprinkled around a room to increase ease and peacefulness. Lilies can be planted in your garden to protect against “the evil eye” and to keep unwanted people away.  

*When reading your horoscopes for insight and inspiration, take what is valuable to you and leave the rest. Horoscopes are written for a general audience. Read your sun sign first, and if you know your rising sign, read that next. This could give you a more expansive view of how these aspects may be felt for your personally. For specifics, deeper insight and understanding about how this astrology affects you personally, sign up for a natal chart or transit report, or a Kosmic Koaching session. Email wildmoonwisdom@gmail.com for more info.

Aries & Aries Rising
The main news for this week is Neptune’s station. The dreamy planet will turn retrograde in Pisces on Friday. This retrograde cycle lasts until November, so you’ll have plenty of time to get used to it, but the station day could feel heavy or intense in some way. Neptune’s in your house of sorrows and rest. Neptune rules Pisces and is at home there, and in this part of your chart the spiritual planet influences you to be more sensitive, creative, and helpful toward others. And during this sleep cycle, you’ll be more attuned to the hidden, the illusive, but could also feel more paranoid or irritated. Try to avoid drugs, particularly stimulants, self-defeating behaviors, and being around psychic vampires during this retrograde. Tune in to your intuition and trust your vision.

Taurus & Taurus Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde on Friday. This happens in your friendship house, the area all about teamwork, organizations you participate in, alliances, technology and objectives. While Neptune is retrograde, you’ll be more intuitive and receptive, and could feel heavy or moody during this cycle. Consider your ideals, your vision for your life and specific goals you have, and work to remedy any issues you find so that when Neptune turns direct again things don’t get worse. Steer clear of addictive behaviors and habits during this retrograde and stay away from people who drain your energy. Be wary of any psychic attractions and getting caught up in what you think may be a destined relationship.

Gemini & Gemini Rising
This week the planet of spirituality turns retrograde in Pisces; this happens on Friday morning in Pisces, your house of career and achievement. Neptune will turn retrograde and its energies will be more withdrawn. You’ll be more receptive and have an insightful perspective on things, with increased intuition and sensitivity. It’s important to take action and remedy any issues that you uncover so that when Neptune turns direct again things don’t worsen. While the planet of dreams and delusions is retrograde, try to avoid using drugs and falling into addictive behaviors or unhealthy coping mechanisms. Try to tune into your intuitive sense, but if you feel paranoid, you may be picking up on too much psychic debris. Keep your boundaries secure.

Cancer & Cancer Rising
This week’s main news is about Neptune, the planet of illusion and imagination, turning retrograde on Friday. Neptune is in Pisces, a sign he rules, and in your house of mental exploration. Neptune will function differently while retrograde in his sea cave, and you will feel more open psychically, more receptive and sensitive. You may have deep insights and see things differently during this time; take steps to heal or bring balance to any issues you see in your life now, or the issues can worsen when Neptune turns direct. You’ll be able to pick up the illusive and have a clearer perspective during the retrograde cycle, but guard against psychic overload, which Neptune brings. And steer clear of substance abuse and addictive behaviors now, as well as what seem to be “destined” love affairs or negative attractions.

Leo & Leo Rising
Neptune, ruler of dreams, turns retrograde on Friday morning in the sign of Pisces. Neptune actually rules Pisces and is at home there, but the retrograde cycle means that this energy will manifest differently. Neptune’s in your eighth house of sex, death and rebirth, which deals with themes of intimacy, merging, sharing wealth, sexual union and spiritual transformation. During the retrograde cycle, your insight and receptivity will increase as well as your psychic sensitivity. Try to avoid being around addictive personalities and protect yourself against psychic attack. This is also a time where you’re susceptible to negative attractions or to be swept up in a delusional story to escape reality.  

Virgo & Virgo Rising
On Friday of this week, Neptune turns retrograde in your house of partnership. Neptune is the planet of dreams and delusions, and during the retrograde cycle, which lasts through November, the energies of this planet will manifest differently. During this cycle you may feel more receptive and psychically sensitive, especially around energy vampires, so keep your boundaries strong. Heightened openness and sensitivity can be a double-edged sword if you’re not prepared for it or working with it consciously. Avoid using addictive substances and engaging in addictive behaviors now, and guard against psychic attack and energy overload. Problems that you pick up on should be addressed and dealt with to ensure that the issues don’t worsen when Neptune turns direct. Trust your intuition and expanded perspective and stick close to those you trust deeply.

Libra & Libra Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde until November; Neptune is in Pisces and your house of analysis and well being. While the dreamy planet is retrograde, your perceptions can expand and your sensitivities may increase. This heightened receptivity can be powerful but also overwhelming depending on how you use it. If you feel paranoid or energetically overwhelmed, you may have psychic overload and will need to ground and refocus. Steer clear of psychic attractions and jumping into a relationship suddenly now because you feel it’s “destiny” or karma… and avoid using drugs and engaging in addictive patterns (such as co-dependency), as that can get out of control quickly. Try to do earthy practices that ground you regularly and listen closely to your inner voice and where it leads you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
This week’s important news is about Neptune, the planet of spirituality, dreams and delusions. Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces on Friday in your house of creativity and sex and remain retrograde until November. During this cycle, your intuition and receptivity will increase, as will your ability to see far more in any given situation compared to when Neptune is direct. Rely on your inner vision and voice. Protect yourself against psychic attack and negative attractions, where you feel compelled or seduced by a feeling of “destiny” with someone you don’t truly know, especially with this planet in your house of seduction and romance. Guard against feeling paranoid, which may indicate a psychic overload or an energy vampire in your midst. Your perceptions and instinctual knowing will be strong now, so pay attention to any problems you perceive and address them or they could worsen when Neptune turns direct. Avoid turning to addictive substances and addictive patterns, as this planet rules addiction and delusion, and instead embrace creative and artistic outlets. Your own intuitive compass is your guide.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde on Friday in Pisces, your house of home and family. The way this planet manifests and displays its energy will shift during this cycle. You may find that your receptivity and psychic sensitivity increases, and you could even get a little bit of psychic overload depending on who you’re around. Try to avoid addictive substances and patterns now, as Neptune rules drugs, chemicals, anesthetics, delusions and addiction. Instead focus on the heightened perception it brings and make sure to work on the issues that are illuminated now, so that they don’t worsen when Neptune turns direct. Use your elevated sensitivity to increase closeness with important people in life and to tune into your inner vision and voice now and follow those.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
This week’s big news is that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, turns retrograde in Pisces, your house of communication. Neptune’s influence will be experienced differently while retrograde until November. This energy is usually experienced as more psychic than physical or material, which is your preferred interaction. During the retrograde cycle you may feel more receptive and able to pick up subtle things that were occluded while this planet was direct; make sure to address these issues you pick up on, as they could worsen when Neptune returns to direct motion. Your sensitivity and empathy will increase, and avoid interacting with energy drainers and negative attractions. Avoid stimulants and other addictive substances now, as Neptune rules chemicals and drugs, addiction and delusion. Instead tune into your heightened perspective and insight, listening to your inner intuitive voice and vision.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
The big news for this week is Neptune’s station, turning retrograde in Pisces on Friday in your money house. Neptune’s realm is spirituality and religion, dreams and delusions, institutions and prisons, mystery and secrets, and while retrograde its energies will manifest differently. During this cycle your empathic and psychic skills will increase, as will your receptivity and sensitivity. Avoid interacting with anyone who drains your energy or causes your energy-body to cringe, and resist seductive negative attractions and encounters that feel like “destiny.” Since Neptune rules addiction, escapism and criminal activity, it’s best to avoid drugs and addictive behaviors now as the effects will be amplified. Instead, get into the wake of this imaginative, otherworldly, psychic and spiritual vibe and use your powers for evolution and magical work.

Pisces & Pisces Rising
Your ruling planet Neptune is stationing and will turn retrograde on Friday in your sign. Neptune is at home in your sign and you’re at home with the Neptunian influence of mysticism, mystery and illusion. During the retrograde cycle, which lasts until November, you’ll find there’s a subtle shift in the tone of this planet’s influence. You could feel more romantic and vulnerable now, or perhaps if you’ve allowed yourself to be deluded in love or business, that facade will be removed and you’ll have to face reality. Pisces can have a natural tendency toward escapism and self-deception when under stress due to Neptune’s influence, whether that’s escaping through spiritualism, drugs or other mind-altering substances, or addictive behaviors. During the retrograde you may be more prone toward this escapism, or perhaps the false realities will be removed now if you’ve traveled far from the truth. Whatever arises, deal with it directly and let it be a step toward evolution. Keep your intuition clear and focus on your soul’s growth and heart healing.