Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, July 3 - Sunday, July 9  

This week both Venus and Mercury are on the move, changing signs on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The love planet moves into flirty, flighty Gemini and the planet of communication and the mind enters boastful Leo. Venus in Taurus has been lovely, as it usually is, and now with the move to Gemini the way we relate and love may shift; we may engage with our loved ones more from our heads, making an intellectual connection rather than feeling heavy emotions. While in Gemini, Venus is super flirty and lighthearted and we may find ourselves being more careless with spending money. With Mercury’s move our communications will be more confident and our leadership qualities can come through. We’ll be more direct but could also be more boastful or arrogant. Expressions in the arts, in theatre and music will be successful now.

We’ll experience a Mercury/Chiron trine, a Sun/Neptune trine, a Sun/Pluto opposition to name a few. And on Saturday night we’ll have a Full Moon in Capricorn, bringing closure to the lunar cycle that began six months ago during Capricorn season.

July 4 is America’s solar return (yes, the US is a Cancer… I’ve discussed this a bit in my astro talks over many years if you’ve studied with me in person). I’m certainly not a political astrologer and do not want to be- my specialty is in a different area- but there are some aspects that are hard to ignore. And as much as I don’t want to get into it, and have avoided it actively, some things just jump out and force me to mention them briefly (there are plenty of astrologers who focus on political astrology and are good at it, so I defer to them to write about these things). This is an intense, infuriating, sick and sad time for the US… which is having its nodal return this year (Leo N Node).

I can’t quite seem to put it all into a cohesive thought or clear perspective to say anything meaningful as a teacher/writer/interpreter yet… it’s still churning and cooking. It is a challenge to find balance between being awake and aware but also needing solitude and seclusion away from social media and all the terrible things, between seeing the reality and being outraged and also seeing potential underneath the upheaval and holding onto hope. Sometimes I simply cannot take any more in, but feel guilty looking away, as if soul self-care and social consciousness in our current political situation are at such extreme ends of the spectrum that they can’t be reconciled. Right now I can only recommend monitoring and being responsible for your own psychology, and rather than looking out comparing how everyone else is responding or handling things, to get genuinely rooted into yourself, check in, and be honest about what you can and cannot do each day.

Happy birthday, America.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Pincha mayurasana
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Supta virasana
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Trikonasana
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Parsvakonasana

Aries & Aries Rising

This week’s astrology picks right up where we left off last week, and we have plenty going on. On Tuesday the love planet moves to Gemini for a bit, which is your communication area. That means all the things related to relationships or finances will be where your mind is and what you’re eager to discuss, and it would be a good time to reach out to family you want to connect with, or invest in travels or studies that are meaningful to you.

The next day Mercury moves to Leo, bringing your thoughts to love and romance, sex and seduction, art and creativity. This could be a great time for an art exhibit or to talk about love or having children or what your passions are. You may even write some lovely poetry or create an art piece for your beloved.

Finally, we have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday night, illuminating your tenth house of success and career goals. Whatever seeds you planted in December at the Capricorn new moon are growing and manifesting now. You could get some important news, receive some big recognition, even get a raise or promotion. The usual lunacy will accompany this full moon like all others, but for you there should be a luminous silver lining to it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Tuesday Venus, planet of relating and finances, moves into Gemini and your money house; this means business boons and career boosts and even an increase to your income are all possibilities. Venus rules money, abundance, gifts and this part of your chart is about money and security and self-worth. Plan, invest, save, and create new lucrative sources of income for yourself.

Mercury also shifts signs this week, moving to Leo on Wednesday evening. The planet of communication and mental activity will relocate to your house of home and domesticity. Your thoughts, plans and discussions will revolve around family, homelife, security, women and children… you could be talking to your partner about expanding your family, remodeling or relocating, or maybe you’ll reach out to a mother figure or mentor for advice.

A full moon on Saturday in Capricorn lights up your house of travel, studies and mental pursuits. This full moon energy could bring news or revelations, blunt talk and honesty, or maybe travel opportunities. Think about the intentions you set back during Capricorn season for clues.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into your sign on Tuesday, bringing a new infusion of good vibes, loving energy and expressive romance to your life. There could also be a financial windfall in the works since Venus rules finances, abundance, worth, and gifts.

On Wednesday evening Mercury shifts into Leo. The communication planet, your ruler, moving into your communication house may just make your month. This aspect puts you in your wheelhouse, Gemini and you should take advantage of it; self-expression of every kind will be strong, sharing your ideas, connecting with family, studying, realizations, building community will all be enhanced and supported. If there are any projects or presentations to do, trips to take, or connections to make, now is your time.

Then on Saturday night we’ll have a full moon in Capricorn, bringing the usual lunacy and revelations. The themes of this moon for you, due to placement, include shared wealth, merging with another, sex, and even astral experiences. Think sex, death and rebirth territory.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Tuesday we’ll have love and beauty planet Venus move into airy Gemini. During her stay in this part of your chart you may want to take some alone time, process old heartache and get closure on those parts of your life, or look inside of yourself for healing and compassion.

With discernment rather than moodiness, let go of habits of self-undoing behavior, see hidden agendas you and others may have, forgive, and clear some karma.

Mercury moves on Wednesday, shifting from your sign into Leo. Your financial stability or career could get a boost, or you could at least open a dialog about improving finances, starting a new career, or making more money doing what you enjoy. Your mind should shift to money matters during this time so you can move toward your goals.

This weekend we have a Capricorn full moon bringing luminous energy to your relationships, partnerships or marriage. Full moons are high energy, and they can often bring news or information. Landing in this part of your chart means you could get some illumination about your connections, serious partnerships or even contractual agreements.

Leo & Leo Rising

This Wednesday Mercury, the mental planet, moves into your sign and first house. This is the most personal area and is all about your self-hood. Your thoughts, memories and conversations will be close to your heart and all about you, your hopes and desires and favorites. This shouldn’t be a problem for you, Leo. ;) You may even decide it’s time for a makeover, new haircut or new look (your appearance is part of this house).

Venus moves into Gemini on Tuesday and brings new energy and affection into your friendships and to the relationships you have with those you work with and the groups you’re a part of. You could even feel a love connection blossom with a friend. Your long term dreams will be infused with more beauty and your vision for your life can expand here.

On Saturday we have a Capricorn full moon in your area of service and health. Full moons bring high energy and even news or realizations; you could get health-related news or information about your pet or someone you work with. Any health related intentions you set six months ago (during Capricorn season) should be manifesting or becoming clear now.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

This week both Venus and Mercury change signs. Venus moves to Gemini on Tuesday, shifting energy to your professional world, your community standing and your success. Venus rules over love and relationships as well as money matters, so this can be a beneficial time to grow your material success. You may have advice coming in from a father figure or male mentor that will be helpful.

On Wednesday your ruling planet Mercury moves to Leo, your house of self-imposed limitations and karma. You may need more solitude and seclusion now, rest, and healing. Release self-defeating behavior and focus on getting closure in order to heal. Your thoughts may veer into more mystical, hidden and spiritual themes.

We have a full moon in Capricorn coming up on Saturday, illuminating the part of your chart that rules passion, creativity, love and romance, sex and fertility. Often full moons bring completion or endings to cycles and heightened emotions. Think about what was initiated six months ago during Capricorn season- this may be the end of that cycle. You could get news about a love affair or artistic endeavor around full moon time.

Libra & Libra Rising

On Tuesday, your ruling planet Venus moves into Gemini, your house of travel and philosophy. You may fall in love with a foreigner, philosopher, scientist or artist, or get married abroad. The arts, studies, long journeys, and self-discovery will be what you’re drawn to now.

Mercury, the mental planet, shifts signs as well, nesting in Leo and your house of selfless service and well being; this is a good context for analysis and organization, health related pursuits and being helpful in the world by offering your gifts. Connect with the people you work with and try to make a plan for your health care during this time.

Then on Saturday we have a Capricorn full moon bringing the usual heightened emotional state and completion of the lunar cycle. This moon shines on your house of family and home, the natural house of the moon, and the full moon themes will be based on this area. You may receive news or reach the end of a cycle related to parents, children, home improvement plans, a relocation, or other domestic affairs. Self-care and roots/ancestors are also potential themes that may arise.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Venus, the planet of finances, love and beauty, makes her way into Gemini on Tuesday, and enlivens your sex and intimacy sector. You could partner with someone in love or business now, merging physically and emotionally or financially, receive a gift or inheritance, or come into money or resources through a partner. This is one of the more mystical and intense houses in your chart.

The next day Mercury changes signs, moving into Leo and your career sector. This would be a good opportunity to make some long term plans about your profession, to express your talents and improve your expertise, and essentially to grow your material success.

This weekend we have a full moon in Capricorn. Full moons bring out strong emotions and sometimes craziness, and in your communication sector, you could be bold verbally or in your correspondence, or maybe you’ll get some important news about your family or  travels. The intentions you set six months ago during Capricorn season are manifesting now.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

This week both Venus and Mercury change signs, on Tuesday and Wednesday. The planet of love and money shifts to Gemini and your relationship area. This could mean that you’ll be more sensitive to creating harmony in your serious partnerships, both business and personal, and you could enjoy some social and financial pleasures. Contracts and negotiations should be successful during this time.

The planet of communication, Mercury, shifts to Leo, your house of travel and deep studies. This makes it a good time for you to pursue educational and travel opportunities and to dive into mental pursuits. You may be more honest and blunt in your communications and take more risks now in general.

We have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday illuminating your money house. As with all full moons, there will be heightened emotions and the end of a cycle - the intentions set six months ago at the Capricorn new moon are now manifested. You could get some important news about financial prospects or your career or possessions. Let the fullness of this luminary remind you of your self-worth and value.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

This weekend, on Saturday, we have a full moon in your sign, the completion of the lunar cycle that began during your birthday month at your new moon. Think back to those intentions you set and seeds you sowed during your season and see how they’ve manifested or are growing. Remember your inherent perfection and acknowledge the fullness of your life and what you’re grateful for.

Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into Gemini on Tuesday, your health house. You may invest money in fitness or health now, or maybe something in the wellness field provides income for you. Get rid of what causes worry, which can lead to illness, and re-organize your work and living spaces for optimum energetic flow. You’ll be drawn to beautifying and adorning now.

The mental planet Mercury shifts to Leo on Wednesday, to your third house (natural house) of communication. The communication planet is at home in the communication part of your chart, giving you success in self-expression, with writing, speaking, and technology, and increasing your bright ideas and clear perceptivity.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Tuesday evening Venus, the planet of love and worth, enters airy Gemini and brings new energy to your house of sex and love. Romance, sex and seduction, creative pursuits and passions, even fame and fertility are encouraged and enlivened here. With the love planet nesting in your house of heart you should have plenty of beautiful experiences to encounter during this transit.

The planet of the mind, Mercury, also changes signs, moving to Leo; your thoughts and musings, conversations and connections will be about serious partnerships. This is your area of relationships and marriage, but business partnerships, negotiations and contractual agreements will also be supported now.

We have a full moon in Capricorn on Saturday night shining on your mystical twelfth house. Full moons generally incite lunacy and heightened emotional responses, but they also signify completion of a cycle, and this part of your chart is about completion and closure. You may get news of a hidden agenda, heal a wound from your past, and you’ll certainly have strong psychic powers. Try to rest deeply and commune with la luna, reflecting and healing.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Venus, planet of love and beauty, changes signs and moves to Gemini on Tuesday. She’ll reside in your house of home, bringing focus to self-care and your relationships with your partner, parents, children, etc. You could invest in home improvements now, real estate, or beautification, expand your family somehow. Adoration of and appreciation for your closest intimates and recognizing what you value most are themes for you.

The communication planet Mercury moves to Leo and your house of wellness; start organizing your space, get your health back on track by getting doctor appointments out of the way, buy a new gym membership, etc.

We have a full moon this week in Capricorn, which illuminates your alliances, friendships, memberships, and long term goals and objectives. The intentions you set six months ago during Capricorn season are unfolding now. You could get news or have revelations, benefit from some good fortune or re-align with your life’s vision under this moon’s influence.