Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, February 6 - Sunday, February 12


Jupiter has just turned retrograde in Libra (23º) on Sunday until June 9. His work of expansion and openings will be felt internally during this cycle, a good time to plant seeds and perfect plans. On Tuesday, Mercury joins the sun in Aquarius, modifying our communications and conversations. Mercury in Aquarius has a detached, unemotional tone, more informational and our thinking more logical if capable. The big news of the week is the Full Moon in Leo and penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Luna is more dramatic when in the sign of Leo, and on top of the usual lunacy we have the electrifying vibes of an eclipse. Eclipses are like cosmic power surges; they shake things up, wake us up, initiate sudden changes and activate us in some way. Those of you who’ve read my work and participated in courses over the years know that eclipses come in twos, and we’ll have another eclipse, a Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Pisces on February 26. You’ll also remember that the time span between the eclipses I call the “no whine zone” because the Cosmic Consciousness is fertile and being seeded with your thoughts, desires, longings and intentions, so during this time you should form your thoughts into affirmations and prayers, songs to the Divine about what you’re grateful for, what you heart is calling for. Eclipses often spiral in 9 and 18 year increments, connecting that time and those events to this one. For this upcoming eclipse, hold a clear and steady vision of what you want and offer gratitude for the fullness in your life.


Enjoy your week. And happy new year!




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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Hanumanasana

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Black tourmaline

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Supta virasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Grounding essential oil



Aries & Aries Rising

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves to Aquarius and your eleventh house of friendship and collaboration. This shift increases your logical brain power and ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This would be a great time to reach out to like minds, to dream of solutions with your heart tribe, even just to have your besties over for a slumber party and late night contemplative wisdom think tank.

On Friday we have a Leo full moon and lunar eclipse, activating some powerful magick. This moon lands in your fifth house of sex and art.  Full moons bring enough lunacy, but coupled with Leo it can get a bit dramatic. And add to that an eclipse, otherwise known as a changemaker, things could get interesting at best and volatile at worst.

This week is for organizing your thoughts and powers to have an action plan of moving forward into this year.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

The planet that rules all communication, Mercury, moves to Aquarius and your house of career. The way you express yourself and the thoughts you have will be influenced by Aquarian traits of logic, directness, and even aloofness or coolness. If you have any investigative work to do, or a presentation or talk to give, this is a good time for it.

We have a Leo full moon on Friday, plus a lunar eclipse, initiating something big. Full moons always bring lunacy and fruition, or the end of a cycle, and with an eclipse in the mix you can be certain there will be big changes or unexpected news. Be sure to focus on what you want to have in life rather that what you don’t have.

This week is for clearing your thoughts of negativity and hopelessness and invoking positive change where you need it.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mercury, muse of the mind, moves to fellow air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of mental exploration. The influence of Mercury governs what we think and talk about and in this part of your chart your mental pursuits, higher education pursuits and travel plans will be supported. This would be the best time to enroll in deep studies, go back to school, take a course or a long journey to a land far away.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse initiating changes. Full moons always bring lunacy and the completion of a lunar cycle, and with the eclipse energies added in there will be unexpected news coming in. Things can shift rapidly in an Eclipse Portal so stay alert to new information coming to you in all ways.

This week you can let your mind find solace in plans and intentions that motivate you to move toward your dreams.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

The planet of communications, Mercury, moves to air sign Aquarius on Tuesday, into your house of sex, death and rebirth. Mercury’s work is cognition, communication, self-expression. While in this part of your chart you can expect that your connection with your significant other or business partner will deepen, or you’ll join financial forces with someone, sharing wealth, and that’ll be profitable. In general, you should experience greater intimacy and possibly could have a spiritual realization of some sort.

We have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse on Friday. Full moons bring lunacy and eclipses are change makers, so we can expect that this will be a potent day. This happens in your house of wealth; there could be changes to your financial state, your career, or just in your thinking about money. Remember that eclipse energy magnetizes and magnifies.

This week prepare for any news or changes that might come your way by getting truly grounded and centered and rested.


Leo & Leo Rising

Mercury, muse of communication, moves to polar opposite sign Aquarius on Tuesday and into your house of relating. While in this area, Mercury could increase your connections and verbal harmony with those you’re in relationship with. You could enter into a business partnership now, sign a contract, get a marriage license, profess your love to someone, or commit to a lover. That should keep you busy.

If that wasn’t enough to occupy your time this week, we have full moon in your sign on Friday WITH a lunar eclipse! Full moons always bring lunacy, and in your sign they’re always more dramatic, and with an eclipse you should expect the unexpected. An eclipse in your first house of self has the potential to be powerful, but there will likely be unexpected news or a sudden change, possibly connected to events of nine or eighteen years ago.

This week lean into your capacity to inspire people with your words, and prepare for the waves of change that are coming.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

The planet of communication and mental activity, Mercury, shifts over to Aquarius on Tuesday into your house of health. Mercury’s realm is all about connections, thoughts, conversations, the past... And in this part of your chart you could feel empowered to make some changes to your health or fitness routines, to focus on your well being in general. Get your thoughts organized and your life plans and routines will follow.

There’s a potent activation brewing on Friday with a full Leo moon plus lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of closure. Full moons are full of lunacy, emotion, potency, and with an eclipse added, there will be surreal changes or upheavals or unexpected changes that may feel uncomfortable but will benefit your upliftment in the long run. Say prayers, set intentions, get rest (deep rest), and indulge in spring cleaning, both inside and out.

This week is for getting your thoughts and plans in order, putting your health first, and making sure your self-care game is on point.


Libra & Libra Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of communication, moves to airy Aquarius on Tuesday, to your fifth house of sex and art. While Mercury is here, allow your muse to return. Indulge your sexual and artistic natures, fall in love, be creative. This could be a prolific time for you, artistically and creatively but also in the arts of seduction and romance. This is also the house of fertility…

On Friday we have a potent full moon in Leo plus a lunar eclipse zapping your house of friendship. Full moons are full of lunacy, drama and energy, and coupled with an activating eclipse, expect some upheaval or big shifts. Bonds created or broken, connections made and severed, will take your attention. Gather your tribe.

This week, let yourself savor artistic endeavors, the sensual delights, and make art.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The planet of communication and expression, Mercury, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of home and family. With the gift of sharp cognition and eloquent speaking on your side, this could be a good time to bring up a home improvement project or relocation, or maybe family expansion. Tell the people closest to you that you love them.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo in your tenth house of career. Full moons always bring lunacy and heightened emotions, and coupled with an eclipse there’s even more volatility. You can expect some unexpected changes at work or in your chosen community, there could be an increase to your material abundance, or maybe a project or vision you’ve been working on has come into being. This is also the house of experts, technology, alliances, father figures and ambition.

This week let your attention turn to creating home, as well as manifesting your career dreams.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Aquarius, your third house of communication. Mercury’s realm is all about communication, thoughts, conversation, memory… and in the communication area of your chart all of your written and spoken words will carry more power and your self-expression will be clear.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse. This brings the action to your house of travel and education. All full moons are high energy events, bringing lunacy and drama, and in Leo that energy is exaggerated. With an eclipse in the mix there will likely be unexpected changes and big news about education, mental pursuits, travel, or freedom.

This week, clarify your thoughts and vision for the spring, focusing on where you want to grow.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Mercury moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your financial house. Mercury rules communication, thinking and technology and this part of your chart is about money, career and investments. This would be a good time to submit a proposal or start a business.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday plus a lunar eclipse, illuminating your house of intimacy. Full moons always bring lunacy, completion or change, and with an added eclipse, there will be unexpected changes or big news to shake things up. This part of your chart is all about sex, death and rebirth, privacy and intimacy, sharing wealth, and occult knowledge. Eclipses are activators, so something important has the potential to be initiated now.

This week, make smart financial decisions that will impact your success, watch for money coming your way, and prepare for a transformation or upgrade.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

On Tuesday the planet of the mind, Mercury, moves to your sign and first house on Tuesday. You’ll be even more inquisitive and inventive, seeking out intellectual challenges. You could also be more restless and over think more than usual. Your brain power gets a boost; use this energy for reinventing, recreating and revolution.

We have a full moon in Leo on Friday with a lunar eclipse hitting your house of relationships. Full moons incite lunacy always, and with an eclipse they become more dramatic, often bringing big news or unexpected events or changes. This eclipse is also somehow connected to events from nine or eighteen years ago, dealing with partnership, relationships, or contracts of some kind.

This week enjoy your mental prowess and prepare for the eclipse activation by organizing your thoughts and focusing on your invocations.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Mercury, planetary muse of the mind, moves into Aquarius on Tuesday, to your house of endings. All cognition, thoughts, memories and conversations are ruled by Mercury. This part of your chart is about processing sorrows and self-defeating patterns, getting rest and closure.

On Friday we have a full moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse in your sixth house of well being. All full moons bring about the end of a cycle and are infused with lunacy, but with the added juice of the eclipse, there could be new discoveries, unexpected news, or shocking events. This eclipse is connected to events that occurred nine or eighteen years ago, and could deal with your physical or mental health, your relationships with the people you work with, purification or organization, or even pets.

For this week, listen deeply to your intuition and watch for initiations or activations around the eclipse.