Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes

for the week of Monday, February 13- Sunday, February 19



I don’t have to tell you there’s a lot going on politically, socially and personally, and my answer when people ask if anything is going on astrologically is always, yes. Always.

When you are in alignment with Nature, you can navigate the winds of the changing currents as the archetypal energies influence your consciousness. Understanding what these archetypal influences are, you can learn to work with the energies in the most optimal ways.

We are in an Eclipse Portal, the numinous space between eclipses, a designated no whining zone psychically, and a time when we can concentrate on and invoke positive change, transformation, and revolution.  We are coming off of the Leo full moon and lunar eclipse from Friday, and we’ll have a solar eclipse at the new moon in Pisces on February 26. The Leo/Aquarius axis of the full moon eclipse asks us to balance our paradoxical qualities or to explore contrary compliments, like power and grace, or balancing emotion with intellect. Jupiter is retrograde in Libra, asking us to fine tune where we want growth and expansion, and where we’ve gone into excess. Lilith moves to Sagittarius for nine months. And on Saturday we say goodbye to Aquarius season, as the sun moves into the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Neptune ruled Pisces solar cycle will assist our ability to tune in energetically and emotionally during the Eclipse Portal, looking deeply at our dreams as well as our delusions.

Enjoy your week. xo,



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Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Fire agate

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Amethyst

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Celestite

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Jet



Aries & Aries Rising

On Saturday we leave Aquarius for Pisces season, when the sun enters the water sign in the early morning hours (3:31am PST). Your attention will shift to your quiet twelfth house of solitude and self-undoing for the next four weeks. This down time is meant to prepare you for your solar return, coming up next. For this solar cycle you should allow yourself time to process any residue of resentment or disappointment, work out your plans, address your patterns of self-defeating behavior, and to get real rest. There might be a lot to let go of now before your solar return celebrations begin.

Mars, your ruler, is still in your sign all month so you should feel some of your passion and inspiration return as you plan your personal goals and vision.

This weekend, as we change sun signs, let yourself have some down time to be creative or to pamper yourself.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

On Saturday the sun leaves Aquarius and heads to Pisces, moving your attention to your eleventh house of alliances. For the next four weeks of this new solar season, your friendships will take the forefront, you’ll put energy into the clubs and political associations you belong to, and your long term dreams will come into focus. This is a good time for teamwork to create positive change and to use technology to move toward your highest vision for life.

This week we’re in the Eclipse Portal, so all your thoughts and energy will be heard clearly by the Universe; make sure you’re channeling what you want to draw in.

Start thinking about your tribe, those beings you surround yourself with and you count on, and consider where you could fortify your boundaries more and where your heart can open more.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

The sun leaves Aquarius and moves to Pisces on Saturday. For the next four weeks of the new sun cycle, you awareness will be on your career and public standing. This is a good time to focus on your material success in life, putting energy into your profession, fine tuning your aspirations, and embracing your talents. You could get a promotion during this time or just feel reinspired and more passionate and ambitious.

This week we are in the middle of the Eclipse Portal, a time when our thoughts and ideas are amplified. It’s important to not let your worry or overthinking take over this month. Let your inner dialogue reflect your heart’s deepest desires.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

On Saturday the sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces, to your house of study and mental exploration. For the next four weeks you will seek out adventure, make travel plans or take a trip, or maybe you’ll register for a new course. This is the perfect time for higher education and deep studies, for expanding your horizons and trying something new.

We are in the Eclipse Portal, intensifying all of our thoughts and feelings. Make sure to put a pause on sulking and complaining, as the Universe is listening intently to what you’re focused on.

This week, think about what you really want in life and devise a few plans to choose from that can get you there.


Leo & Leo Rising

On Saturday the sun shifts out of Aquarius and into Pisces, your intense eighth house. For the four weeks that follow your attention will be on themes of sex, death and rebirth, manifesting in thoughts about intimacy and privacy, shared wealth, legacies or inheritance, and spiritual transformation. That should keep you busy enough, Leo.

If not, we’re still under the influence of the Eclipse Portal, so all things feel a little more intense. The full moon in your sign still has us feeling a little lunacy hung over. Remember to direct your thoughts in the direction of positive invocation and gratitude.

This week, let yourself explore the themes of this sun cycle without explanation, blame or guilt.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

The Aquarius sun cycle ends and the Pisces cycle begins this week, moving your focus to your relationship house. For the next four weeks your attention will be on partnerships, your partners and relationship issues. This part of your chart is about relating to others, forming bonds and partnerships, and includes the work part of relationships, with your partner as well as with the people you work with or those you’re involved with in legal affairs. This is the house of harmony.

We are in an Eclipse Portal all week, which can seem to intensify everything. Your thoughts and self-talk should reflect invocations of what you want in life rather than a laundry list of self-loathing, Virgo.

This week, keep a positive attitude and reflect on all your current relationships and how uplifting or draining they all are.


Libra & Libra Rising

The sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces this week, shifting the energy to your sixth house of organization and well being. For the next four weeks of this sun cycle your attention will turn to your health, fitness, doctor’s appointments, your relationship with the people you work with, pets and getting organized. Put your wellness first this month by scheduling all the check ups you need, starting a new class, eating better, getting more self-care and pampering. The energy can also be channeled into getting organized mentally and physically, decluttering your life in a major  way in order to make room for what’s to come.

This week you can focus on clearing away any negative self-talk and dream a clear vision into being during this eclipse season.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces on Saturday, putting the focus now on your creativity and passion. For the next four weeks your attention will center around sex, love, love affairs, artistic endeavors and creative pursuits. It can be a great month of making art, exploring romance, pleasure seeking and merry making. This is also the house that rules fertility and pregnancy. It may be a good time to fall in love or to indulge in your romantic side.

We are in the Eclipse Portal all week, intensifying everything, so stay centered on invoking abundance and joy into your life and release all the rest.

This week, tune into your muse and begin to create.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

On Saturday the sun shifts out of Aquarius and into Pisces, your fourth house of domestic duties. For the next four weeks of this solar cycle your energy and attention will turn to home, family, and stability. You may consider relocating or you could begin a home improvement project, you could decide to expand your family, or you could just feel called to stay in more and nest at home. This would be a good time for remodeling or spring cleaning, decluttering, reorganizing. An important woman or mother figure could play a starring role this month, as could a child or children. Self-care should be emphasized now and getting lots of rest and relaxation.

This week allow yourself to think about what makes you feel most at home and with whom you want to spend your time.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

On Saturday we have a new solar cycle; the sun moves into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. The emphasis for you will now be on communication issues for the next four weeks. This would be a good time to reach out to siblings and other extended family members or to clarify thoughts and communications. This is the part of your chart that deals with self-expression, travel and ideas. Your logic and memory will be strong now, and both technology and community will figure into this week’s work.

We are in the middle of an Eclipse Portal which causes activation, initiation, but also some confusion and intensification of emotions and energy.

This week it would be good to keep a level head and maybe get out of town for a break.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Your solar return month is coming to an end now after a full month of celebrations and intense astrology. The sun will will leave your sign and move to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, and into your money house. As your birthday month ends, your focus for the next four weeks will shift to finances, your work, and all money matters. This will be a great time to reinvent yourself, to initiate a new business and increase your income. You could change professions or you may just implement new and important ideas to your current career. Self-love is certainly a big part of this part of your chart, as is material success. Your new vision will begin to pay off.

We are in an Eclipse Portal this week which intensifies everything.

This week you can try to come down from your birthday high and put all your inspired and bright ideas into making financial abundance.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

The sun leaves Aquarius on Saturday and you get to emerge from the intense twelfth house where you’ve been processing and resting. The sun moves to your sign and your solar return month begins, with the sun in your first house of self and personal intimacy. For the next four weeks your energy will be strong, as will your powers of empathy and intuition. This is your time to put your intentions and wishes into form, to invoke your deepest desires.

We are still in an Eclipse Portal this week creating upheaval and activating our thoughts into manifestation, so watch closely your words and self-talk.

This week will be for plans and rest to get ready for the sun’s shift into your sign, and over the weekend your celebration month begins.