Wild Moon Wisdom Astrology: Highlights of March’s Astrology ~*~

The astrology of March will be monumental and r/evolutionary. There is so much activity that it will certainly be an action-packed spring. And it may feel like we’re in for either activation or annihilation. It could be both...

There’s an abundance of the fire element for the first half of March. Celestial giants Jupiter (in Leo) and Uranus (in Aries) connect in a trine, expanding our eccentric ideas, boosting our growth and opportunities, enlivening our faith, and igniting rebellious revolution! Venus and Mars, the divine couple, start off the month entwined in bold and aggressive Aries, stirring up passion and desire. Sex and war, loving and fighting… things get interesting.

We also have the last of seven exact squares between Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) which have been blasting us since 2012. The final square hits on March 16 (we will feel it for a couple of weeks before and after). Pluto brings up themes of elimination, transformation, death and rebirth, power that can destroy or create. Uranus carries themes of rebellion, change, individual originality, your deeply encoded inner will or purpose in this lifetime. The influence of these powerhouse archetypes are experienced personally, socially, and globally. On a personal level, Pluto asks us to look at where we exert dominance and control over others and why, what wounds we have hidden or suppressed, and how we can transform destructive aspects into a rebirth. And Uranus is concerned with the expression of who we really are, what we are really meant to do, and how we can create breakthroughs and liberation. Both Venus and Mars will trigger the Pluto/Uranus square in the first part of the month before the exact hit happens. With all of this intensity it is best to try to move with consciousness rather than losing yourself in impulsivity.

 Venus continues to make waves early in the month, forming aspects to Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. The square between Venus (love and money) and Pluto (transformation) could bring drama and potential conflict in relationships, with power struggles centered around love or financial matters. Squares also bring the opportunity for healing and growth if you are willing to do the work. On March 17 Venus leaves Aries for a sign she rules, earthy Taurus, bringing stability and sensuality to our love lives and stabilizing security to money issues. Her counterpart and lover Mars will square Pluto on March 11, with themes of sex and power; watch out for aggression directed inwardly or in a more overt external expression. Mars travels to Taurus on the last day of the month bringing some grounding.

Mercury, the Messenger, leaves detached and analytical Aquarius and heads to sensitive Pisces on March 12. In Pisces, the planet of communication and cognition gets a psychic boost. Flashes of knowing and hits of understanding will abound. He then moves into fiery Aries on March 30, bringing a biting edge and sometimes argumentativeness to communications.

 The morning of March 5 brings a Full Moon in Virgo. Full Moons inevitably bring more erratic behavior, and some are more prone to this “moon madness,” which is really just our instinctual and feral nature surfacing without a filter. Mother Moon has a relationship with and an effect on emotions, menstrual cycles, tides… we are intimately connected. The Full Moon brings completion to a cycle and reminds us of our fullness. Virgo seems to stabilize some of the energies of the Full Moon since it is a sign that is intellectual, practical, and steadfast. Virgo is also the sign of service, and in seeking knowledge Virgo Moons also want to implement responsibly and use what is learned.

 With this Full Moon, we may go on a clearing and cleansing rampage, releasing literally and figuratively what is toxic, outdated, unneeded, and recycling the clutter to make more room for life. This is a time to look back on all that we’ve accomplished and how we’ve grown during this lunation, acknowledge our hard work and know that the seeds planted as intentions into the soil of our hearts at the New Moon are taking shape. We may sense a more serious and meticulous approach is needed to get things accomplished now, and a more discriminating outlook on things. One thing to watch out for with Virgo is the tendency for perfectionism to turn to self-loathing.

 We are nearing what I call an Eclipse Portal. Eclipses happen in pairs and the time between the first and the second create a powerful portal where the universe is listening intently. Hold positive and clear thoughts and intentions during this very potent time. Your thoughts are spells that conjure your reality. On Friday, March 20 we have a New Moon in Pisces in the very early morning hours, followed immediately by a Total Solar Eclipse (29º Pisces). Eclipses are amplifiers and activators. I have always explained the visual representation of an eclipse as the Tower card in the tarot; it is as if the Great Mother is on top of the tower hurling lightning bolts of electrifying illumination onto us. We will certainly get zapped, and this could dissolve or initiate something in our lives. You can work with this energy by offering up something that you know needs to be released, and focus on something that your deepest self longs to have created. This is a time to recalibrate our frequencies and clarify our desires to magnetize to us those circumstances that are truly in alignment with our hearts.

 The fiery and dynamic Aries solar cycle begins on the afternoon of the Equinox. This is the first sign of the zodiac, and once more we initiate new beginnings. The wheel of the year continues to turn.

 These continue to be powerful times. Yes, we are exhausted and overwhelmed, bruised and bloody. Yes we have learned so many lessons and are still growing. We are being cooked in the cauldron, tempered in the crucible, polished by the irritation. We are also learning to listen with our hearts, speak from our bellies, and trust in our bones. Life as a householder on the planet, one where we engage totally and completely with life rather than trying to suppress, ignore, or deny it, is absolutely exasperating and exhilarating. We are on the edge of absurdity and profundity at all times.

 May you increase your sensitivity and stay connected to your heart during these highly charged times. You are blessed.

xo, KK ~ Wild Moon Wisdom