The Eclipse Portal for 2014 is opening and energies are building. On April 15 we have a lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Libra (25°) at 2:47am CST/ 12:47am PDT. The sister eclipse happens at the New Moon in Taurus, a solar eclipse on April 28 (1:04am CST/ 11:04pm PDT). This is just days before Beltane. Eclipses are activators and initiators. They shake us up and zap us out of default patterns. Things are often set in motion or dissolved. Like a power surge or jolt of electricity, eclipses can shift us around inside, shatter parts of us or our lives, and this is not usually comfortable. The energies are intense. In the eclipse portal, our thoughts and deepest desires will be magnified, whether they are conscious or not. This is why I have always (playfully) implemented a "no whining zone" with my students during these portals. Think of this time as entering a portal in which what your heart aches for, your bones long for, your thinking invokes… is all magnified and then magnetized to you powerfully. So it is a time to be conscious of our thoughts and patterns, our internal matrika, and what we're holding as a vision and a feeling in our heads and hearts. You will conjure.

As I have written before, to work with these potent, charged energies, clarify for yourself what you intend to have activated, what area of your life you might need revelation and understanding. Set an intention. Be prepared to have a big shift, but know that it takes up to six months for the eclipse to cycle out, so the aspect of life that was shifted may not be revealed until then. Eclipses cycle in 18-19 year patterns. We had a similar portal (with a lunar Libra eclipse at 25°  and then a Taurus eclipse) 19 years ago, and so the work you'll do during this cycle is likely connected somehow to that time period. You can look at your natal chart to find where you have 25° Libra to see where it hits you.

The Full Moon in Libra will bring out lunacy around issues of being indecisive and changeable, loving with your head rather than your heart, and trying to please and be everything to everyone. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, where we'll have our Solar eclipse in a few weeks. Venus is love and beauty and money, and rules pleasure and love affairs and adornment. How deep is your self-love, where do you abandon yourself, where do you become a martyr or tyrant in love… and how can you bring forward the clearest expression of yourself in love.

Tuesday's eclipse will follow Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, station retrograde on Monday. Pluto is death and transformation and rebirth. Pluto's station calls us into the darkness, as this is the planet of annihilation and transformation, endings and beginnings. In the darkness we are devoured by the Great Mother, always to return with more radical wisdom. Pluto's gift is to help us to churn, to bring to the surface all the shards of brokenness and pain that live inside us, and in the churning there is transmutation. Alchemy happens.

The end of April, between the two eclipses, also brings us an encounter with the Grand Cardinal Cross. This alignment consists of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn meeting up with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer (these are all Cardinal signs). These interactions are also volcanic in nature, initiating big changes and inviting confrontation with long repressed issues.

When experiencing an eclipse, we must learn to look honestly at the shadow parts of ourselves and where the participating planets are placing our focus, on those shadow aspects. Eclipses literally eclipse the light and create shadows… illumination is obscured. We must know that even immersed in the darkness, our luminous consciousness pulses within. As Tantrikas, we are never afraid of the dark. The darkness is our teacher. We adjust our eyes and can see far more than previously experienced.

There is always healing and transformation during these times of potency and intensity. The eclipse portal can be a gateway into your own truth and power.  Magnetize those forces  that bring blessings. Be clear and unwavering in your invocations and intentions. Conjure and call to you a deep prayer from your heart. Receive an eclipse initiation ~ a diksha from the Cosmos.

Jai Maa Kali ~*~

Blessed Be ~*~