::AstroAlignment:: We are currently in an ECLIPSE portal. Monday, June 4 brings a partial lunar eclipse at 4:04am, and the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 4:12am. Gemini Sun and Sag Moon are in opposition- what is not in alignment, not serving, where there is conflict, make space and let go. As I've written many times before, eclipses are activators and amplifiers. Hold positive and powerful thoughts and intentions during this very potent time. Your thoughts are spells that conjure your reality. At 2:04pm, Neptune (in Pisces) goes retrograde. The dreamy planet has been comfy at home in Pisces, and this retrograde period can assist us in really refining our deepest dreams for life, and recalibrate our frequencies to magnetize to us those circumstances that are truly in alignment with our hearts. Tuesday, June 5 we will experience a phenomenal event, the TRANSIT of VENUS. We experienced the last one 8 years ago, and will not see this event again in our lifetime (next one in 2117). Venus is entangled in the eclipse. Relationships and what we value and what is meaningful to us will be emphasized and require attention. We also have a Pluto-Uranus square that continues to provide interesting energies... Increase your sensitivity and stay connected to your heart during these highly charged times. You are blessed.