For those of us that honor the "old calendar" we have just entered the gateway of the most auspicious time of the year, Samhain, or Hallowmas, the Celtic new year. This is a time when the gods draw near, and the veil of consciousness between the worlds, separating the land of the living from the Otherworld, becomes thin. We honor the Ancient Ones, the ancestors, and all those that have passed from the land of the living. We celebrate those that have embodied into the relative world and emerged as newborns to have an embodied adventure. It is a time for invocations and incantations, divination, increased sensitivity, and deep listening.

This time of the year, when we are saturated in darkness, the Dark Goddess reigns; she is the Guardian of the Crossroads, able to see into the past, present, and future at once. The dark time of the year can be experienced as the Dreamtime; we submerse ourselves into the sacred Darkness where we are held, nourished, recharged. We can look back and reflect on where we have been and what we have learned, acknowledge where we are and clarify what it is we value, and gather our power in preparation for moving forward with insight and purpose into our future. The Darkness is the womb of the Goddess, where we grow our vision and dream our lives into being. It is the cauldron, where we are cooked, seasoned, steeped in the wisdom of the Wise Ones.

Now that the wheel of the year has turned into the fullness of the Dreamtime, let yourself turn inside, allow the introspection and reflection of this seasonal shift to emerge naturally. Tune in to the whispers of the Ancient Ones, and to your own wise heart. Nest and settle in to the darkness, savor it, until the light returns. Weave your dreams.

~Blessed be. ★


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