On January 22 at 11:39pm, the new moon in Aquarius initiated Chinese New Year. We said goodbye to the year of the metal rabbit and have entered the year of the Water Dragon. Dragons are auspicious creatures. They are majestic and magical, powerful and strong, and they bring good luck and blessings. Dragons are also shape-shifters; they will teach us how to be whatever we want to be, and to be flexible, and to go with the flow. They invite us to dream big. The Water Dragon will have a more fluid, intuitive, sea creature feel, as opposed to a fiery feel. There will be a Neptunian, underwater, dreamy, mysterious undertone to this year. There is a grand mystery and majesty inherent in a Dragon year, and particularly since it is 2012, a year with a buzz of mystery surrounding it, we are ensured an experience of unearthing the unknown. This year Uranus, the radical planet, will be making a square (challenging alignment) with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Its all about evolution. Get ready for an evolution activation, and the more you resist change, the more you will struggle. Be friends with chaos, expect the unexpected.

My theme for this year, inspired by the Water Dragon, is to Merge with the Mystery and Magnetize the Magic! You can become a mixologist of magic. This is the year that you wake up once and for all. There is no time to waste, no more playing small, indulging in the disease of self-loathing. The dreamers, thinkers, dancers, artists, creatives must step forward and hold the space this year. Paradigms are shifting, structures are crumbling, the past is dying. We don't have the privilege of waiting for someone else to step up and dream a beautiful dream and do the work. We are the creators of our own reality, the dreamers of our own dreams, the activators of our own awakening. We set the tone for this new reality, this new age. Waiting is not an option. Awakening and Activation. Be awake and activate!

We must be in tune with the bigger energies of the Universe, allowing our hearts and minds to dream bigger of an astounding and unreasonably expansive new reality. Magical, mysterious, magnificent Dragon assists us in a shift in consciousness. The Dragon's fiery breath will purify us deeply, and its magic will entice us into the depths of our souls, where transmutation and alchemical transformation can help us get rooted more steadily into our own heart's desires. Dragon asks us to dream big, to know why we have chosen to be here on this planet at this time, to remember our power, to be comfortable with change, to believe in magic, to live with a heart ignited by the inexplicable longing of the soul.

Dragon Magic ~ merging with the mystery. Blessed be.