Mercury, the Trickster, the Messenger, the planetary Muse of communication and motion, shifted into retrograde on September 6 for the third time this year. This would usually be the last Mercury retrograde of the year, but this year in late December we will have our fourth retrograde period. As you know from being in my class, when Mercury retrogrades we slow down and review. This is not a time to fear, as many people who know very little about astrology might convince you of, but an invitation to turn inside, slow down, relax. If you do not accept that invitation and continue to run through life at the usual human speed, you will trip and fall, metaphorically and literally. When people do not heed the invitation of Mercury retrograde to take extra care, to slow your pace, to stop and smell the flowers, to sometimes keep your thoughts to yourself, then communication gets tangled, feelings get hurt, and accidents happen. This is a time when many will have various falls and accidents, get parking and speeding tickets, have all technology go haywire, lose things, experience communication devices such as email, phone, and computer seemingly erupt into an explosion of disruption, and have travel delays. But if you are aware and allow for this virtual sleep cycle in technology, motion, and communication, you are less likely to be taken out in this three week adventure.

In Anusara yoga, our intention is always to align with Nature, and by offering these insights to you, I hope to share more of what is actually happening in Nature, in the stars, so that you can more genuinely be in alignment. And so that you can be more at ease during this time.

Since we are already on an astrological roll, another powerhouse event was initiated yesterday; a Saturn-Uranus opposition, with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. This is the third of five exact oppositions from 1998 to 2010. This is playing out in on the world stage in our social, economic, political, and cultural situation.

Saturn is structure, limits, fixed, conservative, rules, the disciplinarian. Uranus is independent, original, wild, unconventional, evolution, the free-spirit. (Guess which planet rules Aquarius, my sun?). These two extreme planets clash, as do their energies and qualities. We may experience their clash by feeling pulled in two polarized directions. Think order - chaos or stability - change. This is the primordial balanced action that we experience in our yoga and in our lives. It is not different from Tantra. This is dancing on the razor's edge and embracing paradox sincerely.

Emotional explosions will be erupting all over. We haven't experienced a set of Saturn-Uranus oppositions in 40+ years. I advise lots of self-care, avoiding confrontation and conflict, staying in, getting rest, doing things that you love and bring you joy...

May we dance on the razor's edge of paradox and navigate with sensitivity through the waters of life.