We can all agree that the Aries sun cycle never disappoints, and the dynamic astrological weather has continued into Taurus season. On April 19 the sun entered the earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus, but before Aries season wrapped up there were a few more notable changes. At 1:11am on April 17 Chiron changed signs, finally leaving Pisces and moving into Aries. Chiron’s stay in the final sign of the zodiac has forced us to face and feel our dreams, demons, and delusions. For the past eight years. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and he teaches us how to heal our deepest pain or original wound and invites us to explore the landscape of balance between embodiment and consciousness, but he’s not wounded only, he’s healed. The wounds inform the healing and allow the one who has been healed to pass on those lessons and insights to be beneficial to others and to help guide the way through emotional darkness. The realm of Pisces can be like a transcendent dreamscape, or like a ghastly nightmare if one gets stuck in the delusion or addiction that is the “shadow side” of this sign, and for eight years we have had access to both of these realities. Pisces is the end of the road, the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the initiatory sign, the starting point, the beginning. This cardinal sign brings waves of impulsivity, passion, aggression, assertiveness, and energy. Chiron’s shift into this type of energy, emerging from the deep waters of Pisces into the dynamism of the first fire sign, could bring an emotional disturbance or volcanic realization. The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968-77, a time in which there were so many major significant events that unfolded. Those born in these years have Chiron in Aries natally. Additionally on April 17, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn. The planetary disciplinarian entered its home sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2017 and will be there until 2020, reinforcing themes of self-sovereignty, responsibility, and general integrity in all expressions. While Saturn is retrograde we can take the time to inspect and re-define our boundaries, commitments, and responsibilities. With Taurus season underway, April 22 brings Pluto retrograde (also in Capricorn); two major themes associated with Pluto and Pluto transits are elimination and regeneration, and we can detox psychologically and purge emotionally. Exploration of our own underworld and our relationship to power are opportunities during this time.

On Sunday evening, April 29, we have the full moon in Scorpio (9º), which is the Beltane full moon, opposite the Taurus sun, its polar opposite. Scorpio is Pluto-ruled—  a fixed water sign that is comfortable with intensity and complication. With this full moon we are invited into our vulnerability and innermost desires, to feel what is most valuable to us and to find our own inner strength and perseverance to create, receive, invoke, and express those desires. Find a space to acknowledge and honor both Pluto and Venus, the rulers of the current full moon and the sun, the lord of the underworld and the goddess of love and abundance at the altar of your heart. 

Affirmation/Invocation: I release any debris- emotional, psychological, physical, energetic- that no longer aligns with my deepest, heartfelt desires for myself and offer them to the compost pile of worn out baggage that I no longer need to carry. I allow my vulnerability to forge incredible strength and fortitude in body, heart and mind, and I embrace my power and inner wisdom to guide me toward my dreams and goals.