* Repost from previous post: The Wheel of the Year turns once again, moving us forward into the light. The hearth/home fires are extinguished and re-lit for Beltane (“bright fire”). If we don’t have a bonfire or campfire to dance around, we can light a fire in our home cauldron, or a beeswax candle, and hop over it with a heart full of  inspiration and deep wishes, for protection and good luck. Traditionally, cattle were driven through two great balefires for purification, fertility and prosperity. People danced in the smoke from the flames for the same reason, and there was dancing around the maypole. Lovers frolicked and made love in the fields and gardens to bless the land. We can honor this day in the same way. This fire festival is a celebration of fertility and passion, revelry in sexuality and sensuality. The fire that purifies and clears also ignites and inspires. Beltane invokes sparks of creativity and new abundance, fertility and frolicking, celebration and creation, praises and pleasure.  May we feel the irresistible desire to make beauty and live artfully.  May we enjoy embodiment as a sacred pleasure treasure. -