Aquarius season began on Friday, January 19 at 7:09pm PST, and continues until February 18. Most air signs experience a noticeable shift from the earthy and Saturn-heavy Capricorn cycle into airy and intellectual Aquarius. This is a fixed air sign and rules the shins, ankles, coccyx, and the circulatory system. The water bearer symbol of the vessel pouring water out actually represents dispensing wisdom, as this is the sign of intellectual independence and original vision.

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is the planet of revolution and rebellious, giving Aquarius suns their well deserved reputations for being revolutionary and rebellious. The planet of disruption and the unconventional expresses itself in the eccentricities and unpredictability of the Water Bearer’s personality. Aquarius has a character that is utterly paradoxical, with qualities and expressions that reflect that enigma, making it one of the most misunderstood signs (along with Scorpio). Some of these seemingly paradoxical quirks could be thought to come from the sign’s traditional ruler, Saturn; there is a seriousness and an elevated logic present in the Aquarius brain, a deep loyalty and commitment, and even an affinity for tradition that seems counterintuitive to the typical rebellious Aquarian tendency. Liberal, forward thinking and progressive ideas expressed with a fixed opinion, as well as being connected to the friendship/humanitarian house while also often being perceivably aloof or detached (in general) in interpersonal interactions are other examples of the Aquarian contradiction.

This is the sign of dreams and idealism, originality and the future. Aquarius’ question is “why?”  and most used key phrase is “I know.” Aquarians are thinkers and communicators- independent, analytical, evolved, original and avant garde. During Aquarius season, everyone is invited to express themselves freely and channel flashes of brilliant insight without feeling self-conscious or odd. Under the Aquarian influence, allow for inventive and radical thinking along with an easy-going acceptance of difference. Revolutionary insights may arise during this season… inventions or ground-breaking ideas that can seed the coming months.

Aquarius season always promises to bring excitement, surprise, and reinvention. This one may feel even more like the Upside Down because eclipse season is underway, and we’ve entered that portal that feels supercharged, heavy with potential, amplifying the energies and heightening our awareness. Eclipse season is initiated when the Sun aligns with the Nodal Axis. The first eclipse of 2018 comes on Wednesday, January 31 at the Full Moon, a total lunar eclipse at 11º 37’ Leo. The corresponding solar eclipse happens on February 15 at the New Moon, at 27º 8’ Aquarius. This Leo/Aquarius pairing of eclipses is fascinating; of course they’re polar opposites, and last year three of the four eclipses were in these two signs, and this year four of the five eclipses occur here. This Leo/Aquarius energy will be present and active all year, allowing us to find the balance and relationship between the personal and impersonal, self and the collective, leadership with innovation. This polarity with the Leo/Aquarius axis is also playing out with the Nodes, the markers of our destiny and karma. With North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius since last May, we can make progress courageously.

Eclipse power surges affect everyone, but if you are a Leo or Aquarius sun, or Leo or Aquarius moon or ascendant, you are likely being impacted strongly from these powerful energies. This is especially true for Leo and Aquarius suns, who have likely been dealing with big changes or events from 2017, with a turning point six months ago or one year ago… All the fixed signs will also be hit hard (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus). For everyone else, the insights gained from the upcoming eclipses may involve self-love and self-expression, stepping into self-sovereignty, or logic and heart. These eclipses will likely be a continuation of events triggered during the last two eclipses six months ago and twelve months ago. And if you can, think back to any significant events that happened nineteen years ago; this could provide a clue to the tone this eclipse season will bring. The last eclipse happened in August at 28º Leo at the New Moon, so the seeds planted and works initiated during that potent eclipse have reached or are reaching fruition and completion now. Full moons often signify completion of a cycle, some kind of ending or closure or resolution is reached. (Additionally, Wednesday’s moon is also considered a “blue moon,” which means a second full moon in a month, and a supermoon due to the near point of orbit to earth; there will be a lot of excitement online around these points, but the most important thing to pay attention to is the Leo/Aq axis).

Eclipses are activators - activating forces and change-agents that have the effect of dissolving or initiating things, disturbing or disorienting us. If we can pay attention immensely deep work can unfold. An eclipse provides the friction, or turns the thing upside down, or forces you to make that decision in some unexpected way, and although while in the thick of it all it feels very little like evolution, it really is most often for your eventual evolution (meaning you can’t feel it right now, but looking back at it from some moment in the future, you will be smarter, wiser, better off for having gone through it). So grid your space with tourmaline and citrine, and be kind to yourself if your sensitivity is high. Everyone will be more sensitive during the eclipse window, with emotions running high and for some people, even a sense of internal and external chaos. Channel the archetype of the mad scientist, the inventor, the explorer, with a healthy curiosity as we move through these days. And retain your sense of humor.









Considerations and contemplations for this eclipse portal

* What do I not feel courageous enough to make a decision about? Where am I holding myself back from growth or evolution? It is time to make a decision and make a move.

* Where am I stifling my creative expression or my individuality, playing small or safe out of fear of rejection or humiliation? How might I revision or recontextualize making my offerings and being myself as vital and necessary to my wellbeing?



Potential themes for the Leo Full Moon Eclipse (Can read for Sun and Rising)

Aries - self-expression, passion, romance, pregnancy/children

Taurus - family, home, roots, crossroads, real estate

Gemini - communication, travels, education, siblings or extended family

Cancer - income, stability, self-worth, material success

Leo - new beginnings, changes, health, taking charge of your life

Virgo - letting go, endings, soul searching, closure, spirituality

Libra - goals, community, associations, friendships

Scorpio - career, responsibility, life path, success, place in the world

Sagittarius - foreign travel, education, philosophy, public expression of ideas

Capricorn - shared wealth, finances, taxes, intimacy

Aquarius - relationships, serious partnerships, crossroads

Pisces - health, wellness, daily activities, colleagues, organization


Overview of Upcoming Ingresses

Jan 19 -- Sun into Aquarius
Jan 26 -- Mars into Sagittarius  
Jan 31 -- Full Moon ~ 11º 37’ Leo (5:27am PST)
Total Lunar Eclipse (5:31am PST)
Mercury into Aquarius
Feb 10 -- Venus into Pisces
Feb 15 -- Partial Solar Eclipse (12:53pm PST) 
New Moon ~ 27º 8’ Aquarius (1:05pm PST)    




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