Wild Moon Wisdom Horoscopes for the week of Monday, April 24 - Sunday, April 30

After last week’s bombardment of four aspects (that I wrote about in the very long horoscopes), in addition to the already very #retrogradeApril, I have some good news…. this week is the last week of April! And there’s nothing terrible to report. I’ll just go over the basics and it’s not overwhelming. We have a new moon in Taurus on Wednesday in the early morning hours, the big reset button for Taurus suns and a sweet new beginning for everyone else.  On Friday the love and money planet Venus moves to Aries, and can heat up your love life. It’s Taurus season and that means savoring and appreciating all of the sweet and simple pleasures in life. All of the other aspects that I’ve been writing about don’t just go away as we start a new week- all that stuff still applies. We continue to integrate. Everyone has their own deep work they’ve been engaged with, we’re all a little tired and our adrenals are likely depleted, but we can also reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. Invite joy in wherever you find it.


Enjoy your week. And New Moon blessings!





Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Celestite and pincha mayurasana

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Rose quartz and supta virasana

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)- Bloodstone and bhujangasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Jet and urdhva dhanurasana



Aries & Aries Rising

Last week was pretty action-packed astrologically speaking. Obviously the aspects mentioned in last week’s horoscopes are still in play, and this week we have a new moon in Taurus and Venus shifting to your sign. The new moon, like the sun, is in your money house and can bring opportunity or good fortune your way. Set intentions at the new moon for inviting abundance and wealth into your life, as well as grounding and self-worth. These intentions will grow and evolve for the next six months. Taurus season can be a useful time for you ground down and get earthy- just tune into the Venus vibes. Money and beauty planet Venus rules Taurus… so Taurus season for you is about wealth and worth; certain aspects of your life have the potential to feel pretty heavenly if you can find the alignment. This would be a good time to focus on your career, lucrative sources of income, creating financial security, and clarifying what is most important to you in life.

On Friday the love and money planet heads into your sign and settles into your first house. This can spice up your love life as well as contribute to your material success. Venus rules over wealth, beauty, adornment, love, romance, connection, art, money… so for the next several weeks you can immerse yourself into creating or expanding in these areas.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

We had so many aspects and shifts last week that we’re still trying to see how we feel about it all this week. The sun has just moved into your sign, and on Wednesday morning we have a new moon in Taurus, making it your most powerful new moon of the year. You have the opportunity to set intentions for your life for the next six months and these goals or dreams will grow until the full moon in Taurus. Make a ritual on this moon during your solar return month and ground into what you want in life, what visions you want to renew, and the evolution that you are ready for.

Your ruling planet Venus moves into Aries on Friday morning, into your mystical house of healing.  Themes of this part of your chart include closure and endings, karma and compassion, hospitals and healing, sorrows and self-defeating behaviors. Fortify your boundaries if necessary, to prevent the emotional stress that comes from having people around you that siphon your energy or drain your joy. Invest your time and money in things that support your soul. Let go where appropriate and heal your heart.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

There was so much astrological action last week and we are still adjusting and integrating this week. Taurus season is underway, and on Wednesday we have a new moon in Taurus. New moons generally are for new beginnings, setting intentions for the next cycle, but with Taurus in your twelfth house, the focus for you will be more attuned to the dark moon, the cycle just before new moon. Let go, purge and clear out as much as you can, releasing old patterns of self-sabotage or defeat, negative self-talk. Bring hidden agendas and information to the surface so it can be released. Focus on healing and getting closure. Then at the new moon, set intentions for moving forward with more lightness and open-heartedness, free of the heavy burdens of self-undoing. This is all in support of your solar return month coming up next, Gemini.

On Friday Venus, planet of love and wealth, moves to fiery Aries and your house of alliances and collaboration. These next weeks you’ll find comfort in your friendships, and will likely join a new group or club or connect with new people. This part of your chart also rules your long term goals, your hopes, good luck and intellectual pleasures. Clarify your wishes for your life, your objectives, and begin to gather your tribe.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

You could still be processing all of last week’s astrological shifting, but don’t worry because there’s plenty of time for that. This week as you settle into the Taurus sun cycle, make some time to observe Wednesday morning’s new moon in Taurus. This continues to illuminate your house of friendships and connections. Set intentions at the new moon for this new lunar cycle that lasts until the full moon in Taurus in six months; themes could include collaboration, goals and objectives, harmony in relationships, idealism, teamwork, technology, or alliances. This is a good time to reach out to family or colleagues, join a new organization or club, and to think consciously about the people you surround yourself with, your chosen tribe. Make adjustments as needed, from a place of consideration and not hurt feelings.

Venus, planet of money and beauty, moves into Aries on Friday morning, to your career house. This could bring a financial boon, a promotion or raise, a new position of power, or possibly an office romance. Falling in love with your work again is also a possibility, if you haven’t felt inspired or productive lately. Your material success could increase now. Be on the lookout for some good investment or career advice from a father figure in your life that could be the information you’ve been waiting for.


Leo & Leo Rising

There was a lot going on last week, Leo. This week you should feel more settled into the earthy Taurus sun cycle while still processing some of the aspects that occurred last week. On Wednesday we have a new moon in Taurus, bringing more attention to your career. Set intentions for this new lunar cycle that will grow and manifest for the next six months; themes include your profession and public standing, long term goals, expertise, your image, success, recognition, and important men in your life. This could be an important new beginning with your career or holding a position of power. Material success during this time will be a natural unfolding of your ambition and expertise.

On Friday Venus moves to Aries and into your ninth house of travel and education. The realm of Venus includes beauty, self-care, money, love, romance, pleasure and amusement. Make plans to travel or take a risk or go back to school. Philosophical pursuits and higher education are favored, as well as the study of languages. Enjoy an adventure or engage in some learning now.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Last week’s astrology was dynamic and we are still integrating and settling into Taurus season. We have a new moon coming up on Wednesday also in Taurus, which further illuminates your house of adventure and exploration. This entire solar cycle is centered in this area for you, and on the new moon mark the occasion by setting intentions for the new lunar cycle that lasts for the next six months. Focus on themes of travel and higher education, philosophical or religious studies, mental pursuits and self-discovery.

Venus moves to feisty Aries on Friday, and your love life could heat up. The realm of Venus includes money, worth, love, romance, beauty, and pleasure, so in your house of sex, death and rebirth you could get a surge of sexy energy. You may merge intimately with a lover or you may merge resources and money with a life or business partner… This house also rules surgery, taxes and debt, and money that belongs to your partner.


Libra & Libra Rising

There was a lot of astrological action last week and we are all still adjusting as we settle into Taurus season. We will have a new moon on Wednesday in Taurus, further illuminating your intense eighth house. Set intentions at the new moon for this new lunar cycle and they will grow and manifest over the next six months of this lunar cycle. Themes to focus on include death and rebirth, intimacy and privacy, sex and merging emotionally or financially with another, and also surgery, taxes and debt. These are the themes for your Taurus cycle in general, and at the new moon you can set intentions in these areas for what you truly want to manifest and create. You may notice your psychic powers and intuition are strong during this cycle.

On Friday your ruling planet Venus moves to Aries and your relationship house. With the planet of love and pleasure in the relationship and marriage sector, you can expect to have a breakthrough or clarity in your primary relationship. This part of your chart rules your romantic relationships but also your platonic and business partnerships, as well as any contracts you enter into, and your adversaries in the professional world. Direct your energy into creating harmony in your connections.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

All of last week’s astrological action is still in play and this week we will continue to integrate those shifts and settle into Taurus season. This week we have a Taurus new moon, further emphasizing your relationships. You Taurus cycle is centered on your seventh house of relating and harmony. At the new moon set intentions for this new lunar cycle which lasts for the next six months. The themes of this house include romantic relationships and marriage, business partnerships, open enemies, unions or contracts and harmony. You’re likely already engaged in some sort of relationship work or consideration now.

The planet of love and relationships moves to Aries on Friday. Venus will now reside in your wellness-focused sixth house. This can feel like a renewed commitment to your own self-care, self-love, self-improvement… manifesting in such ways as ordering an organic CSA box to be delivered to you weekly, committing to your meditation practice, joining a fitness class, or working with a therapist. Organize your mind and your life, declutter both, and invite clarity to emerge. Eliminate people and situations that create emotional upsets, as these disturbances create illness. Put yourself first.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Last week was a full week of astrological activity and we’re all still integrating and settling into the earthy vibes of the Taurus cycle. And on Wednesday we have a new moon in Taurus, further emphasizing your health and wellness. This Taurus season for you is all about the sixth house - your health, fitness, purification, organization, addressing illness, including how stress and worry creates physical illness, and also your relationship with the people you work with. And pets. So set intentions at the new moon for what you want to create in these areas, and the seeds you plant will unfold for the next six months until the Taurus full moon.

On Friday, a day ruled by Venus, she moves into Aries and your house of creativity and romance. Venus rules love of course, but also pleasure, beauty, worth, money… With the love planet in your sex and love house, there will surely be ignited passions, romantic connections, spicy sex, deep love, creative inspiration, artistic expression and just plain joy. This house also governs fertility and pregnancy so keep that in mind as you enjoy these next few months, Sagittarius.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Last week’s dynamic astrology is still in play and we will continue to tune into these changes this week as we settle into Taurus season. On Wednesday we have a new moon joining the sun in earthy Taurus, further emphasizing your creative and romantic natures. This Taurus sun cycle for you is all about heart and art, with the sun’s stay in your fifth house. At the new moon, set intentions that will grow for the next six months, considering the themes are: sex and creativity, pleasure and passion, new undertakings, your artistic talents, love, romance and seduction. This is also the house of fertility and pregnancy, so keep that in mind this week.

On Friday Venus enters Aries, your domestic fourth house. The planet of love and pleasure, money and worth brings energy to your home life, domestic affairs, your family… This house also rules women and children, self-care, roots and foundations, real estate, and what you keep most protected in life. This should be a sweet time of connecting for you, Capricorn. Reach out to your family, your parents, or your children. Honor your ancestors. This is your house of home, and what home really means to you.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Last week we had multiple astrological aspects that we are still adjusting to as we get settled into the new Taurus sun cycle. We have a new moon in Taurus on Wednesday morning, initiating a new start, and you can set intentions that will grow for the next six months of this lunar cycle. Taurus season for you, as well as this new moon, will center on themes of home and family, security and foundations. This house also governs ancestors, women and children, fertility, parents, real estate and land ownership. This new moon your invocations will center on family and what home means to you.

Then on Friday Venus shifts to Aries and your communication sector. Venus rules the realm of love and romance, beauty and pleasure, money and value. The themes for the love planet’s stay in your third house could involve family ties, your relationship with your siblings, travel for work, education or to see family, technology, and self-expression. This could be a good time to visit family or invite them to visit you. Writing and expressive arts will be supported during this transit as well.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

We had some dynamic astrology last week that you may still be adjusting to as Taurus season gets underway. We will have a new moon in Taurus on Wednesday morning which will further highlight your house of communication. The energy of your Taurus season is about self-expression and travel, as well as your connections to your siblings and extended family. For the new moon, set intentions about these areas and what you want to create as we begin a new lunar cycle. Travel for work or education will be supported during this time.

On Friday the planet of love and money shifts into Aries and your money house, Pisces, which is good news for you. The realm of Venus includes love and romance, beauty, art, money and worth. This will be a great time to form a new business partnership or to try out one of your new ideas that you think will be a lucrative business. Focus on your career and putting your ideas to work, but with Venus in this part of your chart it will be important to invest in self-care and to consider and remember what is most valuable to your in life, infusing your feelings of self-worth with more power.