First off readers, how are you? We find ourselves in the middle of “Retrograde April” once again and looking around we seem to be in the midst of a giant shit show. And that makes any personal shit shows seem that much shittier. So I know that things could be feeling overwhelming or challenging now, and it could be stirring up some anxiety or depression (whichever you’re prone to). As always when I write or teach, my intention is to tell the truth, be informational and inspiring, and help you see the humor in the hardest parts…


With four planets retrograde for the month, everything will feel slow, time will drag, and the past is a major theme. But this week we have some dynamic shifts in the skies to break up the monotony of terribleness in the news and the deep work we’re all doing inside.


On Wednesday afternoon the sun leaves Aries and moves into Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Taurus sun cycle is a Venus-ruled, fixed earth sign and during Taurus season we all are more drawn to art and beauty and the sensual delights of embodiment. My favorite Taurus archetypal character is Ferdinand the Bull… if you haven’t read this old children’s story lately (or ever), I recommend that you kick of this Taurus sun cycle by reading it (The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf). Ferdinand is the quintessential Taurus. So we can start to align with those earthy, arty Taurus vibes now, stopping to smell the roses and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

This week we also have Pluto turning retrograde in Capricorn (Venus turned direct but Pluto takes her place as the fourth retrograde planet in the skies this month). Pluto of course is the Lord of the Underworld himself, and as such gets a bad rap. But Pluto is just doing the Plutonian work that only he can do and while it may be uncomfortable, it is necessary.

Retrograde Mercury moves back into Aries from Taurus. Mercury moves faster than the outer planets and so has usually three retrograde cycles a year (sometimes four). We just have to adjust our pace; slow down in all areas.

On Friday Mars shifts to Gemini. Mars energy is action, ambition, aggression, confidence and willpower; it should give a little burst of inspiration or energy.

Enjoy your week.





Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)- Tourmaline and inversions

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)- Tourmaline and supta virasana

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)-  Tourmaline and upavistha konasana

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)- Tourmaline and backbends



Aries & Aries Rising

Your Aries season has come to an end and on Wednesday, the sun moves into earthy Taurus for a month; your focus will shift away from self-interest to money matters. This part of your chart is all about finances, your career and income, financial security, even self-worth, so begin to think about how to improve or sustain abundance and even how to create new lucrative income sources for yourself.

On Thursday Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, turns retrograde (in Capricorn), making that once again four planets retrograde this month. This affects your career and public standing; Pluto’s transformational powers will be on pause while retrograde, so there could be issues at work or with male bosses or father-figures. You may do some soul searching about your career or have a confrontation with your father or male boss.

Also on Thursday, retrograde Mercury backs into your sign for the rest of the cycle. That should be reason enough for you to keep your head down and mouth shut, but of course you remember there are three other retrograde planets in addition.

And lastly, Mars enters Gemini on Friday, bringing strength or power to your communication. Your self-expression will be strong and so will your powers of suggestion or persuasion. This part of your chart also deals with technology, travel and family ties. Mars brings action.


Taurus & Taurus Rising


Aries season is over and your solar return month begins! Happy solar return, Taurus. The sun moves to your sign on Wednesday afternoon and initiates your season. We all welcome Taurus season, as it encourages us to tune into the Taurean good vibes… we pamper ourselves a little more, we crave the arts, tasting the most delicious food and savoring all the sensual delights of embodiment. You are encouraged to put yourself first, indulge in self-interest and making your goals, hopes and wishes a priority. Even with four planets retrograde, this is your time to celebrate and enjoy life. Your new moon is coming up next week, the perfect time for a grand new beginning.

Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday in your house of mental pursuits. If you find yourself feeling that you could be having a minor existential crisis, that’s retrograde Pluto. Keep up with your deep studies or your adventurous travels but use extra discernment with the subjects and people you’re interacting with.

Mercury (retrograde) moves on Thursday also, to Aries, your house of finality. During the retrograde cycle you may find yourself immersed in misunderstandings, a betrayal, or hidden agendas. Trust your intuition about your boundaries and who to trust. Watch your own back.

And Mars moves to Gemini on Friday, to your money house. Your finances or investments could get an energy boost, or maybe you truly get into the self-care/self-worth vibes and treat yourself to a makeover or spa day or new crystal….  It is your birthday month after all.


Gemini & Gemini Rising


Goodbye to Aries season. We welcome a Taurus sun cycle on Wednesday and since your solar return month comes us next, that puts you in the twelfth house, Gemini. Twelfth house themes include but are not limited to: endings and goodbyes, rest and relaxation, purging and clearing, processing the past, and looking at your self-defeating or non-beneficial habits. With four planets retrograde during this cycle, you should have no trouble tuning in, being more introspective, and doing some deep work on yourself. Then when Gemini cycle begins you will feel wiser, clearer, more integrated.

Pluto turns retrograde this week in Capricorn, your intense eighth house. This is right in line with the twelfth house reflection and purging; you may encounter a confrontation with a person from your past or your issues from the past. This part of your chart is all about sex, intimacy, merging with another, privacy, shared wealth, death, rebirth. This is not a great time to enter into or begin a deep relationship or a financial partnership for you.

Mercury, your ruler, moves into Aries during his retrograde cycle and that affects your friendships and goals and technology… there will likely be more disagreements within the groups or clubs you belong to, and your objectives could feel cloudy for a while. Old friends from your past could resurface, and you would likely benefit from exploring or revisiting connections from this time.

Mars moves to your sign on Friday, giving you a little boost of confidence, a burst of energy, and hopefully assistance in moving forward with something important to you now. Mars in your first house can be a powerful ally, like a cosmic bodyguard, but yeah it could increase aggression too. Use your power for good.



Cancer & Cancer Rising



We begin the Taurus sun cycle on Wednesday, putting attention on your friendships and alliances. This retrograde heaviness can take a toll, so use this time to reach out to good friends and hang out and have fun. This part of your chart is all about technology and teamwork, long term goals, groups, membership, and hopes and dreams. Use your resources to improve and harmonize all of your connections.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, your house of relationships. This could be an interesting time for you if you’re up for the challenge and willing to do the work. Someone from your past will likely make an appearance now, either an ex lover or business associate, and there is likely karma there. This retrograde cycle (which lasts until September) encourages you to look at old wounds, unconscious patterns, and general bad habits that cause trauma and drama in your connections.

Retrograde Mercury moves to Aries and your career sector this week; this likely won’t be the best time for a big launch or presentation but rather a time to revisit previous ideas, look back at what has worked, review and tweak. There could be miscommunication or issues with with a male boss or father figure.

Mars enters Gemini and your house of endings and closure on Friday. Mars energizes and activates, and sometimes instigates, and in your house of sorrows this could feel like unearthing buried rage, uncovering hidden agendas and confronting your own self-sabotage. So… good luck there.


Leo & Leo Rising


Aries is out, Taurus is in this week. The sun moves into earthy Taurus on Wednesday and your career house, where you should feel more inspired at work and in the community, even advancing your position or increasing your salary. Material success can certainly increase during this month. There will likely be an issue with or valuable connection with a male boss of father figure, so pay attention to any advice or mentoring coming your way this month. Use this time to focus on work, the work you do for others, your talents and achievements, and increasing your expertise in whatever your chosen field is.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn this week, in your health house. From now until the end of September, you should address any and all health concerns, get all of your check-ups, and eliminate emotional stress and preventable tension from your life.

Mercury is still retrograde but will move to Aries this week, into your ninth house of mental exploration. There will be the usual mishaps and misunderstandings, with the concentration of that miscommunication being at work. Double check all work-related emails and texts before sending, all proposals before sending, all contracts before signing.

Mars moves to Gemini on Friday, putting energy into your friendships and alliances. Your goals and objectives, sense of idealism, and good luck could get a boost as well so keep your eyes open for little miracles.


Virgo & Virgo Rising


This week we leave Aries and enter the Taurus solar cycle, as the sun move to the earth sign on Wednesday. This shifts focus for you to mental pursuits, travel and studies. Even if you don’t take a trip now, this is the time to make plans and arrangements. You could enroll in a course or go back to school, study a language, publish a piece you’ve written, or just take more risks in the realm of mental exploration or travel.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on Thursday, in your artistic fifth house. Under these circumstances, from now until September, you may feel pulled into the underworld with Pluto and made to confront old patterns in your sexual and love relationships. You may be prone to feelings of jealousy or possessiveness during this time, an ex could reappear on the scene, and you could process unfinished business when it comes to your creativity or sexuality. This will be deep work on you time, Virgo. Oh, and this is also your fertility/pregnancy house, so…

Mercury is still retrograde and will head into Aries on Thursday, to your intense eighth house. With this arrangement, I will caution you to pay extra Virgoan attention to the texts and emails you send now, especially to your lover or partner, and guard against identity theft and credit card fraud, etc.

Mars moves to Gemini and your career house this week, which will bring some feistiness and and action your way. Expect an increase in your ambition, aspiration and even attainment. Grow your material success and refine your long-term goals.


Libra & Libra Rising


The sun moves into earthy and grounded Taurus on Wednesday, initiating a new solar cycle. This month your focus will turn to themes of sex and intimacy, privacy and boundaries, death and rebirth. There will be some work or awareness around shared wealth and joint resources, and maybe even an inheritance.

Just after your ruler Venus turns direct we have another planet entering a retrograde cycle; Pluto turns retrograde on Thursday in your house of home. For this retrograde cycle, which lasts through September, you will feel pulled to do deep inner work and uncovering… You may have questions about your ancestry or history, or about your mother or grandmother. You could do soul searching about relocation or the way you’re living. Self-care will be necessary, and if you tune into the mystical aspects of these themes, this could be a powerful retrograde for you.

Speaking of retrograde, Mercury still is. The communication planet will reverse into Aries this week, your house of relationships, so if Venus retrograde did not convince you to rethink and reform all of your relationships, this one will. Your work and business partnerships will also be affected, as well as your friendships and more intimate connections.

And finally this week, Mars shifts to Gemini and to your travel and study sector; if you’ve been trying to make a decision or get a confirmation about anything related to education, philosophy, long distance travel, relocation for work or studies, or a literary effort, expect an answer or clarity.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising


We start a new solar cycle this week, with the sun moving out of Aries and into Taurus. This shifts your focus for the next month to relationships, partnerships and marriage; themes will be related to companionship and harmony-seeking. If you’re looking for love, this could be your month. Single Scorpios could find someone special and irresistible now, and partnered Scorpios may dive deep into couple’s therapy or make a commitment. Marriage is a possibility, as is the creation of a new business partnership. We still have four planets retrograde, so contemplation, consideration and planning are favored over taking big risks under these circumstances. Consider with whom you work well.

Your ruling planet Pluto is at it again, turning retrograde this week like he does every year. With Pluto in Capricorn, your communication house is affected; from now until September when Pluto stations, you could encounter hidden agendas or power struggles, particularly with siblings, extended family, or in online communities or social media.

Mercury is still retrograde and enters Aries this week, moving to your sixth house of health. This is the time to continue adulting with all of your Saturn duties… make a doctor or dentist appointment, organize your desk and closets, and eliminate unnecessary stress because you know it contributes to illness. Stress makes you sick. Keep a low profile with the people you work with to curb any emotional upsets that could unfold during this time. This is also the house that rules your pets, so it could be time for kitty’s check-up.

Mars moves to Gemini on Friday which is your area of shared intimacy and joint resources. Your sex life could get a boost, your could receive an inheritance or portion of shared wealth.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

We are moving out of fellow fire sign Aries sun cycle into Taurus season this week, and that puts the spotlight on your health and daily routines. Administrative duties, organization, analysis, purification, wellness, and pets fall under this canopy; let this new influx of earthy energy ground you, Sagittarius. Focus on rest, self-care, and purging negativity and mental stress from your life.

The lord of the underworld, Pluto, turns retrograde this week in Capricorn, your money house. Remember that all retrogrades bring the past back, or issues/wounds from the past, so your unconscious beliefs about money, feelings of scarcity and worth will arise. This is the time to smudge all the things! Clear your head and your space. Try to ground and stabilize now, even reconsidering any old ideas for new sources of income.

Mercury is still retrograde and moves back into Aries this week, your sexy fifth house. The usual misunderstandings will unfold and you may not see eye to eye with your lover or creative partner. People and issues from your past will continue to show up.

The action planet Mars moves to Gemini this Friday, into your relationship house, bringing energy and excitement, or anger and aggression, into your connections. There could be marriage, mergers, legal contracts or politics in this mix.


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising


The Taurus solar cycle begins on Wednesday and shifts the energy for you toward creativity and sex. This is your invitation to let loose and have some fun. Take some time off to lounge and relax with a lover or plan a spa day… go on an adventure, indulge in romance and art. Artistic talent, play, joy, passion, seduction, love and fertility belong to this part of your chart and for the next four weeks you’ll have time to expand these areas.

Pluto has been in your sign since 2008 transforming things for you and on Thursday will turn retrograde, so if you feel an existential crisis coming on, don’t despair. Be spacious with yourself. Pluto’s realm is the underworld, our deep psyche, so soul searching is on the schedule for you for now.

The communication planet Mercury is still retrograde and moves to Aries, your domestic house, on Thursday. The usual mishaps and miscommunications will occur, technology will be weird, and there could be some delays with remodeling or upgrading your home. There could be a misunderstanding or important connection with a mother-figure during the end of this retrograde cycle.

Mars moves to Gemini on Friday and enlivens your house of health. This is the time to purge, analyze, organize your life, and get focused on your well being and eliminating the stress that leads to illness. Mars will bring will power and action to this area. Pets and the people you work with are included in this part of your chart.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising


Aries season comes to an end and on Wednesday we welcome Taurus sun cycle. This shifts your main energy and focus to home and family for the next four weeks. Indulge in the earthy Taurus vibes and get grounded, nest, tend to your garden. You could consider relocating or redecorating your space or even growing your family, as this house rules women and children and pregnancy.

Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn on Thursday in your house of sorrows and secrets… with intense Pluto here you will be able to confront old wounds and triggers, release karma, unearth hidden agendas, get closure and healing. This is heavy work and you’ve been immersed in it for years now, able to function with one foot in the relative world of existence and one in the underworld… you’ve been undergoing transformation and evolution. For this retrograde cycle, pay attention to the ways emotional stress accumulates and creates or contributes to chronic health conditions. Get enough rest and focus on healing and closure. Your dreams could be more prophetic and meditations deeper during the retrograde cycle.

Mercury is still retrograde and moves to your third house stirring up the typical miscommunications and crossed wires that we’ve come to expect, and in your communication and technology house, well… you’ll just have to wait to buy that phone or laptop.

Action planet Mars moves to Gemini this week and will infuse your fifth house with extra passion and sexiness. Mars rules sex drive and this part of your chart is about sex and seduction, love and romance, creativity and fertility.


Pisces & Pisces Rising


The sun leaves Aries and heads into steadfast Taurus on Wednesday, shifting the focus for the next four weeks to communication and self-expression. Potential themes for this cycle include family ties, your relationships with siblings, technology, ideas and community. You’ll likely be doing a lot of traveling for work or school this month. Make time to get grounded with the earthy Taurus vibes.

The planet of transformation, Pluto, turns retrograde on Thursday until the end of September. This brings some attention to your friendships, alliances, and your vision. This part of your chart also rules technology and teamwork, so watch out for hidden agendas or identity theft issues during the retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury moves to Aries and your money house this week, so keep an eye on your accounts, your spending (avoid making a large purchase right now, especially a car or technology), and try to avoid conflict or disputes with business partners.

Mars, the planet of action, moves to Gemini on Friday and into your domestic house. Your spring cleaning, remodeling or redecorating projects will get a burst of new energy. This part of your chart is about family, foundations, women and children, and more mystically-speaking, about what you keep private and protected from the rest of the world.