::  8/8/17 = 8/8/8  Lion's Gate (or Lionsgate) Portal is open and active ::

Yesterday's partial lunar Aquarius Eclipse (and Full Moon) opened an Eclipse Portal and also announced today's opening of the Lion's Gate Portal, which happens on 8/8. This portal connects dimensions, the physical and spiritual realms.

The Sun is in the sign and constellation of Leo (the lion). Sirius (the Dog Star), the brightest star, is activated and moves closer to earth, and they align with the Galactic Center. There is potential for humankind to align with these energies and sense or imagine the earth being bathed in celestial spiritual light from both the Sun and Sirius (often called our "spiritual sun"). This surge brings an opportunity for tremendous shifts, up leveling and activation; we can experience a cosmic DNA activation, an upgrade or up leveling of epic proportions. Cosmic Codes of evolution may be revealed and absorbed or activated, beamed and transmitted to us on earth during this time. Sensitives especially may feel this and experience physical symptoms. Some may feel a dynamic stirring or burst of energy, an expansion of the solar plexus region and heart space, while others may feel a buzzing in the head, headaches, or exhaustion and need to sleep more. We can think of this as a "galactivation" that can awaken dormant seeds of karma, gifts and awareness that have yet to manifest in this lifetime, or a system's upgrade for our DNA, or a reminder of our intimate connection with the heavens and Cosmic Consciousness. 

The number 8 is considered to be a number of power, spirituality, infinity, cosmic realms. The Lion's Gate corresponds to the Strength card in the tarot.

From now until 8/14 we can tune in more to these cosmic energies and align as much as we can, upgrading our frequency or vibration, fine tuning our intuition and instincts, clearing old karmas from our DNA and inviting an upgrade for our highest/deepest selves. This is such a strange and surreal time to be alive on the planet. There are no rules or regulations for what to feel or how to navigate these days, as it changes day by day and is unique for each being. For this week especially try to spend time with bare feet and hands in the soil and sea or rivers, and let your second sight (inner vision) awaken to see the unseen. You may feel like you're in a cosmic cocoon awaiting rebirth, so don't rush the process. Take as much time as possible away from screens and social media and instead turn inward. Enjoy some solitude and experience the magick and evolution emerging within you. 

Embody the archetype of the regal and royal lion or lioness of quiet power, watching and waiting, listening and learning, and holding courageous space for the cosmic heart beating still… 
Light a fire in your cauldron and reclaim any power you've given away, offering gratitude and remembering there are more dimensions in the cosmos and in your consciousness than we can successfully imagine.

Blessed be.