In January we welcomed 2013. In February we shifted out of Water Dragon into Water Snake year according to Chinese Astrology. This is a powerful combination considering both the number 13 and the Snake totem are associated with the Goddess. I have been excited to have a "13" year for as long as I can remember; it is my favorite number, and like some of my other favorite things, has been demonized and labeled as bad luck. The same for the Serpent. These labels are fear-based because of the power carried by both. There is so very much to say about this! but I will keep it brief and we will just allow this year to unfold perfectly as it will. The number 13 is the number of freedom and correlates to the 13 moons (months) of the old calendar. The 12 month calendar is a little disconnected from the natural cycles and is a symptom of the split that many earthlings experienced as matter and spirit were seen as separate, and societies lost touch with their own natural rhythms aligned with Nature's cycles. In the old calendar there are 13 cycles of 28 days. There are 29.5 days from new moon to new moon. Thirteen moons of 28 days gives us 364 days plus the "day out of time"... which equals 365. Correspondingly, 28 (.5) days is the average length of women's moon cycles. Metaformic Theory (by theorist Dr. Judy Grahn), which states that modern culture is born from menstruation and ancient menstrual rites, is an essential theme and source for this year.

The Snake is an emblem and archetype of freedom and transformation. Serpent is linked with kundalini shakti, female sexuality, the Divine Feminine, women's menstrual cycles... Snake sheds her skin, just as women shed uterine lining at moon time. When a snake sheds, her eyes glaze over, which looks as if she is entranced or enraptured; she is having a death/rebirth. Moontime for women is a potent time of deep sensing, entering into an alternated state, it is a death and rebirthing.

2013 Water Snake year is a Goddess year; the Great Mother is here and She is letting us know. Snake year will be about rebirth, transformation, refinement and re-creation. After 2011 Metal Rabbit and 2012 Water Dragon years of destruction and dismantling, crumbling and death, we will begin to rebuild, recalibrate, redefine, and refine. We are transforming. The portal of "2012" with the Venus transit and the extremely powerful eclipse cycles reminded us that our frequencies are being recalibrated. Snake represents healing, wisdom, spirituality, mystery, magic, enchantment. We will need this time of introspection, time to plan and look inside for answers, for deep healing, and for creativity to be invoked.

My theme for the year, and from which I'll be teaching is: Conjure and create magic, invoke and activate radical rebirth and transformation. 

May we release those burdens we are still carrying, of shame and self-doubt, of insecurity and heartache, and allow the archetype of the Snake to move through is and in us, letting go so fully into the chaos and change that we recreate a more authentic version of our soul's purpose here on this planet, refining and redefining ourselves with our new frequencies. So mote it be.

Jai Jai Kali Ma! Great Mother of Destruction and Rebirth! Blessed be ~*~ 

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