Nodal Axis Shift

On November 6, 2018, as Uranus retrograded back into Aries, another shift in the heavens occurred: the lunar nodes shifted from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn.

The lunar nodes shift every eighteen months, bringing an entirely new mood and energy to influence our feelings and the patterns that play out in our lives. And earthlings born during a particular nodal axis will have soul similarities, meaning that similar gifts to offer and lessons to learn will show up for each of the beings born with that north and south node. During the nodes’ Leo/Aquarius stay we encountered dynamic themes related to Leo and Aquarius attributes, and with this new placement underway, we will have fresh perspectives to gain based on the Cancer/Capricorn aesthetic.

The nodes are not planets but rather intersection points where the orbit of the moon intersects the ecliptic, and their movement is counterclockwise. The north node, known as the dragon’s head, is essentially our dharma in this lifetime, and the south node, called the dragon’s tail, is karma. Opposites, these destiny points reveal our life purpose and our life lessons. In a past life (or lives) we relied on a particular set of characteristics, like a tool kit, and in our current lifetime these once useful skills which propelled us further are now slowing us down or holding us back. This is the south node. It deals with issues we have to work out and what remains unresolved. And the north node is about how we find resolution, our gifts to develop, potentials to unfold, attributes to grow. There’s much more nuance to it all, and add to it the houses and the aspects associated with the nodes… but for now consider them to represent access points that can reveal a treasure of wisdom.

Some things to notice while we have the north node in Cancer and south node Capricorn:

  • Balance between yin and yang energies / families, parents, parenthood, children / personal vs professional or public

  • Releasing: obsessive materialism, the need to win at any cost, being a workaholic, fear of intimacy, making everything difficult, worth defined by accomplishments and recognition, excess yang, needing to control everything

  • Embracing: nurturing others, empathy and sensitivity, emotional inhibition and vulnerability, verbalizing feelings, domestic life, family

If you’d like to learn more about your north and south node, send a request to sign up for a nodal reading. Email



November Overview (Nodal Axis Shift Alert)

As we climb out of October, saying goodbye as we do at Samhain, we feel the tremendous Scorpionic impulses of this numinous space. We’ve come to the Crossroads. It’s often repeated that at this time the veil between the worlds is thin; we can feel this for ourselves when we become still and tune in. This is when we must listen closely to the dark, make offerings and send prayers up with incense smoke, a time for honoring the ancestors. We encounter this threshold each year and are pulled into our very own underworlds. It’s the season of darkness, dreamtime, and divination, and there is a moodiness that settles over November’s astrology that we can’t escape.

On November 6 the nodal axis shifts as the Lunar Nodes change signs. These points are most often associated with representing life path and life lessons, or destiny and past life karma. The North Node leaves the Leo/Aquarius axis for Cancer/Capricorn for the next year and a half, bringing an undercurrent of change that will reverberate cosmically and personally. There is much to unpack and understand about this most significant occurrence of not only November but the year. This shift will certainly impact Election Day in the US and the history unfolding around it. Another post focused on the Nodes will follow soon. For now, here’s an overview of some of the astrology of November:

Nov. 6 Lunar Nodes change signs, with ingress to Cancer/Capricorn
Uranus squares the Nodes
Uranus retrogrades back into Aries

Nov. 7 New Moon in Scorpio (8:02am PST)

Nov. 8 Jupiter ingress to Sagittarius

Nov. 9 Rx Venus in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius

Nov. 15 Mars ingress to Pisces

Nov. 16 Venus D in Libra
Mercury rx in Sagittarius

Nov. 22 Sun enters Sagittarius (1:01am PST)
Full Moon in Gemini (9:39pm PST)

Nov. 24 Neptune D in Pisces

 Persephone and Demeter by Susan Seddon Boulet

Persephone and Demeter by Susan Seddon Boulet



Merry Mabon ★

We welcome Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun reaches 0º Libra. Equinox means "equal night" and this is a time when the Light and Dark are in balance. After this moment of balanced light and dark, the darkness will begin to wax and we move into the dark half of the year, the Dreamtime. It is in the darkness, the womb, where we are nourished and cooked. We release the past and weave our dreams and intentions. The Dark Goddess now reigns. The Mother Goddess becomes the Crone.

We hold within us both the beautiful darkness and the light, the asuras and the devas. When we honor both without suppression or condemnation, a great healing can occur and our Truest Nature begins to stir and climb out of dormancy. When we welcome ourselves, our wholeness, we invite an intimacy with evolution and reclamation of what has been lost.

The Sun leaves orderly and analytical Virgo for balance-seeking Libra at 6:54pm CA time on September 22. Mabon is Pagan Thanksgiving, a mid-harvest celebratory day in the Wheel of the Year. It is a time to give thanks, offer gratitude for our blessings, for the fruits of our labor, for the abundance of the harvest both literally and figuratively. To mark the occasion, you could update your season altar, bake bread and make homemade soup with veggies from the garden, light a fire and make offerings, journal about your gratitude and dreams, and spend time observing the subtle shifts in the air, taking in the energy at this threshold.

Libra is represented by weighing scales and longs to find balance and justice in all areas of life. Libra is also concerned with relationships of all kinds and finding ways to be in alignment with love, relating, connecting, and our own desires. This season is a good time to reflect on where you've gotten off track, out of alignment with your deepest desires. You can readjust and realign in all areas, especially your relationships. Reflect deeply on lessons learned, acknowledging loss and betrayal as well as triumphs and victories. Contemplate the beginnings and endings and re-beginnings of all things in life. Articulate a ritual that will invoke and manifest the dreams hidden inside your heart, seeking balance and equanimity while honoring the radical upheavals inherent in a householder sadhana life. Remember your roots and your center.

Mercury moved into Libra on just a day before the Sun entered, and both make an opposition to Chiron (in Aries), providing a backdrop for hidden or repressed pain to be dealt with and old wounds to heal. And on September 24 we’ll have a Full Moon in Aries heightening these vibes (7:52pm PDT). Chiron will leave Aries and move into Pisces the next evening, September 25.

Invoke and activate harmony in your own being and build it into your life.

(Parts of this post were taken from a post from 2014).

Mabon Spirits. image found on Pinterest.



Virgo Season

We entered Virgo season on the evening of August 22. The event was was kicked off that weekend with a Grand Earth Trine, with the Virgo Sun trine Uranus and Saturn, and a dreamy Pisces Full Moon. And then on August 27 Mars, which was retrograde for two months, turned direct (28º Capricorn). The shadow period for Mars will run through October 8; I am certain there's much to unpack for everyone from this retrograde, which was one of so, so many. The planet of power and passion moves into logical and fixed Aquarius on September 10. 

Mercury's shadow period ended on September 2, which was also the beginning of the pre-shadow for Venus. Just one week later, Venus enters Scorpio (September 9), and on October 5 turns retrograde at 10º Scorpio until November 15. The planet of beauty and love gets intense and more sexual in the sign of Scorpio, making love and romance seem totally all-consuming. Possessiveness, vindictiveness, immersive seduction, complications, and sexual rebirth are all on the rise during this time. September 9 also brings a Virgo New Moon and new lunar cycle, and we move forward into this month worn and wiser after this summers's eclipse portal. 

On September 5, Mercury joined the Sun in Virgo, bringing some order to the chaos of our minds and organization to our thoughts. After the communication planet's stay in Leo for an extra long time (due to retrograde), we could use some analysis and practicality to dry out from the melodrama and hypersensitivity. Saturn, retrograde since April, finally turned direct on September 6 (2º Cap).  Saturn's lessons brought up during this retrograde cycle can now begin to be explored and any changes, upgrades, and improvements implemented. 

And as always, there's more to come...

Blessed Be.


(Possible) Virgo Season Themes by Sign— read Sun & Rising

Aries  wellbeing, clarity, co-workers

Taurus  romance, creativity, fertility

Gemini  family, parents/children, roots

Cancer  ideas, community, communication

Leo  money, career, stability

Virgo  self-hood, self-interest, self-image

Libra  closure, self-defeat, healing

Scorpio  goals, friendship, vision

Sagittarius  life path, authority, failure/success

Capricorn  mental pursuits, law/religion, discovery

Aquarius  sex, intimacy, spiritual transformation

Pisces  partnership, negotiations, relationships




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Cancer / Capricorn … Full Moon & more

Moon-ruled Cancer season began on Summer Solstice, June 21, and during this sun cycle we have more access to our feelings and ability to value those feelings. Cancer rules the breasts and belly, rib cage, body fluids… and like the Crab, temperamental Cancer turns inward, retreating inside its shell and putting up defenses if threatened or to hide sensitivity. This sign is associated with the mother, with nourishment and nurturing, home and security. This Cancer season could bring up thoughts and feelings around family and home, or some nostalgia and sentimentality, as well as sensitivity and the well known tears that are inevitably stirred up in each of us while the sun inhabits this sign.

In Cancer season we all cry freely, we express our heartache and anguish, we tend to our hearts. 

Neptune, the planet of mystery, illusion, and self-sacrifice, turned retrograde (in Pisces) on June 18 (until November 24). It is Neptune that brings us fantasy, deep dreams, imagination, as well as delusion, deception, and victimization. During Neptune's station, and throughout the retrograde, you may feel brain fog or confusion. This cycle could lead us to see through the illusions and get deeper insight, but we should guard against numbing out and hiding from the truth or reality. 

A week after Neptune, Mars turned retrograde (in Aquarius). This happens about every two years. If you recently felt your brain fog morph into a sense of hitting a brick wall, that's pretty in alignment with the current energy. While retrograde, Mars expresses energy differently and it is typical to feel fatigued, exhausted, drained energetically, a bit aimless and less direct, less passionate and lower sex drive. Those who are Mars-ruled may feel less aggressive or able to express frustration more calmly, with a newly found sense of passivity, while everyone else will seem a little more impulsive, impatient, and quick to anger. 

This sets the stage for Wednesday June 27, when Cancer Sun opposes Saturn and the Full Moon in Capricorn. This full moon (9:53pm PDT) will have a serious tone. Saturn symbolizes time, the father, parents, authority, government, patriarchy, ancestors. It presides over hard work, discipline, responsibility, karma, and fate. Saturn will bring up a lesson for your consideration or will call attention in a particular way on this full moon. Cancer and Capricorn are polar opposites on the zodiac and we'll feel this polarity. The expression of Cancer is nurturing, receptive and emotional, while Capricorn is stern, reserved and disciplined. 

There may not be a celebratory feel to this Full Moon, but there will be opportunities. Make space for remembrance, let yourself rest deeply, feel good about your hard work and efforts while acknowledging your mistakes, get quiet, call on your ancestors, feel your feelings.

Tend to your heart. 


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Summer Solstice Shift

"… And those who ancient lines did ley will heed the song that calls them back."

Wednesday, June 20 brings Midsummer Eve, an evening of flickering candles and divination, mugwort and deep dreams. Thursday, June 21 is Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) or Litha - the pinnacle and fullness of the Light, the triumphant day of the Sun, the longest day and shortest night of the year. Astrologically, Solstice is initiated when the sun moves into 0 degrees Cancer, which is exact at 3:07am PDT on Thursday morning. Solstice is traditionally a day of radiance and boundless light, a time to celebrate abundance and offer gratitude: the great and shining Sun reaches its perfection and fullness, and in a moment’s time we head into the dark half of the year. It will still be summer for quite some time, but the light wanes and the darkness builds. This is the wheel of the year, turning once again… Our lives, when aligned with nature’s way, pulse in this same way. We are in familiar territory; life is constantly shifting and changing, bringing beauty and challenges, and there’s always more. That is the promise of life: the promise that there will always be more, more of everything. When I am asked what is happening astrologically, I say, “Everything. All the time.” And it’s true. This is happening in your lives as well, the unfolding and releasing, invoking and establishing. There is a constant pulsing of life flowing, waxing and waning, expanding and contracting. The Great Creatrix blinking us into into being, disappearing us, and bringing us back again. Birth, death, rebirth. We have an intimate understanding of this experience living life as householders on a path, navigating the exquisite and terrifying, holding the midline of our soul's wisdom and of our true spiritual practice(s).

Many are going through big changes at this time, some unexpected, and the enormity of the destabilization and confusion can be overwhelming. This is a time of immense amplification and acceleration. Some of you may feel like you’ve been startled by sudden change, your shell cracked open, your paradigm shifting. Remember to hold the midline and trust, even in the uncontrollable changes that seem to be devouring you. The creative potency of the Universe is reorganizing you and your life. This can feel uncomfortable, even unbearable, but there are ways to become more skilled at allowing every circumstance of life to take us into the molten radiance of our hearts. This is spiritual practice, not in theory but applied in real life. It takes time and in the midst of it it isn’t pretty, it doesn’t feel good, and sometimes there is nothing to do but let the feelings and energies wash over you as though standing under a powerful waterfall.


Try to stay rooted, in your belly and bones, with your heart open in radical vulnerability if you can, and hold on. Love yourself fiercely and allow your compassion to turn inward as a new practice. Make art with your tears and frustrations, dig your fingers and toes into the black earth to ground, and remember that you belong. Light a fire in your heart. More will unfold- there’s more to the story. On this Solstice, make a date with the Sun, bask in the warmth and relish the sunshine. The fullness of the light breaks into the beginning of the dark in its ancient way. At sunset say goodbye to the Sun disappearing into the sea, to be reborn in the sky on Winter Solstice.

Late in the evening, light a candle and renew your commitments and offer your blessings. Bow to the golden radiance that burns brightly inside your own shining heart.

*I updated this piece. Originally on the website 2011 and then published in 2015 on, where it got 3.7k likes in a day or two. It is just as relevant now. 

Summer Solstice.jpg



U r a n u s I n g r e s s

There are several astrological events unfolding this week that demand attention - several planets are shifting. And the significance of what’s happening in the cosmos is entwined with what’s occurring in the collective, in the world, and I find it to be so weighty with importance that I cannot sort and implement my thoughts into words to type to elaborate on these matters… I can only do what each of us can do, which is to do what we can. So forgive my absence of late and be patient with these brief posts, and celebrate the silent (r)evolution that is ongoing in each of us as we navigate the beauty, pain, and absurdity of life.

On Tuesday we have our annual Taurus new moon in the early morning and hours later we have radical Uranus leaving Aries to enter fixed sign Taurus, which is understood to be (potentially) the most significant cosmic event of the year. The ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is the renegade, revolutionizer, and rable rouser of the heavens, the planet of originality and change. Uranus shifts every seven or eight years and in 2011 moved from Pisces to Aries to stay, creating a new era of life. There are undoubtedly major life lessons, battle scars, unexpected or unpredictable circumstances that define these past seven years for each of us, and there are corresponding events in the world. Now Uranus is moving into Venus-ruled Taurus for this next new era which will bring its own challenges and gifts.

Late on Tuesday, Mars leaves Capricorn and enter Aquarius (9:55pm CA time) and makes an exact square to Uranus (Wednesday 12:04am CA time). Volatility and pushing the limits could cause clashes, disruptions, and conflict that feel righteous or liberating to those involved.


On Friday Mercury trines retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, which could bring focus and attention to mental work. Venus moves into water sign Cancer on Saturday morning, and a few hours later forms a sextile with very busy Uranus in Taurus, which could manifest for us as having a new idea about a relationship or finances. Also, Mars forms a sextile with Chiron in Aries late Saturday evening and on Sunday Venus squares Chiron. The Mars/Venus quincunx (150º apart) could bring our attention to concealed pain or old wounds related to either the feminine or the masculine, and opportunities for healing and acceptance. Finally, Taurus season ends as the Sun enters air sign Gemini on Sunday evening (7:15pm CA time), bringing a new perspective and fresh energy.

Back to Uranus. The ingress of the eccentric and unusual planet has caused and will continue to cause a stir. The volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, in the realm of Goddess Pele, can be seen as an earthly expression of the electric planet leaving fiery Aries. There are too many examples to list of the manifestations of these planetary movements reflected in world events. Uranus will bring revelations to a new realm, the land of Taurus, which is Venusian in feel, dealing with love and beauty, art and elegance, finances and material possessions. Taurus is purposeful and persevering, sensible and sensitive. This next Uranus cycle will bring opportunities for explorations of and unexpected changes in what beauty means, what worth is, what we value, and so much more. Alternative currency and redefining beauty will be two possible areas of investigation and revelation. Sentimentality and sensitivity will be qualities brought out of hiding from when Uranus was in Pisces, underground during the Aries reign. There will be much to savor and digest in the next seven years. Let’s toast to having some hauntingly ecstatic experiences. Cheers.







Chiron and Saturn and Pluto...

We can all agree that the Aries sun cycle never disappoints, and the dynamic astrological weather has continued into Taurus season. On April 19 the sun entered the earthy, Venus-ruled Taurus, but before Aries season wrapped up there were a few more notable changes. At 1:11am on April 17 Chiron changed signs, finally leaving Pisces and moving into Aries. Chiron’s stay in the final sign of the zodiac has forced us to face and feel our dreams, demons, and delusions. For the past eight years. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and he teaches us how to heal our deepest pain or original wound and invites us to explore the landscape of balance between embodiment and consciousness, but he’s not wounded only, he’s healed. The wounds inform the healing and allow the one who has been healed to pass on those lessons and insights to be beneficial to others and to help guide the way through emotional darkness. The realm of Pisces can be like a transcendent dreamscape, or like a ghastly nightmare if one gets stuck in the delusion or addiction that is the “shadow side” of this sign, and for eight years we have had access to both of these realities. Pisces is the end of the road, the last sign of the zodiac and Aries is the initiatory sign, the starting point, the beginning. This cardinal sign brings waves of impulsivity, passion, aggression, assertiveness, and energy. Chiron’s shift into this type of energy, emerging from the deep waters of Pisces into the dynamism of the first fire sign, could bring an emotional disturbance or volcanic realization. The last time Chiron was in Aries was 1968-77, a time in which there were so many major significant events that unfolded. Those born in these years have Chiron in Aries natally. Additionally on April 17, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn. The planetary disciplinarian entered its home sign of Capricorn on December 19, 2017 and will be there until 2020, reinforcing themes of self-sovereignty, responsibility, and general integrity in all expressions. While Saturn is retrograde we can take the time to inspect and re-define our boundaries, commitments, and responsibilities. With Taurus season underway, April 22 brings Pluto retrograde (also in Capricorn); two major themes associated with Pluto and Pluto transits are elimination and regeneration, and we can detox psychologically and purge emotionally. Exploration of our own underworld and our relationship to power are opportunities during this time.

On Sunday evening, April 29, we have the full moon in Scorpio (9º), which is the Beltane full moon, opposite the Taurus sun, its polar opposite. Scorpio is Pluto-ruled—  a fixed water sign that is comfortable with intensity and complication. With this full moon we are invited into our vulnerability and innermost desires, to feel what is most valuable to us and to find our own inner strength and perseverance to create, receive, invoke, and express those desires. Find a space to acknowledge and honor both Pluto and Venus, the rulers of the current full moon and the sun, the lord of the underworld and the goddess of love and abundance at the altar of your heart. 

Affirmation/Invocation: I release any debris- emotional, psychological, physical, energetic- that no longer aligns with my deepest, heartfelt desires for myself and offer them to the compost pile of worn out baggage that I no longer need to carry. I allow my vulnerability to forge incredible strength and fortitude in body, heart and mind, and I embrace my power and inner wisdom to guide me toward my dreams and goals. 






Year of the Earth Dog

The New Moon Eclipse on February 15 also initiated Lunar New Year, allowing us another new beginning. We transitioned from the Rooster to the Year of the Dog. It is rumored that the Dog is one of the most friendly, likeable signs in the Chinese horoscope, known for being straightforward, honest, and getting along well with others. Those born in the year of the Dog are good friends to have and will be there for us whenever needed. The Dog personality is unpretentious and generally undemanding. They have a tendency to remain loyal even in situations that don’t deserve it toward people that may not have earned it. People born in the Dog year can be somewhat pessimistic or cynical, but their toughness is what allows them to endure stress or hardship without giving up. They have an innate ability recognize those who have good intentions versus those that are untrustworthy and to them, people are clearly either friend or foe. The Dog is generous, not materialistic, and while objective and faithful in dealings with others, can be slightly suspicious or obstinate at times.  They do tend to see things in terms of black or white, without much allowance for the in between.

In Chinese astrology, a vast and complex subject just as Western astrology is, there are twelve animals associated with twelve years which influence your personality. In the lunar calendar there are also associations of an animal assigned to twelve sections of time with one ruling your birth time; this is your ascendant sign. In addition, there are associations with the five elements, and the division into either yang or yin, to further influence your personality. (This is a general, simple introductory explanation for the purposes of this brief post). The last time we had an Earth Dog year (Dog year with Earth element) was 1958. Earth Dogs are slow movers, constructive thinkers, and fighters and survivors. Realistic, individualistic, just and idealistic, Earth Dogs are generally kind and loyal, but may demand excessive dedication from others. Associated with the Western astrological sign Libra, the Dog’s fixed element is Metal and sign is yang. The Tiger, Horse and Rabbit will relate well to the Dog. There should be no issues with Monkey, Boar, Snake or Rat. And Dog will clash most with Dragon, as well as Rooster and Sheep. If you were born between the hours of 7-9pm you have Dog ascendant. 

If you don't know your lunar sign or your rising sign in this particular system, and want to know a little bit about it, sign up for a Lunar Sign Overview. Send your birth info to with Lunar Sign Overview in the subject box and send your $15 payment via Venmo (@KKwildmoonwisdom). I'm can also take a few clients for a natal chart, synastry, or relationship report (email

May the Year of the Earth Dog restore some of our sensibility and constructive thinking and help us to align with justice in a more tangible way.   



Aquarius Season + Eclipse Portal

Aquarius season began on Friday, January 19 at 7:09pm PST, and continues until February 18. Most air signs experience a noticeable shift from the earthy and Saturn-heavy Capricorn cycle into airy and intellectual Aquarius. This is a fixed air sign and rules the shins, ankles, coccyx, and the circulatory system. The water bearer symbol of the vessel pouring water out actually represents dispensing wisdom, as this is the sign of intellectual independence and original vision.

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is the planet of revolution and rebellious, giving Aquarius suns their well deserved reputations for being revolutionary and rebellious. The planet of disruption and the unconventional expresses itself in the eccentricities and unpredictability of the Water Bearer’s personality. Aquarius has a character that is utterly paradoxical, with qualities and expressions that reflect that enigma, making it one of the most misunderstood signs (along with Scorpio). Some of these seemingly paradoxical quirks could be thought to come from the sign’s traditional ruler, Saturn; there is a seriousness and an elevated logic present in the Aquarius brain, a deep loyalty and commitment, and even an affinity for tradition that seems counterintuitive to the typical rebellious Aquarian tendency. Liberal, forward thinking and progressive ideas expressed with a fixed opinion, as well as being connected to the friendship/humanitarian house while also often being perceivably aloof or detached (in general) in interpersonal interactions are other examples of the Aquarian contradiction.

This is the sign of dreams and idealism, originality and the future. Aquarius’ question is “why?”  and most used key phrase is “I know.” Aquarians are thinkers and communicators- independent, analytical, evolved, original and avant garde. During Aquarius season, everyone is invited to express themselves freely and channel flashes of brilliant insight without feeling self-conscious or odd. Under the Aquarian influence, allow for inventive and radical thinking along with an easy-going acceptance of difference. Revolutionary insights may arise during this season… inventions or ground-breaking ideas that can seed the coming months.

Aquarius season always promises to bring excitement, surprise, and reinvention. This one may feel even more like the Upside Down because eclipse season is underway, and we’ve entered that portal that feels supercharged, heavy with potential, amplifying the energies and heightening our awareness. Eclipse season is initiated when the Sun aligns with the Nodal Axis. The first eclipse of 2018 comes on Wednesday, January 31 at the Full Moon, a total lunar eclipse at 11º 37’ Leo. The corresponding solar eclipse happens on February 15 at the New Moon, at 27º 8’ Aquarius. This Leo/Aquarius pairing of eclipses is fascinating; of course they’re polar opposites, and last year three of the four eclipses were in these two signs, and this year four of the five eclipses occur here. This Leo/Aquarius energy will be present and active all year, allowing us to find the balance and relationship between the personal and impersonal, self and the collective, leadership with innovation. This polarity with the Leo/Aquarius axis is also playing out with the Nodes, the markers of our destiny and karma. With North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius since last May, we can make progress courageously.

Eclipse power surges affect everyone, but if you are a Leo or Aquarius sun, or Leo or Aquarius moon or ascendant, you are likely being impacted strongly from these powerful energies. This is especially true for Leo and Aquarius suns, who have likely been dealing with big changes or events from 2017, with a turning point six months ago or one year ago… All the fixed signs will also be hit hard (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus). For everyone else, the insights gained from the upcoming eclipses may involve self-love and self-expression, stepping into self-sovereignty, or logic and heart. These eclipses will likely be a continuation of events triggered during the last two eclipses six months ago and twelve months ago. And if you can, think back to any significant events that happened nineteen years ago; this could provide a clue to the tone this eclipse season will bring. The last eclipse happened in August at 28º Leo at the New Moon, so the seeds planted and works initiated during that potent eclipse have reached or are reaching fruition and completion now. Full moons often signify completion of a cycle, some kind of ending or closure or resolution is reached. (Additionally, Wednesday’s moon is also considered a “blue moon,” which means a second full moon in a month, and a supermoon due to the near point of orbit to earth; there will be a lot of excitement online around these points, but the most important thing to pay attention to is the Leo/Aq axis).

Eclipses are activators - activating forces and change-agents that have the effect of dissolving or initiating things, disturbing or disorienting us. If we can pay attention immensely deep work can unfold. An eclipse provides the friction, or turns the thing upside down, or forces you to make that decision in some unexpected way, and although while in the thick of it all it feels very little like evolution, it really is most often for your eventual evolution (meaning you can’t feel it right now, but looking back at it from some moment in the future, you will be smarter, wiser, better off for having gone through it). So grid your space with tourmaline and citrine, and be kind to yourself if your sensitivity is high. Everyone will be more sensitive during the eclipse window, with emotions running high and for some people, even a sense of internal and external chaos. Channel the archetype of the mad scientist, the inventor, the explorer, with a healthy curiosity as we move through these days. And retain your sense of humor.









Considerations and contemplations for this eclipse portal

* What do I not feel courageous enough to make a decision about? Where am I holding myself back from growth or evolution? It is time to make a decision and make a move.

* Where am I stifling my creative expression or my individuality, playing small or safe out of fear of rejection or humiliation? How might I revision or recontextualize making my offerings and being myself as vital and necessary to my wellbeing?



Potential themes for the Leo Full Moon Eclipse (Can read for Sun and Rising)

Aries - self-expression, passion, romance, pregnancy/children

Taurus - family, home, roots, crossroads, real estate

Gemini - communication, travels, education, siblings or extended family

Cancer - income, stability, self-worth, material success

Leo - new beginnings, changes, health, taking charge of your life

Virgo - letting go, endings, soul searching, closure, spirituality

Libra - goals, community, associations, friendships

Scorpio - career, responsibility, life path, success, place in the world

Sagittarius - foreign travel, education, philosophy, public expression of ideas

Capricorn - shared wealth, finances, taxes, intimacy

Aquarius - relationships, serious partnerships, crossroads

Pisces - health, wellness, daily activities, colleagues, organization


Overview of Upcoming Ingresses

Jan 19 -- Sun into Aquarius
Jan 26 -- Mars into Sagittarius  
Jan 31 -- Full Moon ~ 11º 37’ Leo (5:27am PST)
Total Lunar Eclipse (5:31am PST)
Mercury into Aquarius
Feb 10 -- Venus into Pisces
Feb 15 -- Partial Solar Eclipse (12:53pm PST) 
New Moon ~ 27º 8’ Aquarius (1:05pm PST)    




The Star-rider-waite.jpg



Mountain Goat Magick

We have our first New Moon of 2018 on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:17pm PST; this will be the "new beginning" moon of the year for Capricorn suns and will feel like a perfect time to consider goals and set intentions for everyone. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign and rules the bones, joints, knees and skin, and there may be a tendency toward melancholia or discontent. Resilient Capricorn prefers strategy over force and excels through discipline and determination. This New Moon connects with Venus and Mars, bringing opportunities and encouraging ambition in romance and money- this may manifest in overcoming obstacles or initiating a new start. The Moon is considered to be in "detriment" while in Capricorn, but that doesn't mean it is damaged — we may experience the lunar energies or sensitivities of the Cap Moon feeling less strong in favor of a more logical or analytical approach, and that can be helpful or necessary at times. It can sometimes help to look at what is stirring your emotional waves with a more detached perspective.

We currently have a stellium in Capricorn; there will be six heavenly bodies in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon, which makes the astrology super Saturn-heavy. Remember that Saturn's realms are time, karma, fate, and life lessons… and Capricorn bestows the circumstances by which these experiences unfold. With so many planets in Capricorn, we can be sure that Capricornian qualities or vibes will be more accessible to us and tapping into them will be our best hope for success now. There will be boons that arrive after the appropriate amounts of commitment and stability are created and the hard work is done. We may encounter obstacles and limitations, restrictions, tough lessons, but we have a chance to alter our realities, assert our leadership or self-sovereignty, and achieve our goals. You can think of Capricorn as the steadfast and sure-footed mountain goat, climbing confidently over treacherous terrain that most creatures cannot do with such grace. Traversing these times, it may feel more intense to have so many planets here… but the more you can work on getting your shit together and can channel the Capricorn magick, you'll appreciate this growth spurt you're going through.
This combination of practicality and ambition, the ability to persevere through obstacles and triumph with dignity, could be the most beneficial blessing in disguise lesson that we need, and that's what determined Capricorn can teach on this New Moon. 

Sit in solitude, commit to your practices. Then do the work. 
New Moon blessings for a new cycle. xo

*See the previous post about Capricorn season to see what house or area of life this Capricorn concentration lands in for you.

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Capricorn Season

On Winter Solstice, December 21, the Sun left freedom-loving Sagittarius and entered stoic Capricorn. If we assign the title of the child to Leo, the mother to Cancer, then Capricorn is the father of the zodiac. Capricorn is an earth element cardinal sign, ruling the bones, joints and knees. Most Capricorns have beautiful bone structure but may deal with stiff joints and orthopedic problems. Saturn is the ruling planet, the planet of limitation, restriction, discipline, responsibility, represented by the sure-footed goat, or the ancient sea-goat. Saturn, as Father Time, provides a strong sense of the limitations as well as the value of time. The Capricorn tendency is to examine goals, organize things into steps, and determine a long-term timetable to accomplish those goals. This cardinal sign is reserved and serious, prudent and patient, disciplined and determined. Capricorn governs career, reputation, public standing, with a combination of earthy practicality and inspiring initiative. Those born under this sign are ambitious and purposeful, excel and persevere in striving, climbing, and like the goat, getting a foothold where no one else imagined one existed. 

These dark December days will soon bring us to a new numerical year, 2018 (which is an eleven), and on New Year's Day (at 6:24pm CA time) we'll have an emotional Full Moon in Cancer illuminating the heavens and pulling on our emotions. The Moon is at home in this sign, and the qualities of sensitivity, devotion, and intuition are enhanced. With the Sun in Capricorn and the Full Moon in Cancer both at 11º … and with January 1, 2018 = 11 11 … there will be an undeniable gravitas to this day. one that may call for celebrating or honoring in a non-traditional way. This Full Moon may bring an opportunity for a relationship, or a decision or revelation… this energy will feel spiked with deep feelings and determined intellect. We will consider what "home" means and what we hold most dear, as well as where we can increase dedication, fortify boundaries, evolve and mature in our closest relationships.  This New Year's Day will be a power day numerologically- we enter the power portal eleven, and maybe we can manifest some miracles.

Thank you for your readership, I am grateful for another year of writing. May we all be blessed with resilience and wisdom as we enter the threshold of a new year. 
xo, KK


Aries —With the Capricorn Sun shining on your house of career, these weeks can amplify your ambition and achievement. The emphasis could be on success or failure, your life path, parents, or public reputation.  Consider your longterm life plans during this cycle and organize your aspirations.

Taurus —For this solar cycle, you are encouraged to take a long vacation, either in your mind or with your physical body. The Capricorn Sun is in your house of long distance travel, mental exploration and  philosophy. Possible themes you may encounter include higher education or study of a profound subject, law or religion, mental pursuits or literary efforts. These could all somehow intersect while you're on your travels...

Gemini —With Capricorn Sun inhabiting your house of spiritual transformation, you can expect to encounter some vulnerability or deep feelings, especially in close relationships. Here you'll work with intimacy, intensity, privacy, sex, death and rebirth, and maybe astral experiences. There may be issues with shared assets or wealth that you've inherited, or possibly taxes and debt. 

Cancer —The Capricorn Sun shines on your partnerships and serious relationships, marriage, and working harmoniously with another. There may be issues with contracts, negotiations, legal issues, or disputes. Solidify boundaries and commitments with your partners during this cycle.

Leo —For this solar cycle, let your attention turn toward serving others, offering your gifts, and your well being. Some possible areas of focus may be relationships with co-workers, getting organized, pets, and illness/health. This is the time to purify and detox from leftover bad vibes, and to make your physical and emotional/mental health a top priority.

Virgo —During the Capricorn Sun cycle, your focus can be directed to art and the heart. Follow your creative muse and find self-expression in as many artistic outlets as you can imagine. There may also be themes of love, romance, sex and seduction, and children/offspring.  

Libra —While the Sun is in Capricorn, themes of home and family will be highlighted for you. You may want to spend more time and energy at home, or explore your ancestry or roots in a particular place. Your relationship with your parents may be a theme, or your idea of what home means. 

Scorpio —The Capricorn Sun shines on your communication area for this solar cycle. Some possible themes for you include self-expression, relationships with your extended family, or travel. Think, write, study and learn something, share ideas, and express yourself freely.

Sagittarius —The focus for you for this new Capricorn Sun cycle will be on money matters. Turn your attention to themes of financial prospects, income, earning power, possessions, stability and career. Invest in yourself and believe your self worth.  

Capricorn  —Happy solar return season. Saturn has just recently made a home in your sign and will be staying until the end of 2020, so for the next few years, you'll have plenty to unpack, with new lessons to learn and unlimited growth and maturity opportunities. 

Aquarius  —Capricorn season is always your time stare into the abyss and see what fragments and chaos you can harness into potential insight or inspiration. This cycle for you is about getting rest and closure, and can ask you to confront your sorrows and self-diminishing patterns.

Pisces —For this cycle your attention can turn to your friendships and connections, your involvement with groups or associations, and ways to work harmoniously with other people. Your goals, hopes and wishes are also a focal point for these days.








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Winter is Dreamtime. We are currently in the darkest days of the darkest part of the year, a space that invites us into more silence and solitude, even as we get pushed and pulled to do more, be more social. These are the last few days of Sagittarius Sun cycle and we had a New Moon in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio) on December 17, at 10:30pm CA time. This is the special intention-setting moon for Sagittarius suns for the next year. Next Thursday the Sun shifts into Capricorn and we have Winter Solstice/Yule, when the Darkness births the Sun in the sky. Solstice is when the Sun "stands still" - and then the Light begins to grow and reign. 
This week also brings closure to our final Mercury retrograde cycle of this year, as the communication planet stations and turns direct at 13º Sagittarius on Friday, December 22. It hasn't been the easiest retrograde period, but hopefully there were some revelations and restoration, as well as closure on some parts of the past. Mercury direct will assist our emergence from the underworld of winter.
The most extreme astrological event that happens next week will change things for the next three years, as Saturn ingresses into the sign of Capricorn on December 19. The Cosmic Taskmaster spends around two to two and a half years in a sign on average, so this marks a significant shift for Capricorns and a major cycle beginning for all of us; Saturn will settle into his home sign until March 2020, and then after four months in Aquarius, retrogrades back into Capricorn from July through December 17, 2020. This amplifies the Saturnian influence immensely for Capricorn suns, because it affects the first house, but each sun sign will be affected in different ways depending on which house the action is in for each sign.
The planet of responsibility will be at home in Capricorn, getting comfortable there and able to express its best qualities in general, which we benefit from. Saturn's realm deals with responsibility, hard work, discipline, maturity, lessons, time, fate/destiny. Known as the disciplinarian of the zodiac, this outer planet is the teacher of life lessons that we cannot live and function without, that we must learn in order to grow, and grow up. In Capricorn, Saturn's powers are strong; both the positive and negative qualities will be emphasized. Some traits of of this placement include independence, ambition, being overbearing, dedication, self-sufficiency. Those with Saturn in Capricorn natally may be prone to aches in the joints and knees.
This major shift turns Saturn's attention to a new place for each Sun sign until 2020. So prepare for a few obstacles, some life lessons, increased ambition and focus, and a lot of hard work in a new area of life during this cycle. Let's see what happens.

Possible themes/lessons for your Saturn in Capricorn cycle by Sun sign:

Aries - Career, success, life path

Taurus - Study, travel, mental exploration

Gemini - Intimacy, privacy, shared wealth

Cancer - Partnerships, marriage, contracts

Leo - Health, service, organization 

Virgo - Creative and sexual expression, children, romance 

Libra - Home, domestic affairs, family

Scorpio - Communication, ideas, technology, self-expression

Sagittarius - Money, stability, income, worth

Capricorn - Self-hood, self-sovereignty, how you present yourself to the world

Aquarius - Self-undoing, rest, closure, healing

Pisces - Goals, friendships, vision



… Death & Decomposition, Dreaming & Divination ...

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We are just one week away from Hallowmas/Samhain, the origin holy day of our modern, secular celebration of Halloween. This ancient Celtic festival is literally "summer's end," end of harvest, and the beginning of the new year: witches’ new year. As of Sunday night, October 22, the Sun has settled into the sign of Scorpio.
Happy solar return, Scorpios!

At this time of year the veil between the worlds grows thin and the ancestors draw near. Our guides and guardians, the protective spirits and fae are close and it is easier to connect with, listen to, and interact with them. We are in the Dreamtime of the year… saturated with darkness, inside of which we are nourished, cooked, seasoned. It is a numinous space vibrationally, and tuning in can provide a profound experience ideal for connecting to those that have transitioned from the world of the living, or excavating the inner landscape of the mind and psyche. The descent myths are felt, and even embodied and enacted metaphorically. Many cultures honor death and darkness at this time of year and celebrate rebirth, a return of the light, with some centering around darkness or light.

The Sun in Scorpio, the sign associated with death, intensity, and transformation, encourages us to leave the surface level interactions behind and delve into our own depths, becoming aware of the deepest parts of ourselves. The hidden places of our psyches and souls, the secrets in our hearts, are struck and resurrected - and cannot be ignored. They swim to the surface for our review and understanding, needing to be seen and felt and tended to. There is nothing unworthy lurking inside, nothing to be afraid of, but in this excavation we may encounter shame, fear, rage, despondency, or jealousy to be explored. Scorpio demands that the shadow side get some attention. The scorpion is associated with Scorpio, representing the sting of intensity, but also connected to this sign are the eagle and the golden firebird, which symbolizes the transformative qualities of the sign; the fires of radical change engulf each of us at some point in life, uncomfortable and painful, but the promise in the pain is that this transformation polishes us, swallows our burdens and clinging, and we emerge, rising out of the ashes like the phoenix with clarity and greater insight. An alchemical transformation in the highest sense takes place. Bright firebirds of transformation can rise up reborn, but truly only after being leveled, after descending and spending time in the underworld.
The work of self-awareness and birthing soul’s potential, real spiritual work, is not for the faint of heart.

Scorpio, a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto, is a sign of extremes… with a strong dose of passion and imagination, emotional depth and intensity, contradictions and complexity. The fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) are organized, resistant to change, and unafraid of expressing strong opinions. And the water element implies heightened emotions or functioning predominantly from an emotional place (as well as psychic ability).

Scorpio rules the sex organs, the urinary tract, large intestines, and the pelvis, along with the reproductive and destructive processes in the body. This would be an ideal time to check in with your reproductive and intestinal health, to purge some addictive behaviors and people from life and eliminate habits or excess, to delve back into your meditative and contemplative practices, and to explore sexual wellness, tuning into the erotic and sensual.

Pluto, ruler of this sign, is the ancient Lord of the Underworld, the planet of regenerative forces, birth and death. So Scorpio season itself can be an initiation of sorts, or at least an activation of the parts of ourselves that stay mostly hidden.  This time signifies a shift, not only in the seasons but also in our awareness; if we can adjust vibrationally, we can activate an altered sight, seeing more than meets the eye, and work with each of our senses in a heightened intuitive and instinctual way.  

This is a time for dreams, divination and decomposition.

Some Scorpio Season themes include:
Power struggles, power plays and inner power, keeping and uncovering secrets, death and rebirth, sex, intimacy, privacy, inheritance and legacies, control and manipulation, jealousy, suspicion and possessiveness, revenge, hidden agendas, hidden traumas exposed, scandals, soul retrieval, passion and desire, mystery, sex and sensuality, obsessions, financial alliances and shared wealth, merging, spiritual transformation, psychic phenomena, elimination, regeneration.


This time of year can be an invitation into the cauldron of your deepest self.

Let your prayers and invocations rise to the Ancestors with the incense smoke. Adorn your altar with marigolds and pomegranates and photos of those who have passed from this plane. Align profoundly with the energies that pulse with magick and metamorphosis in this dark time, your heart open as the portals of consciousness expand momentarily.  Listen. Deeply.

May we be blessed and offer blessings.


Scorpio Season Notable Aspects
Oct. 22  
Mars enters Libra
Sun in Scorpio

Oct. 24
Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces 11º

Oct. 26
Sun conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 3º

Oct. 27
Waning Half Moon in Aquarius
Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio
Sun squares Moon in Aquarius
Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn
Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Nov. 2
Saturn square Chiron

Nov. 3
Full Moon in Taurus

Nov. 5
Mercury in Sagittarius

Nov. 7
Venus in Scorpio

Nov. 10
Waning Half Moon in Leo

Nov. 11
Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

Nov. 18
New Moon in Scorpio

Nov. 19
Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn




*It is Hallowmas in the Northern Hemisphere, Beltane in the Southern.


*If you are interested in taking the online Dark Goddess course that I offered, please send an email to to register.





— J u p i t e r —

Scorpios Rejoice! Jupiter is coming. 
On Tuesday, October 10, the planet of expansion and luck changes signs, leaving Libra behind and heading into Scorpio (6:20am PDT) until November 8, 2018. Jupiter, the Greater Fortune, is the gentle giant of the zodiac, bestowing gifts and blessings, expanding everything it encounters and bringing joy and optimism in a general way.  

Since September 2016 the good luck planet has been active in Libra, the sign of relating and balance. Many were hopeful that this transit would bring about more global peace and harmony and that didn't happen, but it did show us just how out of alignment we are. This entire year has been one of protests and activism, with Libra Jupiter shining a bright spotlight on the many extreme inequities plaguing our country and the world, and we struggle still to establish balance of some kind in these turbulent times. It's obviously we have work to do. On a more personal level, we all must have done a great deal of relationship work or undergone some sort of relationship evolution during the past year, so it would be good to reflect on that and acknowledge the growth. As Jupiter inhabits the last degree of the sign of the scales, there will be a last attempt at resolution within your relationships or with making decisions.

We can look back to around October 2005 through November 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio, to get a feel for what patterns may reassert themselves during this transit. In general it will be a boon for Scorpios to have this benevolent planet nest in their sign. While here, Jupiter gets a little darker and more mysterious, and our interest in uncovering hidden truths and diving deeper will be strong. There will be a dynamic pulsation to explore between the energies of freedom and entanglement. Jupiter is all about fortune, expansion, optimism, success, excess, higher learning, wisdom, and abundance. Scorpio's archetypal qualities are about mysteries, hidden agendas, privacy, control, intensity, emotions, death, rebirth, and transformation. 

Jupiter expands things. And although we welcome those boons and all that good luck, the excess he creates applies to all things, including our vices — addiction, self-destruction and obsessive behaviors can also increase during this transit if we're not paying attention. There may also be more investigation into and awareness of mental health and addiction during this transit. 
Jupiter in Scorpio can stir up more interest in all things metaphysical and paranormal, and in subjects around death. Sex will also be a topic and experience of amplified interest; in Scorpio Jupiter can bring about such things as sexual revolution, more focus on reproductive rights, discussions about privacy, intimacy and merging, or plunging into emotional depths - your own and within the context of your relationship dynamic.

Work with this new energy and consider it to be a new beginning. Jupiter's relocation is a pretty big deal, so let's savor this bright spot and activate our dusty optimism, even venturing into setting an intention for what we want to open, deepen and expand in our lives in this upcoming year.  

Some possible Jupiter in Scorpio themes: relationships/relationship dynamics, jealous/possessiveness, freedom, sex, merging, intimacy/privacy, joint resources and shared wealth, interest in the occult, psychic phenomena and astral experiences, addictive behaviors, death, the afterlife/reincarnation, taxes/debts, spiritual transformation.

House Jupiter will inhabit for the next year:
Aries - intimacy, sex, transformation
Taurus - partnership, marriage
Gemini - service, health
Cancer - sex, creative pursuits, fertility
Leo - home, family
Virgo - communication, community
Libra - money, possessions
Scorpio - self
Sagittarius - secrets, self-undoing, healing
Capricorn - dreams and goals, friendship, pleasures
Aquarius - career, life path
Pisces - mental pursuits, higher education



Jupiter / Uranus Opposition

If you have felt frazzled, bedraggled, or bedazzled by life the past few days, I may be able to offer an explanation other than the general zombie apocalypse dumpster fire that is unfolding around us...

Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries is usually interesting…. it happens about every fourteen years and this is the third in a series that began in December. Similar themes that showed up then may surface now as these two planets face off. Both Jupiter and Uranus need freedom more than any other planets, and with the tension they create you may feel internal pressures manifest externally, with unexpected, shocking or destabilized events.

And then there's Pluto's station. Today around 12:30 the Lord of the Underworld was roused and turned direct. Of course it will take time for Pluto to gain some momentum and for us to feel the forward movement or relief in the particular area of life that was affected, as he takes quite a long time to get going in either direction. During the five months of Pluto's retrograde cycle, there were undoubtedly lessons learned and dark corners (of the mind) explored. It will take time to digest this initiation. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, will shift to Libra on Friday evening, and this could help give us the energy to talk through some of our feelings and process with our besties and have some communication therapy.

How is everyone doing out there?

… to be continued...




E q u i n o x <=> Libra Season

September 22 marked the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, otherwise celebrated as Mabon. Equinox means "equal night" and this is a time when the Light and Dark are in balance. After this moment of balance, the darkness will begin to wax and reign and we move into the dark half of the year (in the northern hemisphere). This harvest observance marks another turn of the Wheel of the Year- a time to give thanks, to look back on lessons learned, to offer gratitude for our blessings, for the fruits of our labor, for the abundance of the harvest both literally and figuratively.

The Sun's entrance into Libra heralds the Equinox; Sun left orderly and analytical Virgo for balance-seeking, Venus-ruled Libra at 1:02pm CA time on September 22. 
Libra is represented by the scales and longs to find balance and justice in all areas of life. Libra is also concerned with relationships of all kinds and finding ways to be in alignment with love, relating, connecting, and our own desires. Libra is a cardinal air sign, attuned to being easygoing, diplomatic, socially inclined, active and artistic. Some of the traits that cause the most trouble for Libras include narcissism, hidden insecurity, and maddening indecisiveness, while the most beloved traits include skills with relating, diplomacy, style and creativity.

*During Libra season we should pay more attention to our kidneys and adrenals, as well as the low back.
*Some plants/herbs to explore for this season include Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) and Rose. 

Overview of Libra Season

Sept 22  Autumnal Equinox / Sun moves to Libra 1:02pm PDT
Sept 27  Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries
Sept 28  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn
Sept 29  Mercury moves to Libra
Oct 5     Full Moon in Aries 11:40am PDT
Oct 10   Jupiter moves to Scorpio
Oct 14   Venus moves to Libra
Oct 16   Mercury moves to Scorpio
Oct 19   New Moon in Libra 12:12pm PDT
Oct 22   Mars moves to Libra

I have some new tinctures and potions that I've added to the Kosmic Apothecary page; check them out (I am still adding descriptions). There are some lovely and useful additions that will be helpful to nourish and assist you during Libra season and what seems to be the zombie apocalypse. 

Into the Darkness we go. Goddess bless us all.


Mabon:Autumal Equinox.jpg



Virgo Season

Virgo Season 2017
(August 22-Sept 22)

With all of the excitement surrounding the Total Solar Eclipse (28º Leo) on August 21, everything else fell into the background. We’ll be integrating the transmissions we received and digesting the upgrades that were activated during this Eclipse Portal for quite a while. The visual beauty alone of the eclipse, which was visible only across the United States, will have earthlings talking for months to come. And also, the very next day, the Sun left Leo moved into the sign of Virgo, initiating a new solar cycle. This is the time when we leave the long, carefree days of summer behind and get back to work (school).

Here’s an overview of what’s in store this Virgo season, and a little bit about this sign. If you’re a Virgo Sun, happy solar return month!

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and reason. The symbol of this sign is the vestal virgin, a self-sovereign being, a priestess of Vesta, who was goddess of the hearth. Virgo is a sign of self-improvement, hard work, perfectionism, and information, and the keyword for this sign is “analyze.” This sign is driven to accomplish and to gather and organize information, striving for perfection and to make order from the chaos. Virgo is the sign of intelligence and practicality, common sense and precision. Due to the self-imposed pressure toward perfection and constant pursuit of accomplishment, Virgos can suffer from burnout and mental stress. Virgoans are prone to illness caused by nervous stress, anxiety and tension, as the nervous system and the intestines are ruled by Virgo. During this sun cycle it would benefit everyone, especially Virgos, to reevaluate eating habits, recommit to a fitness routine, and work on stress-reducing practices such as creative visualization, savasana, meditation, and to increase self-care strategies.



On Friday, August 25 in the early morning hours, Saturn, the stern celestial Taskmaster, turned direct in Sagittarius. Saturn has been retrograde since April and in Sagittarius for two years, moving on to Capricorn in December. Saturn’s themes are time, karma, discipline, life lessons, boundaries… not always considered the most fun or lighthearted themes. Saturn’s not a bad guy, his answer is just almost always, “No” which can feel disheartening on the surface but there is likely a good reason or more to consider. During Saturn’s retrograde, there were likely issues confronting you in the area of your chart where Saturn has been spending time. Sometimes Saturn rx cycles can contribute to making us feel lonely, depressed or unmotivated, but hopefully during the past four months we were able to recognize and pay more attention to these issues, find the root cause, and intervene with appropriate means. The retrograde cycle is also the time to reflect and correct -- we are able to see where our boundaries are weak or non-existent, see where we take on too much or shirk our responsibilities, notice tendencies to say yes when we mean no, and explore our relationship to commitment and discipline. Saturn is not a fan of procrastination, laziness, evading responsibility, recklessness. Since during the retrograde cycle it is not productive to begin new projects or take on new responsibilities but rather to deal with issues and complete work from the past, Saturn’s direct station means that things can begin to move forward.



Saturn is the planet of responsibility and discipline, self-control, realism and restriction, the father of Time, and is the one to hand out life lessons for our own good. When Saturn comes back to the exact position as when you were born is known as your Saturn Return, a much-feared but entirely useful and necessary milestone that happens around age 29 (and of course again around age 58). It’s such a big deal that astrologically speaking, cosmic adulthood doesn’t occur until age 28-29, whenever Saturn returns. Now that Saturn is direct, the area of your life that has been affected will find some relief if you did some work or made a plan. Implement the insights or conclusions that you can to. There’s no way around the hard work, the life lessons, the pressure, but there can be intelligence and grace in how you integrate Saturn’s influence. Our character is strengthened when Saturn is around. Through the obstacles we overcome, the hardships we endure, the responsibility we shoulder, we learn to persevere, and our courage and stability is fortified. Ultimately, Saturn represents karma, our destiny, but we must be up for the challenge in order to triumph.
*If you are nearing your first or second Saturn return, you may consider signing up for a Saturn Return Kosmic Koaching session with KK.

And to lighten things just a little, on August 25 the planet of abundance, love and beauty, Venus, ingressed to Leo, inviting a more playful and affectionate love nature. Also, drama, lots of drama. And on Thursday, August 31, mental Mercury also moved into Leo. Mercury finally turns direct in the early morning hours of September 5 (28º Leo), so after that station day, your communication and mental clarity should improve or at least stabilize. Under these influences you may feel compelled to put on a party dress or sexy caftan and sip martinis with your love, or go out on the town with besties and make a little magic. With so much going on in these strange days, savor every small victory and sweet little joy wherever you can.




A few highlights of Virgo season:
Aug 22 - Sun enters Virgo
Aug 25 - Saturn stations and turns direct (21º Sagittarius) + Venus moves into Leo
Aug 26 - Sun conjunct Mercury rx in Virgo
Aug 31 - Mercury moves into Leo
Sep 5 - Mars moves into Virgo + Mercury turns direct (28º Leo)
Sep 6 - Full Moon in Pisces
Sep 9 - Mercury moves into Virgo
Sep 19 - Mercury leaves shadow zone + New Moon in Virgo
Sep 22 - Autumnal Equinox ~> Sun enters Libra 



\\ __ Apocalyeclipse__//

Total Solar Eclipse
28º Leo 53’
August 21, 2017

“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandstorm chases you. You turn again, but the storm adjusts. Over and over you play this out, like some ominous dance with death just before dawn. Why? Because this storm isn't something that has nothing to do with you, this storm is you. Something inside you. So all you can do is give in to it, step right inside the storm, closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand doesn't get in, and walk through it, step by step. There's no sun there, no moon, no direction, no sense of time. Just fine white sand swirling up the sky like pulverized bones.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore



Apocalypse (Greek) literally means "an uncovering." A disclosure of knowledge; revelation.



Eclipses are activators. They set things in motion, or initiate things, or reveal, or dissolve/ destroy… often all of the above simultaneously.  

An eclipse could be represented as the image of the Tower tarot card, where there is the promise of inevitable transformation but with no clear indication of exactly what it will be or exactly how it will manifest. An eclipse is like a jolt of electricity, the zap of a lightning bolt, an intense power surge- they can create chaos and instigate change and generally shake people up. What has been in the shadows comes into the light.
It is likely that we could be pushed to the limits, we could feel a resurfacing of the very depths that we keep hidden inside, we could have more of ourselves revealed to us, more truth exposed, more purging of the psyche.

This is the second eclipse in this portal along the Aquarius/Leo axis, and it occurs alongside the second consecutive Leo New Moon. (The Aquarius Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse was at 15º Aquarius on August 7). You may remember that in May of this year the North Node moved into Leo and the South Node to Aquarius. Eclipses belong to particular groups, or families, called Saros cycles, which span the course of 1300 years in the move from one pole to the other. Solar Eclipses repeat approximately every 18 years. This is an oversimplified explanation of a complex astronomical idea, but I include it to provide some context. One way to begin to understand the implications of this eclipse (and others) is to understand which Saros Series it’s part of and the extended context in which it occurs, including historical and personal events that occur along the relevant eighteen year intervals. Tomorrow’s eclipse is part of the series called Saros 145. And there have been major historical events in this country that have happened near eclipses in this series.

The Leo Solar Eclipse is also significant and getting an excessive amount of social media coverage because it is visible only in the US, and that is unusual- a first since the nation was founded. While eclipse effects will be felt no matter where one is located, the effects of the eclipse will be felt most profoundly where it is visible, and major changes will be initiated. That’s why this eclipse has been named “the Great American Eclipse” and why it’s getting so much attention. The other reason for the frenzy is the fact that it hits the same spot in the heavens of the ascendant of Trump, meaning it will occur at the same point (28º Leo) in the heavens as when he was born. There will inevitably be personal implications for him as well as political implications. We (most astrologers) have been watching and waiting these past months anticipating this eclipse and knowing its personal significance to “45” … and that anything could happen. There will be fallout, but it may take a while to play out. The New Moon and Eclipse occur in the sign of Leo, the sign of leadership, ruled by the Sun. There’s also the conjuction with fixed star Regulus which is associated with royalty and rulership; this sets the scene for the rise or the fall of a leader. One thing is certain: things will be set into motion.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, and visible in the path of totality, the Sun’s light will be blocked out entirely by the Moon and the sky will darken. The darkness and shadows that are invoked literally and metaphorically are necessary and must be acknowledged and integrated for the total transformation that longs for manifestation.

Not everyone will be out for this hugely popular event in the US, watching with their much-discussed eclipse glasses, because there are some cultures that believe this to be an inauspicious event, or an intimate event between the sun and the moon (and not for our observation). Vedic astrology has a different perspective on total solar eclipses, as do the Dine’ for example, and some other American Indian tribes. You may choose to observe in a more reverent way if you can tune in genuinely to these powerful energies. Listen to and trust your intuition. It is in the shadows that our eyes adjust and are able to see in the dark. This is a necessary skill for these dark days; we can’t “wishful think” our troubles away, or “light and love” the situation into a higher vibration. When you’re in the dark your orientation shifts so that you move from a deeper place, a soul place, listening with your bones and feeling with your belly.

Eclipses amplify and magnify and activate. To work with these potently charged energies, clarify for yourself what you intend to have activated, what area of your life might need revelation and understanding. Excavate your most hidden and secret shadowy parts, where shame has rooted in and saturated your soul, where avoidance and dissociation have grown vine-like to choke your authenticity.


Set an intention, as you do at all New Moons. Be prepared to have a big shift, but know that it can take up to six months or a year to understand the extent of the changes and where exactly these shifts have taken place. There is always potential for healing to unfold in these times of epic change and turmoil. Death always gives way to rebirth, just as the light cannot exist without darkness; these are Laws of Nature. The process can rip us apart, but we can gather the pieces and create a mosaic with the shards of our broken-heartedness. We have fallen apart, personally, collectively… and the wounds are so deep, the fragility so fully exposed, that no one can deny the brokenness any longer, nor exclaim our okayness, our “oneness” or our “rise-above-it-ness.” We must feel our traumas and wounds, totally, entirely, honestly, intensely. We can turn pain into beauty, churn these difficulties into nectar - it’s alchemy after all. And although there’s no tidy plan or easy path forward, we have the capacity to bear the burden of the alchemist if we choose. There is deep work to do. Let this eclipse portal be a gateway into your own intensity, to have the truth revealed to you, so that you can be uncompromising in the way you live life, so that you can magnetize those forces  that bring blessings, so you can rest in the wholeness of your brokenness, shadows embraced, and know that you will rise.

Blessed be.




8/8 Lion's Gate

::  8/8/17 = 8/8/8  Lion's Gate (or Lionsgate) Portal is open and active ::

Yesterday's partial lunar Aquarius Eclipse (and Full Moon) opened an Eclipse Portal and also announced today's opening of the Lion's Gate Portal, which happens on 8/8. This portal connects dimensions, the physical and spiritual realms.

The Sun is in the sign and constellation of Leo (the lion). Sirius (the Dog Star), the brightest star, is activated and moves closer to earth, and they align with the Galactic Center. There is potential for humankind to align with these energies and sense or imagine the earth being bathed in celestial spiritual light from both the Sun and Sirius (often called our "spiritual sun"). This surge brings an opportunity for tremendous shifts, up leveling and activation; we can experience a cosmic DNA activation, an upgrade or up leveling of epic proportions. Cosmic Codes of evolution may be revealed and absorbed or activated, beamed and transmitted to us on earth during this time. Sensitives especially may feel this and experience physical symptoms. Some may feel a dynamic stirring or burst of energy, an expansion of the solar plexus region and heart space, while others may feel a buzzing in the head, headaches, or exhaustion and need to sleep more. We can think of this as a "galactivation" that can awaken dormant seeds of karma, gifts and awareness that have yet to manifest in this lifetime, or a system's upgrade for our DNA, or a reminder of our intimate connection with the heavens and Cosmic Consciousness. 

The number 8 is considered to be a number of power, spirituality, infinity, cosmic realms. The Lion's Gate corresponds to the Strength card in the tarot.

From now until 8/14 we can tune in more to these cosmic energies and align as much as we can, upgrading our frequency or vibration, fine tuning our intuition and instincts, clearing old karmas from our DNA and inviting an upgrade for our highest/deepest selves. This is such a strange and surreal time to be alive on the planet. There are no rules or regulations for what to feel or how to navigate these days, as it changes day by day and is unique for each being. For this week especially try to spend time with bare feet and hands in the soil and sea or rivers, and let your second sight (inner vision) awaken to see the unseen. You may feel like you're in a cosmic cocoon awaiting rebirth, so don't rush the process. Take as much time as possible away from screens and social media and instead turn inward. Enjoy some solitude and experience the magick and evolution emerging within you. 

Embody the archetype of the regal and royal lion or lioness of quiet power, watching and waiting, listening and learning, and holding courageous space for the cosmic heart beating still… 
Light a fire in your cauldron and reclaim any power you've given away, offering gratitude and remembering there are more dimensions in the cosmos and in your consciousness than we can successfully imagine.

Blessed be.